Long Live Kamen/Masked Rider (Evolution)~!!
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Posted 10/31/07 , edited 11/1/07
Tell us and share your opinion on:

1) The Best Kamen/Masked Rider or series..

2) Your favorite Kamen/Masked Rider..

3) Your favorite Kamen/Masked Rider arsenals, bike & etc..

4) Your favorite Kamen Rider moves or finishing skill..

5) Your favorite Kamen Rider series Actor or Actress..

6) The best supporting actor and actress in Kamen Rider series..

7) The best Kamen/Masked Rider theme songs..

8) Other comments,suggestion & etc..


My own opinion:

1) Best Rider series: Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006)..(storyline/synopsis).
2) Favorites Rider: Kamen Rider Black, RX & Kabuto.
3) Favorite Rider vehicles: Battle Hooper, Road Zector & Ridoron (RX car).
4) Favorite Rider move/skills: Kamen Rider Black 'Rider Kick!' & Kabuto 'Rider Kick!'.
5) Favorite Actor: Tetsuo Kurata (Kamen Rider Black & RX) also, Hiro Mizushima (Tendou Souji/ Kabuto).
6) Best supporting actor: Yuuki Sato (Kagami Arata/ Gatack) & actress: Yui Satonaka (Hiyori Kusakabe in Kabuto series).
7) Best Kamen Rider theme song: Kamen Rider Black.
8) Emm..suggetion, i hope they can add more episode for each Kamen Rider series. ehehee..

P/s: Thanks for sharing ok..

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~ edsamac
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i started this topic b4 but the mod ask me to use this instead :

CR Kamen Rider FC
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^ Yeah. Use that thread.

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