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Posted 10/18/07 , edited 10/18/07

The school system is quite diffrent in almost every contry. I've just noticed that ppl don't pay much attencion to their studdies, especially when they go our from Elementary school, and star in high school.

You'll regret at the end of the year, that you didn't pay much attencion to your studdies. In high school especially in Sweden and Denmark, is it pretty much your own responsebility to take care of your studding. You HAVE to get your self together and put more effort in your homework, with your reading, and do some extra stuff to help your self in 'good shape' if you wanna succeed,

And all this goes to those who really think it all about having fun,

Of course there has to be place for fun and space, but Just remember that in the end, If you don't put some effort in your studding, You'll be sorry and regret that you've wasted your time...

Hope you'll get your self together before it's too late!

It's hard, but it's a try worth!

So ppl, good luck..

And Take Care

Kind regards

-asii¤ =)
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Posted 10/18/07 , edited 10/18/07
Please don't start threads in this section of the forums.

I know there's a thread that discusses study habits, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. Till then, please use the forum search or use the forum indices to look for similar topics.

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