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I've got one. Three guys are teaching a parrot how to talk. Two of them are white, the other is black. The first white guy wants the parrot to say "No he's not" but the parrot wont say that. The next white guy wants the parrot to say "Well dig him up" The parrot refuses. The black guy comes in and wants the parrot to say "Hit a black spot win a prize" AND HE REFUSES AGAIN. You thought it was going to be racist. Anyways, they all go to church the next day with the parrot. The priest says "God is in the sky. The parrot replys "no he's not!" The preist gets mad, but keeps reading. He then says "The devil dwells underground. The parrot says "Well dig him up!" The preist gets really mad and throws the bible at the parrot, the parrot ducks and the bible hits the black guy. So the parrot says "Hit a black spot, win a prize" HAHAHAHA
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Posted 10/8/07 , edited 10/9/07
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