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Posted 8/31/07 , edited 8/31/07
I just watched the OVA, and this has to be the most depressing and brutal anime I've ever seen...If you thought Elfen Lied was the most violent anime. Think again. I mean, in one scene (In the second OVA) he ripped off a female demon's boobs.....And.....Ate them. Yeah, he ate them. Demons love them boobies. XD

Devilman OVA (This OVA is basically just a variation from the original TV series so you're not missing anything)

Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman OVA (This is the sequel to the OVA)

But, god....Whoever subbed these really needs to work on their English. The first one isn't too bad, but the second one will make you want to tear your eyeballs out. =_=

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Posted 10/1/07 , edited 10/1/07
Devilman is a classic anime during the 70's (or 80's) in Japan. The story line also great, it just that the lover of the main character die tooooooo damnnnnnn horrible...I was so damn sad....sad....
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
i watched it as i was 3 years old in japan ^^ it was funny ^^
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Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
I watched a few like this, it's so disturbingly good.
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