Corrinne May
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M / Valley Of The Sun
Posted 10/28/07 , edited 10/28/07
I was just introduced to this wonderful singer today from my CR friend cheotsarang and was amazed with her voice and songs. She reminds me of Sarah McLachlan. If you haven't heard her before, I definitely recommend you hear her songs. For all her fans, let's let everyone know what we've been blessed to hear.

Here's a little information about her but I wanted to know what others think about her or if you weren't aware of her before (like myself,) I wanted to introduce others to this artist.


* Stage Name: Corrinne May
* Real Name: Corrinne Foo May Ying (符美芸 in chinese)
* Birthdate: January 19th, 1973
* Maritial Status: Married to Kavin Hoo
* Religious Affiliation: Catholicism
* Hobbies: Traveling
* Favorite Artists: Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates, Air Supply and The Carpenters.


Corrinne May was born and raised in Singapore where she started playing piano at the age of 5. Corrinne first started off with music in college at the National University of Singapore before moving to the US in 1999. While there she got a degree in Mass Communications and English Literature and then went on to attend the Berklee College of Music. There she obtained a degree film scoring and was one semester off on getting a degree on Songwriting. It was there that she decided to move to LA to study the underground music and soon become a part of it. Her debut album known as "Corrinne May" in the west, was soon released in Asia under "Fly Away". Her song of the same title even made an appearance on MTV Asia. Not only did did her album get some notice she won a few awards for it such as the Ethereal Award. As of current, Corrinne has 2 albums and is under two record companies: Pink Armchair in the West and Forward Music which represents her in Asia.

I * 2001 - Fly Away (originally titled Corrinne May)

* 2005 - Safe in a Crazy World
* 2006 - The Gift (A Christmas Album)
* 2007 - Beautiful Seed


* [2001] Ethereal Award
* [2001] Kerrville Folk Festival, New Folk Award
* [2003] Just Plain Folks Music Awards, Best Contemporary Album

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F / in the arms of an...
Posted 10/30/07 , edited 10/30/07
wow! you even mention my name. hehehe...
i totally love Corrine May's music.. listening to her songs is like a lullaby because of her voice and her genre of music.
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24 / F / dreamland
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/20/08
Yes i love her!! <333

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