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what will you do of your girldriend is pregnant?
Posted 9/15/07 , edited 9/15/07
I would give birth to the baby, and raise it. I know my mom and dad would help me out. I'd be happy. This isn't a time to be depressed! I'd be having a baby and that's a huge blessing.

As for my boyfriend, I'd hope he'd want to raise the baby with me, but if he doesn't want anything to do with me or it, then we'd break up. But I'd keep in contact with him, if he'd let me, because I want the baby to have a chance to meet the father.

I would probally tell my parents after a few days once I get over the shock of it all.

However, because I don't want to have sex before I'm married, this would most likely never happen. Yet, you never know. I could be raped, or pulled into temptation. I hope none of that happens though. It's not that I want to wait until I'm married to have a child, I just want to save my virginity for the guy who'll love me the most. I want to obey God, because I know He has a reason for making me wait. If I got pregnant I wouldn't be depressed because I'm having a baby, because that's amazing. I'd be depressed that I commited a sin I was so set on not commiting.
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I believe in abstinence but if that ever were to happen, which I doubt it would, I would find some way to get an abortion w/o my parents finding out. But I really don't agree with abortion so I mean if I'm dumb enough to get pregnant, I should have to take care of the baby. It would be very hard for me to get an abortion. And I would hope that my b/f (which I don't have one and am not allowed to have one) would help support and take care of the child.
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ChrisOnline wrote:

If your daughter was pregnant

**a very deep question coming from a 13 yr old. nice..

i would fulfill my duties as a man, and as the father of the baby.

I find these similar.
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