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Super Robot Wars!
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27 / M / Somewhere
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/25/07
Fav Male: Zengar Zombolt (TATSUMAKI ZANKANTOU FTW!! Real Men ride each other.)
Fav Female: Excellen (Power of love ftw XD)

Fav Mecha: DaiRaiOh (Jinrai = Hyper Rider Kick), Dis Astranagant (More powerful than Ideon. I wanna see what happens when they try to make it more powerful than Gurren Lagann)
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32 / M / Wandering countle...
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/26/07
Favorite Male : Ingram/Cobray
Favorite Female : Lamia/Seolla
Farvorite Mech : Astranagant/DisAstranagant

Really now...I wonder how those really big mechs can dodge Infinity Cylinder or Ain Soph Aur...once you get hit you're erased.
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28 / M / NOwhere
Posted 1/8/08 , edited 1/9/08
Hey guys, play the latest SRW, SRW scramble commander the 2nd....but it is different role to play....BTW, I still love SRW alpha series...

Fav male pilot: Heero (Gundam Wing)
Fav female pilot: Excellen
Fav mech: All Gundam Wing Custom mech (can dodge all attack if up dodge to max and can pawn all type of enemies)
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30 / M / In the "Throne of...
Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08
Yep. I played it. Specially og and og2 finsihed both more than 5 times

Favorite male pilot: Ryuusei (with special mention of sanger i just love his theme)
Favorite female pilt: Latooni and Lamia
Favorite Mech (SRW original): Angelg and r-1
(non-OG); Strike freedom and wing zero
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31 / M / "The World"
Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08
Favorite Pilot: (Male) - Kyosuke (This is my JOKER!)
Favorite Pilot: (Female ) - Mai
Favorite Mecha: (Not Original) Hi-Nu Gundam, Z Gundam, Tekkaman Blade.
( Originals ) Cybuster, SRX, Huckebein 008L.
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27 / M / singapore
Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/18/08
Mine Fav. SRW Pilot : Kazuma ArdyGun ( Male ) - SRW W
Cliana Rimuskaya ( Female ) - SRW D
Fav. Original Mecha : Dis Astranangant , AS Algerias , Fortes Giga.
Fav . Non-Original Mecha : GP03 Dendrobium , F91 , Code Geass - Lancelot .
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29 / M / 3rd S.H.I.F.T are...
Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
Favorite and Reason

Favorite Male pilot : Phorka Albark (I like his justice)
Favorite female pilot : Fiona Gureden (Cute especially when she show her shy face)
Favorite Robot : Ialdabaoth (not Apotheosized) (His 4th attack),
Bylefol (His 2nd attacks pose (Kishin Sho Shogeki),
Alteisen (Not Riese) (i Like his 'Trump Card' when punching and throwing the enemy)
Art-1 (model),
DyLiO (DaiRaiOh) (his Last Attacks suited for his BGM)
Favorite Male NPC : Robert Hajime Oomiya (Robot maniac like me)
Favorite Female NPC : Mizuho Saiki (Her Cuteness face and her skill in very young age)
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