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Funny & True Pinoy Signs Found While Traveling

No parking and repair here - sign on a house beside a car repair shop

Taxi and outside cars not allowed - sign at a parking lot

No Crossing Pedestrians will be apprehended. - sign at Philcoa

Sorry for the inconvenient. - typical roadwork sign

Your taxes is working. Temporarily close. Yet another typical roadwork sign

Slow Men at Work - PLDT sign

Please help our comfort room clean. - sign at a self-service restaurant in Cebu

Fresh frozen chicken sold here - sign in a Baguio grocery

Welcome to the only Catholic Country in Asia! Beware of pickpockets - sign near a Church

None ID, nothing entry - sign at construction site, Cubao

No trispassing. If you trispass, you will be biten by d?dog. - sign in Tondo

now showing- the carpenters - on a sign outside a construction site

Jojo's Beauty Salon, for man and woman - on a billboard in Pampanga

Barya lang po sa umaga - sign in jeeps

Johnny's, the Fried of Marikina - they sell tasty fried chicken, guess where?

Petal attraction - pangalan ng isang flower shop

"...experience is needed but not required.."- sa classified ads

This one is not in Pinas pero pwede na rin siguro: A church sign in front of the priest's reserved parking space: THOU SHALT NOT Park Here!

Maruya Carey, BananaramaCue - sa menu signboard sa Potato Corner kiosk sa Greenbelt

Actual store names in Metro Manila believe it or not:

Ali Baka (Shawarma)

Anita BakeryActual store names in Metro Manila believe it or not:

Beefer 150 ( Meat Shop )

Common Cents Store ( Sari-sari Store )

Crispy per minute ( Crispy Pata Eatery )

Curl Up And Dye ( Beauty Salon )

Doris Day And Night

Elizabeth Tailoring

Farmacia With Love ( A Drugstore )

Felix the Cut ( Barber Shop )

Goldirocks ( Gravel & Sand Shop )

Labo Optical

Mane Attraction ( Beauty Parlor )

Meating Place ( Meat Shop )

Memory Drug ( A Mercury Drug Clone )

Nacho Fast ( Nachos To Go )

Passers Buy ( Convenience Store )

R. Maramot Leasing (A Batangas Co.)

Saudia Hairlines ( Beauty Salon )

Scissors Palace ( Barber shop )

Second Time Around ( Second Hand Watch Store )

TapSi TurBi ( Tapa, Sinangag, Turon at Bibingka

The Way We Wear ( Boutique )

Wash & Carry ( Laundromat )

MacDonuts ( Donut Shop )

Mat & Jeep ( Jeep Accessories Shop )

Mercy Buko ( Fresh Coconut Roadside Shop )

Pizza Hot ( Pizza Place )

Your Best Vet ( Veterinary Clinic )

I saw this bakery in Project 6. It's called Bread Pitt.

My friend saw a sign infront of a 7-11 Convenience store being built. It says "sorry for the inconvenience"

Lito...Lapida Maker!

King Tuckee's Fried Tsiken....

Jullibee's wonder Chicken...

Cheeny's Roasters...

"original 1935 pandesal for sale" - A pandesal shop in aurora boulevard

"cinavon" -- with matching cinema film type logo laundromat

Mang Donalds - burger shop in pasig town proper

Cooking ng ina mo - on a carinderia

Cooking ng ina mo rin - right across cooking ng ina mo

We make modern and antique furnitures - along a highway in Pampanga

On the Ofc door of Atty. Domingo Carriedo fr. Cebu: the sign says, Notary Public Tumatanggap din po ng labada tuwing Linggo.

Ways To Know You Are A Filipino

1. You point with your lips
2. You nod upwards to greet someone.
3. You collect items from hotels or restaurants "for souvenir".
4. You smile for no reason.
5. You flirt by having a foolish grin in your face while raising your eyebrows repeatedly.
6. You go to a department store and try to bargain the prices.
7. You add an unwarranted "H" to your name, i.e. "Jhun," "Bhoy," "Rhon."
8. You put your hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say "excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of the TV
9. You like everything imported or "state-side."
10. You Check the labels on clothes to see where it was made before buying.
11. You always offer food to all your visitors.
12. You say "comfort room" instead of "bathroom."
13. You say "for take out" instead of "to go."
14. You asked for "Colgate" instead of "toothpaste."
15. You asked for a "pentel-pen" or a "ball-pen" instead of just "pen."
16. You order a McDonald's instead of "hamburger"(pronounced ham-boor-jer)
17. You say "Ha?" instead of "What."
18. You say "Hoy" to get someone's attention.
19. You answer when someone yells "Hoy."
20. You turn around when someone says "Psst!"
21. Your sneeze sounds like "ahh-ching" instead of "ahh-choo."
22. You prefer to make acronyms for phrases such as "OA" for over acting, or "TNT" for, well, you know.
23. You say "air con" instead of "a/c" or air conditioner.
24. You say "brown-out" instead of "black-out."
25. You have a portrait of "The Last Supper" hanging in your dining room.
26. You own a Karaoke System.
27. You own a piano that no one ever plays.
28. You own a "barrel man" (you pull up the barrel and you see something that looks familiar. schwing...)
29. You refer to your VCR as a "beytamax
30. You have a giant wooden fork and spoon hanging somewhere in the dining room
31. Your car has too many "burloloys" like a Jipneys back in P.I.
32. You hang a Rosary on your car's rear view mirror.
33. You order a "soft drink" instead of a "soda."
34. You refer to seasonings and all other forms of monosodium glutimate as "Ajinomoto"
35. This you 'll agree 100% ... Goldilocks" means more to you than just a character in a fairytale.

Happy Valentine's. In the spirit of love that is true and baduy, here
are some L.O.V.E. lines which you should NEVER use....Enjoy!

H.O.L.L.A.N.D. - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies.

I.T.A.L.Y. - I Trust And Love You.

L.I.B.Y.A. - Love Is Beautiful; You Also.

F.R.A.N.C.E. - Friendships Remain And Never Can End.

C.H.I.N.A. - Come Here.. I Need Affection.

B.U.R.M.A. - Between Us, Remember Me Always.

N.E.P.A.L. - Never Ever Part As Lovers.

I.N.D.I.A. - I Nearly Died In Adoration.

K.E.N.Y.A. - Keep Everything Nice, Yet Arousing.

C.A.N.A.D.A. - Cute And Naughty Action that Developed into Attraction

K.O.R.E.A. - Keep Optimistic Regardless of Every Adversity.

E.G.Y.P.T. - Everything's Great, You Pretty Thing!

R.U.S.S.I.A. - Romance Under the Sky & Stars is Intimate Always.

M.A.N.I.L.A. - May All Nights Inspire Love Always.

B.A.L.I.W.A.G. - Beauty And Love I Will Always Give.

M.A.L.A.B.O.N. - May A Lasting Affair Be Ours Now.

I.M.U.S. - I Miss U, Sweetheart.

P.A.S.I.G. - Please Always Say I'm Gorgeous.

C.E.B.U. - Change Everything... But Us.

P.E.R.U. - Porget Everyone... Remember Us.

P.A.R.A.N.A.Q.U.E. - Please Always Remain Adorable, Nice
And Quiet Under Ecstacy.

T.O.N.D.O. - Tonight's Our Night, Dearest One.

P.A.S.A.Y. - Pretty And Sexy Are You.

Y.E.M.E.N. - 'Yugyugan Every Morning, Every Night.

M.A.R.L.B.O.R.O. - Men Always Remember Love Because Of
Romance Only.

Y.A.M.A.H.A. - You Are My Angel! Happy Anniversary!

And a favorite acronym so far:

P.H.I.L.I.P.P.I.N.E.S. - Pumping Hot.. I Love It! Please Please..
I Need Erotic Stimulation

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