Strange things parents say to their kids.
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Posted 10/19/07 , edited 10/19/07
I didn't see a thread like this so this one is for strange things parents say to there kids.

My mom calls me up(because she needed something) and asks how I was doing I tell her i haven't been sleeping good at all and I've only been getting about 4hrs of sleep a night.

Mom"you need to have more sex"
ME "kind of hard with my girl friend in Thailand"
mom"thats what your hands for"

My mom is driving down the road and my sister tells her i think I'm going to wait until i get marred to have sex for the first time. My mom slams on the brakes almost cosing an accident and yells.

Mom"no you will not you will have sex with at least two different guys before you get married that way you know the different between bad and better sex."

Just so everyone knows my mom is a high school English teacher so it's not like it's an exotic job but it makes me wounder what the hell she tells her students.
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Posted 10/19/07 , edited 10/19/07
okay now that is extremely awkward?
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Posted 10/19/07 , edited 10/19/07
Sorry, we already have a thread like this:

I think they are similar enough. If any moderator disagrees, feel free to unlock it

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