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Posted 11/3/07 , edited 11/3/07
Hope this topic hasnt been done before...
The Sims Bustin' Out for GBA:
Interesting game..though tough after a point
YOur Sim is from Sim City but is coming to stay in Sim Valley with Uncle the game progresses you have to run errands and tasks for the different people in the valley. You move your housing from Uncle Hayseed's the clock tower and then to waterfront villa...and then finally to imperial estates (though i havent gotten that far yet)

I need help here people..after Claire Clutterbell tells you to meet the ghost at the haunted shack..what do you do???
What qualifis as a ghostly gift?
How do you knock out Mad WIllie Hurtzya?
And how the hell do you get to the Haunted Shack?

The Sims 2 for GBA:
For those who liked Bustin' Out this game might be a little creepy:
YOu're new in town..and like all the other Sims for GBA games you have different missions to accomplish for a variety of people...
However in this game you are the star of the hit reality TV show Strangetown (which ironically is exactly where you're staying!)

PS: hint for new players make your aspiration friendly and when you earn enough ratting points buy a chopper!

If anyone has played any of the above games on GBA/PS/Computer...I would appreciate your feedback! Thanks!
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