Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Awards
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Posted 10/20/07 , edited 10/20/07
Hey there MGLN Fans! This is the one big MGLN Awards! In these videos you will be seeing which characters will be in this event, but since there are so many we were not able to put everyone on one video! So you need to watch the upcoming parts to see who else is in it! But for now here are the rules for the first round!

1. Vote for three characters that you think should be the be in each caterogy.

2.You may not vote for the same person twice in one caterogy(Younger or Older version character do not count)

3. The following caterogies are:
Hottest Babe (girls only)
Hottest Guy (boys only)
Cutest Angel (little kids)
Fearless Warrior (everyone)
Coolest Outfit (everyone)
Most Powerful Device (everyone except those without a device)
Most Amazing Hairstyle (everyone)
Most cutest animal (only animals from the series)
The Greatest Commander (between Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate)
and of course....
Most Popular Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Character!!!!(everyone)

This Contest goes from series 1-3, MGLN, A's, and StrikerS! Now it is time to vote, watch the end of MGLN Awards ~Part 3~ to see how. If you do your vote incorrectly your vote will not count. You can vote in comments at youtube, you can guestbook me or give me a private message here! Good Luck!

you can see the videos by going to my profile!!!!
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Posted 10/20/07 , edited 10/20/07
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