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Posted 10/28/07 , edited 10/28/07

Remember us?
It’s been a month of change for Crunchyroll, and it’s the same with the Onigiri! After a long wait October’s Issue is finally here- enjoy!
With a new section download system you can get to what you want quickly and easily! Whether you want a ramen recipe for dinner, a short story for a break or ideas for a new series to watch; this issue has it!
I’d like the thank all The Onigiri staff for their great work and seemingly never ending patience!
I hope readers will thank them too with feedback on their work. Remember, you can submit anything to The Onigiri account and appear in an upcoming issue!
Enjoy and look out for the 2 month bumper Christmas Issue coming out at the start of December!

~ s_j_b

~The Onigiri can now be downloaded to read in sections. Below is the Contents with the link to the PDF of that section. Please note that they are still image intensive and you should leave them to open for a few minutes to improve the quality.~

Front Cover, Introduction and Contents

Featured Media
- Featured Drama
- Featured Anime
- Featured Music

- Halo 3
- Seto no Hanayome
- Tengen Topppa Gurren Lagann
- Lucky Star
- Nanoha StrikerS
- Happy Chair
- Screw
- Ayabie
- Hana Kimi (Japan)
- The Romance of Red Dust

- Suicider's Fall 2007 Anime Overview
- Logical Fallacies and your Brain: Sweeping Generalisation
- Gladius- Chapter 2 - God's Mistake
- Applause Please
- Eamiru's Kitchen- Japanese Recipes
- Crunchypoll Results
- Bottom of the Ninth~ Hopchow
- Mini Works Section
- CR Fansub Team- Latest Summary
- Taskete! Agony Aunt

- Featured Artist Shii21
- Meet the Forum Mods Comic
- Origami Instructions: Jumping Frog

Horoscopes and Puzzles
- Horoscopes
- Solutions for last issue's puzles
- Brain Teasers
- Spot the Difference

Editor Notes:
- I am aware that there is a very small error in the Review PDF. A new one is currently being converted and will replace it later (it takes a while).
- I apologise for the bad front cover- due to the fires, our usual graphics staff member was unable to make one. I did my best ^-^ ~s_j_b
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