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27 / F / Spore. indo is my...
Posted 10/7/07 , edited 10/7/07
hope fully dis tpic hasnt been made yet.but if it is i dun mind if this is bein locked..

i've watched daa!daa!daa! up to ep.59 thxz to ppl who upload it in cruchyroll..but dere's no further episode..so i wanna watch anime dats just lyk daa!daa!daa!
i mean anime that has simple stryline and cute characters..
i've watched kikari revolution, underbar summer, fruit basket, tsubasa chronicle, card captor sakura, tokyo mew mew,etc.
i've tried watching naturo but its endless. so i would like to know more about anime with rather a short and simple storyline but nevertheless interesting.
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29 / M / amerika deshou?
Posted 10/8/07 , edited 10/9/07
wow i dont really know what that is...
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F / Chicago, IL
Posted 10/9/07 , edited 10/9/07
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