culture confusion
Posted 10/18/07 , edited 10/18/07
ok im indian right but all the other indians call me whiteboy or jew so should i accept it and stay normal or join the geek indians

my friend who i play football with just found out i was indian he thought i was a tan jewish person ive known him for 2 years

ive been to synagouge more then temple

the only time i act indian is when i wana cut in line and go up to this indian kid and say desi desi

i guess i want to maintain my rep as bein cool
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Posted 10/18/07 , edited 10/18/07
I don't get your point, and I don't like your harsh generalizations and blunt, insensitive phrasings...

You can discuss race issues in this thread:


Plus, don't post in this section of the forums.

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