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Posted 9/20/07 , edited 9/21/07
I am very disturbed by the fact that there wasn't anything about the release of this game since it is the biggest game of the year. So I decided to start one : )

Discuss anything from rumors about the game to which weapons you don't want to see etc...



I am a little concerned that most people will not be playing the regular multiplayer anymore, but instead will just be editing the maps. They also made it really easy for us glitchers to make some amazing videos (the only plus to this)

I am also annoyed as hell that H3 has the flame thrower and gravity hammer in it.

Not so sure about the custimiziable armor either. It seems to really be taking a completely different route from H2. I also for see people going back to H2 on live after the release.


Having the brutes with more variations of armor defiantly makes them more fun to kill.

The large multiplayer maps make games more fun with vehicles.

They added a few new amazing vehicles to the game

Master Chiefs armor looks completely BAD ASS!!!!!!!!
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Posted 9/20/07 , edited 9/21/07
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