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I really like DBSK / TVXQ and for those of you who like/love them please vote for them because i really don't want them to be disbanded. If you don't like all of DBSK and you just like indivuals like XIAH, MAX, HERO, MICKY, UKNOW well then think of it this way no more DBSK then NO MORE, xiah, max, hero, micky, or uknow. SO PLEASE DBSK FAN AND XIAH, MAX, HERO, MICKY, UKNOW FANS VOTE FOR THEM PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

I got this from my new buddy xxBeilei << thank you >>.

Okay, this NEWS IS SPREADING ALL OVER S KOREA. I've looked around TVfXQ Forever Forum JUST RECENTLY posted this by: ¶«·½ÉñÆ𳬼¶·ÛË¿ , and many other sites and articles have been saying this too. Plus, SM themself had said this earlier this year: 2007. Everyone know's that SM has that "5 year limit" on all their bands right (HOT, Shinwa being the more famous ones)? the 5 year curse as some can say? Well, DBSK debuted in 2004 as all u know,...2008 is the 5TH YEAR. Everyone must know or have some idea that SM is eyeing this topic right now. It is rumored that SM wants to claim Super Junior as their BEST group, so their not disbanding SuJu. So is it starting to clear a bit???
>>>>When u think about it, SM (LSM too i believe is also masterminding this) have done stuff to reduce DBSK:
>>>>1. DBSK is has not been in S Korea much anymore. Thus, SM is reducing their popularity and having a good reason to disband DBSK
>>>>2. Haven't many people realized that many variety shows these days in S Korea are promoting Super Junior as "the #1" or "the best" Korean boy band now and not saying "ONE OF THE BEST"??? [as a result reducing more of DBSK's popularity] SM DOES KNOW that Cassiopeia has a HUGE power over the music industry. I don't believe SM would just allow all these shows to just promote Super Junior like that without considering what Cassiopeia will do
>>>>3. THE MOST IMPORTANT: the BEST TIME to release new albums and songs in Asia AND in ANY PART OF THE WORLD would be always around August or the middle of the year. the reason: ALBUMS GET AWARDS AT THE HUGE AWARDS CEREMONIES/SHOWS that occur in November and December. When an album of an older band, like DBSK, promote some new album in January [the WORST day to promote and to release albums] NO AWARDS and RECOGNITION can be attached to the so not much of an album sale will happen. For "newcomers" January IS the best because the debut at this shows and will catch people's attentions, so debut CD sales in January will not fall but rise. Because SM is selling the 4th DBSK album in JANUARY of 2008, they are hoping that sales will drop as expected and have a better reason to disband DBSK
>>>>Why is Super Junior picked to replace DBSK??? What will happen to Super Junior from all this??? First off, SuJu is HERE TO STAY. According to articles and rumors, they ALL say that Super Junior is picked becuase of the CLOSE RELATIONSHIP DBSK has to them. SM is hoping to PREVENT the same events that occured during HOT's disbandment by hoping the close relationship DBSK and SuJu have will convince Cassiopeia members to buy SuJu singles and albums as a way to remember DBSK. As a result, SM will not loose any profit.
>>>>SM had taken the FIRST measures by CREATING AN ONLINE SURVEY/POLL. This poll is to see the difference in popularity betweent DBSK and Super Junior. Here is how it works. IF DBSK looses this poll, then next year will be their last year. IF DBSK wins by JUST A LITTLE BIT, then they STILL have to disband. THE ONLY WAY DBSK STAYS is IF they win over Super Junior by DOUBLE or TRIPLE Super Junior's vote count. In other words...DBSK HAS TO WIN BY A LOT FOR US TO TEMPORARILY PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DISBANDED. If Super Junior lost? They will not be disbanded. No rumors or news of that have been found by me on the internet at all and no rumor of SuJu disbanding if they lost is heard by my cousin.
>>>>Also, to prevent the excuse of DBSK sale's in their 4th album dropping so they must disband, we have to try and buy thier 4th album, released in January, to prove to SM [and not to mention --- > LSM] that we all love DBSK very much and would LOVE to see them stay longer. As a result, DBSK will have a chance to escape SM's 5 year limit.

>>>> http://jrsearch.naver.com/jrsearch.naver?where=nexearch&sr_url=&query=%BD%B4%C6%DB%C1%D6%B4%CF%BE%EEvs%B5%BF%B9%E6%BD%C5%B1%E2&x=19&y=14 <<< link

BTW it all in korean typing so just go under DBSK's picture and you'll see this orange button with korean writing in it and a blue thingy over it and just click if you
want to vote for DBSK.

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Duplicate thread? -run off to find thread-
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Please do not post any more of these news of DBSK disbanding. There was a thread that was locked just the same way as will this thread will happen. We fans know about the SM-5 year curse.
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