Nodame Cantabile??!!
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Posted 10/22/07 , edited 10/22/07
Which is better Nodame Cantabile: Anime or Nodame Cantabile: Live Action???
Personally I found the actors in the jdorama very good...especially Chiaki-kun (Hiroshi Tamaki! )
Is the anime also great? Or is it not as good as the jdorama???
Posted 10/22/07 , edited 10/22/07
The anime is much much much better than the drama.
The drama completely slaughters the classical pieces especially the Piano Concerto by Rachmaninoff, one of my favourite pieces. It's too bloody slow!

In the anime the quirky-ness of Nodame is cute and funny but in the Live Action it's just weird. It makes me cringe watching it anyway.
The Chiaki in the anime is a hundred times hotter than the Live Action one.

And they could at least be more original with the Live Action - the lines are basically copied word for word from the anime.

That's just my opinion anyway.

*EDIT: Oh also forgot to mention in my rant....the person who plays Nodame in the Live Action is really annoying. It completely ruined the character of Nodame for me. Fortunately I watched the anime version again and it restored my faith in the character ^^

Rant over.
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Posted 10/22/07 , edited 10/22/07
The drama ended a but prematurely. The anime made things more practical because they were not limited to what an actor/ actress can or cannot do. The animations during the song in the anime were better as well. When Chiaki played Rochmaninoff, they drew it so you could really see, hear, and feel the music. Finally, Stressman just completely sucked in the Drama. He didn't remotely look German and whenever he spoke anything foreign, it was horrible. Stressman looked like a hippie more than anything.

In case you didn't know, the Drama came first so anyone who says that the drama copied the lines of the anime would be wrong. It would be the other way around.
Posted 10/22/07 , edited 10/22/07
^ Really? I thought the anime came first. Oh well thanks for saying that.

Ok I change my previous argument to - the anime pulls off the lines so much better than the drama. ^^
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Posted 10/22/07 , edited 10/22/07
1. No more versus threads
2. ...Especially if a thread exists for each of them (anime & live action)



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Anime -
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