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**12 Deadly Sins of CR Game
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30 / F / on the kitchen floor
Posted 9/7/07 , edited 9/7/07
here let me try.... though i'm not a professional here... u want 12 deadly sins... here u go...

1. do the spamming... don't get caught.

2. multiple posting... so what, maybe u have to say a quite of few things to say...

3. steal some pics... hey thats what they are there for... to see what we like...

4. lie... this space isn't for the weak at heart...

5. cheat... so u say....

6. intelligence... why rely on that... if u know some people don't have any...

7. CAPS... that is definitely screaming... but u know idiots can't decipher...

8. nudity is allowed... because if we didn't have any, this site will be a bore...

9. introverts... complaining of having no friends, really is unsatisfying..

10. guy/girl whores... after having more than u can handle, is a waste of time...

11. space... if u need space... then upgrade ur own status to a member...

12. moderators... don't have to follow the rules... cuz, they can change the rules...
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M / Singapore~~xD
Posted 9/7/07 , edited 9/7/07
1-Complaints King or Queen
2-Avatar or Photos Stealer
3-People Who keeps irrating U
4-Racist People
5-People Who Advertise other website on crunchyroll
6-People who dun give a damm to you
7-People who accused u
8-People who dun have their own ideas
9-People who copy yr profile and poems and claiming that it is his/her
10-People who talking rubbish
11-People who do childish things at the wrong time
12-People who keep begging u to give them a star

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28 / F / the south
Posted 9/7/07 , edited 9/7/07
1. thou shalt not flame, if a thread is truly stupid it is better to let it die
2. thou shalt not type in 1337 5p33k, CAPS or brokn englsh accept for the sake of irony
3. thou shalt use the spell-check AND proofread before clicking post
4. thou shalt not spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam
5. thou shalt not steal the work of others
6. if thou must steal the work of others then thou must not repost it as your own
7. thou shalt give fair warning before posting excessive displays of yoai, yuri, henti,or poorly written fanfiction,
8. thou shalt not complain about loading time
9. or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam or spam
10. thou shalt remember the edit button, for it is your friend
11. thou shalt not overuse the smileys
12. thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's avatar
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27 / F / Singapore シンガポール
Posted 9/7/07 , edited 9/8/07
1. people who will move on to youtube or other websites when crunchyroll is having some problems like: only cr supporters can view videos (it happen once)

2. people who upload photos of other users without permission.

3. people who post chain message in video comments

4. people who sign others' guestbook for the sake of their own. eg: Cr points

5. people who feel irritated when others have the same avartar as them. (others might have the picture long before they have it. what make them think that others are copying theirs?)

6. people who delete users from their buddy list just because he/she does not have the time to chat with them.

7. people who look down on other's poor language. (you know..., when you post something like: "you put nice video i like" then others start laughing at the comment)

8. people who complain about the errors made by translators. (they did their best despite how busy they are. and all human make mistakes)

9. people who expect others to reply their guestbook entries instantly. (not all users are free all the time)

10. people who tell bad things about other users

11. people who give shinji and Cr moderators a hard time. (should be thankful to what they've done. they are not even asking you to give them any benefits)

12. people who create an additional account just so they can use it to scam other users.
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27 / F / S'pore!!!^^ (shin...
Posted 9/8/07 , edited 9/8/07
1) People who bully others on the Internet.

2) People keep asking you 'Whats up?' all the time.

3) People who use many emotion icons.

4) People who look down on others.

5) Rude, no respect to others.

6) Pestering uploaders to upload the videos faster.

7) People looking for gf or bf online (CR).

8) Scamming.

9) Scold vulgarities all over.

10) Porn.

11) Looking for a sex partner online(CR).

12) People who think they are in control in everything.
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26 / M / Minnesota
Posted 9/8/07 , edited 9/8/07
1. people who watch a show then later write how it sucks or how it's gay in
the comment box
2.japan worshipers, people who think japan is the best country in the world
and try to buy anything from japan and they never seen a japanese person in real life
3.Rude users who bash other people for no reason
4.the countless threads of naruto, bleach, and other overly rated anime
5.1337, how can you read leet, it makes it harder to read and theres no point
in writing in 1337 in the forum
6.people who are super homophobic (ewww, is that yaoi. Take it off now! D:<)
7.people who write random stuff like, I like cheese or did you say tomato
8.PpLZ WHo TyPe LyKe DiS Yo!
9.people who lie just to impress others
10.stealers of anything with out permisson(pics, avatar,personal pictures)
11.multi accounts and never use them
12.racist people
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Before Purgatory,...
Posted 9/8/07 , edited 9/9/07
1. Keep making guestbook posts on your CR account.
2. Keep buddying others even you don't chat with them
3. Keep putting guestbook on buddy but saying non-sense

Sorry that's all I got only 3
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28 / M / Japan
Posted 9/9/07 , edited 9/9/07
4.People who impose what they believe in to people who just don't care
5.Users with too many friends. Seriously, DO YOU have that many friends? Did you make contact with ALL of them? That's too much and seriously, its ridiculous to think of them as friends when you don't know them at all.
6.People Disrespecting Mods
7.L337 Speakers.
8.Guys who talk like Twilly "Omfg I love fish and Ice CweaM~!!!" <---
10.People who can't even read the rules.
11.Chain Letters
12.People who join for the excessity of boobage in love love. <=== SERIOUSLY
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27 / M / y should i tell...
Posted 9/9/07 , edited 9/9/07
Looks like i have commited some these deadly sins...
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24 / F / .....thats a good...
Posted 9/9/07 , edited 9/9/07
1.) not using spaces when typing their comments so it stretches the page.
2.) text talking so much on a post that it's impossible to understand what they're saying. (hopefully we're all literate)
3.) commenting about things we dont wanna know... (i read this one comment about a girl who finally got out a peanut stuck in between her teeth... please dont comment about personal life)
4.) stick on temporary videos that are smaller than a 2 by 3 photo...
5.) TOTALLY spam up the comment boxes on videos with a MILLION comments on one page.
6.) do those chain letters on the comments on vids.
7.) START chain letters on comment boxes.
8.) flaming so much about things, whether it be hating or loving.
9.) BEGGING over and over again on comments 'will you be my buddy?'
10.) putting in spoilers.
11.) spamming your mailbox.
12.) overdecorating your profile so it takes FOREVER to load the page, and ends up CRASHING your internet.
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22 / M / 1 awesome street,...
Posted 9/10/07 , edited 9/10/07
1.) people who add people too look good. (SERIOUSLY IT DOESNT LOOK GOOD)
2.) If people brag about having lots of buddies/cr points (so annoyingg)
3.) People who just watch anime and dont actually use the accounts
4.) People who swear so much they think they're cool like (F*** OMG LIKE ****)
5.) spammers. that write 7 messages in your account and its all nonsense
6.) People Who say they're superior wen they arent.
7.) Putting too much pictures and glitter and decorations over your page.
8.) Chain Letters (this week in my email box i had 10)
9.) People who steal pictures. (such as "matt") -glare-
10.) stalkers. i really dont think there are any on cr but if there are. get lost!
11.) people who put hentai in their pictures. seriously its gross
12.) writing really long messages like this

and then

u know

bla bla bla) (in the spaces above imagine there were words )
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38 / M / Houston, TX
Posted 9/10/07 , edited 9/10/07
1. People who play games on the game forum but fail to follow the rules. User: 00cristy00

2. When you point out to the person the correct rules and they get all angry because the rules are "no fun" User: 00cristy00

3. People who back up the people who break the rules and start saying bad things about you with them, and then both of them calling you stupid for pointing out the rules. Users 00cristy00 and ChrisOnline

4. Guys over the age of 18 who be-friend girls under 18 because they are trying to get laid or see nude pics of underaged girls. User: ChrisOnline

5. CR Chat is down or empty and when people talk in all CAPS or in another language in CR Chat

6. The fact that no pictures are allowed within user profile comments, if it were allowed, I'd post STFU NOOB images in a couple dozen users profile comments sections, just like this one:

7. Those people who come into CR chat and say "I didnt know CR had a Chatroom" or "Can you add me as a friend on CR/Myspace/Friendster"

8. People talking about dramas or anime in the Crunchy Roll room instead of the DRAMA or ANIME rooms.

9. People begging me to make get them a supporter star.

10. Recieving those stupid chain letters in my CR inbox that claim that if I don't forward the message to X amount of people, something bad will happen to me.

11. Dealing with people on CR who are over 18 but act like they are 12. User: ChrisOnline

12. Having to deal with cowards and morons who can't back up their statements with any credible facts or evidence when they say something negative. User: ChrisOnline
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25 / M / 地球
Posted 9/10/07 , edited 9/10/07
1: Uploading Gundam SEED Destiny AMVs with Linkin Park songs in them.

2: Thinking that Old School anime sucks because " lol the graphix sux".

3: Thinking that the C.E. is better than the U.C.

4: Mecha bashing.

5: Thinking that Gundam SEED Destiny was actually good.

6: Being a Narutard, Inutard, or Bleach-fag.

7: Using way too many exclamation, or question marks. It's annoying right?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

8: People who post "first comment" on videos. It isn't a fucking comment unless it has something to do with the subject. Fucking retards. >_>

9: Spamming

10: Using grammar and spelling below the 3rd grade level.

11: Using random and stupid emotiocons for no reason.

12: Comparing things that are obviously unevenly matched. *Cough*"EVA Unit-01 vs. Freedom" topic*Cough*

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34 / M / PH / Laguna
Posted 9/11/07 , edited 9/11/07
1. C - Cheating and Stealing without consent of others
2. R - Rude manners like flaming people
3. U - Uninvited guests, like random buddies for collection
4. N - No originality, people who copy other's stuff and design
5. C - Common sense, people who don't know how to follow rules
6. H - Harassing people
7. Y - Young pretenders, people who wants to cut their age! grow up!
8. R - Racism, it hurts!
9. O - Overspamming of people
10. L - Letters! Chain Letters, i hate that things like going to die!
11. L - Liar, lies, liar! its inevitable
12. People who have these sins!
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37 / M
Posted 9/13/07 , edited 9/13/07
I think I got em' right here.

1. People who try and upload licensed anime and when it's rejected bitch and flame on the forums.
2.The incredible amount of 15 and under people on CR who think that Naruto and Bleach are their Gods and refer to them regularly in any situation. Even in the real world.
3.People who butcher different languages when trying to be "Kuwii".
4.Threads that require locking.
5.The fact that Sayonara Zetsubo Sensai is being dropped by the fan subbers!
6.Favorite Naruto character thread....Gaara = my daddy thread.... Favorite Juhtsu...
7. People with 3000+ points because of their spamming pictures.
8.The person who says, "OoOoooOo locked" Over and over on every thread. Just stfu and let an admin do it.
9.Starting a highly religous debate when you a closed minded asshole who is going to delete your posts because your making valid points.
10.When I click remove this add it doesn't really go away. ^_^
11.Going on the forums and saying, "Oh if you want to watch that then go to VEOH." Pussies. Stop stealing.
12.Underage kids trying to get your myspace and phone numbers.(Seriously f'in stop)
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