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Your Best team of 5(job) in FF tactics war of the Lions
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26 / M / hidden leaf villa...
Posted 10/21/07 , edited 10/21/07
merlin (he is my wizerd)
has all powers
main abilty-fly
second abilty-math skill
reaction skill-whole damage
support skill-ful;l magic power
movement skill-teleport
i do not have the other 4 people i add them as i go along
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Posted 10/21/07 , edited 10/21/07
but concentration skill doesn't work when you use steal
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Posted 10/21/07 , edited 10/21/07
I think me and morthoseth will get along pretty well in this thread.

In the Elmdor battle, I only had 3 people in my party (Ramza, Orlandu and my sorcerer), simply because I was after the Ultima ability as well. When you have less characters in your party, the probability of one of the holy demons (what's left of the assassin after you kill them) casting ultima on Ramza is higher.

What's the point of getting ultima? No real point, really... it's just nice to see a star on top of Ramza's Squire job.

Anyway, I can't exactly remember what I did, but I know that ramza did the stealing while the sorcerer mediated the battle from afar (I think she casted brave reducing spells to make Elmdor refuse to attack... along with that, I weakened elmdor. All I remember is that elmdor was always running away while being weak).

After getting ultima, I got rid of the holy demons, after which I used Ramza to steal everything off of Elmdor. It's very hard and tricky, but it takes a little patience. Like what morthoseth said, you should steal the shield first, to make life easier for you.

To make things easier, I did the speed technique for Ramza (which you can also use when you want to level him up). As a squire, he has the Yell ability (I'm assuming it's a different name in the PSP version) which increases a target's speed by +1. Keep on using this on Ramza on each of his turns (I just make ramza teleport anywhere and execute the spell).

Eventually, he'll be devilishly fast, sometimes his turns coming twice in a row. If you get my drift, this makes leveling up easier (until you reach speed 50, that is...). And in the case of stealing, it increases your chances of stealing items.

@ morthoseth: I didn't know that the "holy" technique was a classic trick, because I figured that one out on my own... the classic trick I learned about is the blade grasp technique (which is why, if you notice, my Ramza has blade grasp as his reaction skill).

The blade grasp technique has you increase your brave permanently by casting Cheer up (increases target's brave by +5) on the character whose brave you want to increase. Because of some glitch in the game, every time you cast this ability on a character, the character gains 1 brave point permanently (meaning the brave reverts back to the original brave at the end of the battle plus one extra point for every time the ability was cast on that character).

Ramza also has another ability which he gains at the last chapter, called Scream (increases lots of stats, but specifically, raises brave by +10). Only Ramza can cast this on himself, but it gives him 2 permanent brave points.

Make your brave reach around 97 or 98 and then set your reaction ability to blade grasp. Now, physical attacks dealt to your character will depend on the difference between a 100 percent possibility of success minus the number of brave points the character has. To put it simply, if a supposed attack on your character has a 100% chance of hitting them, the attack only has a 2% chance of success if your character has 98 brave and blade grasp equipped.

That's because the blade grasp technique increases your evasion percent based on the amount of brave your character has.

This won't work, however, on magic attacks or ability based attacks (e.g. throw stone... ironically...)

Posted 11/17/07 , edited 11/18/07
ramza dark knight
Cloud Soldier
Reis Dragonkin
the old guy Knight with the powerful moves
Balthier Item person
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Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
I haven't played the PSP version, but I remember playing (and replaying... several times) the original Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm not going to check right now, but from my memory, my top 5 jobs were:

Ramza: Monk
Martial Art
Basic Skill
Two Swords

I don't remember the other skills I put on him, but if I could get an attack on any unit, it's instant pwnage (999 plus 999 damage... sometimes slightly lower). Of course, as a monk his magic defense is a bit low.


Well, you all should know why. I think he's just a bit too overpowered, so I tried to avoid using him.

Summoner/White Mage (Don't remember which one. I switched once in a while)
Summon or White Magic (Depends what the job was)
Math Skill

After those three, I just used whatever random units I had. Of course, nearly all my backup units were absurdly powerful too.
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