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What do you want him/her to know?
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F / somewhere on earth
Posted 5/15/10 , edited 5/16/10
I want him to know how much i miss him and love him....
And i want her to know i just want her out of my sight <.<
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F / nowhere
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/16/10
1. Shy guys are hot.
2. No swearing~ that's bitchy.
3. Size doesn't matter.
4. Love kids! It's hot..
5. Picky? Judgemental? As if girls have no requirements.. Look in the mirror first.
6. If you can't get along with my family and friends, don't even bother courting.
7. Bad breath is a turn off.
8. Good looks is a bonus but if you're not able to keep yourself clean just drown yourself in the river or sumthing already.
9. Smile! We go crazy over that as long as you have nice normal clean teeth.
10. Nice sense of humor. If you have it, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/16/10
I want her to know that she is welcome to him
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/17/10
Go find someone else. Thanks.
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