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What is the most amazing thing you've ever seen or story you've heard?

Posted 9/6/07 , edited 9/7/07
What is the most amazing thing you've ever seen or story you heard?
Response: ^_^ To make my statement CR-related, this is the funniest made-up story I read so far:

Linkx wrote:

In the beginning, Kyocool created the internet and Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll, however, was without form and void. Soon, Kyocool said, "Let there be Internet!", and there was Internet, thus giving Crunchyroll its shape. But Kyocool was missing something on Crunchyroll, he needed someone to give Crunchyroll life and spark, and he soon impregnated the virgin Slowdanse with a boy. The father was a man named Mauz. 9 month's later Slowdanse gave birth to a beautiful boy, and he was called Shinji. No one knows the exact date of his birth, but it is rumored around mid-2005 to mid-2006. When Shinji was born, three wise men came to deliver goods. These three men were named BasouKazuma, Killar, and Edsamac. There were originally 4 wise men, but one died, his name was Fuzzmaster (RIP). The three wise men also had wife's. BasouKazuma was married to redgarnettk, Killar to Faeleia, and Edsamac was such a pimp he had two wifes, s_j_b and Do0maid. However, s_j_b and Do0maid did not fight often, some might even say that the sex life between those three was passionate.

Continuing with the story, the three wise men followed the Crunchyroll star in the sky to reach Shinji. It is rumored to look a little like this:. When the three reached Shinji they presented him with gifts. BasouKazuma gave him anime uploads. Killar gave him Drama uploads. And Edsamac gave him technical support and fixed the interface of Crunchyroll. Yes, everything seemed perfect. Due, to Shinji being perfect he aged and matured fast. Within weeks, he was controlling and ruling his empire of Crunchyroll. The wise men and their wifes were promoted to a status called "mod." What is a mod, you may be asking? STFU NUB RESEARCH IT, AND STOP GOING INTO MOD CHAT ASKING!

Continuing with the story, Mauzzie and Slowdanse also had other children besides Shinji. However these were all accidents. Mauzzie wouldn't get the vasectomy like Slowdanse asked. They had 8 accident's. The names of these accidents were pewee, DeNote, ClassicalTwist, meiskan, catex, Soy2342, animestudz, and the youngest, jamehze. Later in Mauzzie's and Slowdanse's life they also gave birth to a robot, which was named by Shinji, and called crunchybot. These were all promoted to "mod" status as well. Soon, Crunchyroll started getting followers, who worshiped Kyocool and Shinji. There are many people of the kind who I will list: Dusterbayala, digs, Eros (who was apparently an ex-mod, but was demoted for sleeping with one of Edsamac's wife, s_j_b), henz_lan, animoo_x, Josey, kris07, Senby, killua787, Dawn1, Kirby, mushroomjay (also an ex mod, demoted for fapping actions), Suicider, Lazybook, LmonadeLOL, ollie_p, Scripted (ahh i forgot!), Dularc, mochacafe (albeit, turned evil), Waffle_26, and zeronite (if I missed someone, and I think I did, you know I still love you).

Yes, things were going smoothly, or were they?! Non- believers in Kyocool and Shinji started to erupt. They were eliminated immediately by Kyocool's wrath and Shinji didn't have to go through a crucification to save mankind on Crunchyroll. However, as times kept going, the number of non-believer's increased, mostly because of the reproduction of Mauzzie and Slowdanse (get he damn vasectomy man!) Soon, the number of non-believers was extremely high and he decided to cause a huge and vast account deletion flood. But he needed to give the believers safety. Yes, the only man he could trust, one almost as strong as him, Xrn_the_Nigma. Xrn_the_Nigma was not just a man, he was THE MAN, he was the Ichigo of Bleach, the one who murdered Naruto (with ease I might add), the man of this short Bible story I am writing. Yes, Xrn for short, he was Crunchyroll's only hope.

Xrn, hearing this plea from Kyocool, decided to help. He was already strong enough to survive a measly account deletion flood. But due to his generosity, he decided to help the CR world. However, history here was a little erased. Kyocool came to some complications and parts of CR were deleted during the account deletion flood. It is rumored, however, that Xrn led the CR supporters to safety, by fighting dangerous creatures and monsters to keep the CR community safe. He even killed Aizen and Johann.
And it was over. Crunchyroll could finally return to peace. A few weeks later, as the community was growing, Xrn expressed an idea to Kyocool, the idea of forums. Yes, Kyocool was also thinking along the same terms. After 5 minutes of extensive research they finally developed it, The Crunchyroll Forums. It was beautiful, topics everywhere, discussions, and a sexy interface. However, an evil hacker arised. He spammed topics and trolled everywhere. His name was Arano, and he was Xrn's brother! Both equals, he survived the great account deletion thread without a scratch. He started to hack passwords off other peoples passwords and stole their accounts. Xrn knew he was responsible for this, for he could've killed Arano long ago if he wanted. Arano by now was hacking accounts by the second, he probably had at least 50,000 of peoples accounts now. Xrn, brutality marched in to Arano's hacker castle, killing all his servants.

Arano: Well, well, look who we have here. Brother, how are you.
Xrn: What you're doing is wrong Arano! Let my people go!
Arano: Your people? Hah! It shows how ignorant you really are, brother.

*arano suddenly appears behind Xrn's back, using some ninja move or some shit, w/e it was cool*

Arano whispers: If you want your people back you'll have to kill me.

*suddenly arano disappears into the dark*

Xrn, knew he had to kill his brother, but he didn't want too. Kyocool had a plan though. He would send a virus to everyone of Arano's other followers. During that time Xrn would take the CR supporters that Arano kidnapped and run. Although Xrn was opposed to running, so was Kyocool, but it was the only way. That night, Kyocool sent millions of virus' to Arano's soldiers. They all died and Xrn led the supporters back into their stolen accounts. However, there was a huge miscalculation and the viruses were filling up the path back to the accounts. Xrn didn't know what to do. Arano was certainly coming back for revenge. He soon figured it out. He got a staff out of no where and threw it with force to the ground. *BOOM* The virus' soon lifted up and the path was clear. Xrn, led his people through the huge amounts of virus' and Arano wasn't able to catch up to them. It was over. Xrn had the satisfaction knowing his brother was going to suffer on his own.

A few months later, the CR community was happy as could be and the population was increasing, once again by Mauz and Slowdanse. However, Kyocool and Xrn soon realized there was corruption in the forums. Great minds think alike, eh? Kyocool asked Xrn to climb the Crunchyroll Mountain of Threads. It is rumored he scrolled up the Forum Mountain and enter thou's mighty name into the user search. He soon clicked enter and.... Kyocool was there. Kyocool was going to write the CR commandment's, give them to Xrn, who would soon spread them among the people. And he started...
The Crunchyroll 12 Commandment's

It is important to note that if you went against these 12 Commandments, you were committing the most deadly sins possible.

I. Thou Almighty Kyocool's word above all. Go against him and you WILL get destroyed in an instant. This was also included with Mod's, going against Mod order will also indeed get you pulverized.

II. Thou shall not - 5 year-old posts not allowed. Make a retarded post, you will flamed so hard that ice wouldn't be able to cool you off.

III. Thou shall - You must flame any post, that is completely retarded and ignorant. There is, however, an exception to newbies. Just kindly direct them to the correct spot. It is not hard to tell the newbies from the nubs. If you can't, kill yourself, before Kyocool or Xrn does it for you.

IV. Thou shall - Proper grammar is required in all parts. If you want to wittily troll in a post, it will acceptable, but go crazy with trolling and you will die. 1337 speak is not allowed in the forums, please keep retard comments to yourself. We know, it's hard.

V. Thou shall not- Going into the mod chatroom and asking "What is a mod" or "How can I become one" will result in immediate death.

VI. Thou shall not - Asking for licensed anime is forbidden. When Kyocool created Crunchyroll, he also created a wonderful download program called torrents. Use thou mighty's resourceful resources!

VII. Thou Shall Not - Lying about your age is forbidden. It is obvious, that the most people who are supposedly "16" - "25" have a maturity of a two year old. If you lie about your age, then act like it. If you really are in those ages, well then Kyocool help you.

VIII. Thou shall not - Bumping a 7 month old thread with an unintelligent post is one of the most incoherent things you can do. I mean, a retardness of that magnitude is unbearable. Bumping a 7 month old thread with an intelligent, well thought out post is, however, acceptable. This also connects to the 5 year old post commandment.

IX. Thou shall not - Spreading Chain letters, is prohibited. It's not the fact that people are superstitious (personally if you believe in that stuff you're lol) but it's the most fucking annoying thing in the Crunchyroll and Internet world. If you are superstitious and start reading a chain letter, stop reading, and click delete, it's not hard. Spread it and die.

X. Thou shall not - Going onto the forums, clicking random avatars, and then clicking then the "Buddy Me" button bottom of their avatar makes you a buddy whore. If you think having a lot of buddy's on an internet anime website increases the size of your epeen, it doesn't. In fact the size of your epeen will go down for Buddy whoring.

XI. Thou shall not - Making another "Naruto vs Bleach" thread or anything similar will cause immediate lockdown. We WILL find the culprit and torture him until he bleeds a bloody death.

XII. Though shall not - Crying is not allowed in any way. Bitching about double posts, crying over retarded topics, and so on. You may, however, flame the retarded if you want. Crying/Bitching =/= Flaming. So go ahead. You may point out a double post. But bitching about it is even more annoying than the double poster.

There were also minor commandments such as Photo upload spamming or porn avatars / images on their profile. Although Kyocool, Xrn, and Shinji found these very enjoyable, the Mod's found them immature and took them down.

Yes, These were the 12 might commandments, never to be broken, for if they are, would be considered a deadly sin. They were typed out, in Times New Roman font, on internet paper. Xrn, soon took these 12 might commandments down to the forums. As he scrolled down the mountain, he saw that these rules were already being broken. It was disgusting. So what did did Xrn do to these people? He flamed the $#@! out of them, thats what he did. Unfortunately, all threads were locked due to Xrn hot flames. The Mod's didn't want anyone to cry when they saw what Xrn wrote. Retarded posts/threads still continue to this day, but one post surprised Xrn. A post that when he saw it he thought "Epic Win", so did everyone else when they saw it. And the maker of that post? Well, I won't tell you, you'll have to figure that out for yourself.

The End.

Here's a hint though: It was me and it was this post.


This concludes my epic win/phail post on the 12 deadly sins which also included a bonus CR bible read. I hope you enjoyed it. T'was fun writing this.

Also, anyone attempting to beat out this post will fail horribly.

BTW, if I do edit this, it would be due to spelling errors, all the 12 sins are there. If you see any spelling errors, it be nice if you could tell me! I wrote this listening to "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey over and over, so I wouldn't be surprised if I did misspell insert a grammar error.


Talk to you guys in chat!

I don't do lmao. I should say I laughed so hard, my mouth widely meets ear to ear. ^_^

It's worth the reading, Linkx. It's worth the reading. ^_^

Whatsome approves.
Whatsome's pick.
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Posted 9/6/07 , edited 9/7/07
paranormal activities(like ghosts moving stuff) .. on TV show lol (Ghost Hunters (TAPS))
Posted 12/19/07 , edited 12/20/07
greatest story. well. how the man saved a dude. the train went over them both. it was in new york.
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Posted 12/19/07 , edited 12/20/07

Hyummei wrote:

in our culture there are certain practices that people should not perform. i can't say what it is but it's "a lover's vow." when my mom was younger she had an uncle who fell in love with this girl that he couldn't get married to so they performed a lover's vow. it's very strong vow but it's been in our culture ever since the ancient times and the elders only advise you to perform this vow if you can't live without the other person or if you are under some very strict circumstances. he performed the vow with her when they were younger and years later she died. the night she died, my uncle told my mother that his girl friend is going to come to take him tonight. that night the dog barked all night and sure enough the next morning he was dead. no one knows why but my mom, but she said he was happy that night to die and finally meet her.

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Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/3/08
nyhahaha wawa naman kunti lng nag post
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Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/3/08
OK i love series MOVIES.. ONe tree hill..
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