Violence in Video Games
Posted 9/28/07 , edited 9/28/07
I'm doing a research on how video game violence affects a person. I've read some studies from real professors from some well-known universities here in the US, mostly Psychology majors. They already said that their studies weren't that much reliable as no one can really do a serious experiment on people who play games. But, what they've notice is that people, either violent or normal, are affected no matter how much time they played. video game violence increase aggression and desensitize from violence. No matter what gamers would say, I know this is the truth. It would sound biased, but I think violent video games makes violent gamers. I've seen a lot of my friends, relatives, and even myself I can say that I've been affected. Anyway, please let me know how you feel with this statement.
Posted 9/28/07 , edited 9/28/07
I hate to admit that it could be true but I love my video games.
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Posted 9/28/07 , edited 9/28/07
Do Video Games Encourage Violence?

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