CR Site/Forum Rules (Updated: 10-24-2008)

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This is a compilation post by many of the moderators on the site. PLEASE familiarize yourself with the rules. Moderators are not obliged to explain every rule prior to moderation.

Note: Click the spoiler button under each rule for a more detailed explanation!

General Site Rules

*Report all errors with the site to the mods

*Have an appropriate Avatar

* Do not spam for CR Points:

* Only post links if they are appropriate

* Chainletters are not to be circulated

* Multiple accounts (aka Alts) are generally not allowed

* Know where to seek Help with using the site

* Only edit an Article page if the information you are adding is valid


General Forum and etiquette rules:

*Read and understand the General Site and Forum Rules before posting on the Forum
This was put at the top of the list for a reason. The rules are here for you to read, so there is no excuse to feign ignorance when a warning is issued.

*Flamebaiting and Flaming are disallowed.

*Don't force the forum rules down someone else's throat.

*Generally, be respectful in tone:

Assume goodwill.

* Forum standards are rated PG-13.

* Do not engage in unnatural thread bumping.

* Post your threads in the appropriate forums.

* Offer content.

*Do not post more than 2 pictures in a single Forum post

* Type intelligibly.

*** Thou Shalt Accept the Moderators' and Administrators Decisions.


*Do not Double-Post

*Don't ask for licensed Anime

* Please do not post threads in the Site Feedback and Help section


Additional guidelines by edsamac:
Thread Creation Guidelines

*Make the First Post clear and complete

*Initiate the discussion in the First Post

*Label threads appropriately

*Create topics SENSIBLY

*Avoid creating Comparison/VS Threads

*Don't BUMP threads

*Always check for Existing Threads

*Post threads in the appropriate forum section
As stated a while ago, make sure you're posting your topic in the proper forum section.

*No Picture Sharing Threads


Guidelines for Photos Updated!

The following includes what photos are NOT ACCEPTABLE for upload in the photo sections/avatar of your profile:


Breast Exposure

Genital Exposure

Sexual Connotations

Any infringement will result in automatic deletion of the said pictures and the following sanctions:

1st offense ~ Warning
2nd offense ~ 3-day ban
3rd offense ~ Account Deletion

Remember that CR is a PG13 site, first and foremost. You have no defense what so ever in explaining why any R18 images should be uploaded.

~ edsamac


Crunchyroll Chat Rules


Crunchyroll Group Rules

Rules for a group you create can be whatever you decide on as long as the group does not involve the following:

1) The group may not be used to attack/ridicule other users of this site by doing things like the following for example; creating lists of users to pass judgment on them, posting images of conversations, welcoming the members in your group to harass other users through PMs and/or Forum Posts ,etc. Such groups may be deleted if they continue to be a problem after being warned.

2) Groups with material only suitable for Adults, must be set as a Secret Group and marked as "Mature". Otherwise the group may be closed after a 24 hour notice is given to the creator, so he/she can change the group to meet our requirements.

We only intervene in groups when necessary and as such, dealing with groups is done case by case. This means that the Site Moderators (listed on the staff page) reserve the right to look over your group and impose any new rules on them if it is deemed to be best for the community. If this happens, a moderator will usually explain the new rules to the creator of the group and it will be up to creator to impose those rules on to the rest of the members. If the rules are still not upheld by either the creator or the members, the group could be removed.
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