Americans and Cars
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Posted 11/3/07 , edited 11/5/07
No offense to any americans or anything
I had to analyse this documentary at my english test. and the topic didn't keep me bored either.

it seems that cars are being relied on too much, even for stupid purposes.
it mentioned how a person went through trouble to use a car to go to a GYM which was a 2 minute walk. There was even someone before that used his car to put mail into his NEIGBOURS mailbox. not to mention the guy who used his car to 'walk' his dog.

the writer tried to convince to walk more in journeys not necessary with a car; apparently it was like trying to tell a strong believer trying to give up his/her religion.

it's bad for the environment. and it makes lazyness increase

Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
hey dude. yeah cars are important in the u.s. but the world sais we consume the most gas. has the world forgotten about china? they have ALL of the gas guzzling vehicles and bicycles aren't AS common.
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Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
I know right? us crazy americans
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