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**12 Deadly Sins of CR Game
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28 / M
Posted 9/13/07 , edited 9/13/07
1.People who post in a thread about an anime they never heard of and then reply."Hmmm....Never Heard of it."

2.Posting in someones guestbook saying,"Haven't talked to you in a while. Sign my Guestbook." No shit I haven't talked to you in a while. I never talked to you.

3.Buddy whores. The only reason I accept all your buddy requests is because I hope you all read the points I make on my profile. For example: Complaining about free stuff is retarded.

4.Complaining about free stuff. Especially youtube. They can take off whatever the fuck they want. Its free so stop complaining.

5.List threads

6. Necroposting

7.excessive bumping of threads that no one cares about.

8.TaLkInGlIkEtHiS its called spacebar you fucking morons. +41lc1i\i& I1IC3 +h15 15 &4y +00

9.Being a complete whore to one anime. I have my favorites too, but just because its your favorite doesn't mean you have to believe its the best thing ever.

10.Advertising for an anime. We know you like it stop telling everyone to fucking watch it just because you think its good. Just drop its name in a conversation if its relevant. Don't be like (insert random anime here) is WAY better than that shit. You should watch it. In EVERY DAMN THREAD.

11. Hitting on girls online. If its a joke, then don't over do it. Also, don't ever say the ladies love you on a website hitting on girls. (It really happens here)

12. Making Crunchyroll into myspace is a fucking burn. Stop uploading a billion pictures. You all suck. I hope you die and burn in hell.

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39 / F / Fort Meade, MD
Posted 9/14/07 , edited 9/14/07
Ok i'm making my entry from changing this chicks stuff....i mean come on...

angelstar99 wrote:

here let me try.... though i'm not a professional here... u want 12 deadly sins... here u go...

1. do the spamming... don't get caught.

Spam and die.

2. multiple posting... so what, maybe u have to say a quite of few things to say...

It's called the edit button you moron.

3. steal some pics... hey thats what they are there for... to see what we like...

Lazy ass, find ur own! or at LEAST give credit!

4. lie... this space isn't for the weak at heart...

Why lie? we all know that you're an anime nerd, hell we ALL are!

5. cheat... so u say....

It's the interwebz... fuck all you want... just make sure you got a firewall!

6. intelligence... why rely on that... if u know some people don't have any...
.... well, we see the level dropping... that's nice...

7. CAPS... that is definitely screaming... but u know idiots can't decipher...


8. nudity is allowed... because if we didn't have any, this site will be a bore...

Nudity is great! - but mauz and basou are gay, so they only want to see the Yaoi.

9. introverts... complaining of having no friends, really is unsatisfying..

Correction, these people are commonly referred to as buddy whore / attention whores / emo fucks who SHOULD go kill themselves, rather than whine anymore.

10. guy/girl whores... after having more than u can handle, is a waste of time...

Some people are JUST THAT GOOD! *grin*

11. space... if u need space... then upgrade ur own status to a member...

Everyone has the same amount of space... refer to sin number 6.

12. moderators... don't have to follow the rules... cuz, they can change the rules...

They ARE the rules, don't piss them off, or withhold sex, they'll ban you faster than Jenna Jaimeson can orgasm!


Takushi_123 wrote:
7. stealing cr points

Amen to that.
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24 / M / at Home
Posted 9/15/07 , edited 9/16/07
1. Not FEEDING YOUR PET! EVIL!!!! (>.<)
2. Being mean to animals. T.T
3. Not listening to Mods.! (>.<) go FAE!
4. OverPetting X_X
5. Ignoring your pet (yes we have needs too mostly food but a heart attack probably shouldnt be ignored (>.<))
6. Saying you hate a anime without really WATCHING IT.
7. Being a Jerk on CR. (Beef Jerky doesn't count =D)
8. Not Sleeping. =O
9. Saying bye and coming back in 20 seconds and then saying bye again 5 minutes later only 2 come back in 20 seconds. -.-'
10. Going on a dummy acc. and posting really really REALLY nasty pictures. (>.<) *ME EYES!*
11. Playing with fire when not certified to do so. o.O
12. Creating a RP game which revolves around you. i.e that wizard game where the guy was on only like 1 hour a day and we couldnt do ANYTHING. the boredom! it burns!!
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30 / M
Posted 9/16/07 , edited 9/17/07
1. People who act like they know all about anime when they watch an episode of any kind of show and it was not the fucking 1st episode.
3. wannabees
4.Licensed anime
5.removed licensed anime: come on, you still cant watch it
7. stealing cr points
7. stuck up. all that people
8.perky people like: Hi new friend! Thakns for adding me!
9.people who hate emos. My friend is. emo now. So damn you people who hate emos, live with it
10.all capping
11. people who change their profiles to be liked
12. Some people act like crunchyroll is the real world. Its not

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25 / M / New York City
Posted 9/18/07 , edited 9/18/07
Dunno if this has already been suggested, but a Last button in the Anime Videos list next to Next?

Unless, of course, I didn't notice the button
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F / Cebu
Posted 9/21/07 , edited 9/22/07
1. horribly butchered english (if you're still learning it's alright, but when you have no excuse, it's just pathetic - and believe me, we can tell which one it is)

2. nude pics (you're not that pretty, trust me.)

3. excessive use of swearwords e.g.F*** the f***ing f***ers!

4. disrespect of other people's culture, or religion

5. spammers

6. flamers

7. licensers (but that's just on my part - especially when that anime's unavailable in your country) so maybe this is a love hate relationship

8. on my part again, horrible dubs.

9. stuck up people who feel superior because they've watched more anime than you.

10. the fact that i can't afford a star T_T (ignore this XD)

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26 / Somewhere I Belong
Posted 9/22/07 , edited 9/22/07
C-Chain letter post for no reason
R-Really annoys me when people only know how 2 complain about people comment.
U-U are the one i am talking about
N-Not a good role model if u ask me
C-Can u try to change urself a bit
H-How can u be with a person u love with that atittude of urs
Y-You must stop making stupid chain letter for the good of CRUNCHYROLL!!!
R-Revenge on me if u want but i will not give up
O-On the day that i still live on
L-Let's see who will win
L-Leaving traces of victory behind

Following the person on top of me...But i only hate CHAIN LETTER!!!
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31 / F / come find meh~ :3
Posted 9/22/07 , edited 9/23/07
1. Pointless new topics
2. People constantly uping there buddylist for the most CR friends
3. Cr relationships and family =.=;
4. Not being able to search for a topic...and goign threw about 20 pages of topics sooo i can guess if they made that topic allready >_>
5. The endless amount of Naruto threads =.=
6. People who cannot type out whole words and use "u" insted of "you" or leek
7. People posting relationship threads...or personal problem threads
6. Forum lacking alot of elements and very annoying to browse around
7. Chainletters spaming the video posts and profile posts....
8. Overly large images in profiles that stretch the page where you have to scroll to post a reply on there guest book.
9. People who watch an anime clearly stateing what it is about! and complaining that they hate shounen ai// shoujo ai// insest...ect
10. Spamming on threads//profiles//video's
11. Random PM's that are chainletters sent to ALL there buddys
12. Stealing avatars//Pictures
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32 / F / *somewhere*
Posted 9/23/07 , edited 9/23/07
CR sins for me..
1. Disrespect to other members
2. Avatar and Photo Stealing
3. Chainletter forwarding and posting as video comment
4. Repetitive Forum Topic
5. Cursing other members (example: go to hell.. f*ck *ff..)
6. Spoilers
7. Licensed Video Upload
8. Flooding
9. Forced Guest Book signing
10. Lying
11. Large-image uploads
12. Flooded Photo Uploads


Takushi_123 wrote:
7. stealing cr points

Amen to that.
im new here.. how come CR points can be stolen???

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26 / M / THERE!
Posted 9/23/07 , edited 9/24/07
1: Flaming
3: Advertising
4: Mass spam
5: Hating on Narutards, Bleachards etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
6: Hating someone who is not a Narutard, Bleachard etc. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
7: not post it.
8: 1337 speak. English works...use it.
9: Impersonating a mod/admin. We respect Shinji...not Sh1nji.
10: "Bump lol"
11: Those who complain about CR quality. If you want it, donate.
12: Multiple account-ers.
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27 / M
Posted 9/24/07 , edited 9/24/07
1. spammers
2. idiots who believe spammers
3. people who make stupid comments
4.people who take advantage of fansubs and are too cheap to buy the dvds
5. people who upload dobbed episodes
6. 4kids episodes
7 . people who make fun of naruto fans
8. people who make fun of anime in general
9. . people who refuse to like shonen jump
10 . people wkho don't branch off shonen jump
11 . complainers
12 anime idiots
Posted 9/25/07 , edited 9/25/07
1. Spamming
2. Posting anything in all caps, unless it is called for (ie: quoting someone else, making a point, etc.)
3. Flaming of any sort.
4. Reposting topics that already exist - use the index before making a new topic.
5. Questioning the mods and their decisions.
6. Posting chain letters
7. Uploading licensed material or duplicates.
8. Trying to exploit the CR point system.
9. Double posting.
10. Disrespecting others.
11. Posting non PG-13 material. If you are not sure if it is not allowed, your best bet is not not post it, but if you really want to, ask a mod or something.
12. Posting unintelligibility.
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28 / M / Not in your closet
Posted 9/25/07 , edited 9/25/07
1. Spam
2. Flaming other members
3. Inactive members
4. Leechers
5. Mods suck up
6. Picking up a fight with mods
7. Chain letters.. i hate chain letters
8. Double or triple postings.
9. Creating unnecessary new threads
10. Creating same threads that already exist
11. People who complaints about anything.
12. People who says.. Im first..! Yeah first..! on the video comment..who cares..?
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Posted 9/25/07 , edited 9/26/07
I don't really mind about the star but do give it to me if I did qualify

1. Spam... Well seriously, this crap is annoying -__- If it's either for CR points or just to have fun, then just die.
2. Double accounts... I've caught some, here's one: DesperateTT Usually, people post a hell lots of spam or pictures just to get their ass in the chat room. However, some do it to cause trouble. Hehehe... I wouldn't want Tammy doing to much works XD
3. Addiction to CR... O__o Haha... Too much internet is bad for your eyes >=D I found myself having some serious crazy obsession in CR. And I decided to get a 25 days break.
4. Craps in PM... I do receive some craps like a mad message and some chain mails. Believe it or not, the people who sent me these chain mails are not even on buddy list.
5. Over-flaming... I myself find this thing really fun. But yeah... Haha
6. People who can't follow the basics... Come on, mods spent time and efforts just to write those. I find them simple to follow like A,B and Cs... Though I ignore some of em
7. Respects the mods.. Don't get pissed if you got yourself ban or kicked in the chat room... It happened for a reason and you should know it.
8. Have a damn self control in the chat room... Most people are annoying many other people in the chat room. Often, I find people chatting like crazy and it's an eye sore to read because some people really enjoy going in the chat. But some people purposely throw their craps in there -_-
9. Well, some people scares me off when I'm online. Like saying hello to me out of nowhere without proper introduction mentioned. I don't really know how did this people know me, but seriously, it gotta stop!!! This happens to me a hell lot of time.
10. Well, I found pornographic avatars in the past. Hentai to real people. Christ, what the hell are they thinking?
11. Impostors!! I found people pretending who they are into who they are not. It's funny after they got caught though.. Haha.
12. Lastly, the other purpose of many other double account owners...... The bandwidth.... Some.. Wait.. Many people really hates this thing. So they use second, third to fourth or more accounts to watch more animes. This isn't cool at all. Come on, just donate!!! Though honestly, I wanted to donate but can't. So I guess I'll stick here till someone is willingly offering me one. Haha.

That's it! Thanks Nigma for the the chance you're giving.

Don't spoil our shady secrets, Nigma! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOL JK... Peace out and remember the sins.
Posted 9/26/07 , edited 9/26/07
1) People flaming cause of race.
2) Pointless spamming.
3) Wannabes.
4) Saying "I'm first." or something similiar like that on an "important" thread.
5) Using the word "noob" instead of a better substitute to somebody.
6) People who are probably 18+ who acts like immature children.
7) Hosting free porn.
8) Whining big time in a thread about nothing.
9) Substituting letters with numbers.
10) Moderators not doing their job correctly, or being too lazy.
11) People not able to read the instructions on a forum game.
12) People thinking about having immunity if they donate.
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