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Posted 10/16/07 , edited 10/16/07
What was the MOST dramatic moment in a drama series you have ever watched??
Mine was " Twin Of Brothers " Where These 2 brothers had to carry on their fate.. dying to their best friend.... and right after they die each brother's 2 lovers came and just like.. cried at the sight of the man they love.. DEAD..
Well anyway just post the most dramatic moment in a drama series u watched!^^ THANK YOU

Yours Truly,
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Posted 10/16/07 , edited 10/17/07
in I'm Sorry, I Love You when the main character who is terminally ill from a gunshot wound donates his heart to the foster son of his natural birth mother. the mother believed her natural son had died at birth because her manager lied to her in order to protect her career. in her grief, she adopted another boy who many years later suffers from an abnormal heart. when the mother realizes her natural son is terminally ill, she brazenly attempts to have him donate his heart to her foster son. it's dramatically sooo sad because her natural son finds out who his mother is but in the end, instead of seeking vengeance, he donates his heart without telling his mother the truth that he is her natural son.
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