What do you think about the impending Writers strike in Hollywood for TV?
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Posted 11/1/07 , edited 11/2/07
Hi folks, just about to sleep after watching anime and wanted to post this topic of recent news. For those who may or may not know, Halloween also marked the last day the Writers Union in Hollywood for TV negotiated with execs of TV on a new deal. Mainly called "DVD Gate", it's a strike coming based on the indecision on what to do about DVD and online monies owed to writers. More is covered in the news like in this article from my major national station:


In a nutshell, once they strike shows will cease slowly once episodes run out that were done prior to the strike. Daily Show and Colbert show already noted it tonight and that they'd be in reruns, and this will happen to other shows. Some projects, particularly ones to air or that started this year will be scrapped (see the Heroes thread on how Origins is already gone due to this strike coming up).

And from the US we'll get only reruns, older movies, more reality TV (shiver...), sporting events and news shows. That will be it. So even in this new tech age where we have many other forms of entertainment, how will this effect you?
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