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Posted 10/9/07 , edited 8/11/08
Welcome all! In this thread you will get to glimpse into the regular gaming insights of myself and Jay. We'll be bringing you previews and summaries of hot new titles and reviewing them shortly after they release! We will also try to keep you up to date one which games are coming out when and for what systems...Now, as both Jay and myself mainly focus on games coming out for the PC, we will also be inviting some certain CR members to do guest reviews for XBox360, PS3, and Wii games...

Now, as for the rest of you, we just ask that you follow a few guidelines...

1) Please do not post comments on this thread, its purpose is to provide insight into these games, not discussion (there are separate threads for that ---> see NEW Games, Music, Drama Thread Index: If you post comments, instead of reviews or previews, it will be considered off-topic spam and reported as such to the moderators.

2) If you would like us to take a look at a specific game (to either preview or review), you are more than welcome to send either Jay or myself a PM.

3) Want to post your own review or preview? Well you can! Guest reviews/previews are welcome, but try to follow a similar format as laid out and keep it detailed and objective.

---> Note: Looking for someone to review Mass Effect. My only request is that you follow the general format laid out on the thread or a similar one that is pretty much as easily understood.

4) if you can't find what you are looking for here, try the Video Gaming News thread --->

5) Any off-topic posts will immediately be reported to moderators for deletion, and you will be asked to edit (within 24 hours) any reviews/previews that are not clear or lacking in depth; non-compliance will lead to deletion by a moderator.

Now, do stay tuned, because guess what! We got Jay's and my reviews of the games of Valve's Orange Box coming down the pipe! And I will also be previewing The Witcher, Hellgate: London, and Tabula Rasa in my next post...

Note, this is a preliminary list of games coming out this year that will be reviewed by me (sorted by release date): Orange/Black Box (Team Fortress 2), The Witcher, Call of Duty IV, Gears of War (PC), Crysis, Unreal Tournament III, and Universe at War: Earth Assault...

Games to look for me to review come next year: Assassin's Creed (PC), Devil May Cry 4 (PC), Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, SPORE, Far Cry 2, Empire Total War...Maybes depending on release in 2008/9 - Firefly, Black Prophecy, Jumpgate Evolution, Guild Wars 2...

---> Reviews that are coming up in the near future: Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Witcher, World in Conflict, Gears of War (PC), Universe at War: Earth Assault...

---> My reviews and previews will usually range from one every week to one every month (depends on release dates)...
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Posted 10/17/07 , edited 10/18/07
I'm stealing your format


Alright I've had plenty of time with Portal and honestly I think it's an ingenious game. You play as a test subject for Aperture Science (who happens to be a competitor for Black Mesa). As a test subject you are given tasks to complete. Some are very easy while some will have you scratching your head for a while. All in all, it's a great time waister for when you just want to do something but don't feel like getting too involved in a story.

Presentation: 8.0/10

There's not much of a story here. It's simple, get the tasks done, no bells or whistles. Every unnecessary thing has been stripped out to give it a true 'lab test' feel. There is no hud, no other weapons and your only enemy's are (awesome) turrets. The lack of a hud only becomes a problem when you get shot by a turret and have no idea how much more you can take before death.

Graphics: 6.0/10

Portals graphics are descent at best. The lab levels are intentionally drab, but they have this dynamic feel to them. Every room has a 'purpose built' feel to it. Not impressive, but when you think about it, full HL2 graphics would do nothing but take away from the carefully controlled lab experience.

Sound: 9.0/10

Portal gets high marks in the sound department not because of it's sound track (although there is one VERY awesome song you must hear). What it's all about with portal is the great voice acting and kick ass writing. At first it's all kinda standard monotone stuff but the computer voice guiding you gets hilarious later in the game.

Gameplay: 8.0/10

Easy at first, but it's all training for the real meat of the game later on. But in general the game play will have you hooked in no time. With more downloadable maps I can easily see this as the next Tetris.

Lasting Appeal: 9.0/10

You will come back. You will beat it over and over. And you will love it every time you find a new way to 'cheat the system' and do something awesome with the portal gun.

Overall: 8.5/10 - Very Good

This game is the perfect time waister when you just want something to do. The developer commentary gives a great incite into the building blocks of the game. The voice acting is different and very entertaining later in the game. The game play never feels too hard to the point where your mad. And you can really have fun in many ways with the portal gun.
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Posted 10/20/07 , edited 10/20/07
Now I am sure that as long as you have been alive and payed any attention at all to gaming over the past several months, there has been one game that you have probably heard about more so than any other...Even more than Halo 3...

That game is Crysis and it will be the subject of this preview of mine...

Genre: Sci-Fi FPS
System(s) to carry game: PC
Available: 11/16/2007 (US/Europe/Australia release)

Crysis is a new highly anticipated FPS developed by Crytek (creators of Far Cry) and distributed by EA that will be releasing this fall.

Background -

Year 2020 - An archaeological research team on an island in the South China Sea goes sends out a distress signal and then goes missing as the North Korean military stakes claims to the site and beings building up a presence. Crysis begins with you engaging the Korean military off and on, while you search for the missing researchers - but you soon find out that the island harbors more than just Koreans As tensions are on the rise the island suddenly begins to freeze-over, and still worse, the global weather system begins to feel the freeze...What the FUCK?!? What is that thing...? <<Commencing invasion>>

Most notable about this game is the fact that it is the prime example of everything that DX10 graphics has to offer...and more (Crytek2 physics engine = amazing physics + fully destructible environment)! Pretty much, if you have not dropped over $2000 in your CPU, RAM, and video cards you can kiss your hopes of playing this game on 'Very High' and getting a decent frame rate goodbye... Still that aside, the game looks great and it plays great! The multiplayer beta is unreal! Being able to customize your gear (armor and weapons) in real time and having to adapt constantly to the things around you makes this one heck of a thrill...Honestly, I can't wait for the game!

If it was good enough to be the consensus number one PC game choice at E3, it probably will be for you too...

For more on Crysis:
Official Site -
Wiki -


Something that Jay pointed out to me - To play on low settings with DX10 disabled it really doesn't take all that much...Only a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista), or better - 256MB VRAM...

To see the minimum system requirements, please go here:
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Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/29/08
Be warned, my English isn't all that great. Also this review does not follow the format in this thread, so if a mod has to erase it because of that, thats ok by me.

Zack & Wiki

The Wii had an incredible first year. Wii has already surpassed 360 in sales, worldwide. Despite the fact that Nintendo has been struggling to meet demand. Sadly, Nintendo has also struggled with getting good games on store shelves. To make matters worse, Smash Bros was delayed. Not all hope is lost though, Wii still had 3 big games last holiday season; Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. With Smash Bros out of the picture, it's more reason to buy Z&W. Sure Z&W probably won't be as good as Smash Bros, but it's still one hell of a game. I would say Z&W is like Myst, Zelda, Pirates of the Caribbean, with the difficulty of a Rubik's Cube from hell.

As far as story goes, it's similar to Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack & Will.... I mean, Zack and his flying monkey Wiki are the newest members of the pirate crew, The Sea Rabbits. While they're being shown the ropes, they're shot down by a rival group of scallywags, lead by the beautiful Captain Rose. Fortunately our dynamic duel make their escape, and are also lucky enough to stumble upon the skull of the cursed pirate Barbaros. Barbaros offers Zack a deal he can't refuse. Barbaros agrees to give Zack his ship, but in return Zack must find the missing bones of Barbaros. So Zack & Wiki set off on adventure, to search the globe for treasure and the bones of Barbaros.

It's not the most engaging story, but it does have the charm of a Saturday morning cartoon. Especially considering the graphics are cel-shaded, so the game does look like a cartoon. Which isn't a bad thing, the cel-shaded style still looks pretty snazzy and clean for the most part. Also the characters have a lot of personality and can be pretty funny. For example, when Zack gets really cold he chatters his teeth, like a cartoon character would. It's always cool to see little details like that, and it adds to the whole cartoony vibe. The music also fits in pretty well with the atmosphere. You probably won't go around humming music from Z&W, but it does its job. When the level calls for something spooky, you'll get music that will give you the heebie jeebies. But there is one problem, there isn't much voice acting going on. Zack and a few of the other characters will shout stuff out here and there, but you won't hear anyone actually talking. Some voice work would really put the presentation over the top.

Don't let the cutesy style throw you off. You're not any less of a man if you play this game. You're more of a man if you're able to beat this game, because it's hard as hell. The game is a point and click adventure, with some puzzles similar to the ones you would see in Zelda. Each level starts off with a treasure chest in plain sight. There will be plenty of puzzles you must solve first, before you can take the treasure and skedaddle. The levels are filled with tools that will help you reach your goal. The tools you use will have you flipping, twisting, dropping, and even throwing the Wiimote to solve puzzles. But if you're not careful or if you're stupid, you'll fall in to a booby trap, and get yourself killed. Not everything is obvious, some puzzles will have you stumped for a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on how smart you are. If you're an idiot like me you'll get stuck for an hour or 2. Don't let this frustrate you too much. Once you figure things out, it become a very rewarding experience.

At the end of each level you're scored on how well you did. So this gives you more incentive to go back and replay levels. You can replay to up your score, for fun, and to find even more treasure. There are even multiple ways to beat some levels. And to top it all off, the game last about 15 hours, so there is plenty of lasting appeal. Different theme stages will keep you interested the whole time. Some levels will put you in the middle of a ship battle. Other stages will have a stealth theme that will make Sam Fisher eat his heart out. The different themes will keep the game fresh for all 15 hours.

Z&W does have its problems though. The frame rate did drop a couple of times on me. More Voice acting would of been nice. The Wiimote didn't always work flawlessly, a few times I got a bit frustrated because of that. And the difficulty might turn people off. Besides from those small problems, the game is worth every Penny. It's only 40 or 30 dollars, and it's one of the best Wii titles available. Z&W is funny, challenging, and the puzzles are very satisfying. It's especially fun taking turns with a girlfriend or boyfriend(by the way, I'm looking for a girlfriend. So if you're interested we can play Zack & Wiki together. Send me a pm). If you're a Wii owner, go pick this one up.

Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.5
Presentation 9.0
Replay Value 8.0
overall 9.
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Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/25/08
~ deleted spam
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Posted 9/21/08 , edited 9/21/08
Tales of the Abyss

-too much backtracking
-last hour of the game is epic


~this has been a mini-review by EmperorKorea
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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 2/22/09
Dead Space

+great atmosphere and gameplay
+fun weapons
+good story
-lifeless character


Far Cry 2

+huge open world
+shooting zebras are always fun
+COD4 style gunplay
-too much driving
-ending sucks
-online is garbage


Gears of War 2

+campaign is bigger, better, and more badass
+superb graphics
+horde mode is awesome
+bots in multiplayer
+good story
-terrible online
-lancer is the only useful main weapon
-similar to the first
-LAME final boss


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3/360 version)

+good story
+force powers are fun to use
-force powers don't get good until after upgrading
-glitches galore


Resistance 2

+truly superb multiplayer
+co-op is great fun
+tons of unlockables
+many epic moments in campaign
+variety of weapons
-campaign is short and linear
-graphics are nothing to write home about


Soulcalibur IV

+great fighting mechanic
+great character customization mode
+online mode is fun to play
-terrible story mode
-freezing glitch in online
-Darth Vader/Yoda DLC
-lag if connection isn't perfect


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

+working online mode
-laughable fighting system
-laughable story
-broken combos
-spam to win
-no gore


Tales of Vesperia

+good story
+great graphics
+great combat system
+lots to do
-button mashing
-many of the stuff are easy to miss forever
-minor backtracking


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

+interesting story
+good gunplay mechanics
+great soundtrack
-terrible online
-glitches galore
-graphics are hit or miss


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

+fun battle system
+good story
-bad graphics
-can easily tell that it's a low budget game
-LONGASS final boss


Tomb Raider Underworld

+great platforming
+epic levels
+good graphics
-length of levels vary by a lot
-save system sucks
-horrible combat


God Hand

+great combat system
+tons of customization
+fun minigames
+great boss fights
+great character models & voice acting
+good replay value
-terrible environments
-cheap moments are present


Project Gotham Racing 4

+great graphics
+lots of different options
+good amount of vehicles
+good replay value
+motorcycles are awesome
-identity crisis: arcade or sim?
-tough difficulty
-only for racing fans


Rock Band 2

+lots of songs
+online play is good
+lasts a long time
+great party game
-repetitive moments
-bass still sucks
-world tour mode is meh


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

+great animations
+superb graphics
+epic cutscenes and boss battles
+unique fighting system
-characters all play similarly
-ultimate mission mode is dull
-village is smaller than Rise of a Ninja's


Mirror's Edge

+visually pleasing
+satisfying platforming
-makes you fight
-hard to figure out where you have to go at times


Quantum of Solace

+feels like Call of Duty 4
-no cool gadgets
-doesn't feel like a Bond game


Street Fighter IV

+graphics and framerate holds up well
+addictive as always
+online holds up decently
-cheap difficulty
-art style is questionable
-feels like a slower version of 2


Fallout 3

+huge world with tons to explore
+great graphics
+lots of options
-gunplay feels awkward


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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/13/08
Tales of Symphonia. Yeah. Because of it's amazing RPG storyline and characters. Plus, it's just so darn fun.
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
Persona 3 and 4

overall 9/10

great stories lot of play time for ps2 games about 70+ for each game tons of wepons to use multiple computer players to use in your team great stories for both tons of areas to explore and tons of secret items. One item that i believe makes both these games great is the fact not only do u have the main stories u can follow but in these u can do other things like you are living this persons actual life, like joining clubs or sports teams (I chose kendo in p3 and basketball p4). As well as dating some of the female characters in the games and develop relationships with them witch can snatch u some rare items.

only real problems i came across was the fact in both games at certain points the level jump needed to clear an area was ridiculous could jump as high as 15 levels before u really could continue and the bosses developed almost rediculous defense points which made the battles ridiculous but that made it challenging so no problem. Then comes the real problem which is u our on a time crunch meaning when u are trying to do something most of the time something u are in the middle of might have to wait so that u can continue with the game.

U MUST TAKE LEVELING UP SERIOUSLY OR U WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE AND HAVE TO START OVER a easy way to avoid this during the time u have make three save files one at the beginning of the time u have and one halfway through and the other that u save daily that way if u can not get past a certain point u dont have to start the game over.

oh and to those who say the opening is to long watch it they are actually good and get u started so that u know what to do if u can't stand about twenty minutes of following a mini story tutorial how in the heck can u play games I mean look at kingdom Hearts 2 the friggin intro was 2 (TWO) hours long thats ridiculous and most of the time u were doing stupid minigames that u had to do 5 times it was so stupid and something new like farcry two were u have drive everywhere while being shot at by everybody and there mother meaning a drive that would usally take 10min turned very easily into a HOUR some times so please if that is your only complaint stop now thanks.

My rating both deserve 10/10

replay ability 9/10

story 10/10

touching moments (yes I made this one up) 10/10

overall rating 9.75/10

thank for your time and patience
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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/29/09
Anyone watched the TV series Dexter?

Yeah, it's gonna be made into a game. O_O far away though, as none of the platforms have been confirmed, except maybe iPhone.

Really hope it comes out on PS3 >_<
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Posted 11/8/09 , edited 11/8/09
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


(Known in Japan as "Gyakuten Saiban") Not everyone is innocent until proven guilty! Players star as a defense attorney, who must prove his seemingly guilty client’s innocence no matter how dire the circumstances may seem. The game presents twisting storylines and intriguing gameplay in a comical anime style. Players must collect evidence, weed through inconsistent testimonies, and overcome corrupt agendas to ensure that justice prevails.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney revitalizes both the adventure genre and the Nintendo DS touch-screen functionality by combining an enthralling story with interesting characters, in addition to providing a unique way of interacting with them, case evidence, and the game's scenery. Though the game is heavily text-driven and there's little replayability, it's a bright, rich, and lengthy adventure that could hardly have been improved upon otherwise. If you're interested in a clever, well-presented murder-mystery adventure game, then you'd be hard-pressed to find anything that suits your needs better than Phoenix Wright.

The game has you controlling Phoenix Wright, a lawyer fresh off the bar who is, initially, more than a little nervous. The first case you take on, a murder trial in defense of Phoenix's dopey best friend, Larry Butz, serves as a tutorial in which law firm chief Mia Fey guides you through the ins and outs of courtroom procedure. Each of the game's five cases begins in the same way, as you're treated to a brief cinematic that shows the events of the murder, during which you'll usually get to view the killer. In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, discovering the killer is not the surprise; instead, it's the way in which you bring him or her to justice. The events surrounding the murder always end up leading to the false accusations of innocent witnesses, and as a defense attorney, it's Phoenix's job to get a verdict of "not guilty," despite the lying witnesses, shady prosecutors, and a judge who sometimes forgets the letter of the law.

The majority of the visuals appear on the top screen. Though the game has little in the way of cutscenes, the story is told through a sequence of still shots and through the different exaggerated animations of the characters. There are small details in every given scene that help to give it life, such as moving mouths and other body parts, but for the majority of the game you're working from frame to frame. This is so well presented that you'll hardly notice the gameplay is barely animated. For most of the gameplay, the lower screen is used to forward the text. You can simply tap it at the end of each line to get to the next one. However, during many sequences you must use the touch screen to accomplish something else, whether it's selecting an answer from multiple choices, navigating through a tree of menus, or, most compellingly, pinpointing locations and evidence. The use of the touch screen in this game is perfectly executed, and the only problem with it is that it leaves you wanting to do more.

Each trial begins with witness testimony, and your objective is to find flaws in it, which, since the judge follows a "guilty until proven innocent" mantra, is the only way to get the defendant off the hook. After the witnesses give their testimonies, the cross-examination begins. During the cross-examination, you're free to scroll through witness testimony line by line to better dissect it. There are two ways to reveal problems with testimony. The first is by "pressing" the witness on particular statements. You can do this silently on the touch screen or audibly by shouting "Hold it!" into the DS microphone. Though you can use the microphone in several different ways--and it certainly is satisfying--there's never a requirement to use it.

The second method of procuring information from witnesses is to find a contradiction between testimony and a piece of evidence held in the court record. Throughout the game and trial, you'll acquire different pieces of evidence necessary for winning cases. You'll never need to decide whether something is important or not, because the game will do that automatically. So there's never any chance of you coming to trial unprepared. Within the court record, there's a brief description and a picture of the item. The description almost always clues you in to the facts surrounding the object's importance, whether it reveals a detail about timing, location, or the method in which the object was used. Once you've scrolled to the line in the testimony where the contradiction lies, you can select the evidence proving the contrary, and you can, again, either object silently or vocally into the microphone. To prevent you from objecting to every statement with every piece of evidence, there's a meter that consists of five exclamation points. When you wrongfully object, the judge will penalize you once. Get all five wrong and you lose the case and must start over. Although, admittedly, this is difficult to do if you simply pay attention to the events of the case--and use a little common sense.

The two methods of procuring information will be your primary tools for breaking down the witnesses and getting them to recant their testimonies. Generally, the witnesses will revise their testimonies a few times before you can push them to confession. The judge, although disdainful of many of the activities that go on in the courtroom (particularly when you falsely object), seems to put up with the witnesses' many cover-ups, which might be frustrating if you try to take the law in Phoenix Wright seriously. In fact, you might as well suspend your disbelief about the whole procedure, since, although it feels fairly close to reality, many things go on during the proceedings that would probably horrify actual members of the legal system. Though slightly agitating, it works well within the context of the story, and you'll just feel compelled to work that much harder for the underdog: Phoenix Wright.

The events of the game are not limited to just courtroom drama, as you'll take your investigation to the scenes of crimes, interviewing witnesses on their home turf and interacting with the defendants and police officers down at the precinct. For each trial other than the first one, you'll begin with the news of the murder and the subsequent arrest. Then you'll meet up with the defendant to take on the case, and after that you'll get the opportunity to explore the scene of the crime. This part of the procedure is critical for procuring evidence and for getting testimonies you'll have to uncover in the courtroom. This gives the game a whole Law and Order vibe, as you play the role of both the detective and the lawyer for each case.

At many points during the game, you'll be given the opportunity to choose between multiple options, whether it's to direct a line of questioning a certain way or to reveal new information. Though you'll have a genuine desire to get the correct answer (probably because of the rich reactions of the characters), all choices inevitably lead to the same result. So if you pick "Give up" as opposed to "Press harder," your legal partner will stop you and say "Oh come on, you can't give up now!" This forces you to object anyway. This makes the gameplay really safe, and if you remember that it's almost impossible to lose the game, you might not be compelled to think out the reasoning fully. Instead, you may guess for a heavy portion of the game. What makes the gameplay significant, though, and what will ultimately drive you to want to come up with the correct answer is the way in which the characters interact with one another...and with the pitiful but adorable Phoenix Wright. It's almost impossible not to find him endearing, and the numerous ways in which other people in the courtroom--including the judge, the prosecuting attorney, and even the witnesses--pick on him will have you searching to come up with any way to get him an edge.

The presentation of the game is really quite unique and outstanding. The graphics are simple but work very well to reveal the personality and mood of the characters. Though they're not taken from an existing anime, they're cohesive enough that you would think this entirely probable. Each one is over-the-top, from the naive Phoenix and the severe but gullible judge, to the sexy, evil, and quirky characters you get on the witness stand.

Very much like any evening drama or soap opera, you'll revisit the same characters in multiple trials, and you'll learn more about them and their relationship to Phoenix as the game progresses. You'll get as much information about the characters in their appearances as you do from what they say to you, as everything is revealed in their mannerisms and in their reactions to the events of the case. And although it's almost always clear what Phoenix is thinking, since he generally grimaces about some new piece of evidence or the action of the other attorney, he frequently makes asides that reveal how he really feels about a person or something that's just happened. Of course, the music and sound effects do an excellent job of keeping you clued in to the drama as well. When things get particularly hectic for Phoenix, the music speeds up appropriately. It gets dour when times are tough, and a tuneful reveal plays when something noteworthy is discovered. There's an aspect of the game's atmosphere, most noticeable within the sound effects, that makes Phoenix Wright almost feel like a fighting game. The cross-examination graphic shows the two attorneys going head-to-head, and the sound of unsheathing swords plays during moments of conflict. It's this facet of the presentation that makes the game feel really unique and much more compelling than your average adventure game, and it gives you the incentive to really want to win each case.

Phoenix Wright is a unique game that capitalizes on the DS touch screen and its microphone functionality wonderfully. Depending on your murder-mystery skills, you might find the occasional puzzle too difficult, or you might find the occasional puzzle offers you too much help. But despite being a little linear at times, it's completely satisfying. You'll get a kick out of uncovering clues, revealing different aspects of the characters' personalities, and ultimately solving each case. If Phoenix Wright starts any kind of trend, those fearing the demise of the adventure genre need not worry any longer. Adventure games are back and are hipper than ever. And they have Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to thank for it.


- Unique and colorful game
- Excellent presentation
- Flawless sound effects
- Great use of the DS microphone and touch screen
- Fun adventure elements.

- Sometimes a bit linear
- Legal inaccuracies occasionally frustrating.
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/18/10
I found a great DS software
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Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/4/10
The History of Wedding Dress

When did wedding dress firstly appear? and Who invented it ?? It makes us very curious and very intersted,and there are all kinds of wedding dresses,cocktail dress,flowergirl dress,prom dress,bridemaid dress.Now i will tell you someting about the history of wedding dress.

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Before Victoria's time ,[URL=]wedding dress could have all kinds of colors except red and black,because black was associated with funeral ,red was assciated with prostitutes .The white wedding dress was stand for pure heart ,If a woman divorces with her husband she cannot wear white wedding dress again ,sometimes she will wear pink one.
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Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/18/10
I love to play street fighter, it's an old fighting game and it's nice to know that there are still other new games that are being released similar to the said old game.
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Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/15/10
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