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[CLOSED] Want to be a Media Moderator?

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17 / M / Tokyo-3
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/26/07
Wow, crunchyroll is getting bigger and bigger (and FAST!)

As you know, some of our beloved MediaMods have been busy with school or are contributing in other ways, such as leading the crfansubs group So now we need more moderators!

Have your uploads been slow to get approved? Are you frustrated with stuff being unorganized? Then apply below~!

MediaMod Description:
Main duty: Approve Media files

* Technical requirements:
- Review all incoming uploads: Approx 600 on a busy day

- Sift out from those that have already been uploaded (duplicate) or licensed.

- Take care of mislabelled videos.

- Organize folders to allow easier searching

- Must be resourceful in terms of checking with several web sources.

- Practise no bias; ie. Approving only videos from your favourite uploader or series.

- Have common sense. If you are unsure, ask the uploader about their file politely.

- Please be humble. It doesn't mean that getting a lot of videos approved means you're excellent. Many of us are particular about how we prettify our description page to provide clear and accurate info. It's the quality of the work, not quantity.

- Consult with the other moderators when you are about to do something big like deleting an entire folder. For that, good interpersonal skills are preferred.

- You don't have to be multilingual, but for music videos, generally a knowledge of Chinese, Viet, Thai would be quite helpful. Japanese is so popular, so you can easily find info from the net.

- Be willing to put in quite a number of hours in this. Usually when the count goes down to 0 videos pending, one browser refresh will bring headaches right back. However, note that while you are not obliged to slave for CR, don't take this for granted either.

Now for a side acknowledgement to the current mods~~
All mods are first and foremost cr users and fans, everything they do is out of pure spirit for the cr community. At times they have gone out of their way and sacrificed their own personal lives to keep the site sane. Its more than i can ask for ! So many many thanks to all the staff for making cr what it is today.

To apply, fill out the following and reply to this thread:

1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here (if any)

2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?

3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?

There are 5 MediaMod positions open - if you get accepted, you will be joining the rest of the mods on the staff -> This is purely a volunteer thing, but you will get star status!

As usual, the mods and I will be reviewing your past activity (number of uploads, dedication and willingness to help out, quality contributions to the forums, etc etc) Preferences will be given to those with a good history =) (Sucking up to mods will not be very helpful)

Applications are open until Friday Nov 9th, 2007, 11:59pm PST (-8 GMT) and decisions will be made the following Monday.



(Delicately raped by Fae)


Some things you should keep in mind when posting your application form in this thread:

1. Answer questions in the prescribed format
Follow the numbering so answers to each of the questions is clear. This will make going through your application forms easier, and it also gives us the impression that you're actually taking this application seriously.

2. Don't beat around the bush ~ post clear and concisely
If you want to be a media moderator, say you want to be one. Saying "It'd be okay..." or "it'd be nice..." is a horrible introduction and it shows a lack of commitment. In addition, try not to go over board and write an entire novel of all your credentials. Give us the basics that we need to know, and don't add anything beyond what's being asked for in the application.

Give people an equal chance to be recognized... meaning, don't post your application in different colors just so your application sticks out among others. To make things fair, just post it in the usual BLACK text.

4. When in doubt... ask!
If you'd like to know more about being a media mod, feel free to ask an existing media mod or any other mod, for that matter. But remember, don't suck up to them... there's a thin line between being interested and being an annoying thorn in the side...

~ edsamac
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
I would like to apply for the media mod position once again, true I also applied last time

1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here

-Knowledge with basic HTML CSS and javascript
Currently studying in a technical school
-Efficient working capability
I may not be as fast as everyone but I make sure the job given to me is done
-Well Organized
well file organization is one thing, but I think that also goes for media. correct?
-Fast Learner
-Wide English Vocabulary
Although resourceful, I don't upload much, mainly because everything I have is already uploaded. But my resourcefulness is useful when it comes to data gathering and such

-Experience: None
Having no experience may be at my disadvantage but hiring fresh mods may produce different results
-Tends to be lazy and slack off from time to time. . . .
too bad I spend my lazy time watching stuff here so does that count as lazy?
-I am a Student
well that justifies that, I'm a student so I may also encounter down times to improve my grades, though that is very unlikely

Note: Its not that I don't want to upload videos but, either someone already beaten me to upload it or I just don't know what to upload.

2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?

My preference was originally anime, but I also show interest in games.

3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?

I'm not sure, but I'm normally online for the minimum of 4 hours a day, even though my schedule can sometimes be hectic.
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78 / Unreachable Dream...
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) What makes me suitable for this?
- I have stayed at youtube for more than 3 or probably 4 years when they werent "bad" yet, I have been
uploading videos since, and I will do well in this job, especially that I come here in crunchyroll a lot of
times, and experienced many great things with crunchyroll. Obviously I know a lot about uploading and
video types. I know how to encode, put and make subs.
- I am a fast learner and works efficiently,
- I have not been a media mod, but I have been a forum mod from other forums, and I am very available...
- I am good at managing skills, (if it matters)..
- I can sort fast and good and very well organized (I kill just to be organized, sorry to be a clean/organized
- I have good computer literacy...
- I'm an editor for a certain fansub (media info literacy (good))
- I am also very concerned of the many complaints about videos not getting approved, I am worried for our
MODs have been soo busy and they have been doing soo much, So I want to contribute as much as I
can and work for these hardworking people and relieve their stress, they must be very tired... I also want
to satisfy the uploaders need of approval... XD... Even though, I cant support financially,(parental but I hope I can support my utmost energy in this. I promise to do my stipends worth, and
not disregard my duty, if I get accepted.
- Speaks English, Tagalog, Visaya, (if it counts)
- I know how the media mods work, and I can familiarize more.
- I can deal with many problems, you guys just tell me and Ill scream for you.
- Though I have been making many mistakes in the forums, but that is how I learn, but for organizing
videos, I am very suitable for it and I can function well with it.
- I am very loyal, I consider CR as part of my family, and could not leave or betray CR.
- I started PYON, which is a great success and is currently getting bigger... And all of us PYON wish to
contribute and support CR
- I know basic Html and willing to learn Java.
-I am very capable and ingenious of almost anything..
- I am very humble and friendly.
- I have very good communication skills, and can adjust when there is a situation

I may not be very experienced but our capabilities are vast and will grow. We run for tomorrow and does many things, we do mistakes, and then we learn. I hope you can make this as a basis, that I will do what I have said...

2) What type of cr videos am I most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?
- I am most familiar with anime and drama videos, for I have been watching them a lot. I can also do
anything. I can do the MV's too if necessary.

3. How many Hours I spend at CR?

- I spend more than 18 hours at weekends (thats for sure, and maybe almost 24.), and more than 6 hours
at weekdays... but I wake up early and can work at mornings including nights... Just call my name and Ill
be there in a sec...So I can dedicate most of my time here
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28 / M
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
wow, i remember applying to be a mod the first time mods were needed

what the hell, I'll apply, but i'm not going to accept.

1) I am creator an admin of a decently successful forum currently 753 users,125280 posts
----i am currently working on another one, i havent even bought a domain name yet, so dont expect much
----i am a very old-skool CR member, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary a week ago.

2) anime, ive seen 76 complete series so far, check my pro for the full list

3) maybe 15 minutes a day to check mail and stuff. and if i do become a mod, i prolly be on maybe 45 mins or so a day. (im going out on a limb for you guys)

anyways. i wish the current mods would talk to me, i miss them :'(

~ edited by edsamac
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23 / M
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here (if any)
-I have no experiences at all that would make me suitable for media mod, but i am willing to learn all i can do to help out CR

2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?
-I can specilize in Anime and probroly i can try get some help from other media mods, so i can help out with the other sections if im select

3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?
I can spend as much time as i want on depending on how much homework i have(which isn't that much). Usually i have around 4-6 hours to spend on CR

Im probrolly not going to get select but good luck to all whos applying
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28 / F / Canada, Ontario
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
I would like to apply for a Mediamod.

1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here (if any)

I am a mod on other websites. I'm one of the translators for a certain fansub. I can accept and considerate and a fast learner.

2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?


3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?

I'm usually on, you'll see me 5-9hrs a day.
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32 / M / Japan
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
I may not look that trustworthy but...
1_)Somewhat well-versed in Japanese and currently picking up Korean
Currently majoring in Digital Security so I might be able to help here and there
outside my mod duties.
2_)Anime definitely as well as Games... do user videos count too?
3_)I spend from a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of *10 hours per day, lest it be a
packed school day(which I rarely get). I don't go on holidays or yeah I'll be
available almost daily.

Tried and hoped not to be denied ~~ toodles
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1.) - Always online and uploading several videos.
- Obeys CR rules
- Knowledge and understanding of the site
- Variety of anime knowledge
- Able to assist others that need help with the site
- Able to answer most questions that're left in my inbox or guestbook page
- Able to recognize and delete "spam" once it's been spotted anywhere on CR
- Very Forum-Oriented (Spends a lot of time in various forums. Also part of Forum staff on all of them)
- Basic knowledge of HTML coding as well as various programming languages (Turing, Java, etc.)

2.) Anime, Music and Member (Mostly Anime/Member videos)

3.) Usually more than an hour each day since I'm online all the time. As for dedication time... Most likely 1-3 hours each day (If I'm not busy with homework or other things that consume time)
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35 / M / Dallas-Ft. Worth,...
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1. I have tons of time on my hands, I am on my computer at least 12 hours a day since I use it for work but my work isnt demanding.
2. I watch TONS of anime and dramas.
3. I even do subtitle timing for a small fansub group.
4. I'm very reliable and professional.
5. I am a mod on more than one forum.
6. I'm not a flaky kid.
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78 / M / UK
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here (if any)

Moderater of a forum and website. 4 years experience in computer programing.
A fan-sub member.
2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?
3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?
6-9hrs/per day.
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Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) I feel that I have an obligation to help out with the community of Crunchyroll. As I sit here, watching videos, and every once in a while looking at the forums. I would like to be more into the contribution. Although I can't donate, I hope I can still help in anyway.
I am knowledgable about Videos, the formats and etc. I am a quick learner, so if there's anything knew I can try to quickly adapt.
I find myself able to be quite organized (a little of that OCPD playing in), so if the videos are all in a jamble I would try to fix it.

2) I am suitable for practically all videos. In my favorites you would find them to almost all be Dramas, but I watch Anime on my own. And then I find this website to be where I listen music ususally :)
And everyonce in a while I watch the Game Videos, since I am into games.
But I would like to get one thing better, the Member Videos. Although it is just for members, some of the AMVs are repeated (taken from it's owner and multiple people upload it) so I find that kind of annoying.

3) Generally, once I am done with School, and School work. I am on Crunchyroll around 4+ hours, unless I have other activities. I keep my browsers open with tabs to my most requently visited websites, so I just check everyone every once in a while.

Even though I know I haven't contributed much to adding videos, I would like to add some. If one of the other mods is uploading a series, or anyone else I could be asked, since I'm not sure on what the community really wants.

Thank you for the time. (If there's not enough information on my profile, you can ask me if it is insufficient)
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Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
I would like to apply i have worked as a quaility checker on a couple fansub site i spend very much time on CR doing various things. I mostly have seen anime on the site however I am well versed in most sub culture. Although I am not much of a "poster" I beleive I would be an asset to the team. Thx for your consideration take it easy ppl.
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) What makes me so suitable is that i respect crunchyroll, i find it amazing how u mods can be on this website AND get on with normal life, this is why i would like to help out as much as possible. I appreciate how shinji has dedicated his free time to make this website which allows us to watch anime for free until we can actually pay for it, this is why i respect this website so much. Im also a very humble person and will never pick a fight with anyone, but i can be serious when i need to be. I upload as many videos for the thai community as possible and can speak and read fluent thai/english.

2)Im mostly familiar with music vids as i watch/upload them whenever i can

3) I spend nearly all of my free tme on cr really, only times i would be busy is when playing for the sports teams but im thinking of quitting and getting on with my studies so tht will give me more time to spend on cr as well. I will be able to dedicate most of my free time to cr, thts 2-4 hours every weekday and 5-10 hours on weekends

thnk u and good day
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) Though I don't have much experience (besides voluntaringly reviewing videos to see if they are acceptable or not on other sites), my skills in organization and my constant free time could give a good benefit to the staff, as the lack of available MediaMods is increasing.

2) Anime is something that I am very familiar with, though I am also slightly familiar with music.

3) As of now, I only go on Crunchyroll for an hour on weekdays and four hours on weekends, but I can expand my time to a maximum of three hours on weekdays and eight hours on weekends.
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36 / Loading......
Posted 10/25/07 , edited 10/25/07
1) What makes you suitable for this? Put your experiences and skills here (if any)
Well, I've been an administrator for a 400 member forum for a while till we decided to shut it down for personal reasons. I've also been an administrator for another 5000 member site that dealt with a specific anime, where I eventually gave up after being an admin for almost a year and a half and a member there for perhaps 2-3 years :S

It may not apply to media mod directly but it shows that I'm a real people person when it comes to annoying people, same questions being asked over and over, and things of this nature.

I've also helped in translating One Litre of Tears here. However, now that I think about it, I was the one who asked uchari to begin it because I had just finished watching it and felt as though others weren't benefitting by the chinese subtitles hehe. I stopped recently after a relative of mine had to go though surgeory removing me off the internet, but I'm back now, but felt as though translating was a big responsibility. So I stopped and decided to focus on CR itself and my schoolwork.

2) What type of cr videos are you most familiar with (anime, drama, etc)?
Defintely j-Dramas and japanese music videos, it's sad how much time I end up on dramawiki searching up artists and dramas..

I've never uploaded a video. I've tried before, and it would say it was submitted, but when I would ask uchari to see if it went through, it never did. Eventually I just gave up on uploading and stuck to watching.. Hehe..

3) How much time do you spend on CR? How much time will you be able to dedicate to CR?
This is pretty bad, but I end up spending about 1-3 hours afterschool on CR where I end up looking through music videos, sometimes I just open CR to open CR..
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