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Posted 9/22/07 , edited 9/22/07
Just wondering what virtual pets have you played before,why did you play and do you like to play?

1) Neopets
2) Marapets
3) Powerpets
4) Never played.
5) Others

I, personally played the marapets,neopets and powerpets before and i played them when there is nothing to do. I like marapets now because it's kinda new to me. Neopets is the 1st one i played and Powerpets is the one where i don't really play.

I think all these 3 virtual pets have their pros and cons:
Neopets and Marapets inflation is way too high while Powerpets have control over it
Neopets is the largest and it seem that the games is more fun
Powerpets is more linked to the present world
Marapets is more to the fun side.

Please leave your comments so we can talk about it.
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Posted 9/23/07 , edited 9/23/07
*Retarded posts deleted*

And unfortunately
Tamagotchis and virtual pets

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