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Conscription (Drafting) - Your Views
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
I would only fight if it my country was being invaded. But I would never fight in a war against Iraq or Iran
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Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08

henz_lan wrote:
Should countries enforce conscription?

I believe not, verging on the edge of being a pacifist; I think it will create nationalist nations in which Nazi-esque feelings are fostered (such as Switzerland).

Just of hands, I can list Australia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea as nations with conscription. Most of these nations are not nationalist nor do they produce a Nazi-esque society. The last three nations have the rationale that they are small in size and cannot depend on a regular army which would be an ant compared to the army of other nations bigger in size. The nation service/conscription life is not that bad and it is really when you divide the boys from the men. Since they grow up and learn to step out of their comfort zones and get thrown into harsh reality. Not to mention the gains in muscles.

Of course, I'd never understand how tough actually going through conscription is (since it is often detested). I'll just stay at home and bleed every one day in four for at least the next 30 years.
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