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Describe your Idealistic Lover
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29 / M / The World That Wa...
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
My ideal girl is probably a one in a million, but I'm prepared to fight for that till the end.

1) Looks: She has to be fairly nice. Not too ugly, but not a total barbie look alike, I'm not fussy on looks, but you'll juts have to take my word for that
2) Size: Fair again, which is not too fat or too anorexic.
3) Boobs: Actually I don't care much for these at all, I've been attracted to girls who are flat before, so yea...strangely this isn't an issue for me.
4) Personality: She has to have a sweet and caring personality, and a has a sense of humour, I'd also like to her to be a fair bit smart, she doesn't have to be a brainbox, but neither do i want a half wit, once again, average is fine. One who thrives to keep a loving relationship working. I cou;ld never date someone who was likely to date me a week, get her share from my body and go off informing me she had aids or something. >.>
5) Virgin...Yup..I'm very picky on this one. Some people may see that as kind of pointless, but I see it as my way of weeding the good from the bad. I don't like girls who can have sex, break up and shrug it off and move on. If she can wait as long as I can for the perfect moment, then she's the one for me. Though it's not so much the virginity I seek, more of this is my way of seeing who the loyal and trustworthy are. I could also date a girl whose only sexual experience was through a forced rape, that's not her faukt and by that logic, she still has the ability to be that same kind.
6) Hair: don't really care, providing it's past her head.
7) Interests: You see I don;t really get this, some people say they want a girl who shars the same interests with them. If I can befreind people who don't have the same interests as me, why can't I date a girl like that too. She may not have the same interests, but there's nothing a genreal discussion about life can't solve. EVERYONE can discuss that.
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25 / F / UNKNOWN
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
hm.......... mah ideal man ish...... dat dah guy likes 2 do dah same stuff as me.... likes 2 cook....( i don like guys who doesnt knoe how 2 cook...... u will starve 2 death if u marry him) somebody who ish active, kindhearted, honest,personality, manners, i think dats all.....
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26 / M / THERE!
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
My ideal

Personality-wise: She has to be kind hearted and well-mannered (at least enough to make it through a formal party or something of the sort). She has to always have good intentions at heart. She should know how to cook (whether she likes doing it or not is fine) though she doesn't have to cook. She should be smart to a point where she can support herself. She should be a bit lazy but know when she needs something. She should love me and be willing to keep our relationship going but has her priorities in bettering her future (even if the feeling of it kills me). A caring personality and a sense of humor are good too ^^

Looks: I have a glasses fetish and I admit it. Call it a four eyed fetish or call me a megane-moe, I don't care. If she's my lover, I don't need her to wear glasses. I need her to dress as who she really is and knows when she needs to add extra detail for an event. I'd rather not date someone who was too skinny, too short or two chinned. I'm not really too picky on how my lover looks though.

Bust size: Should this even matter in a relationship? The only benefits from bust size I see are that if they're smaller, you can cuddle closer and if they're larger, it'd be more comfortable. Breast implant ads are made for ignoring.

Hair style: In my opinion, hair is the cutest physical part of a girl ^^. I like it either short and barely passing the neck's second vertebrae, a little below the shoulders and straight or long straight hair going to just above the waist (which is defined as the lowest rib).

Interests: I couldn't care less...unless her interests are sadistic, sluttish or extravagant. Those are my only three limits.

Virginity: I don't want someone who will have a one night stand. If that girl had sex, it should be with a boyfriend she was thinking of marrying but the guy broke up with her or raped.

Self-Control: I want her to be able to keep track of what she's doing and make sure that if she's doing something stupid, she can stop. This kind of ties in with virginity.

Morality and Ethics: I don't need the her to be religious, I just need her to be ethical and moral in her actions, words and thoughts.

Well, this girl is irreplaceable. Luckily, Jerice, I found you ^^

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25 / M / Mars
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
My ideal woman would be..
-nice and caring
-good looking
-good personality
-nice body
-never cheats on me
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25 / M
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07

Kieutie wrote:

My idealistic lover...

-smarter than me....he must attain at least a Masters
-taller than me by 6 inches just in case I wear heels...
-kind-hearted & understanding...does good stuff & knows how to share!
-caring & loving....towards his family and the people around him
-has to be a good role model/influence for his kids and those who look up to him..
-loyal & veracious
-romantic yet spontaneous at the same the right time...
-open-minded & participate well in a debate
-gentlemanly & courteous
-good hygience..knows how to take care of his health & stay in shape :]
-good morality...whatever religion...i don't care...but i do carea about his morality..
-responsible son/father/husband
-respect the elders and yielding towards the young..
-settled life & steady career..
-treat me right, buy me flowers on our anniversary, kiss me every morning before he go to work as well as everynight before he shuts his eyes
-knows how & when to shut up....=D
-always acquiring new knowledge...this is a men turns me on =D
-at least know how to cook a few

Appearance-wise...i am pretty shallow..haha ;)

-taller than me...i mentioned that above..
-i love white men, yet I prefer asian because my dad discriminates ><
-decent looking...:]
-nice, clean braces please
-clean after shadows..eww
-no hairy chest...big turn off ><
-no bad body-odor..that's what deodorant & soap are for :]
-brush his teeth at least twice a day & shower daily!
-dress bagging pants...i like my man with ties on :]

Commonalities...sharing the same interests as me :]

-enjoy traveling....
-loves to shop...he cannot complain..haha
-enjoys gardening..
-does romantic watching sunsets & such..
-take pictures with me =D
-share the same taste in music as me...i listen to all kind except for rap & country..and opera of course..
-play an instrument like drums, guitar, or piano
-creativity is definitely required

haha, I do demand a lot..

WOW. no guy is like that, in my opinion. some guys will but u may not like them OR some guys will have SOME or MOST of the thingd u want.

me? hmm.........

1. pretty but not stupid and not OBSEESIVE on looks
2. ACCEPTS ME for who i am
3. likes me and doesnt get embarrassed if i kiss her in public
4. honest and trustworthy
5. wouldnt chaet on me for soem JOCK
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
I dont really have one, every girl I've dated were pretty different from eachother its just whoever I have chemistry with.
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26 / F / Between Heaven an...
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
My ideal of man......
- good in sport
- funny
- stylish..... especially hair......
- smart but sometimes act stupid
- must be open minded
- caring n kind n respect n responsible n understanding
- good characteristic
- music lover
- ........... and so on.
* anime lover like
But the most important is both of us really can get along very well. Some time conflict is not a bad thing, this will help to improve our relationship. What really important is understanding. Without understanding each other this love will never be forever..
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26 / F / In front of your...
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
Hn, let's see, my type of guy xP

~* Well, he should be kind to everyone, not just only to me. He should know when to stop and when to start. He should be kind of sensitive, but not very sensitive. I want him to be smart, maybe even smarter than me. I want him to be independent and not whiny [I can't stand my own whining already xP]. I also want him to be honest with me, I want him to tell me what he feels when I ask him so I'll do the same to him when he asks me. He should be responsible and serious enough but can still crack a joke at random times [Being too serious will be boring]. I would like my guy to know how to keep our relationship going smoothly and will love me for who I truly am. I don't need him to be overly-romantic, just romantic xD I like it when a guy makes me giggle or laugh because of his romantic comments xP. I would also like it if he knows what morality and etiquette is xP. He can be a little possessive but not too much. He should also know how to respect me and my opinions, oh wait, not only me but to everybody else too who deserves respect xD.

~* I don't need him to be overly attractive or cute or gorgeous, but being good-looking would be a plus factor but not really really required for me. He should dress properly and not in those baggy clothes, it looks so dirty for me xP. He shouldn't have any just turns me off, dirty again xD. I want him taller than me but not towering over me.

~* Lol, yeah...hahaha xD. Well, I just want him to wear his hear the way that it fits him or looks perfect on him....if not, I'd have my way on it XD

~* Hn...I'm not really requiring him to have the same interest as mine since I'd rather like it if we have different interests so we can share it with each other and convert each other into that xD but if his interests are bad....boohoo...I'd change you! Hahahaha xD

~* I want him to know what he's doing so he can see if it's good or bad. It would also be good if he can control his raging desires...hahaha xD

~* Well, virginity is a precious thing for me, and I don't plan to lose it until marriage so I would like my partner to think the same too ^^ that's why I want him to have control! Hahaha

Well...I'm not really looking someone perfect, just good enough for me. He may or may not pass all my ideals but I still love him for who he truly is, haha, but he passed most of it anyway o.O...[he's just missing the control part :P. Ne, Neil?]

Well, lucky me anyway xD I already found Neil aka Sethiam...hahaha xD

@ Sethiam

I copied your format, lol xD
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27 / F / well.... FAR AWAY...
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07 great if we just love each other...but im difficult, so i need a MAN who can handle it!
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26 / F / In front of your...
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
Don't worry about being difficult xD

Because I'm kinda difficult to handle too o.o...

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35 / M / NC
Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07

Kieutie wrote:

My idealistic lover...


Those are idealistic indeed...aim high I suppose hahaha.
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23 / F / Malaysia,South Ea...
Posted 11/1/07 , edited 11/1/07
mm like koike teppei ,oguri shun or yamapi?? or even better like ikuta toma!!
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26 / F / Somewhere in Colrado
Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/5/07
my idealistic lover needs to be kind and understanding, take care of themself, trustworthy, and I would love if they were asian.
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28 / F / Yupper, Michigan
Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/5/07
I want a guy who is taller than me or as tall, I don't care. He must love animals and don't care that he can't eat meat when he is with me. He must be intelligent and preferably plays music (so I can listen!)
~Open minded
~Quite at times
~Always cheerful or atleast put it on
~No clothes that fall off
~Ability to carry on an intelligent conversation
~Honest, trustworthy, and believes in a God, I don't care about what religion but he must believe in a being greater than himself
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24 / F / Candy LAND
Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/5/07
mostly personality and if hes a good match and has to be SUPER presentible
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