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Posted 9/30/07 , edited 9/30/07
okokok i LOVE pranks theyre sooooo fun-so long as no1 gets hurt anyway.

so if yor a fellow prankster post your pranks! give directions and examples and share the love...hehehe

ok heres my example its my fav non-violent and non-hurting prank. i call it the big boom. what you do is you buy party poppers and you cut them open and you take yout the little string with the gun powder in it. do this a few times-the more the bigger the boom hehehe. ok so what you do next is you staple one end of the string to one thing and the other ot another, it could be doors or draws or basicly anything that opens.
my example of when i used this prank was when i was in a boarding house and my room mate would always wait till 11-30 to take a shower and didnt got to bed until 12-30. he was studying pth. so what i did was i stapled the boom to his bed and blanket and when he went to bed and pulled on it well...the whole floor woke up so i guess i did a bit 2many boomers and i had to do punishments the next day. lol all in good fun.

so go ahead and give us your pranks!
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Posted 9/30/07 , edited 9/30/07
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