How much Japanese do you know?
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Watashi no namae wa Raymond desu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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already exists.*whips out SAA in the blink of an eye....BLAM!!!!!!! shooots thread.*
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Lol, my bad
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This thread won't work out, simply because it's hard to gauge how much you know in a language unless it's your Lingua Franca (native language). In addition, English is only permitted here in the CR forums, unless you're using the words to bring out a certain effect in your speech. Plus, there are a couple threads that ask people what Languages they can speak, and another thread that talks about learning Japanese. Look up for those instead using the thread indices.

(PS ~ simply saying "Watashi wa ______ desu" is enough. No need to go literal and place "watashi no namae wa...").

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