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**12 Deadly Sins of CR Game
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24 / M / somewhere
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1.people who flame in forums for small reasons
2.people who think they know about anime but only watch series that are overrated
3.racist (flames)
4.people who say stuff that isint funny and think there funny
5.people who say an anime really really sucks when thy havent even seen it yet
6.over exaggerating anime fan girls
7.internet imposters (i think CR has some)
8.naruto threads bleach threads etc etc
9.huge spammers like mauz15s 34 pages of spam in his inbox
10.people who beg to upgrade their account
11.leechers people who come here to watch anime and stuff without being social at all
12.internet emos or even worse internet wannabe emos
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25 / M / Chicago
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1, Stealing avatars
2, Keep adding people when you know you already have 18768+ people on your list
4, ppl tlkng like dis
5, Making stupid threads that have no point whatsoever
6,The porn ads on the top and bottom of the pages
7, People uploading naruto amv's
8, Allowing narutards to join
9,Hardcore yaoi avatars
10,Long usernames
11,Bumping threads from decades ago
12, this:

Edit: did I do well?? XD
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M / Menzoberranzan
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1) "teh"and "u" that is all
2) making Naruto threads, knowing full well that you shouldn't
3) Chain Letters
4) Spamming/Flaming the Chatroom
5) People who Flame mods for no real reason
6) People who randomly buddy Shinji
7) People who start more than one account
8) Definintly anyone that has more than 100 friends is committing sin.
9) People that like to talk IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!! with excessive amount of end marks
10) People that join only to watch Naruto and Bleach
11) 1337 speakers
12) The worst sin.... Random Buddy Requests
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Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07

sypris wrote:


You love me though right,... right!? T_T

1. Signing up as Naruto(Random numbers inserted here)
2. Pretending to be a female/male.
3. Spamming on purpose.
5. Telling people you are god.
6. Making fun and/or spreading rumors about moderators.
7. Sucking up to the Moderators.
8. Killing people (virtually) on the internet.
9. Using smiley's ever 10 seconds.
10. Buddying everyone you see.
11. Almost everything you post in the 'Chat' is a action. (*poke*)
12. Signing off your posts on the Forums.


P.S: I might make a new list, but this is what first came to mind. T_T
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22 / F / Washington
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. people flaming and spamming everywhere

2.buddying for no reason

3.people who talk l337 or any other thing like that

4.people who complain about the bandwidth

5.people who make fun of people just because the people are noobs sometimes

6.people who complain about every single rule the mods make

7.people who makes thread for no stinking reason and making the mods work harder

8.people who complain and keep asking for people to upload an anime or when it finally comes they say stuff like "this sucks!"

9.double-posting,trolling,spamming,disrespecting,being immature,breaking the rules. stuff like that!

10.people who keep talking and talking and keep getting more annoying and the people who are b*tch*s and the guy b*tch*s

11.people who write off topic things on a thread

12.people who disrespect the mods(or retired mods) in any way.
thats all i could do for nowT_T
ps im gonna edit sometimes if i get another sin
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. Saying a picture is you.
2. Spammers.
3. Narutards. (The basic narutard)
4. Having over 100 buddies. EVIL.
5. Pretending to be female/male (LMAO Kirby)
6. Using smilies a lot.
7. Using leet a bit TOO much: ZOOOMG I TTLY LUV U BBY KKKKKKK!
8. Using caps too much. (*cough* Trevor *cough)
9. People who can't follow rules.
10. People who don't like Xrn. (Lol)
12. Lemme rephrase that: Non active accounts.

Oh roar.

Uh. thats the best I could do --'
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Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1.) Disobeying Xrn_the_Nigma
2.) Offending Xrn_the_Nigma in ANY way.
3.) Being a Narutard
4.) Disrespecting the mods
5.) Posting less than 12 sins on this thread
6.) Uploading some video that isn't related to Drama/Anime/Music/Games (asian videos)
7.) Posting/uploading a video of you sucking at a game
8.) Having anything with "Naruto" or anything related to Naruto in your username. (Except if your username is "Anti-Narutard")
9.) Uploading AMVs from animes that already have atleast 3 pages of AMVs.
10.) Whining like a bitch when you get deleted from a buddy.
11.) Saying something pointless on this thread
12.) Winning the 3-month CR supporter status when you don't really need/want it.
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26 / M / .......canada
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. pple stayin in chatrooms wen there not even there
2.comin in and out of the chat room
3.talkin random
4.pple who spam
5.pple with 1672 friend .... i mean wtf y
6.pple spamming on other pples GB
7.random friend requests
8.weird usernames
9.pple in every room......anoyying
10.useless forum posts
11.pple with many accounts
12.finally......pple who complain about their issuses

Im out of ideas
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. Anime viewers that only like shounens.
2. Narutards, Bleachards, Claymorons(come on, the anime is ok, but you people act like its one of the greatest animes ever).
3. People that don't know what the thread indices are.
4. People that try to push their beliefs on people that dont give a damn.
5. People that are fucking morons and post terribly.
6. Attention whores/buddy whores.
7. People that you can't understand when they type.
8. Spamming for "fun". Or spamming period.
9. Over use of phrases, such as saying lol way to much when things aren't even funny....
10. People that complain about being banned from the chat.
11. Uploading naruto amvs(there is to damn much...) Or a bunch of amvs for animes that already have to much.
12. People that cant follow the simplest of rules(i mean seriously, sometimes i question if people can read....).
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26 / F / Australia
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. people who leave really short guestbook entries like 'hi' and 'lol.............'
2. people who watch up to episode 10 of shows just to complain about them. eg. you watch up to episode 10 of strawberry panic! and theyre all like "ewww yuri" in the comment box.. -.-"
3. people who add you just to get their numbers up in their buddy list
4. people who say "i'm kawaii, add me" in their profiles (hahah... its funny tho :D)
5. racist people.
6. hentai avi's and pictures!! ahh... *covers eyes*
7. people who have a million moving pictures in their profile.. so it takes forever to load... >_<"""
8. people who say their anime avi is them (though, it is pretty amusing haha)
9. the advertisement banners! sometimes i click on them by accident.. -.-""
10. people that bag you out because of what type of anime you like, or bag out YOUR anime to YOU.
11. people who ask you questions that your profile text clearly answers!!
12. upgrade the chat. needs actions and pm's.
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30 / M / Home of SeaBiscuit
Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. Spam
2. Troll
3. Buddy-whoring
4. Photo-whoring
5. Un-intelligent spamming
6. Female-buddying whores
7. Thinking Naruto and Bleach are the only animes out there
8. Answering anime threads with characters of Naruto or Bleach.
9. Hostile Jesus lovers.
10. Buddy invites out of the blue.
11. Japanese lovers.
12. Trevor.
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Posted 9/2/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. Narutardism, and other forms blind devotion to horrible anime (dbz, Bleach, etc.)
2. Buddy whoring and random buddying just for the reason of having buddies.
3. Guestbook whoring too, like having hours of conversations with dozens of people....just use the chat or aim or msn messenger instead of purposely racking up CR Points...
4. Asking/begging for a CR girlfriend/boyfriend...just find a real one!
5. Claiming to be a Mod when you obviously are not, especially when there is one in the room talking to you!
6. Thinking someone is a Mod because you are too stupid to notice they aren't.
7. Filling your profile with a billion pictures and gifs and an incredibly long autobiography about your life that causes the page to take 20 seconds to load -_-
8. Creating another account just to upload 50 pictures to get 100 points just to spam in the chat.
9. Spamming in video comments by saying something that has nothing to do with the anime at all.
10. Saying "Hello!" (i.e. "Hey Egg!!") in the chat room when you don't even know who that person is. (Happens to me all the time, and I am always like "who the hell are they?")
12. And lastly, typin lyk dis 4 hole sentncs bcuz u thnk itz ezier 2 tawk dat wai itz rly not @ awl... 2 bad i cnt sai moar dedlee sins uv CR cuz it wud b fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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26 / F / Far away from you
Posted 9/3/07 , edited 9/3/07
1.People who make lousy amvs lots of amvs aren't even good
2.having long usernames
3.People who doesn't decorate their profile its just so plain when people don't decorate it
4.People who send chainletters
5.People who make an account and never use it
6.The ads that are on top,bottom,and next to the video I can't watch the video with the ad next to it its distracting me
7.People who steal peoples avatars I was shocked when someone had my avatar
8.People who have over 500 photos just to make CR points I mean why do they put so much up for nobodies gonna look at all of them
9.People who have over 300 Favorites in their profile same thing nobodies gonna look at all of them
11.Buddies who never reply back
12.Random Buddy Requests

well thats all
Posted 9/3/07 , edited 9/3/07
1. Thou shalt not SPAM!
2. Shinji is thy God and thou shalt not worship a mod like Shinji, for Shinji is a jealous God.
3. Thou shalt not upload a liscenced anime.
4. Honor the pick's of thy mods.
5. Thou shalt have but one CR Girlfriend or boyfriend.
6. Thou shalt not be a friend-whore.
7. Thou shalt not be a Feminazi in the Cleavage thread for it is sacred.
8. Thou shalt not mock Jay.
9. Thou shalt research a thread before posting one.
10. Thou shalt not have shitty english like "ZoMG mY F1R$t thReAd!!!!1!!"
11. Only Sky shall damn a thread to Hell, for he is the judge of threads.
12. Thou shalt not make retarded threads.
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24 / F / .....i dunno
Posted 9/3/07 , edited 9/3/07
1.spammers, hackers.....

2.hentai & extreme yaoi pics ><

3.Using CAPS way much when they don't mean it

4.commenting on a video just to say "this anime sucks"

5.not reading the 1st post in a topic, thus the people don't post what they're
supposed to post (like in here. post 12 sins, people, 12!!!)

6.people who keep saying "i'm cute, add me" or "i'm single, add me" (no offense to you guys, but this isn't a dating service ><)

7.abreviating 2 much in a sent. (sometimes i don't even understand it) O.o

8.posting a game video when you're not that good

9.super random gb entries.....

10.people who ask questions that are answered in my "about me"

11.people who complain that the anime isn't getting updated, yet they don't wait patiently or do what they can to help

12.posting some video that is already on cr, but got approved somehow....

i'll edit it when i come up with more....
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