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Naruto Manga Discussion **Spoiler Alert!**

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29 / F / US
Posted 2/25/07 , edited 2/26/07
Sasuke would probably beat Kakashi.
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32 / F / Insert Semi-Cleve...
Posted 2/26/07 , edited 2/26/07
lets not turn this into who would win if this and that fight....

it seems strange though that although Sasuke can be so emotionally and physically cruel, he didnt kill those shinobis in ch 343. and amazing that kakashi admitted that naruto's almost equal to his power now!
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30 / M / AlusMillieum
Posted 2/26/07 , edited 2/26/07
if naruto equal to kakashi power, tat means sasuke is now more powerful than kakashi, sasuke also dare to challange orochimaru, i think after he kill orochimaru(maybe), he will fight wif naruto to see where his power stands and see whether naruto is growing anot. Cause for some reason, Sasuke realli care about wat naruto think of him, vice versa to naruto
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M / ~South of Heaven~
Posted 2/27/07 , edited 2/27/07
okei.. before reading this, i say to you all that this was posted monday... w/c is way too early for spoilers to come out .. .. way way too early. . so this is highly possible that this is a fake trans..

but then again .. i posted this because reading fake spoilers is not as bad as you think. . . it gives more interesting thoughts.. creativeness, kills time, more theories.. debates on how close it is to the real thing. . ..

so reading fake spoilers is not so bad. . it spices things up. . .^_~ i always like to read spoilers.. fake or not .. they're g0od, but there are also some that are not so g0od.. exaggeration for example .. .lol an obvious fake ...

this spoiler trans supposedly for the next upcoming chapter release this week . .

so enjoy .. ^_^


"We all know its only monday so these spoilers might not be real but then again they could be either way it makes for an interesting read enjoy

*Cursed seal level one Sasuke

*Orochimaru is surprised that Sasuke was able to develop this kind of jutsu on his own as there is a big difference between inventing and improving on a jutsu compared to just applying a jutsu

*Orochimaru uses a chakra-sucking jutsu to suck up the chidori

Orochimaru: Sasuke-kun…did you think…you’d gotten ahead of me…?

Sasuke: No…but I should at least be able to kill you.

Orochimaru: Hmph…why the change of heart I wonder…were you somehow influenced by Naruto-kun and the others?

Sasuke: …What nonsense…it’s simply instinct to try and eat before you’re eaten.

Orochimaru: Ha ha…seems you figured it out then.

Sasuke: You’re quite brave to stand up to it with that body of yours. Isn’t prey supposed to run around tense and afraid…?

Orochimaru: …

Sasuke: …In the face of a predator.

*Sasuke launches a katon attack but Orochimaru blocks it with the suiton waterwall technique

*Water comes shooting out of Orochimaru’s hideout

*Sasuke comes flying out of the water

*As the hideout collapses Orochimaru comes flying out as well

Orochimaru: You are always the aggressive one…I’ll have some fun with you for now.

Orochimaru (mental): If it comes down to it there’s always the cursed seal…

Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama…!!

Orochimaru: The medicine can wait ‘til later…

Kabuto: …but

Orochimaru: The pinwheel is spinning again after quite some time…if you get in the way I’ll kill you.

*Orochimaru sends a whole bunch of snakes flying out of his mouth

*Sasuke launches a wire from the top of a nearby tree aimed at Orochimaru. It draws in the snakes and Sasuke kills all of them at once using a raiton technique called “Amida (**as in Amida Buddha)”.

*Orochimaru is again surprised that Sasuke is able to use ninjutsu that Orochimaru never taught him and that Sasuke must’ve learned to invent his own techniques.

*He then extends the string toward Orochimaru and Kabuto and uses the dragon fire katon technique.

*Orochimaru counters this with a suiton water dragon bullet attack.

*The water puts out the flames producing a lot of smoke. Sasuke uses the smoke as a distraction and attacks Orochimaru from behind with his Kusanagi sword but Orochimaru blocks with his own Kusanagi blade.

Kabuto (mental): He’s fast!!

Orochimaru: You’re body seems ripe enough now…maybe I should just take it…as it is right now…

Sasuke: …

*Sasuke uses the Sharingan to see inside Orochimaru where he sees many giant snakes.

*Presumably there’s a scene change at the end

*Naruto is trying to think of a way to combat the sharingan using Sasuke’s speed and power without using too much chakra.

Naruto: Without using up too much chakra…hmmmmm…there’s just no way of fighting that would work out that well!

*As Team Gai pass by, Naruto says, “THERE IS!!”

*End of chapter

Again, this might be fake, but an interesting development none the less."

EdiT: don't 100% believe this, its a high possible fake trans. .but its fun reading it ...

don't 4get.. . FAkkkkkkkkeeee .. . but what if its true. ..although its too early still be having a spoiler. .lolz..XD

Posted 2/27/07 , edited 2/27/07
lol it might be fake, we get it... telling us once would've been enough.

thanks for sharing though, interesting if it pans out like that...
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M / ~South of Heaven~
Posted 2/28/07 , edited 2/28/07
Ch. 344 spoiler trans and pic..

seems this one is confirmed in MH and was found on 2ch. ..
[2ch- japanese site where they get the spoilers and everything in it.. the site that is most reliable in looking for high possible spoilers]

for naruto manga readers. .=D

so oro is a white snake huh . ..hmmm

and for sasuke in this chapter is kinda talkative. . . lolzzz.. and CSlvl2


Validity: SpoilerPic #1 confirms this one
Spoiler: Script #4 English Translation (click to show/hide)
Here's a quick translation of the spoiler posted earlier. I don't know if it's real or not but it sounds pretty crazy. Enjoy!

*Sasuke pushes the chakra blade even further into Orochimaru’s arms. The blade goes all the way through his arms and stabs the wall behind him.

サスケ「大蛇丸 アンタはオレより弱い」
Sasuke: Orochimaru, you’re weaker than I am.

Sasuke: …so there’s no more point in me giving my body to you.

Orochimaru: The Uchiha chick…sure has a mouth on him.

Sasuke: Hmmph…if I weren’t a baby chick then there’s no way you could’ve gotten me here, right?

*Both of them looking down on each other while Orochimaru thinks.

Sasuke: Itachi was out of your reach…so that’s why you targeted me, the baby chick right?

「そうだろ? ”三忍”と謳われた天才さんよ」
Sasuke: Isn’t that right, genius called one of the “sannin”.

Sasuke: but at the end of the day you’re just a genius in the world…

Sasuke: Not enough to surpass or even match the name of the Uchiha.

Sasuke: No matter the genius, they all fall to mediocrity in front of the Uchiha.

Sasuke: As someone with the name Uchiha it’s pathetic and laughable to see you drug yourself up and switch bodies just to inch yourself a little closer to the power of the Uchiha.

Sasuke: That and I don’t like the way you go about things…just what is your goal?

「この世の道理を解き明かすだの何だのと 下らない利己的な理由で他人を 玩具のように弄び続けている」
Sasuke: To continue using other people like tools just to unlock the order of the world or whatever the ridiculous other reasons you have.

*Sasuke flashback. Itachi saying, “To measure the depth of my own ability—that is what is important.”

Sasuke: It makes me sick.

*Sasuke storms at Orochimaru suddenly.

大蛇丸は口をあけると何かが 飛び出す。そしてそれはサスケの横を通り過ぎる。サスケはそれを見定める
*As Orochimaru opens his mouth something flies out. It shoots past Sasuke. Sasuke manages to see what it is.

Sasuke: A white snake…so that’s your true form then…

*Behind Sasuke is a big snake made of many little snakes. That is Orochimaru.

Sasuke: In order to jump from body to body…you kept performing your experiments.
Sasuke: So after all that this is your form then.

Orochimaru: Well then…Sasuke-kun…give me…

「私 に ち ょ う だ ぁぁ イ!!!」
Orochimaru: …that body of yours!!!

*Orochimaru attacks Sasuke. Sasuke dodges and stops the small snakes’ attacks with his sword. Sasuke is up against a wall. He takes off his jacket with one arm and begins to change to his cursed seal level 2 form.

サスケ「地を這いずる蛇が空を飛びたいと夢見たところで しょせん無理な話・・」
Sasuke: A snake crawling around on the ground starts to dream about flying in the sky…at the end of the day it’s nothing but an impossibility…

*Orochimaru’s little snakes start to wind themselves around Sasuke.

Sasuke: But you still wanting to accomplish it somehow crawled in the nest to get the baby chick and became the target yourself…

大蛇丸「!」 蛇たちが爆発する
*Orochimaru: ! *The snakes all explode

サスケ「これから空高く飛び立つ ・・鷹の目にな」
Sasuke: …in the eyes of a hawk…that would soon be the one flying in the sky.

*A panel of Sasuke spreading his wings in his level 2 form.

大蛇丸「・・」(かなり焦っている)「サ ス ケ ェェェ !!」(飛びかかる)
Orochimaru: … (*now totally freaking out) Sasuke!! (*Orochimaru jumps at Sasuke)

*Scene change to a grave

*It’s the grave of Orochimaru’s parents. We see Orochimaru as a child with a young 3rd Hokage there.

大蛇丸「! 何だろコレ?」
Orochimaru: ! What on earth is this?

三代目「おおそれは白蛇の脱皮した皮だ よく見つけたな」
The 3rd: Oh, that’s the molted skin of a white snake. I’m surprised you found one.

The 3rd: It’s quite a rare thing that most can hardly ever see.

Orochimaru: Why is it white?

The 3rd: Hmm, I’m not really sure why. I don’t think anyone does.

The 3rd: Just that ever since the old days these white snakes have been thought of as symbolizing good luck and rebirth.

Orochimaru: Good luck and rebirth…

The 3rd: …

三代目「この墓で見つけたのも何かの因縁 お前の両親もどこかで生まれかわっているかもしれないのォ・・」
The 3rd: I guess finding them at this grave must be a kind of fate. Maybe your parents were born again somewhere else…

Orochimaru: So that one day…they might see you again all grown up.

Orochimaru: ….when would that be…?

The 3rd: …well I don’t know when.

*The chapter ends with Orochimaru smiling while staring at the white snake’s shedded skin.

in the end its up to you to believe or not .. .lolzz

Spoiler Pic Ch. 344

Posted 2/28/07 , edited 2/28/07
orochimaru's gonna die hahahahahahaahha thats what you get for killin sarutobi sensai or third hokage forgot name anyway kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill him sasuke bwahahahahahahahaha die orochimaru die
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26 / F / London
Posted 2/28/07 , edited 2/28/07
i really cant believe im sayin this but go sasuke and kill ororchimaru!!
(i still hate sasuke though)
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28 / F / Japan
Posted 3/2/07 , edited 3/3/07
i 've seen the english laungage naruto for the first time!!!
i mean wow even you check on 2ch dont you? sooo great.
well im a comics person and i've finished only 35th volumes so i dont understand what the scene of this pic means.
i wonder when next volume will come out.....
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26 / Nowhere
Posted 3/2/07 , edited 3/3/07
Orochimaru is a Snake... he experimented on his own body xD
Can't believe it... is he crazy?
If Sasuke is successful, on defeating Orochimaru, the only threat now is Akatsuki.
The final battle between team 7 and the Akatsuki
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26 / M / Popsicle stick
Posted 3/3/07 , edited 3/3/07
Ch 344 is cool. I can't believe Sasuke just goes to level 2 curse mark like that he's going to kill himself doing that. I still hate his wings/hands things on his back.
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Posted 3/3/07 , edited 3/3/07
i've just red the latest chap. this morning\


i think sasuke will get orochimaru's body!
rather than orichimaru getting his body!..
hehe! PROBABLY!!
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77 / M / Here
Posted 3/3/07 , edited 3/3/07
What that dosnt make ant sense how can suake get orochimaru's body??

I'm preety sure it's goin to be like samurai x or something instead of the girl it will be kabuto. but then again i may be wrong!!
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35 / F / California
Posted 3/3/07 , edited 3/3/07
you guys don't to have to guess what is going to happen in a few days you will know what will happen. . .when the scan trans come out. . . .
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26 / M / Popsicle stick
Posted 3/3/07 , edited 3/3/07
^double post. Guessing is fun. It brings up new ideas and keeps up a discussion. then again some people make completely crazy ideas. Even if Sasuke could preform the body transfer why would he. Orochimaru is a sick, weak, old man and I don't think he wants to be a snake.
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