I Love You Shinji =D
Posted 9/20/07 , edited 9/20/07
Shinji! You make the world goes around!

I really love the way you've build up this site!
Now what makes this site so special?
Well, I love all the small things you've made the most,
like stuff that makes you laugh when you in the least expects it!

Like when you're browsing the site you've added a crazy word
or phrase somewhere. That's totally awsome!!!
Another example is like when you've rejected a buddy
in your account settings, you get like:
*you've rejected xxx from your buddylist =D*
That smile in the ending is like supercrazy and that's so
freak'n funny and awsome man!
Keep up the nice work with this site Shinji!

Now, to not make this thread to just a "thank you Shinji" thread,
please say what you really love with this site!
I know there is a topic similar to this one like
what can we do to improve the site etc.
But this thread is more like, what is already awsome!?
Like what makes this site so special etc etc...

Please keep it clean!
Best Regards Medda
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Posted 9/20/07 , edited 9/20/07
Crunchyroll's awesomeness

Use the thread indices next time to search for existing topics.

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