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**12 Deadly Sins of CR Game
Posted 10/1/07 , edited 10/2/07
1. Giving out the ending or what happens next in the Drama/Anime posts!!
2. Spamming!! NO
3. Flaming! NO
4. Being a jerk *looks at the Narutards and Bleachers* NO
5. Useless post like "first" or any other nonsense! NO
6. Talking back to Mods or Shinji [Picking fights, showing them up, etc.] NO
7. Donating does not mean immunity!! NO
8. Close mindedness!! NO
9. Posting 10000etc. pictures for CR points! NO
10. Thinking this is Youtube or Myspace and uploading useless videos!!! NO

Thou shall forever keep in mind these sins or shall be struck down by the might delete button!!
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25 / F / Gone with the wind
Posted 10/1/07 , edited 10/2/07
1.flaming and insulting
4.people who says "yay 1st to comment" or " 2nd to comment" and so on..
6.cursing and scolding the uploaders for more episode when the subbers haven even subbed it or asking for licensed anime which couldn't be possible to upload it on crunchyroll
7.insulting or scolding the mods when they are already trying their best
8.creating multiple account just for getting more cr points or for watching more drama,anime etc.
9.buddying someone just because they are mods or cr supporters, or buddying everyone you see (which i usually don't i only accept buddy request but not send it)
10.comparing online video stream web such as youtube,veoh,stage6,crunchyroll etc.
11.using lots of emotions in one post
12:people who have lots and lots of photos

btw mus it be 12 only ? oh well .. heres for extra since i can think of it.

13.comparing between 2 smiliar drama example hana kimi or comparing anime and its drama. saying example "wow the drama is better than the anime"
14.speaking in caps so that people will know that you are angry
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26 / M / Hawaii
Posted 10/1/07 , edited 10/2/07
1. Commenting your own guestbook for cr points
2. posting 1 sec. videos that have almost nothing for cr points
3. i don't want to think of 12 so someone can use those ^ as a freebie yay!
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36 / F / I dont speak english
Posted 10/2/07 , edited 10/2/07
1. Spoilers in video comments... please, stay vague and dont break our fun!

2. Chain letter... I know you are deseaperate to get CR points... but thats the most annoying thing possible. I wish there was a "repport this comment as spam" button ... but yet there will be abuse... CR inst ready for it ...

3. Haters, of all kind... Racist.sexist.homophobiac... anyone who dont respect others people choices/cultures/religions ... seriously... open your mind ^_^ you may not be agree but please, insteed, DEBATE and tell why ^_^

4. Anyone who complains to Shinji or the mods because "this or that" anime inst uploaded yet... Guess what? if you know its available, if you know where, then uploads it yoursefl. They are not uploading videos... members does

5. Immature attention whore... actually any attention whore...

6. Complaining about my/others bad english in general. I'm still learning english, bear with me. And for those who are too lazy to type whole words, as long we know what you mean no problem. This is internet, not a typing contest.

7. People who try to be "japanese" because its "ZOMG SO COOL" ... be yoursefl. Appreciate your roots... yes, you may like japanese culture... dont over do it.

8. People who uses caps (like i just did ^_^;;; ) I cant belive after all this time where everyone litterally complains about it ... that people still use it ... No.. really.. by now you should know its not "cool"

9. same goes for "first post" everyone hate you for it... just dont do it

10. complaining about people making 786836487 AMV of this or that anime ... you know what? they nerver forced you to watch it ... This is their way to say they really like a anime, like a "hommage" ... respect it please, it was hard work for them ... maybe ... i hope >.<

11. Please Please Please... remember... this is not a dating service... its a asian media website... if you wanna find a GF/BF... please.. there tons of others websites designed for it ... And if you talk for someone for the first time, try that your first question was something more intelligent than "are you cute?" or "I'm cute!" because really, nobody cares.

12. Any way that you may use to "just add CR points" You have a great chance to express yoursefl... type something else that "" or post a 1 seconds video.
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25 / M
Posted 10/3/07 , edited 10/4/07
1. spam (double posts and such)
2. random buddies
3. stealing avatars
4. uploading stupid videos
5. non PG-13 pics,avatars
6. using curse words
7. chatting on thread
8. hacking account??
9. chain messages
10. 2 or more acc's per person
11. not using account that has been made
i guess u know wat im talking about.....using alot of emoticons on one post....
^ so i just committed the sin???

im making such a non-sense
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26 / F / NO
Posted 11/20/07 , edited 11/21/07
1.Spammer topic people
3.chain messaging
7.those who want the most CR points and post random and stupid things on videos, forum, Guestbooks (like that has nothing to do with anyway ex: im hot)
8.over use of the smilies
10non PG-13 language and images
12. Hackers

Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/21/07
1. Spamming
2. Flaming
3. Cursing
4. Spoilers
5. Chain messaging
6. Double posting
7. Whining
8. Non PG-13 images
9. Having multiple CR accounts
10. Hacking
11. Reposting already existing topics
12. Questioning/Disrespecting moderators

13. Kissing up. Its not a sin, but it annoys the heck out of me.
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Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/21/07
1. Spamming
2. Random buddy requests
3. Annoying mods
4. Being a total noob
5. Stupid language
6. Sending a random buddy requests after being rejected
7. Saying others as a noob when you are one yourself
8. Not be so sick
9. Constantly swear every post
10. Upload useless videos
11. Mock a mod
12. Be mean to me
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23 / F / East London!!
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/29/08
1.Not logging in for more than two days
2.not watching anything on CR for more than two days
7. complaining on anime videos about the uploader or video itself
8.Insulting for no good reason
9. Starting a useless forum game
11.flaming for tiny reasons
12. Adding buddies but never talk to them *offened*
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/12/08
1. Flaming for minor reasons
2. Quoting my posts for no reason
3. Stupid Usernames, excessively alphanumberical usernames like UBERNARUICHI19823 or names like that 4. Hating people for being newbies
5. Super-long posts
6. "Quotefights" People quoting each other back and forth over a pointless argument
7. Hate mailing\spamming
8. People who complain about dubs (Those who have not seen Shootfighter Tekken, Desert Punk, Yu Yu Hakusho)
9. Complaining about others' posts (ignore them)
10. Calling others ignorant (Who gives a shit about whether or not they are?)
11. Trying to look intelligent online by bashing the poster of every single minor infraction of rules to look cool on the forums. (Nobody cares.)
12. Empty posts
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24 / F / the great northwest
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
1. swearing for no reasons
2. spamming
3. random group requests
4. making fun of other peoples "fandom"
5. chain letters
6. making a thread on the general section complaining about something nobody really cares about
7. posting overrated pics on the forums
8. looking for online relationships
9. tYping l1k3 tH!$
10. disrespectful to other race/culture
11. random buddying to increase number of buddies
12. graphics stealer (at least give credits or ask)
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Posted 8/31/08 , edited 9/1/08
1.showing your real face*
2.revealing your real name*
4.chain letters
6.1337 speak
8.random requests(buddy,group,etc)
9.multiple accounts...
10.chain messaging
11.disrespect flirting

*punishable by the Death Note!
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22 / F / In your closet
Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
1. Copy
2. Stealing
3. Arrogant people
4. Annoying people
5. Flaming
6. Unable to communicate when they were the one adding you
7. A person who's boring
8. Someone who would betray you
9. When people spam
10. Writing useless information
11. Trying to cause trouble
12. Unfriendly people
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24 / F / In hell...come jo...
Posted 7/16/10 , edited 7/16/10
1 spammers
2 bashers
3 spoilers
4 flamers
5 repeat posts in forums
6 people who can't roleplay, but do so anyway
7 people who type in text talk, and expect you to know what they're saying
8 Naruto-groupies
9 Dragonball lovers (and that's ALL they watch)
10 people who jack off on chat roulette
11 people who steal artwork and say it's theirs
12 chain letters
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