[Music] Arashi (Please Read First Post)
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Posted 9/23/07 , edited 9/23/07
Ok, so I posted this before, but it seems to have disappeared from the forum so I'm putting it up again.

my friend and I are working to get Arashi to come over here to America. With your help, this can be possible. One of our main points is a petition from Arashi fans to get them over here. We want to show them that they are loved here just as much as everywhere else. So please show your support and sign. All we ask is that you use real information since we want it to be legit. Spread the word!!


Now that that's done, let's move on. My hope is for this to become basically the official Arashi thread. So to keep this thing up there, talk about your favorite songs and members so people who aren't into them find the magic that is Arashi.

Basically,talk about anything Arashi. Videos, interveiws, performance, pictures, anything you've got.

I'd also really appreciate it if you'd spread the word about the petition. We need them here!

Thanks for the support and have fun talking about Arashi!
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Posted 9/23/07 , edited 9/23/07
Next time, if you can't find your thread, suspect that it was locked and look for it in the closed section of the forums. Here's your original thread:


Remembering the ID number can also help when you want to track down your thread, since everything before that is the same for all threads. Read the 2nd to the last post in that thread to find out why your previous thread was locked.

~ Locked
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