You like but you can't

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Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/4/07
Could be someone your in love with, a friend or a relative.
And when I say can't be with, I mean you CANT for reasons you are 100% percent sure why.
Like me for example. I've known this girl for 6 years and I really love here (sounds a little stalkerish but sill), she's the only black girl I've ever found beautiful (I'm not racist, I'm black). Even though we go to different schools now and I saw her a year ago before I started school I can't forget about her.
There's another girl I like now and started getting to know (asian if you must know) she was all I could think of before we recently had two high school renunions and I met the (black) girl again. It was like *snap*, and I had already forgotten about the asian girl. This girl's got beauty, intellect and morale beyond all comprehension.

She is Eritrean and I'm Ethiopian. They were first one single country but after a war they became two different, so in general they dislike each other. We don't, but since my family have had a dark/bad past with Eritreans I know they would never accept her. Q:142 you know you can be wrong.
A: No, my big brother got an Eritrean girlfriend and in this case the girl was a bitch (and my brother the worst child a parent can get) this started a lot of fights. At this point my parents did already dislike Eritreans but gave in nonetheless. After 2 years my parents got a divorced, my brother moved out and from being 20 people on christmas we were 10 on the cristmas that followed.Q: But since the girl you probably like isn't a bitch and you ain't like your brother things might work out anyway.
A: After my parents got back together not to long ago and pretty much everyone are friends they will surely look back at this and never let Eritreans in to the family ever again. I still don't have anything agains Eritreans but my family is conservative so I'm fated to be with someone I don't like or if fate's decide not to be bitch I'll luckily fall in love with someone else.
That was I had to share...
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Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/4/07
I sympathize with you; however... please do not make an entirely new post out of a blog-type rant. There are other threads you can discuss this in and/or your own profile.

Sorry, locked.
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