dreams, premonitions, visions, and weird experiences!!!
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Posted 1/14/07 , edited 1/14/07
put your unexplainable weird experiences and dreams
that is extraordinary!!

well to start!!
let me share my weird dream...
well i got this dream one year ago...
i as sleeping in our room all alone..
it was dark and our electricfan was not on so it was hot!!
i fell asleep...
in my dream
it started when the back door of our house was making funny noise..
i noticed it and went closer to the door
then when i went closer i saw 2 girls
the other one standing covered with blood
then in front of her was a girl sitting, her face was covered in blood
she then talked to me...
well i don't know why i didn't freak out!!
and in that dream i also didn't felt scared!!
she said that "tabangi ko!! which means help me"
then my father came and talked to the girl..
then she said "get this pouch.. inside this is my blood!!"
then i got the pouch in my hand..
the she continued "pls. help me find my bones here i'll point to you where you can find them
and pls. bury them in a formal burial!!"
then my father and brothers went to search for the missing bones...
she pionted to the direction where there were a passage way in the back door
where in real life that passege was cemented and don't have a way..
later, after a couple of minutes, the 2 girls disapeared..
then a wolf came and was forcing to go in our house, it so furios and wild!!
i stopped it then after a couple of minutes it vanished!!
then i woke up!!
after that i felt scared and
scared of going close to our back door cause maybe she will appear!!
gosh it was really scarry!!!

well what's your stories guys!!
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Posted 1/14/07 , edited 1/14/07
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