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Drama Thread Index (Unofficial - use Forum search first)

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This index is being unstickied and removed from official duty due to maintainability. Please use the forum search

If you would like to volunteer to maintain this directory, please PM me.

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Drama Threads
+ Chinese Dramas
+ Filipino Dramas (Feel free to make some threads!)
+ Japanese Dramas
+ Korean Dramas
+ Taiwanese Dramas
+ Thai Dramas (Feel free to make some threads!)


Chinese Dramas
Japanese Dramas
Korean Dramas
Taiwanese Dramas

Helpful Threads

Downloading Asian Drama
Drama Categories
Drama Sites
General Drama Discussion
Sorted Lists for Dramas and Movies on CR (not updated)
The Genre List
Where do you buy your dramas?

Chinese Dramas

[CDrama] Forensic Heroes
[CDrama] Healing Hands 3
[CDrama] Heart of Greed
[CDrama] My Date With a Vampire
[CDrama] To Grow with Love
[CDrama] Wind and Cloud - 1 & 2

Japanese Dramas

[JDrama] 3 nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei 8
[JDrama] Bambino!
[JDrama] CR Kamen Rider FC
[JDrama] Crazy Virgin Road
[JDrama] Delicious Gakuin
[JDrama] Densha Otoko
[JDrama] First Kiss
[JDrama] Gokusen
[JDrama] Haken no Hinkaku
[JDrama] Hana Yori Dango
[JDrama] Hana Yori Dango 2
[JDrama] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)
[JDrama] Hotaru no Hikari
[JDrama] Itazura na Kiss
[JDrama] Jigoku Shoujo Live Action
[JDrama] Kimi wa Petto
[JDrama] Kurosagi
[JDrama] Liar Game
[JDrama] Life
[JDrama] My Boss, My Hero
[JDrama] Nobuta wo Produce
[JDrama] Nodame Cantabile Live Action
[JDrama] One Litre of Tears
[JDrama] One Missed Call
[JDrama] Pride
[JDrama] Proposal Daisakusen
[JDrama] Rui vs Domyouji (Hana Yori Dango)
[JDrama] School Life
[JDrama] Sore Wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no You Ni
[JDrama] Tantei Gakuen Q
[JDrama] Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
[JDrama] The Man Who Couldn't Get Married
[JDrama] Virgin Snow
[JDrama] Yamada Taro Monogatari

Korean Dramas

[KDrama] Coffee Prince
[KDrama] Full House
[KDrama] Full House 2
[KDrama] Goong - Princess Hours - Imperial Household
[KDrama] Goong 2
[KDrama] Hwang Jini
[KDrama] Ireland
[KDrama] Jumong
[KDrama] My Lovely Sam Soon
[KDrama] Time Between (of) Dog and Wolf
[KDrama] Witch Yoo Hee

Taiwanese Dramas

[TwDrama] 18 Jin Bu Jin
[TwDrama] At the Dolphin Bay
[TwDrama] Brown Sugar Macchiato
[TwDrama] Corner With Love 2
[TwDrama] Devil Beside You
[TwDrama] Exchange Love
[TwDrama] Fated to Love You
[TwDrama] Go on the Stage
[TwDrama] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)
[TwDrama] Hana Kimi 2
[TwDrama] Heaven's wedding Gown
[TwDrama] It Started with a Kiss
[TwDrama] It Started with a Kiss 2
[TwDrama] KO One
[TwDrama] MARS
[TwDrama] Meteor Garden 2
[TwDrama] Romantic Princess
[TwDrama] Smiling Pasta
[TwDrama] Why Why Love

Live Actions

Evangelion Live Action Movie
Live Action Haruhi Suzumiya
Jigoku Shoujo Live Action
Live Action NANA: Movie 2
Negima: Live Action
Nodame Cantabile Live Action
Ouran High School Host Club Live Action
Vampire Gigolo/Host Live Action

Non-Asian Films/Series

Casino Royale
DOA: Movies and Games
Nightmare Before Christmas movie
Spiderman 3
The Hills have Eyes
The Mighty Boosh (UK movie)


Celebrity Obsessions
Fake Celebrities
Favorite actor/actress
Favorite J-Celebrity
Hot Asian Drama Actors and Actresses
Hot Taiwanese Celebrities
Which Asian Actor/Actress do you want to date?

Akashini Jin
Alexander Wang Lee-Hom
Bi (Rain)
Masahiro Nakai
Matsumoto Jun
Song Hye Kyo/Gyo
Takashi Mike
Yamashita Tomohisa

Favorites/Best and Worst

Best Asian Drama Theme Song
Best Drama of 2007
Best JDrama Couple
Best KDrama
Best Onscreen Drama couple
Favorite Actor/Actress
Favorite Anime-based Dramas
Favorite Asian Drama Couple
Favorite Family in Asian Drama
Favorite J-Celebrity
Favorite Lines from Your Favorite JDrama
Favorite Sitcom
Favorite Video Game Songs
Worst Drama You've Seen

Versus/Comparison Threads

[CDrama] The Academy VS On the First Beat
[JDrama] Gokusen I, Gokusen II, or GTO
[KDrama] Goong VS Goong S
Hana Kimi (Japan) vs Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
Hana Yori Dango VS Meteor Garden
JDrama VS KDrama
Kung-Fu or Martial Arts Dramas
Subtitled vs. Dubbed (Films/Drama)
TVB series VS Taiwan


Americanized Films and Drama Series
Battle Royale - Good or Bad Idea?
Celebrity Obsessions
Drama Character Pairings
Do you wish the people in drama series were real?
Dramas that Made Your Heart Skip
Ever not liked a drama you wished you could appreciate?
Fake Celebrities
Hot Asian Drama Actors and Actresses
Hot Taiwanese Celebrities
Is your life dramatic enough to be made into a drama?
Mecha Drama
Memorable Drama Moments
Quotes from Your Favorite Drama
Recommended Movies
Romantic JDrama
Sad Drama Endings
Share Drama Fan Art
TVB Dramas
Well-Written Drama Series
What drama do you want to be in?
What gets you addicted to Asian dramas?
What was your first drama?
Which Asian Actor/Actress do you want to date?
Which Games/Music/Drama make you cry?
Why do dramas affect our emotions?


The "What are you watching now?" thread
The 'What are you listening to now?' thread
The 'Everything Goes' Adaptation Thread

~Organized by slowdanse
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Asian Music

Cantonese Music
Filipino Music
Japanese Metal
Japanese Pop
Japanese Rock
Vietnamese Music


Alexander Wang Lee-Hom
Bi (Rain)
Big Bang
BoA Kwon
DBSK / TVXQ / Tohoshinki
Epik High
Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai)
Jay Chou
Hirano Aya
Home made Kazoku
JE Fandom
Johnny's Juniors
Judy and Mary
Morning Musume
Nami Tamaki
NHK Music
Otsuka Ai
Rip Slyme
Sung Si Kyung
Super Junior
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
TMR (TMRevolution)
Utada Hikaru


Asian Men in Music Videos
Are Japanese artists becoming too "Americanized"?
Favorite Asian Musical Artist
Favorite FAHRENHEIT Member
Favorite Japanese Bands
Favorite Kat-Tun Singer
Favorite Korean Band
How Do You Think Se7en Will Do In The US?
Miyavi should...
Pinoy MTV
Utada Hikaru - Would she make it in America?

Non-Asian Music

Blue Man Group
Coheed and Cambria
English Music
Fort Minor
Green Day
Linkin Park
Mindless Self Indulgence
Naked City
...Of Sinking Ships
Rhapsody and Luca Turilli
Shin Ban
System of a Down
The Cure
The Mars Volta
Tony Canrad


Classical Music
Fight Music
Heavy Metal
Punk Genre
Rap or Crap?
Ska Genre


Ayumi Hamasaki vs Utada Hikaru
Best rapper: 2pac or Biggie?
Fahrenheit vs F4
Muse vs Radiohead
Puffy Ami Yumi vs Chatmochy
Punk, Metal, or other...
Rain vs Se7en

Music News

F4's New Name – JVKV
Hello! Project News
Jin dating a Brazilian-Japanese Model!?
SHE New Album - 'Play'
Utada Hikaru - Boulevard of Broken Dream
Utada Hikaru Got Divorced!


Bad Guitar Solos
Good Guitar Songs
Guitar Abilities
Musical instrument(s) you play and what inspired you
What type of Guitar do you have?

Music Players

iPod help
MP3 Player Comparisons


General Music Discussion
An Asian that can sing?
Any music similar to this one?
Artists and Songs that get no credit
Berserk music
Do you think Metal is Falling?
Favorite Christmas song
Favorite Movie Soundtracks
Favorite Music Genre
Favorite Music Videos
Favorite Singing Song
Funny Songs
Inspiring Music
Is it acceptable for ethnic groups other than whites to listen to Metal/be Emo?
Music - All Stars
Music Artist Pairings
Music Download Sites
Music you're ashamed to admit you listen to...
Opinions on Bands
Pop Culture - Dead?
Post lyrics here
Post Your Playlist!
Share Music Links
Screamo Girls
Subliminal messages in music
The AMV Thread
Trading Music
Which Games/Music/Drama make you cry?
What is the best/most addictive Anime or video game theme music?
What is your favorite intro to an album/song?
What kind of music makes you wanna move?
What's your Favorite song?
What song explains you?
What Soundtracks do you have?
Which Bands Do You Wanna See Here?
Worst Anime Music
Your favourite Artist/Band?
Your Ideal AMV

~Organized by redgarnettk, edited by slowdanse
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General Game Discussions

Are Video Games Childish?
Arcade Games
Bleach Flash Game
Best Free MMORPG
Best Game Special Attack
Best RTS Game
Best Video Game Couples
Coolest Combo Moves
DDR: What's the point?
Do Video Games Encourage Violence?
Favorite Gaming Magazine
Fighting Games
First Game Played
Flash Games
Free Online RPGs
Gaia Online
Games Based on Anime
Games You Never Get Sick Of
Game Glitches
Games That Should have been Ported/Translated
Games You Never Get Sick Of
General Video Game Discussion
Guild Names
Hardest Game
Imported Games
Jack Thompson
Japanese Oriented Horror Games
Last 3 Games Finished
Memorable Bad Games
New Engine Concept
Overrated Games
Pokemon Help
Retro Games and Consoles
Roms and Emulators
RPG Cliches
RTS Games
Scariest Game
Scary Games
Things that Piss you off in Games
Twisted Games
Underrated Games
Usernames on Games
Video Game Characters You Fancy
Video Game Collection
Video Games I Never Thought I'd Play
What Games are You Currently Playing?
What Games are you the King of?
What Games are you Waiting For?
What Game should be Made into Anime?
What Makes a Good Game?
Which Video Game Character are You Like?
Why Do You Love Games?
Will Berserk have a US Release?
Worst Game


Favorite Anime Video Game
Favorite Imported Game
Favorite Pokemon Group
Favorite Puzzle Games
Favorite RPG
Favorite Video Game Character
Favorite Video Game Hero and Villain
Favorite Video Game Quotes
Favorite Video Game Storyline
Favorite XBOX360 Games


Naruto 2 & 3 (PS2)
Naruto Online RPG
Naruto Shippuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX
Naruto Uzamaki Chronicles
Naruto Video Games
Naruto Wars (WoW III Mod)

Series Discussion

Classic Doom Players
Dynasty Warriors
Dungeons and Dragons
Fall of Nations
Fire Emblem
Guitar Hero
Grand Theft Auto
Initial D Arcade Stage
Jet Set Radio
Kingdom Hearts
Legend of Zelda
Oblivion Easter Eggs
Phantasy Star Universe
Pokemon Games
Prince of Persia
Sonic the Hedgehog
Street Fighter
Super Robot Wars
Super Smash Brothers
Tales of Discussion
Xenosaga 1-3
Xenosaga 4-6

Final Fantasy

Are You a True Final Fantasy Fanatic?
Best Final Fantasy Character
Final Fantasy: Likes and Dislikes
Final Fantasy III Remake
Final Fantasy V for GBA
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy X-2
Is Final Fantasy X-2 a rip off?
Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

Console Games/Discussion

.hack//G.U. Vol 2 Reminisce
Battle Stadium DON
Best System: PS3, XBOX 360, Wii
Bleach on Wii
Call of Duty 3
Devil May Cry 4
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaiichi 2
Fable 2
Fifa 07
Gears of War
God of War 2
God of War 3
Good PSP Mecha Games
Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo HD
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 3 Beta
Kingdom Hearts III
Last Blade 2
Little Big Planet
Mario Strikers
Modifying Game Consoles
Next Gen GTA
PS3: How is it?
PS3 Worries
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Recommend PS2 Games
RPGs that Should be Remade for PS3
Silent Hill 2
Socom 3
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Tales of Eternia
Tales of Symphonia
Tekken 5
Tekken 6
Tenchu Z
The Legend of Dragoon
Threads of Fate
Valkyrie Profile 2: Sylmeria
What Would You Do for a PS3, XBOX 360, or Wii?
Wii Sports
XBOX Live Gamertags

Online Games

Big Eyes Small Mouth
Black Mesa Source
Counter Strike Source
EVE Online
Graal Online
Guild Wars
Guild Wars 2
Infinity Online
Maple Story
Multiplayer Online Games
Nexus TK/Baram
O2 Jam
Perfect World
Priston Tale
Ragnorak Online
Source Fort
Team Revoluxion
Universal Century Gundam Online
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

Browser Games

Adventure Quest
Boneless Girl
Cry Wolf
Empires of Power
Forum RPGs
Gaia Online
Galactic Conquest
Kingdom of Loathing
Knight Fight
Online Games (In Browser)
Tech Warrior
Walking in Circles


2-D vs 3-D Fighters
Dead or Alive: Movie or Game
Final Fantasy XII vs Kingdom Hearts II
Gundam Seed Rengou vs Zaft Portable
Sephiroth, Naruto, Sasuke, or Cloud?
Cloud vs Sephiroth: Who has the Cooler Sword?
Which is More Violent: God of War or Gears of War?
World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars

Handhelds Games/Discussion

Animal Crossing Wild World
Bleach Get the Soul 3
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Elite Beat Agents
Harvest Moon
Jump Ultimate Stars
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Metal Gear Solid
NDS Help
NDS Roms
Nintendo DS Lite
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Recommend NDS Games
Sony PSP Games


Battlefield 2
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Halo (PC)
Inner Space
Jazz Jackrabbit
Kart Rider
Party Games for PC
Starcraft II
Warcraft III
World of Warcraft: Defense of the Ancients


Cheats, Hints, Tips, etc
Create a Kingdom Hearts Character
Dead or Alive or Tekken series?
Percussion Freaks
Power Glove

~Organized by jamehze and Suicider, edited by slowdanse
[Special thanks to Jorlwind]
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Thanks for the info. 4th, woop.
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did anyone know how to convert the .flv from veoh. I like to upload the yukan club ep.10

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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
i dont know but i think you can by using youtube videos.

just try and the youtube string codes written in every video...for short the url itself
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
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30 / M / the island beside...
Posted 12/29/07 , edited 12/29/07
thanks I'll check this out
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/3/08
thnx i'll check this out b4 posted any new topic
Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/23/08
Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/2/08
Gnarly. Love the vids and pics
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Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
i want 2 know can some one upload the drama 100% semorta or u can tell me a website 2 watch all the episode thx u very much if u can tell.....
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Wow, it's very organized

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good stuff. thanks!!!
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