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**Poetry war!!

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27 / F / Singapore
Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/7/07
Domo everyone,
I will leave once im done.
I wanna say hi.
As well as goodbye,
if thats what u wan,
Enjoy and have fun!
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78 / F / here....
Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/7/07
you may say your goodbyes
you may say your hellos...
you may stay all the time
you may watch how this goes

but remember my dear
the truth is still here
my soul will be waiting
until you come near...

*yeaboi 5 min poem*
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28 / M / Oakland
Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/7/07
you may say whatever you want
but first- understand,
that what you say might introduce
your face to my hand

but remember, my dear
dont ever let my words be the reason,
for you to zip your lip
i'd never slap u- i'm just teasin...
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27 / M / Hell.
Posted 12/11/07 , edited 12/12/07
You may zip a lip,
or just be teasin,
but u are a retard
with a bad avatar

(im terrible at this
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28 / M / Oakland
Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/13/07
terrible you are,
and retard i may be,
but you better read a bible,
cause it says, 'respect your daddy'

now go up to your room,
and think about what you said
cause if your dad's retarded,
then your a half retarded kid.
Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/14/07
Let me hide your tear
and press against your lips
again and again in the race for love
where I once was at home
Between your wet lips
I search for last year's moments
but I only find an exited tongue

Let me hold your tears
over clouds without happiness
the big bird pushes his head
gently back into his hideout
Between your two cheeks
I search for last year's winter
but there is only a warm feeling

Longing nights
like a convict
while asleep you don't notice
that i'll come to you
We'll never be happy anywhere
Your eyes look so exited
and you seem so loving
Our longing is so cruel
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Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/14/07
you were trapped in my shadow,
with your eyes sewn shut,
i felt so disgusted,
and i pushed you away

now you open your eyes
and the world is a blur
and in a last attempt to follow
you crawl at my heels

with tears running down my face
i'm determined not to turn back
but for the sake of our liberty
i think, "someday you'll thank me".
Posted 12/14/07 , edited 12/15/07
I only pretended to die
I wanted to be completely alone
My heart stood still for hours
So you decided I was dead
I am being buried in my crypt
With you picture in my hand

The first snow covers the grave
It woke me quitely
In a cold winter night
I was awakened

As the frost flew onto the stone
I looked at your picture
And prayed out to you
And the demons heard me from under the ground

Up and down they jump
Clawing at my casket
My heart does not beat anymore
Only the snow cries on the grave
Up and down they jump
A chant is yelled in the earth
My heart does not beat anymore
And I breath heavily onto the wooden door

The cold moon, in full magnificence
It hears myries in the night
Ad no angel climbs down
Oly the demons visit the grave

Between hard oak boards
I kiss your picture
A scream in the casket
And the townsmen come digging for me

Up and down they swin there shovels
And my angel finally sees me
My heart beats once more
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26 / F / The Sea of Love....
Posted 12/14/07 , edited 12/15/07
One tear,
for the the ghost,
let me hear,
the screams for all of the most.

say farewell,
to your pink clothes.
Don't think so well,
because not even you knows.

size it up,
make it matter.
you'll just slip,
watch your dreams splatter.

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Posted 12/15/07 , edited 12/15/07
We are equal as mortals
my happines revolves around yr pain
love me, dont leave me
let me hurt u, to find joy if u mean it
I have all rights to happiness as do u
yrs is to love me
mine is to poke u
we are both insynk this way
please dont break the love
I love u too
Posted 12/15/07 , edited 12/15/07
Me? A liar?
Are you serious with the thoughts of yours?
I've seen you drowse yourself with tears.
Telling me that I'm such a fool to you.
But who is it to judge me?
When you're the one who's lying to yourself.
You said I'm not honest.
But do you have any proof what so ever?
You know for sure I'm not lying.
So stop denying.
And wipe your tears.
You have nothing to fear.
I'm here to embrace you with open arms.
Or will you avoid me and say I'm just a lying fool?

(gawwhsers..that was hard..>.< but a cool game)

Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/16/07
They stand with their arms tightly around each other
a mixture of love and lust
where they keep there secrets
but he wants to tell her the truth

But the shame eats his words
and she can realize this
he holds her hand, trembling
and kissed her on her forehead

He carries the burden on his back
like a hot bloody cross
she lays her head in his lap
and asks for a last kiss

and then he kissed her
where the love ends
her lips, delicate and pale
and his eyes tear up

The last kiss was so long ago
the last kiss
he does not remember it anymore
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28 / M / Oakland
Posted 12/17/07 , edited 12/17/07
... tear, tear-
last kiss forgotten.
gag, gag-
words above make me vomit,
please, please-
chrisbattaly needs to stop it.
jump, jump-
off DaBridge, dont cross it.

Posted 12/17/07 , edited 12/18/07
^ ^
be nice
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24 / F / Neverland
Posted 12/17/07 , edited 12/18/07
don't be awful
don't be cruel
have a heart
don't be a fool
eat some carrots
and come clean
so be more nice
and don't be mean
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