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Crunchyroll 'security'
Posted 9/10/06 , edited 9/10/06

DrThraxorz wrote:

Can't you ask google to remove your site from its database?

I'm not sure when the next "google dance" (when the main server at google looks for more sites to add to it's database) but I think that, since it's automated, and google being a pretty big corporation, they wouldn't be too happy with the extra hastle of taking a site off the crazily long automated list. Also it would mean that they'd have to take the google mainframe down for longer (not good!!!).

Posted 9/10/06 , edited 9/10/06
Ah! found some interesting stuff!
If you use this;
or this;

you can find out when google's updating its servers.
Taking the cr server off the web at that time would result in it not being in the updated google database (hopefully)
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