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DBSK News Updates!

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/28/09
Junon September 2009 Issue – Absorbed into THSK night!, An Account of Tokyo Dome

Absorbed into Tohoshinki night!

[words over the pictures] Nationwide Tour Gathers 300K! Cry, Scream, Love in Tokyo Dome! Hot 3 Hours and 30 Minutes! Fastest, and all of the live will be revealed!

TVXQ started their nationwide tour with their new album “The Secret Code”, gathering 300,000 people and achieving great success. The 21 performances came to an end at the last stop, where members’ dreams finally came true in their 2-day concert at Tokyo Dome. The details of the performances will be reported. Immensely popular in Asia, TVXQ showed their charisma. Let’s relive the surreal 3 hours and 30 minutes!

Sharp and new performances make our hearts beat faster

July 5, 18:00 – As the opening video played, “Secret Game” was also played. The venue that was filled with 50,000 people suddenly jolted. Wearing black outfits, the members stood on stage in the middle of the venue. They sang “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou” which captivated the people. They stood on a circular stage that can make 360 degree turns and their lovely voices spread to the audience. “Take Your Hands” and the dancing on the cross shaped stage showed their heart-piercing performance, which captured the audience. After the stage started to move, Yunho said “Welcome to Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome Live.” Jaejoong sent an important message to the audience, “Please accept all of our passion” which made everyone in the crowd excited.

Then, it was “Stand Up!” and the fans yelled “HEY HO” with them. During “9095”, the members stood in a line and divided the stage into 5 parts. Like an unstable wave moving up and down, following closely to the performance, they revealed a refreshing sight, making the audience pleased. The lights dimmed, and the “Force” logo video played behind the 5 men who wore England troop type of outfits. From the bottom of the stage, they ascended to the circular stage, surprising everyone, and making their hearts beat faster involuntarily. Next were “Purple Line” and “Mirotic”, two songs back-to-back. The 5 men worked together with their own images in the video and then the 5 from the video disappeared. A second later, they appeared in white outfits! It looked like they popped out of the video, which made the audience scream with excitement.

Today’s oyaji gags came from whom?!

During their 2nd MC time, Junsu said, “Finally arrived at Tokyo Dome. This is all because of everyone’s support.” “All because of Junsu’s charisma,” Yoochun jokingly countered. After Junsu denied this, everyone wanted to hear oyaji gags. Junsu was prepared and joked with Yunho. He said, “You’ve worked hard”(laughs) [T/N: I’m guessing this is payback for all those times Yunho cut Junsu off… like those shows ] Next, Jaejoong said happily, “What do everyone wanna hear?” In his hand there was the soysauce keychain. “Douyuukoto? Shouyuukoto!” (laughs) After all this talk, Changmin said, “Let’s go to the next song.” Everyone moaned. Even after the moaning, Changmin said, “The show has its schedule so let’s just go to the next song.” [T/N: The audience:] “aww~~~” [Changmin:] “This time I will not lose.”(Laugh) And then, they performed “Wasurenaide”. Everyone listened quietly to the 5 lovely voices.

Afterward, there were the solos. Junsu and Yunho each revealed their sexy dance songs for the first time in Japan. Seeing them and the female dancers dancing closely, the audience yelled out high-pitch screams. Jaejoong and Yoochun had a duet: “Composed for this day… Colors ~ Melody and Harmony.” Changmin performed a rock style song, making the audience even more excited. All this was planned for Tokyo Dome, and was also a time for Tohoshinki show their capabilities.

As for the fans’ surprise performance “Thank you very much.”

19:30 – They appeared once again in gray outfits. As Yoochun played the piano, “Begin” began. From fast songs to ballads, the Tohoshinki world exploded! Then, wearing shiny outfits, the 5 continuously sang a number of songs. In “Choosey Lover” Yunho showed some dancing on the spot. Then, there were 2 more songs and while the members waved their towels, they also jumped with everyone. The venue exploded with sounds; the silver strips with the members’ signatures and handwritten “thank you”s were blown out. Then, it was “Summer Dream” which made the venue seem like a summer trip in an amusement park and everyone got excited. Afterward, they performed “Survivor”. As everyone got “high”, everything ended.

20:25 – The claps for encore became shouting…Wearing white concert T-shirts, the 5 of them appeared, releasing a lot of charisma. As they sang “We Are!” they ran and yelled. They used four-wheel carts to give balls to everyone. Then, they met at the center and they talked about their Japanese debut. Once “Stand By U” started, the venue that was covered with red changed to green [T/N: it’s supposed to be blue…]. The members were extremely touched by the surprise. They couldn’t stop saying “Thank you”. Then, it was “Kiss the Baby Sky”, where their five voices and the audience blended together, creating a touching chorus. When they walked to the center stage, their eyes were watery and their faces had refreshing smiles. “Today really is our luckiest day. Thank you everyone.” After “Bolero” the encore also ended, but the venue was still excited. They chanted and clapped for encore again and Tohoshinki responded to them with the real ending song “Love in the Ice”. The 5 figures and perfect harmonization gently left deep marks in the audience’s heart. After the song ended, hand in hand, the 5 stood in a row and bowed deeply. Following the applause, they walked backstage.

21:30 – The ending of the last stop of the tour was touching and perfect, where the audience was truly captivated by the charisma of the 5 men that night.

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090726 UFO Replies from JaeMin

Fan: Although I really want to master Japanese, but…. Tell me how to master Japanese~ I want to be able to speak Japanese as fluently as TVXQ.
JJ: You can watch Japanese dramas, and the best method is to communicate with Japanese people

Fan: If Oppas sang us lullabies, I’d fall asleep really quickly
JJ: Sleep well~ My children~ (T/N: Jae singing a lullaby)

Fan: Imagining Jaejoong in a suit, it must be difficult for the people who witness such a beautiful sight, yes?
JJ: Why is it that you don’t see my heart, that is searching for you? TT

Fan: Jaejoong-oppa. Can’t I call you “Jaejoong-ah”?
JJ: Yeah, you can’t! Kekeke. Let’s go to sleep now together! Let’s dream together? ^^?

Fan: Oppa is mine
JJ: I belong to myself

Fan: Give me kimchi made by Kim Jaejoong! Oppa, I really want to eat kimchi made by Oppa!!
JJ: Although I’m very confident… ^^n You should buy the ingredients and come here^^

Fan: Still not replying your children’s messages after so long? I can drink soju too!!
JJ: Then drink! But, I’ve replied ^^!

Fan: Joongie, I’m here! Jaejoong-ah, where are you!!
JJ: Jaejoong is here!!

Fan: Is this a person, a doll or a spirit?
JJ: A person!! ^^

Fan: Oppas said before that if you got first on the Oricon charts, you’d rent an amusement park for all the fans, you must keep your promise~
JJ: We’ll really rent the amusement park^^! Until the day we get number one… AJA AJA~ ^^

Fan: If you see me at a big concert, you must shake hands with me
JJ: I got it, our little cutie.

Fan: Oppa, how about having a passionate night with me today?
JJ: I already have plans with Yunho

Fan: (Yunjae picture) Date, date, date~ Tell me honestly, you guys are dating, right?
JJ: I’m joking, you never know, we might be dating.

Fan: Jaejoong, Yunho is mine. Give me~~
JJ: But Yunho is a little expensive~~!

Fan: Please tell me who is the most handsome amongst the members
JJ: Ah~ I’m also hesitating on whether I should reply

Fan: Jaejae Oppa! My mom thought that TVXQ is a mixed group!
JJ: That’s a little out of the ordinary

Fan: If you go back to Japan right after the Asia Song Festival, when will you return? Do we still have to wait?
JJ: It’s good to have something to look forward to in future~!

Fan: Please give me a reply, just one
JJ: Really just this one reply?

Fan: Oppa, shall we escape out of the country?
JJ: Let’s go?

Fan: Changmin Oppa, are you still watching those stuff? (T/N: PORN! LOL)
CM: I don’t watch them anymore.

Fan: Oppa, if I get first in my level, let’s have a meal together.
CM: Let’s wait until you get it first then we’ll see.

Fan: Yunho Oppa! If you don’t reply my message, then you must marry me!
CM: Yunho-hyung, I saved your life.

Fan: I can’t express my feelings right now
CM: Then keep trying until you can express it (laugh)

Fan: What should I do to become taller?
CM: It depends on talent.

Fan: I want to become Yunho Oppa’s daughter
CM: This is not something you can do just because you want it

Fan: How was Oppa born? How are children born?
CM: Please learn from [Kusone Ahjumma's beautiful children sex eduation] (T/N: A programme I think)
Fan: Tell me! I want to hear Oppa’s explanation
CM: Long-winded!!!

Fan: Say an “I love you” to me
CM: I’m not such an easy guy

Fan: I think I should have reply too (tears). If I send a few hundred, will I get a reply?
CM: You can try???

I belong to Changmin Oppa
CM: This is something that is not on my list of things I own

Fan: I miss you^^ (T/N: What follows is said in English, Japanese and Chinese) I love you.
CM: Your grasp of foreign language is good

Fan: Oppa, if the children are named ilranghae (1), eeranghae (2), samranghae (3), what would the name of the fourth child be?
CM: Saranghae (T/N: sounds the same as “I love you” in Korean)

Source: [东方神起全球中文网]
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Zoom In Special! Programme: Tohoshinki without their make-up on

Zoom In Special Programme tells you who are DBSK’s favorite gourmet critics from Korea, and also the faces of DBSK without make-up that you do not usually get to see!

Shizuoka Daiichi Television, Yamagata Broadcasting Co., YTV, Hiroshima TV will broadcast on 2nd August.

To see a list of other broadcasting stations which will show this special programme, do check out:

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One By One, TVXQ Members Become Actors

Source: [mydaily + DNBN]
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Leeteuk's Cyworld Entry - Milk Club

People are misunderstanding Leeteuks entry. ^^; He's not saying that right this moment they're all depressed (though Teuk is depressed) but rather they're all people who have the qualities necessary to be in the 'Milk Club'.

Onew, Taeyeon, Yoona, Leeteuk, and Yoochun are all people who have a lot of tears, who get depressed easily, who feel loneliness easily, and who are able to hide sadness by acting cheerful. Because they all share those same qualities Leeteuk created the Milk Club.

oh and btw Milk Club (우유클럽) is a kind of play in words. 우유 means milk and 클럽 means club. 우유 is made up of the characters from two words: 우울한 (which means depressed, melancholic) and 유령 (which means spirit, ghost etc). So added together Milk Club means the 'Depressed Spirits Club'. (thanks to La'MISS:fairy from for the Milk Club explanation/translation).

credits: ivorykitten @ soompi

From Lee Teuk's Cyworld entry.

..Milk Club..

..A gathering of depressed souls…

..Lots of depressed feelings..

..It feels like I’m starting to enjoy the depression period..

..Always struggling in loneliness…

..There have been lots of tears..

..Hope everyone can understand that loneliness..

..I thought I had a good ability to hide this loneliness..

..For the sake of hiding my depression, I joked around more..

..Like to act fine..But that was definitely not fine..

..We decided to call each other court ladies..

..Court Lady Teuk..Court Lady Taeng..Court Lady Yoong..

..Although there have been many applications..

..3 members(Taeyeon,Yoona) must agree together then others can register..

..Now Yoochun and Onew have come onto the list..

..In the future, this club, will live better in order to overcome depression..

..Thinking of giving each other mutual support…

..Sorrow..Escaping from pain..Happiness..We're anticipating to share it among all of us..

..In the future, Milk Club (Gathering of depressed souls)

..Hope the meaning will be ‘milk.. made in lovely kin..’*..

..The organization..

..President: Eeteuk (Park Jungsoo)...Court Lady Teuk

..Vice-president: Yoona (Im Yoona)..Court Lady Yoong

..Manager: Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon)..Court Lady Taeng

N.B* Milk – Made in lovely kin; was written by himself.

Credit: [email protected] + Omona They Didn't + OnlySJ13
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26 / F / ???
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
TVXQ Seoul is........

What TVXQ think of Seoul.


Seoul is.....

If you want to see the other SM artist look in the user videos.

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 8/5/09
Nikkan Sports: “The Gods” who Brings Up The Hottest Summer

“The Gods” who Brings Up The Hottest Summer

The 4th Session in A-Nation


The name who has awaken the entire pop world. Tohoshinki, their popularity and talent are growing rapidly. After making debut in 2005, they’re experiencing a steady high-speed growth until now. In August a-nation 09 held in Nagai stadium (29th, 30th), as reported by Korea Daily News, they would make the 4th times appearance. In addition of the first concert at Tokyo Dome which turned to be successful, Tohoshinki, for has been noticed, is running their very own “best summer”.

A Crushing Force

Tohoshinki is having their sweeping attack. Yunho, the leader, “We just happened to finally realize that our popularity is growing high recently. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Thank you very much for that.” he said in wide smile. Hero Jejung who is responsible as the main vocal of the group explained what it means by just realizing their popularity. “More people now could suddenly aware of our appearance” he said. “Before, when I had no make up on, I could walk around without everyone notice, but now, even when I’m wearing a hat to undercover, people just suddenly knows. For example, when I’m in convinience store, I could hear people starts to questioning who is me, like ‘Don’t you think he’s just like TVXQ member?’ and another one will say ‘No, he couldn’t be!’” Jejung laughed. “But I better pretend not to hear anything.”

The desire for the 5th stage

Does not lose the original intention even when popularity and capability are zooming

The most eye-catching thing among the members is the increasing number of male fans. “We heard for this year, the number of male fans who get interest to us is increasing plentifully. They said we had good songs. I must say, as an artist, this is overjoyed me much.” Yunho said. However, as an idol group, there’s one possible thing that can’t be avoidable. Following an increasing popularity, is a rapid decreasing of privacy. “We can’t have a truly rest day. There’s no day where you can actually relax all day.” (Hero Jejung), good thing that all members are still in their beginning 20 years old. It’s an agony for popular stars, however, “The hard moments when we have to work all day, abandoning our resting time, yet when we come up the stage in many regions to see a lot of people coming to our concert… the hard times are swept away.” (Park Yuchon) said to keep on faithful day by day. Since 2004 in Japan, five of them are still living together in a mansion in Tokyo downtown. “We talk about a lot of things. We talk about music, about game, about anything people in their 20 years talking. There’s always Junsu who keeps telling jokes. No matter what, we always want to be like this, the five of us. Things we’re impossible to do alone, becomes possible when we all five people do together.” Yunho said proudly about the good teamwork in them.

Hero Jejung on behalf of other 5 members talked about the 5th a-nation, “It’s a great show with a lot of artists performing, there are many people who are not our fans as well. How we can live up the stage with our power, that’s the burden of this big stage.” Yunho added, “Also there are many collaboration stages we can’t do with a lot of artists before, that can be done on this stage. I’m so looking forward to it.” he showed his desire.

Awaken (We’re aiming for a new Tohoshinki’s goal)

Changmin revealed, “Until now, I still have the rookie feeling whenever we perform that never changes.” he told in calm expression of him.

“Of course we’re looking forward to get awards like anyone else. However, to get that, it’s not likely that we will do something we won’t do. We will just work our best, and see how’s the result later. Being number one is not always the most important thing.” Yunho said emphatically.

Ever since January 2008 release “Purple Line” until April this year relese “Share The World”, they already have six continuous Oricon Weekly Chart 1st singles (except planning work). They have become the first foreign artist that record such success. It’s in the end, a result of them not losing their original intention everytime they create a new record album.

source: Nikkan Sports

trans: [email protected]

Some Random Facts about TVXQ – Part 1

Some (random) facts about TVXQ! I believe some people might alreadly know about these, but the others including newbies might not know. These facts are collected by members of Korean Community which includes some people who worked with TVXQ before, or their friends, or told by the members via korean radio, TV, magazines.

YooChunByung (YooChun Sickness)

Among TVXQ, YooChun is probably the most sensitive guy whose emotions do fluctuate a lot. Hence, he used to feel blue and get depressive very often, and Korean fans call this “YooChunByung”. As everybody might know, YooChun’s family history is not that pleasant one, including their parents’ divorce issue and hard time he was having in America. (He wasn’t good at English when he just arrived.) And that’s probably the beginning of YooChunByung. You can say it’s like a depressive disorder.

For instance, there was an interview in Korea a while ago, asking Yoochun “What do you want to be if you are about to reincarnate?” Then YooChun answered like this “I don’t wanna be even born again, ever.” Around 2006, he did not have a proper meal and started crying before going on the stage. And he even confessed that he just felt like crying and very lonely, when he saw the moon in the sky. Changmin is the one who first named “YooChunByung”, telling YooChun,

“Hey, I know that you are pretty depressed right now, but you know, there is nothing we can do about that moon. Practically, we can’t take that off the sky.” (GYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! typical Changmin! XDD)

Other than this, YooChun often woke up while everybody is sleeping and went to the bridge or going for fishing during night. Luckily [?] Jaejoong most times managed to keep following after him in case of emergency, and I think that’s how Jaejoong and Yoochun become soul mates to each other. Jaejoong also said that YooChunByung is sort of contagious, and even Jaejoong had a infected version of YooChunByung for 3 months. (I think it was around 2006 or 2007.) Recently, it seems that this YooChunByung gets better day by day, and some say Changmin’s crazy [?] actions only can cure him. (that is why I always love KISS <3)

Junsu as the Online Game Master

Junsu is really crazy about playing computer game, but how much does he love to do it? In Korea, many people are actively playing online games with their friends and Junsu is one of them. He plays a lot whether he is in Korea, Japan or elsewhere. The thing is, Junsu used to be a top ranking game player of the online game called Granado Espada. For you who don’t know about the online game, it is a 3D fantasy role playing game based on medieval Europe, and usually players form a group or a guild with other players. Junsu was a team leader of the powerful, famous guild called “Cross Party”. The below are known as the characters played by Junsu himself, and his game items, which are quite rare and very expensive (Much more than 16000 USD) He even borrowed his brother Junho’s account to make a posting online. (He enjoys to have a lots of talking about game with his bro, via phone)

Now, he quitted this game, (People said he was like a legendary player, wondering how he managed to be a top ranking player of the game, as a member of TVXQ who has to deal with the hard schedule, meaning he wouldn’t even have much time for sleeping. This somewhat gave us a conclusion that there are mainly four components that consist of Junsu’s life : Playing Soccer, Playing Online Game, and Singing and Dancing. ) and moved to the different gamed called “Aion”, another popular online game all members of TVXQ and their manager are playing. (It is probably Junsu who persuaded them to play with him.) These days, Jaejoong seem to get interested in playing online games, and was very proud to say “I was ranked as 0.01% of the game I’ve been playing.” (*pats Jaejoong’s head*)

Though this is not directly related to TVXQ, but some members of SuperJunior and Minho from Shinee loves playing online games together.

One more thing. Junsu addresses how thankful the “Cross Party” 십자가당” was, on the “Thanks to” part of the Album Jacket.

Why Changmin not talking much in TV show?

Changmin does not talk very often in TV show, probably since 2006. There was a Korean show called “YaShimManMan”, and Changmin’s mom was invited as an audience that day. On that TV variety show, Changmin said something embarrasing [?] in a hilarious way, and his mom just was laughing at first, but she might not be able to stand with that her supposed-to-be-well behaved-son talks of shocking stuff she did not know. Anyway, she left the hall before the show finished. People are saying, since then, Changmin probably decided not to talk very often in TV show, in case he might say something shocking to people before himself recognizing what he’s saying. Please note this is an assumption.

(yes. the whole Changmin said was basically making fun of himself… the “I-watch-porn” thing was considered okay, but when it comes to dandruff and all~^^;;;; I can see how Yoochun was trying hard to send message “Minnie, stop~” through his eyes XD)

- When Yoochun was eating cold noodles, a thought of Jaejoong popped up, then he wrote the lyric. (Don’t remember the title of lyric right now. Will add later)

- Last year, YooChun made a posting saying “I took a picture with G-Dragon of BigBang” on the official website. Soon he realized that he forgot to upload the picture, so he deleted the posting ever. Since then, neither pictures nor postings have been uploaded. (Yoochunna.. can u simply just upload the picture and that’s it? ^^;;)

- When Changmin was first introduced to the members, all members said Changmin is like an angel. 6 years later, members describes him an evil. (and I love the evil him XD)

- Jaejoong, Changmin and YooChun love drinking alcohol. Junsu doesn’t drink that often, and Yoonho has a weak stomach for drinking. It is said that Jaejoong can drink about 8 bottles of Soju (360ml per bottle with alcohol content of about 20%) in a row. Among idol boy bands, Jaejoong, YooChun, Top from BigBang and HyunJoong from SS501 are so-called “F4 of drinking an alcohol”.

- JaeJoong wasn’t a gifted singer in fact. He just kept on practicing continuously which made him good at singing now.

- When both Changmin and Junsu filled out the questionnaire form, they illustrated their relationship as “enemies to each other”. Later, Changmin on the radio said he is now worshiping Junsu, then he changed his mind again, saying “Well, I went back to home and thought about that, but I think I just made the wrong conclusion. So please forget about it.”

- Remember YooChun used to have a very short hair? He tried that hair style by Junsu’s strong recommendation, but it turned out that Junsu started to pick him on, telling “You know, with that hair style, your relatively broad forehead seems to be broader than ever.”, and this statement made YooChun quite sulky about his hair style. Since then, YooChun probably would not try that hair style ever again.
(damn it. I so love that styleeeeeeee!!! Junsu u may go to hell bed!!! LOL. Seriously, that style of him in Choosey Lover is hottest as ever T___T)

- While taking a shower, Yooho has a habit of singing and dancing. Hence it takes about half an hour for him to take a shower.

- Junsu cannot eat neither very hot nor cold food. He can hardly eat a hard ice-cream so he prefers to have an soft ice-cream with a spoon.

- Junsu doesn’t even have a bite after 6 PM. So does Yoonho. When Changmin gets hungry, he cooks 4 or 5 noodles (ramen) for himself only.

- YooChun uses a full bottle of fly killer spray to kill a single fly. He is afraid of the spider the most. (Poor fly….. XDDD)

- Junsu’s Korean pronunciation, in fact, is very unique for native speakers. He can’t properly pronounce the Korean word with “s”.

- It took a great effort for Yoonho to speak with a standard Korean accent. He had been living in Jun-Ra-Do, a country side, where people speak with a strong accent. These days, his pronouciation improved a lot, though it still has some traces of his accents within.

- When YooChun just got to join the group for the first time, Junsu did not buy him that much. It took about 6 years for Junsu to become a member of TVXQ, and rest of them (Yoonho, Jaejoong and Changmin) also took at least 1 year to make a debut. However Yoochun made his debut in about 6 months or so, Junsu was quite pissed off about that. YooChun said Junsu was the first person on his sight when he arrived at SM ent, but Junsu showed the cool attitude towards him for years. But now, both look like a good friend to each other. (I can understand that ^^ dun worry, Jun-chan.)

- Junsu is generally considered a very self-oriented person. It doesn’t mean that he is a selfish person, but he is careless about other’s perspectives. He is kind, positive and nice guy, yet he cares about his people only. (That’s why Junsu is often described as a guy of freedom or something like that, in Japan.) And this is quite contrast to Jaejoong and Yoonho, who love to get to know new people. Some said that’s the reason why Junsu used to mainly hang out with Yoonho until their 2nd Korean album.

- When asked “What’s your treasure?” to members, while YooChun, Jaejoong and Junsu gave an answer of “It’s TVXQ”, Changmin solely said “It’s my bag” (which basically has everything in it.) (ROFLMAO. I seriously adores Changmin)

- Changmin used to put a picture of himself for his cellphone’s LCD background. He explained that he just wanted to make sure “This IS my cell phone. (so I put my picture on it)”

- Jaejoong often cooks a meal for members, and Junsu and Changmin once made complaints about that Jaejoong just reheated the Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew) they had yesterday, with some ham newly added. (you both just eat, dont complain!!! *save Jaejoong*

- While sleeping, Changmin dreamed of having a fight with Junsu. Then he unconsciously began to hit the wall until he got himself hurt (He was bleeding.) Junsu, who saw how Changmin hit the wall so strongly, could not get a proper sleep on that night.

- When Jaejoong and Junsu shared their room, Jaejoong put his clothing on the bed, so he ended up sleeping on the floor. Junsu once in desperate tone said, ” I really wanna see Jaejoong sleeping next to me on the bed (,not his clothing).”

- Jaejoong and Yoochun once planned to go to the West Sea to see the sunrise. (In Korea, people don’t go to the west sea to see the sunrise. They go to the east.)

- Yoochun just loves to have a blanker covered his whole body, with an air conditioner on. He also loves to wear slippers from March to November.

- Junsu once got his birthday present from the member, and that present was T-shirt printed as “Sorry Girls, I am Gay.” He got really surprised at that time.

- Junsu and his best friend Hyuk Jae from Super Junior got dressed in female attire when they were high school students.

- Yoochun has a asthma, which still hasn’t been cured yet.

- Jaejoong once burned Yoonho’s leather Jacket. (When YunJae got fighting…………. lol)

- Junsu believed in Santa Claus until he was 14. Junsu used to laugh at the kindergarten students who do not believe in Santa. In contrast, Changmin doubted the existence of Santa Claus when he was just six. (in fact, Changmin ever said, he never ever believe Santa. That what makes Junsu is an angel while Changmin is a hell devil)

- Junsu loves palm tress so much that Yoonho calls him an abnormal person.

- TVXQ members at first time were quite embarrassed about their group title “Dong Bang Shin Gi”

- Junsu never calls Jaejoong “Jaejoongihyung”, but “YoungWoongihyung.” after he found out Jaejoong is actually older than him. Junsu used to call his name Jaejoong, but Jaejoong really didn’t say a word about that. (Hyung means “older brother”.)

- Junsu was very close to making a debut on the year BoA made her debut.

- When Junsu went to the school trip with HyukJae from SJ, HyukJae let Junsu to get some snacks from girls (Girls and Boys were sleeping in separate places). Then Junsu went to the girls’ dorm room, and did some cute things as a mean of begging for snacks.

- Jaejoong’s oldest sister is at the same age as Changmin’s mother.

- When doing a fan-sign, Jaejoong wrote on the official website the list of names of their fans whom Jaejoong forgot to write their name with his sign. (sweeeeeetttt!!!)

- Junsu sometimes accidently calls Changmin “ChangminHyung”. In fact he often makes some mistakes with the title.

- 3 of TVXQ members are left-handed. (I think it was Yoochun, Yunho and Junsu)

- Junsu is likely to spill things a lot when eating. Hence, Junsu needed his own bib to have a meal before the concert.

- Jaejoong once wore a pajama with a cute character (which was Changmin’s) and showed himself at the veranda where the fans are crowded underneath. Since then TVXQ had to move their living place. (because the neighborhoods there were complaining of the noise)

credit: forsake34
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TVXQ Comes to Shanghai, News about their Shanghai Concert

TVXQ Comes to Shanghai; Groups of fans buy tickets

On October 2nd Korean idol group TVXQ will come to Hongkou Soccer Standium. Since May 31st of last year, this will be their second time coming to Shanghai for a concert. According to reporters, TVXQ’s fans tend to buy tickets as a group, and there is usually a group of fans who go to every show.

For TVXQ’s tour in China, the Nanjing stop sold tickets worth more than 10,000,000 in total; the Beijing stop was sold out 1 week before the concert, and tickets for the 2 day concert in Shanghai are hard to find now. It seems like there are very few tickets left. However, even though the sales are impressive, there aren’t a lot of fans in the total box office of the Shanghai office [T/N: As in the ticket-selling places]. The people in charge of the tickets told the reporters that waiting in line was never something that TVXQ fans did; instead, buying in groups was their specialty. “The key to maintaining TVXQ’s charms [T/N:poplarity] is network. The fans create fan clubs and forums and every group of fans have close relations with each other. When there are news on the internet, fans from different countries would know immediately. Even before ticket-selling for a concert started, the fan groups would communicate to buy as a group, and the people in charge would place orders for the tickets. Therefore, there are only a few people in the ticket-selling places, but they usually buy in large quantities.”

With an attendance rate of 100% at their concerts, is TVXQ’s mainland fan community actually that big? From reporters’ knowledge, those that watch the concerts are basically the same group of fans. No matter where TVXQ goes to hold a concert, the fans would follow them to that country.

The Shanghai stop in October 2nd will be the last stop in mainland China. The concert song list and schedule will be similar to those from the Nanjing and Beijing stops. As for the dance stage, the Shanghai stop will be a new challenge – the audience will not stand and watch like in the Nanjing stop; the stage also won’t be like the one from Beijing, where it was extended from the center stage. Instead, the stage will ingeniously be a “王” shape. This not only benefits the audience in the front. Those in the back can also see TVXQ face-to-face. The organizers stated, “The audience from the Shanghai concerts will stand on the chairs to view. The stage design will allow the audience’s view to be parallel with the stage, and not have any blind corners. The stage that will extend to the audience will allow those in the 680 yuan and 480 yuan seats to enjoy the view that usually only those in the inner areas would enjoy, because the distance between the stage and seats will not exceed 10 meters.”

Source: [新闻晨报]
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All About DBSK 3 Korean Version

[DVD] All about Dong Bang Shin Ki – vol.3 (6disc) [with 60p PhotoBook(first limited)] +Poster

Category : DVD
Genre : Others Korean Music
Production : SM Entertainment & SBSi
Release : 2009-08-14

Detail Features

Region Code : Region 3
Runtime : 839 Min.
Dubbing : Korean
Subtitle : Korean, English
Grade : Over 12 years old
More Features :

- Region Code : 1 , 3
- First Limited Edition : 60p PhotoBook + Hardboard Case
(After First limited Edition is sold out, there is no photobook and case is regular case)

credit: dvdheaven + [email protected]
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U-Know Yunho’s Fans: A Unique Representation by Watermelon

To commemorate the cast of U-Know Yunho (real name: Jung Yunho), the member of popular group TVXQ as leading role in MBC new drama, “Heading to The Ground” (directed by Park Sung-soo), Yunho’s fanclub “WithYoonho” did a unique activity, which is visiting more than 10 media/press offices.

Daily office received a visit on 27th afternoon from Yunho’s fans Yoon Ji-ah (23, Yunho’s fanclub leader), Song Mi-young (30), and Woo In-seon (23). They said, “Since this is Yunho’s first challenge in acting, therefore, through this activities, we’d like to ask media support to him for doing this first challenge.”. They brought along 3 watermelons, rice cakes, cookies, and drinks as gifts.

“More than anything, we want everything goes well for Yunho. PD Park Sung-soo had been very good in directing singer Eric, so we’re hoping him to do more for this drama.”

This is not the first time fans giving gifts to staffs for another way to support their idols. At the lastest KBS 2TV “The Invincible Saturday” where singer and actor Kim Joon appeared, Kim Joon’s fanclub visited the shooting scene, giving away lunches and snacks to casts and crews. Meanwhile at Kim Chang-ryeol’s drama, each cast got T-shirt and towel.

“Star lives from love and support of their fans,” he said.

source: newdaily
trans: [email protected]

Onlystar Magazinews

Tohoshinki in Oronamin C with Aya, using their acappella to touch everyone’s hearts.

Together with Aya Ueto who is endorsing Oronamin C in 2009, they released the 2nd version of the advertisement, this time featuring Tohoshinki!
The group had just ended their Tokyo Dome Concert that lasted for two days on the 5th of July which is considered a big achievement for them. Last 7th of July, bringing along the excitement of being able to perform at the Tokyo Dome, they appeared onstage with Aya Ueto for a press conference on Oronamin C.

Because it was coming close to the Chinese Valentine’s Day (T/N: The Japanese believe in that legend, too), Aya wore a kimono representing herself as the Weaver Girl, which also represents Oronamin C’s color. After which, accompanied by the advertisement background music “Doush.ite~?” Tohoshinki appeared on the stage, wearing white suits.
And very quickly, everyone was shouting “We want to hear the full version!” Thus, with Jaejoong as the lead, everyone started the acappella. “Tohoshinki’s live singing is just awesome!” Aya too gave a sigh of amazement for the boys’ performance. Everyone at the press conference gave the boys a big round of applause.

This time, the advertisement is named the “Acappella Tohoshinki” version. In the office, Aya acts as an OL who was doing some copying. However, her copying failed and when her mood was really down, the wall that had Tohoshinki’s poster on it collapsed and the five members of Tohoshinki suddenly appeared! Singing “Doumini coopere~ Why did you make a mistake while copying~?” this kind of acappella tries to encourage Aya to do better. The whole concept is just too funny.

At the press conference, they too showed their humorous side, showing that the members are really close. When being asked “To you, who’s the best partner?” and Jaejoong immediately answered “(Tohoshinki) members!” and added “Ah! There’s one more today! Oronamin C!” After hearing this, Yunho reacted immediately too, saying “Jaejoong said it all too well!”

And then, a question like “On a daily basis, what’s the most embarrassing thing that happens?” made the members reveal some secrets. That made the people at the press conference laugh loudly.

This is the first time that the members of Tohoshinki are doing an advertisement in Japan. But they weren’t radiating arrogance; instead, they showed everyone a comfortable and active side of them. They showed everyone their normal selves during the conference, which could be said is the most active press conference ever.

Q: This time, Aya Ueto acts as a OL making a mistake with photocopying. In your everyday lives, everyone must have done something that embarrassed them.
Yoochun: After watching the movie that Junsu recommended, I copied the hairstyle of the lead actor which was a failure.
Junsu: It wasn’t that bad in the beginning, until he grew fat (laugh) which made it worse (laugh).
Yoochun: It was on that day when “Choosey Lover” was released in Japan.

Q: In fact, we have the picture from that time. Everyone, let’s see.
Everyone: ….
Aya: I feel that it is still handsome!
Junsu: That’s after~! During that time, it was okay!
Yoochun: That’s… That’s enough. (smiles bitterly)

Q: Below, Changmin’s most embarrassing moments “Open Zip!”
Changmin: During live performances, because everyone was changing clothes quickly, sometimes, I would forget to zip up and I would go up the stage.
Jaejoong: It was a ballad song, but the fans didn’t look at Changmin’s face. Instead they were looking at the lower part of his… And they would smile secretly.
Junsu: They were pointing, too. (laugh)
Yunho: I feel that this made the fans love Changmin even more.

Q: Lastly, Junsu’s chilling jokes (that make you shudder)
Yunho: Everytime Junsu makes an oyaji gag, I feel the whole place suddenly becoming cold. Then seeing Junsu’s reaction after, which looked interesting, it makes us laugh.

Q: A few days ago at the Tokyo Dome, it seems like Junsu made an oyaji gag again.
Junsu: I didn’t do it on purpose. (laugh)
Jaejoong: At the beginning, it was maybe just for our own entertainment. But after one night, riding on a bicycle, we met two policemen. “Ah~ Isn’t this Tohoshinki? I always hear your songs! How about making that “ballpoint pen joke?” The policemen asked that of me. (laugh) Asking for a joke that Junsu made. (laugh)

Q: (laugh) Being said by everyone that “It’s cold,” Junsu must feel sad. How about having everyone sing a song to make him feel better?
Junsu: (immediately) It’s okay!
(The other four members talk about it)
Jaejoong: Are you ready?
Junsu: (softly) Yes.
Jaejoong: Ready~!
The four members: Doumini coopere~ Junsu wants to tell a joke that would make people angry?
Jaejoong: Compared to singing to Aya-san, it was different (the feel). Facing Junsu to sing, there isn’t much feeling in it…
Junsu: That’s our teamwork! (laugh)

Source: Onlystar + ALWAYSJJ
Translation: mel @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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On August 16th, from 5 pm to 10, for 5 whole hours, at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium, SM TOWN LIVE 09 will take place there. It is organized for family audience.

SM TOWN LIVE 09 is for friends, lovers, and families to come together and have fun, and enjoy the summer music festival.

This year, disabled people are able to attend too, and you may get to enjoy the show for a 50% discount.

On the other hand, the singers that will be attending this festival are DBSK, Zhang Li Yin, SNSD, SHINee, SuJu, and lot’s more singers that are under the SM Entertainment label.

Source: mingjiscm
Translation: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Telecinema Info Gala - Heaven's Postman Will Be Aired in October


Date: September 18th (Fri)

The showcase will include: Tele Cinema Digest, Making of Film, NG, treasured video collection, the leading stars talk show, and also OST for drama and concerts.

Faster than anyone else, a chance to feel the Tele Cinema’s atmosphere!

1. Screenplay Heaven’s Postman: Kitagawa Eriko / Cast: JEJUNG (TVXQ), Han Hyo Joo
2. 19 Writer: Inoue Yumiko / Cast: TOP (BIGBANG), Seungri (BIGBANG))
3. Screenplay A Stone’s Dream: Nakazono Miho / Starring: Cha In Pyo, Kim Hyo Jin
4. The Fool That I Love Writer: Ooishi Shizuka / Cast: Kang Ji-hwan, Lee Ji Ah
5. Screenplay Paradise: Okada Yoshikazu / Cast: Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ha Neul
6. After The Wedding Ceremony: Yokota Rie / Cast: Sung Woo Shin, Bae Soo Bin
7. Screenplay Triangle: Masaya Osaki / Cast: Ahn Jae Wook, Kang Hye-jung

source: telecinema
trans + shared by: [email protected]

PATI PATI Magazine Aug 2009 Issue – Interview

A heartbreaking and lonely farewell portrayed by the amazing harmonization of these 5 people.
They’ve released their new single while having their Arena and Tokyo Dome tour.
They also shared their opinion on ideal families with us, and this is worth expecting.

Tohoshinki, who have completed their national tour and performed at the Tokyo Dome for the first time with 2 successful lives, brings their new summer single “Stand by U”. This piece of work, from start to finish, leaves its sad melody in the heart of the listeners. You can also call it a continuation piece from “Why did I like you”, as it is a song which depicts the steadfast love of a man. This time, the interview was done while their national tour was still on-going and when Junsu’s leg injury had just healed, and he could be active on stage again. Of course, besides questions about the new song, we will also reveal things about Junsu, who have managed to retain his innocence until today. This is an issue worth collecting.


— First, let’s hear what Junsu has to say about the tour this time around.
JS: It really became unforgettable memories. Although I injured my foot before the tour began and when I thought that I couldn’t stand on the stage and dance with everyone, I felt really down initially. After that, there was the waiting period for the actual performance to arrive… I had really bad feelings. What should I do? After getting hurt, I thought it would be fine (to perform), but when I went to the hospital, it was a definite no. Even though the members told me they would wait until I recovered, but to be honest, I still felt the pressure in my heart.

YH: When the 5 of us could dance together again, the feeling was extraordinary.

JJ: We felt really blessed.

— The new song “Stand by U” was revealed during this tour.
JJ: Because no one has heard this song and we didn’t know what the reaction would be like, we really felt worried. But, just after we started singing, there were female fans who cried, and the male fans were also very absorbed, so we got reassurance amongst the worries.

JS: In the first half, I kept looking at the fans, and everyone made different expressions while listening. That one song can evoke so many different emotions, it was a little surprising.

— They could finally reminisce while listen quietly to the song.
CM: Through the lyrics, you can feel the reality of what it’s saying. Although I’ve not experienced it yet, it’s a feeling that only a man can feel.

JJ: I can relate to the part that says “anticipating your name when I get a call”

YH: I can related to the lyrics that say “seeing your back view and meeting you again”. In the past, while walking on the streets, there were times when I walked pass the person I liked. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t have the courage. Just as I was thinking about what to do, the person is suddenly walking in my direction.

— Maybe it’s a miraculous second meeting?
YH: No, it’s just the opposite. Just like what the lyrics say, it’s someone else completely. Although it’s nerve-wrecking, it’s still better not to gather the courage to go up and talk (laugh)

JJ: Ah~~ I’ve experienced this a few times.

YH: The feelings that you once had, even if you forget them, once your remember, they become good memories too.

— After that, will you still buy the perfume used by the other person?
YC: Ah, it’s just like you say. The person’s smell still lingers.

JJ: You must have a memory that is deeply embedded in your mind, one you can’t forget no matter how hard you try.

YH: Men will definitely relate to this feeling, and women will understand through the song. Even though the distance gets further and further, it won’t change the man’s feelings. If the song makes you treasure those memories even more, we’ll be more than satisfied.

— Your singing voices carry the bitterness of the male lead’s feelings.
JS: When listening to this song, your feelings will be drawn into the song. So this time, we sang it with our true feelings. I think it would be great if we could use our voices to express the bitterness of the male lead. To get this, I even put myself in his shoes. This way, singing while pretending that the lyrics are words I want to express to the other person; these are the feelings I have while performing.

YH: Our performances for this song could possibly be the most natural to date.

— In the MV, there’s a scene where there are multiple members appearing one after another.
YH: That’s a trick where we split our bodies (laugh)
JS: But it seems like our bodies were not joint back properly, especially Yunho (laugh)
YH: No such thing
JS: No no, it was never enough in the first place
YH: If this were in the video, it would be a little embarrassing
JS: So, let’s return to the question. The MV this time is simple and cool.

— Although it’s simple, the song and harmonization is exceptional, the filming was also interesting.
JJ: It was filmed with the mindset of “no matter when, I’ll always be here”.
JS: Whether is day or night, I’ll always be here.
YH: Although there are times when you can’t meet the other, isn’t it good to miss the other occasionally?
JS: But everyone will always be with me, right?
CM: (immediately) Okay, that’s enough. (everyone laughs)
CM: Although being with Junsu makes you happy, but there are times you (T/N: Junsu) feel tired too, so for the sake of yourself and everyone, please take a break sometimes (laugh)


— If you have children in future, how would Junsu like to bring them up?
JS: I want to wait until the child is 3 years old, before finding out his interests, then focus on developing the child’s talents.

— Ah! Bring them up according to talent!
JS: Yes, to the best of my abilities!

— So, that means that the child can decide the contents?
JS: Yes, it’s like that. I loved soccer since I was young, and I played it often. If I have a son, I’d like to teach him how to play soccer, if he could become a professional player in future that would be good; there’s a lot of thoughts like this. But if the child doesn’t do well in soccer, or has no interest, I can’t force him to either, right?

— You won’t force him?
JS: Yes. I won’t force him to do things he doesn’t enjoy. I should still respect my child’s opinions, to let him make his own decisions.

— From the little things, I can tell that Junsu wants an education focused on the talent, and is more concerned on his growth.
JS: Yes. Rather than a child, I’d rather we be like friends.

— By the way, do you prefer a boy or girl?
JS: It would be great if I could have 2 boys and a girl.

— Is there a preferred sequence?
JS: First a boy, then followed by a boy again, then it would be best if the last was a girl. Regarding the future, I’ve already thought about it since high school.

— You started thinking from such a young age?
JS: Yes. I like to plan my future, but there are conditions, and it’s impossible if I’m not a mature adult yet (laugh)

Source: [xiahking]
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Asia Song Fest '08 to be Aired in Japan

The 2008 Asia Song Festival will be aired in Japan.
Previously, after the program was aired, more and more people became Tohoshinki fans.
I'm pleased to inform everyone that this will be the first time for many fans to watch the 2008 Asia Song Festival (on Japanese TV).

CS Release Fuji TV ONE
8/3 (Monday) 21:00 to 23:00

Recorded on the 3rd to 5th of October 2008
At Seoul World Cup Stadium

Tohoshinki, SS501, w-inds, Berryz Kobo, Anna Tsuchiya

The music festival invites the industry's most influential people in Asia.
The 5th Asia Music Festival~
It is where all of Asia's leading pop artists come together to perform on one stage.
The backstage scenes, along with their spectacular song and dance, would be shown. Fans would not want to miss seeing this.

Source: angelee
Translation: mel @

Jaejoong and Yoochun in Boy Pop Factory 09

The 26th night
Fumiya Fujii / Miyazawa Kazushi
Tachibana Keita (w-inds.)

2009/08/20 (木)
藤井フミヤ / 宮沢和史
橘慶太 (w-inds.) / なぎら健壱
ジェジュン×ユチョン from 東方神起

credit: [email protected] + fujitv
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Choikang Changmin for Paradise Ranch

The member of popular group TVXQ, Choikang Changmin (21) was selected as leading role of a new drama “Paradise Ranch”.

A joint production of publisher Samhwa Networks and TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment, “Paradise Ranch” has announced Changmin as one of the cast.

“Paradise Ranch”: script writer by Jang Hyeon-joo known from “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” and “Into The Sun” and co-writer Seo Hui-jung, is starting its shooting activities next month in Jejudo island.

From Samhwa Networks: “It’s a bright, cheerful story with beautiful background music to create a masterpiece melodrama. “Paradise Ranch” will start its local broadcast at the end of this year and go through Japan and also around Southeast Asia”.

source: yna news
trans: [email protected]

Jung Yunho’s Full Efforts for Heading to The Ground

September 9th is the first broadcast of MBC new drama “Heading to The Ground” with TVXQ’s member Jung Yunho (23) as the leading role challenging his first acting experience.

Due to preparation of this drama, Yunho’s sleeping time has been reduced.

TVXQ’s activity currently is focusing in Japan, therefore, starting the following month Yunho will be busy going back and forth between Korea-Japan as the schedule asks him.

The first full script reading practice had been done few times last week starting July 25th. On July 25th, after script reading practice early in the morning, Yunho had already headed back to Japan in the afternoon. While on July 30th, Yunho will be back to Korea for his first shooting activities.

Yunho put his full efforts for this drama. According to “Heading to The Ground” crew, “Yunho has been contacting the director and script writer a lot these days, to talk about his character.

He even do a lot of exercises to get a shape of an athlete body.”

After seeing Yunho’s practice, PD Park Song-soo said, “He’s quite likely. I can’t wait to see how’s he developing in the next one month.” heldback his compliment yet.

Jung Yunho’s first acting challenge as Cha Bong-Goon in “Heading to The Ground” is expected to get an exploding response to see the fact of TVXQ’s fanbases in entire Asia.

source: sportsnews + newsen
summarized trans: [email protected]


Fuji TV’s 50th year Anniversary Event, 2009 Fuji Folkmura! is held for 7 consecutive years!

Folkmura event “Sakaemachi Konosuke’s 2009 Deluxe ODAIBA”:

A new single to be released on September 30th, “COLORS~Melody & Harmony” by Jejung and Yuchon from Tohoshinki has been decided to perform!


Date: August 18th (Tue), 19th (Wed), 20th (Thurs)
Opening: 18:00, performance: 19:00
Venue: ZEPP Tokyo
Ticket: 3,900 yen (incld. tax) for advance sales; 4,200 yen (incld. tax) for on the spot sales

trans: [email protected]

a-nation Fanclub Stall Plan 2

Bigeast, how do you do?

[a-nation'09 powered by WHEY & ENERGY] fanclub would be organizing the 2nd plan of selling goods.
This year, there would be stalls set up at all a-nation venues. Aside from these goods, there would be idols’ limited cards sold at these stores. Fanclub members can also get these from their mobile websites.

The idol stalls:
hitomi, Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, BoA, Ai, Tohoshinki, AAA, GIRL NEXT DOOR

A total of 144 different cards would be sold. Sold by threes, these are priced at 200 yen each.

Within these three cards, there is bound to be one card that each fan would want! The other two might not be what the fans want. However, you are welcome to trade with other people. You can only buy one set each time. The maximum for each fan is 10 packets (30 cards).

With regards to the Ehime performance on the 1st of August and the Aichi performance on 15th of August, there would not be any a-nation fanclub store set up because of the venue. Thus, no special cards can be sold.
Other than the said performances, all the other performances venues would still have the selling of these goods.

Our staff would be pleased to help everyone out.
For more details, please head to the FC website, NEWS section. (Mobile PC)

Source: Bigeast + myyunho
Translation: mel @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Nikkan Sports Daily – Junsu

Today’s Nikkan Sports is Tohoshinki special, and as u may have expected, there are both group and individual interviews… too bad xiahyu-ri only mentioned a brief summary of Junsu’s interview on the paper. Here it is:

○ He keeps repeating ajusshi oyaji gags, such a mood maker.
JUNSU is the charm of TVXQ. One with a dense appealing smile.

○ However, he also has many tears flowing behind the appealing smile of him.

○ A talk of past that is mixed of smile and painful experiences.
Due to his past, there’s a strong will revealed, hidden under the charm smile of him.

○ He’s someone with high professional consciousness, that can not directly noticed from his smiling face.

credit: xiahyu-ri
trans + shared by: [email protected]

Nikkan Sports Daily: Yuchon’s Interview

“My mental age is just like an elementary student.”

Yuchon (23) said that in a wide smile, yet he’s still a member who is fluent in both Japanese and international language English.

When he was at 6th in elementary school, it was the first time of him went to America for his father work. He suddenly faced a language barrier there.

“When I was in America in my first year, except going back and forth between school and house, I didn’t go anywhere else outside. I didn’t have friends back then.”

Yuchon’s first friend to learn proper English was his 5 years old younger brother.

“I was left alone at home cleaning or listening to music …
At that time, I definitely closed my mind and turned into a different person. I was so clumsy in communication.”

He’s listening a lot of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”.

The boy was encouraged to aim his way in music, He was 17th years old when he passed an audition.

After returning to Korea, he also had difficulties in communication.
“Yet everything changed once I had my debut. I started to talk with various kind of people.”

Being successful in Korea, the group challenged to have activities in Japan, and once again he faced the language barrier.

“Do not know any Japanese… When you return to Korea, it’s easier to have friends.. The thought of coming back was truthfully appearing during our hard times.”

Finally after some discussions with the members, they came up with conclusions:
“After we have announced in Korea that we would challenge Japan, we wouldn’t like to return this way, without having any results.”

To make improvement with their Japanese, all members often made Japanese conversation with each other.

The band in dream boat.

“The first time I finally understand Japanese (laughs). Other than learning from dictionary and books, I learned more from dramas and songs. I watched Takuya Kimura’s “Engine” and listened a lot to The Gospellers and Fukuyama Masaharu.”

Two times experienced ‘language barrier’, it’s always music which can help to overcome everything.

“Given today, Japanese is all right. In addition, there were many activities for other country that were done in Japan “

The english skill he learned since he’s in 6th elementary school in his American life, is becoming useful when the members are traveling to foreign countries.

“I use it when I ask for room service (laughs)”

Before photographing, the staff consulted about his meant-to-be hair style. He’s asking the image Yuchon wanted.

He told the staff, “I feel like to be Osamu Tezuka’s hero cartoon, Black Jack.”

Yuchon answered the staff excitedly, “I really want to…”

Staff, “…” (LOL)

Asides from the child aspect in him, he’s still an older member that can be relied upon.

“I’d like chameleon.”
He had a future dream to form a band.

“We bought a boat, and our band will perform on that boat.”
Good at piano. He’s the melody maker of the group.

Perhaps the day when the magnificent dream comes true might actually come.


About Dong Bang Shin Ki?
- a thing which I treasure the most

If I were not a TVXQ member?
- since I was a little child, I always dream to be a singer. I really can’t think of anything else.

- Taekwondo. I was ever selected as representative player.

Favorite singer?
- I love the bass voice of Fukuyama Masaharu, and his songs “Cherry Hills” also “Last Love”.

Strong point and weak point?
- Since I listen to music a lot, I have a quite sense in musical instruments
My weakness is I’m so weak in the morning. It’s really difficult to do things early in the morning.

source: Nikkan Sports
credit: xiahyu-ri + dnbn
trans: [email protected]

The Secret Code Exhibition

Finally, at the largest venue in Japan, TVXQ made successful performance at Tokyo Dome.
Our latest autographed brochure has entered the exhibition.

-The Secret code-FINAL in TOKYO DOME performance autographed brochure enters exhibition.

Exhibition Location: Shibuya Tower 5 floor elevator hall
Exhibition period: July 25 ~ 2009 end date to be determined

The release of Tokyo Dome performance DVD has been determined!
Pre-orders are received!

We welcome you fans to our store!

source: Tower Records blog
trans: [email protected]

Dong Bang Shin Ki Max ChangMin is the next for drama debut after Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo

After members Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo, Max ChangMin of Dong Bang Shin Ki will be the next to have his drama debut.

Recently Max ChangMin has been casted as the male main character for drama ‘Paradise Meadow’, and is the 3rd member in Dong Bang Shin Ki to have his drama debut.

SM Entertainment said on 28th July, “Max ChangMin has been casted for youth melodrama ‘Paradise Meadow’. He will start filming for it end of next month and is currently practising acting.”

The drama is a collaborate drama between SamHwan Networks, which brought us dramas like ‘Mother is angry’, and SM Entertainment.

Members Hero JaeJoong has previously been casted for ‘Telecinema’ to be aired later this year and recently UKnow YunHo has also been casted for MBC drama ‘Heading the Ground’, and with one more member trying out acting, more anticipation are in for how these idols will succeed as actors.

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Japanese idol gets anti-fans after confessing her affection for TVXQ Yunho

Member Japanese Idol group AKB48, Atsuko Maeda (18 yrs old) admits she's a huge fan of DBSK's Jung Yunho.

According to a report in Tokyo Ginza, Maeda expressed, "Yunho is a tall, thoughtful man. When the first trading card to commemorate THSK was released in a bookstore, I immediately went to get it. I really like him."

After she announced her affection for Yunho in her blog, fans bought her CDs and posters and tore them apart, expressing their discontent with the singer.

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Heaven’s Postman to be Home Theatre

It’s still under confirmation.

Korea-Japan joint project, Tele Cinema “Heaven’s Postman” that will be airing in SBS Drama Series by the end of this year, is planning to be produced as home theatre.

Youngwoong Jejung and his workmate Han Hyo-joo have finished the filming.

source: Hollywood Star News
trans: [email protected]

Choikang Changmin Takes On Acting

(Newsen Reporter Park Seyeon)

Choikang Changmin has taken up acting and is following the footsteps of his fellow members, YoungWoong Jaejoong and U-Know Yunho.

Choikang Changmin is the third person in the group to take on acting and as recently been cast as the lead role in the new drama ‘Paradise Pasture.’

A person working at SM Entertainment had a phone conversation with Newsen on July 28th and stated, “Choikang Changmin was chosen for the romantic, mellow drama ‘Paradise Pasture.’ The filming begins late next month and he is currently busy rehearsing for his role.”

‘Paradise Pasture’ will be co-produced by SM Entertainment who are in charge of singers such as TVXQ and SNSD, and Samhwa Networks that has produced drama such as ‘Mom’s Dead Upset’ and ‘Club of Good Housewives.’

He also stated that, “They are currently casting for the roles other than the role that Choikang Changmin has taken.”

YoungWoong Jaejoong will be starring in the Telecinema ‘Heaven’s Postman’ that will be aired on SBS later this year, and U-Know Yunho will be starring in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground.’ Choikang Changmin will be following them and changing into an actor for the second half of this year. Many have high expectations for what the members of TVXQ will bring to the small screen.

‘Paradise Pasture’ is set to air in Japan and the whole Eastern Asian region as well.

Source: [newsen + DNBN]
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U-Know Yunho Reduced Rest

[HB News] U-know Yunho: Reducing sleep time in order to complete filming of drama series.

DBSK member U-Know Yunho has been busy travelling between both Korea and Japan. Because of his first time experience in acting, he has been so busy that he seems to be dripping huge drops of sweat. Regarding this matter. U-Know Yunho said that he will sacrifice his own rest time in order to complete the filming of the new drama.

On the 25th of this month, U-Know Yunho rushed back to Korea in order to rehearse the scripts with all the other actors.

On the 30th of this month, as the filming of U-Know Yunho’s first ever drama serial will start, he will, therefore, once again return back to Korea.
According to U-Know Yunho’s company spokesman, he saiid that U-Know Yunho would usually communicate with the director or script-writer regarding his questions on the character. Since his role is a sportsman, he has also been busy building up his body.

U-Know Yunho and the production team have already gone through the script many times and have finally finished the content last week. PD Park Chamsoo (T/N: As it is translated from Chinese, I can’t figure out his actual name) said after going through the script with U-Know Yunho: “U-Know Yunho made me realize the potential. U-Know Yunho’s fresh and new acting have all been placed in my eye already”

Source: [togethertvxq]
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Thailand To Buy Heading To The Ground?

The popular group DBSK’s leader, Jung Yunho, will be co-operating with the elegant Go Ara on the new MBC Drama <Heading To The Ground>

This is the first time Jung Yunho is doing a drama although he has, already, in the past, acted in a few short comedy dramas with the other members. The feeling of holding the main lead of <Heading To The Ground> is different, the character Jung Yunho is supposed to act as is Cha Bong-Gun is a person with no luck and through endless hard work and talent did he succeed in being part of the national soccer team.

On the 19th of July, Jung Yunho and many others who were selected gathered and went through 5 hours of auditions before being chosen. During the audition, Jung Yunho was noted as “Asian Super Idol” and did his all in acting out this character. His amazing performance and ample emotions engraved a deep impression in the producing company. A representative said: “When I saw him acting, it felt very similar to the male lead in the drama series and furthermore, Jung Yunho’s training before debut was indeed harsh, very similar to the character here.”
Jung Yunho, who usually likes soccer too, said: “I love this character alot and I felt touched when I saw the script. I would love to want bring out this true feelings through acting.”

<Heading To The Ground> has a total of 16 episodes, and will be shown on the 9th of September through MBC channel. A famous thailand television company has also been communicating with MBC, hoping it could be able to build a partnership and be able to bring in the shows from them and broadcast them at the same time.

Source: [togethertvxq]
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About SM Town Live

SM Town Live - Watching with Whole Family is More Special

People are looking forward to the upcoming family portrait special event in the 5 hour SM Town Live ’09 concert, which will take place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on August 16th from 5 pm to 10 pm.

SM Town Live ’09 is not only for friends and lovers; it is a summer music festival project that the whole family can enjoy. In order to make it more convenient for the whole family to come, there is a section called “Happy Whole Families” for families that have 3-4 members in total to watch the concert.

“Happy Whole Families” will give free “SM Town Special Combination Beverages Gift Certificates” for those who come with their parents and children. The whole family can enjoy the concert and create special memories.

There is also the 1+1 seating for the disabled. The disabled and those who come with them can each receive a 50% discount. This will allow a wider range of people to come enjoy the concert.

On the other hand, SM Town Live ’09 will feature popular stars in Asia, such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Zhang Li Yin, SNSD, SHINee and other SM artists.

Source: [铭记昌珉]
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DBSK to Release Live DVD Version of Mirotic Concert

On 30th July, Dong Bang Shin Ki will be releasing the DVD version of their THE 3RD TVXQ Asia Tour Mirotic Concert.

The DVD album is an exclusive look into their concert which was held on February 20th-22nd in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. The album will have 2CDs consisting of concert versions of their new songs in Japan, an introduction of the concert, their explosive live performances and behind the scenes of the concert.

In addition, the album will also show members Yunho, Xiah, Changmin, Jaejoong and Micky on stage introducing themselves with witty lines and mingling with their fans at the concert.

Also, the DVD version will include the Korean version and lyrics to their new Japanese song “Song For U” as well as other bonus tracks.

Source: Kimchilicious
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/29/09 , edited 8/5/09
Nikkan Daily Sports: Jejung Interview

The Mom of the group, Hero Jejung.

At home, cooking for his friends, a very optimistic guy even in the worst situation.

The youngest from 9 siblings, and the eldest son among the girls, Jejung has a middle character that is full of assurance.

He was still in 6th grade of elementary school when became newspaper delivery-boy.

In group, there’s a presence of Hero Jejung (23) as a mother. With Yunho as the leader who leads all 5 members altogether, they left their home country and he’s the one who takes care of the home-made dishes. “But recently due to the busy schedule, I tend to run away from households things (laughs). I couldn’t even make up my own room, no way I’m a good mother.”

He became newspaper delivery boy in 6th grade of elementary school, part time job delivering chicken when he was in junior high, and already living alone at the age of 15 to pursue his dream to become an artist.

“When I look back everything, I thought it would be tough. But there’s no things like painful memory to me. That is a really good experience.” He comes with such positive thinking. Talking about reactions from 2005 in Japan when they’re still unaccepted, “We want to go back to Korea,” many times minds like that was revealed. “But we need to overcome the big wall, as we have to believe that we will.” Those words moved the heart.

Living with instinct

He had his own analysis of his character, “Simple, I’m not one who calculates everything. I live with instinct. If there is a troublesome work and that’s the only work available at that time, I’ll try to seek the fun side of it.” For him, game and alcohol are important.

“When all members drink alcohol in joy, we will soon forget the eeriness of work. I’m type that is good with any alcohol, but what I drink most is beer and soju. I’m not weak with alcohol but one who drinks the most is Changmin.”

Tension as weak point.

His weak point is “tension weakness”. When they mobilized 100,000 audiences for two days in Tokyo DOME concert, “I was definitely nervous. I was surprised with the scale of the venue. It was the greatest venue which I have never been experienced til now.

I was shocked to see all audiences lighting up pen light, and Tohoshinki as the point of attraction in the middle of red venue.

There’s a shinning feeling to be surrounded like that.

Maybe I sound like a great pretender, but I really thought that it was really insane. In our early days, we only got to perform in front of less than 100 audiences, even the connection with them was the best, But it’s not something to be proud of.

“Then I got a letter from fan. Said that Tohoshinki had to hang in there. The most important thing was not how big the venue is, but the size of the artist itself.”

When Tohoshinki stands side to side, it’s always Hero Jejung who is in the middle in group. One who is optimistic and has role as a wonderful mother.

Hero Jejung Profile:
- born on January 26th, 1986. The oldest son and youngest among 9 siblings.
- 178 cm, 60 kg
- main vocal
- Blood type O

- this is family. We’re not connected by blood, but our time together is like a real family. I want to do anything together for a long time with them.

If not become a part of the group?
- A clothing store owner. I really like clothes. I’ll be the one who chooses clothes for the members.

- peeling sausages. I ever got challenged to peel sausages in a program to see the best, and I’m the fastest.

Favorite singer?
- Fukuyama Masaharu, he got an one of a kind charming voice.

Strong and weak point?
- I’m good at cooking dishes. When members eat my dish, I would feel really glad. My weak point is I have a weak tone. I’ll always be the one who make failures in recording.

credit: xiahyu-ri+alwaysjj+dnbn
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The Scramble Dramas of Young Idol TVXQ

Group TVXQ has announced their second half year plan.

Out of 5 TVXQ members, the three of them: U-Know Yunho, Hero Jaejoong, and Choikang Changmin have at once declared their appearance in local drama.

On July 28th, SM Entertainment said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Choikang Changmin’s drama, “Paradise Ranch (Paradise Meadow)” will be broadcast at the end of August this year. Next one is the lead actor of September, U-Know Yunho whose drama “Heading to The Ground” will be broadcast. While in October, Youngwoong Jaejoong’s SBS Tele Cinema “Heaven’s Postman” is airing.

3 Actors, Exploding Interest

Being so long focusing both in local and foreign music record activities, the announcement of 3 members at once to become actors is somehow unusual.

Moreover, for Yunho and Jaejoong are officially known to be the first time appearing in formal TV drama therefore gathering a lot of focus and attention. (T/N: Changmin’s drama still has SM in it taking role in production, thus is considered as non-formal drama)

Being compared with other idol groups such as SNSD and Big Bang, their debut steps in acting department is considered a bit late. In 5 years of being singers, there has been a careful talk about deciding to take additional experience as an actor, and feedbacks both from members and staffs were coordinated.

In the end, the final decision of this acting debut is for a belief that there will be explosive reactions from fans.

Applying YoonA’s Case

SNSD’s YoonA, who comes from the same agency as TVXQ, whose previous dramas are getting success is somehow a force for TVXQ.

From KBS 1 family drama last year, “You Are My Destiny” that became a big hit and led to YoonA’s recent MBC drama “Cinderella Man” which shows the range acting of her that gathers a lot of audiences from all kinds of age groups which proves her successful.

The judgment of whether TVXQ can or can’t be “Men YoonA” is decided next.

However, eventhough the broadcasting is still in progress, yet to see the brand value of TVXQ itself to drama area, a ripple effect potential seems to be undoubted.

TVXQ’s Brand Power. Full Wave is Appearing.

On 28th, meeting KBS drama writer, “To couple TVXQ’s characters in drama with relatively popular actresses such as Han Hyo Joo and Go Ara is a prudent decision.” he said. “It will creates a positive effects.”

A more simple speculation was done.

An entertainment person concerned, “TVXQ is an idol group with most local fans. In a drama, you literally can not ignore the power of brands. Fans will definitely watch their dramas and that’s a strong competitive factor other dramas don’t have.”

B entertainment person pointed the wave to effect the result, “They’re building image to TVXQ fans in Korean market about the young idol ‘is trying to make a turn to opposite direction’ ” he added, “These three people will be coming out simultaneously, the ripple effect undoubtedly could be doubled more.”

source: nownews
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Bigeast has reached 170k members

This is a bit sudden...
But the number of members in Tohoshinki has reached 170, 000 people!!

After the Tokyo Dome live, it was 120,000 members, but when (did it reach 170,000)?

Just how big will this get...?

- cut here (talking about another ent) -

The numbers were printed on a daily tabloid newspaper

t/n: the number of fans in bigeast has increased from 120,000 to 170,00, according to a sports newspaper, but we'll wait for further confirmation

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MUSIC JAPAN TV Tohoshinki Special

Tohoshinki Special
8/2 (Sunday) 16:00-16:30
8/3 (Mon) 9:29-9:54

Please take note that this time, the Tohoshinki Special's concept is about summer.
They will tell everyone their memories of summer, the things they wish to do during that season and more...

Source: dnbn + mytvxq
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Yoochun’s Hardships Before Becoming a Singer

Micky Yoochun (23)’s parents, when he was in Grade Six, moved to U.S. due to job relocation. Yoochun spent six years of his life in U.S. until he decided to return to Korea.

Yoochun states: “At that time, during the first year there at U.S., I was really lonely. I usually spent my days at school or at home. I had no friends at that time.”

Yoochun’s younger brother, who was faster at learning English, made friends a lot more quickly than Yoochun.

Since he was at home so much, Yoochun spent most of his time listening to music. And from then on, he decided that when he grew up, he’d become a well-known singer.

At the ripe age of 17, Yoochun headed back to Korea to fulfill his dream. He had considered going to Japan, but decided against it since he knew no Japanese, and also he had left friends back in Korea since Grade Six.

After arriving in Korea, Yoochun set his heart on learning Japanese.

Hence, every single time he were to reply or talk, he talked in Japanese.

Yoochun states: “Now that I think about it, it was probably a smarter idea to go to Japan first…”

Yoochun was asked before: “What would happen to you now if you didn’t get in TVXQ and gave up on becoming a singer?”

Yoochun repled:
“I’m not too sure, because it has been my dream to become a singer since I was a child.”

“What do you think of your life as a singer? Any regrets or hardships?”

Yoochun replied to this one like this:
“The only hardship I face is getting out of bed early in the morning. It is really hard.” (laughs)

Yoochun’s Profile
Name: Park Yoochun
Birthdate: June 4th 1986
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood type: 0

Source: dnbn
Translated by: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Credits: OneTVXQ {One World One Red Ocean One TVXQ }

“Heading to the Ground” Cast Finishes Their First Script-Reading practice

The pre-shoot practice for MBC new drama “Heading to the Ground” has begun.

On 25th July at Ilsan Dream Center, the director, script writer, producer as well as actors involved, Jung Yun Ho and Go Ara gathered together to read through the script.

As soon as script reading was completed, Yunho flew back to Japan immediately. The crew complimented Yunho for his passion and attitude, as well as expressing the character of his role well.

PD Park Sung-soo said after the practice, “We could feel the heartfelt sincerity of everyone during the script practice today. The crew and actor communicated well and I could see the characters developing.”

“Heading to the Ground” will air on September 9th.

Source: Kimchilicious

Junsu’s Solo Activities Will Be Announced Soon‏

The announcement of TVXQ’s second half year plan which includes the acting debut from 3 of TVXQ members: Jaejoong for “Heaven’s Postman”, Yunho for “Heading to The Ground”, and Changmin for “Paradise Meadow” is getting a lot of concerned. How high the loyalty of their fans to actually watch the dramas of their idols has become a topic to talk about.

Meanwhile, stick in musical activities, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong in duet project is targeting Japan market. Their duet song, “COLORS~Melody and Harmony” was introduced for the first time at TVXQ’ concert in Tokyo Dome in early July. The single itself is scheduled to be released and broadcast in late September. The song is produced especially for image song of Japan’s popular character “Hello Kitty 35th anniversary”.

As for Junsu, the only member whose solo activity hasn’t announced yet, there’s still running a careful discussion for his various activities plan including music recording so that he will soon in synergized with other members.

SM entertainment said, “Actually the member who comes out first with solo activity is Junsu who formed AnyBand back then in 2007 for a cellphone CF.”

“The activity plan which will reveal his true talent for both Korea and Japan stage will be announced soon.”

summarized trans: [email protected]

Park Ji-Seon & Xiah Junsu

TVXQ’s Xiah received a love call line from an idol killer gagwoman Park Ji-Seon.

The love call line where Park Ji-Seon was having conversation with Xiah was recorded for the first time at KBS2 TV “Free Bets” (T/N: not sure about the show name)

source: Newsen
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Nikkan Sports Daily: Changmin’s Interview

Dream to be News Reporter

Changmin (21) is a member who is in charge of “tight” talks in TV program. The youngest member in group, yet the person who takes care the solidness of group (collects important details).

The manager said, “When the other members’ opinion are disjointed, Changmin is the one who unites all the pieces. To take a baseball term… he’s the ‘pinch’.”

Changmin loves to watch sports, in elementary school, he had a dream to be a sports reporter. Even until now, he’s still taking sometime to check on news about baseball and soccer.

When he’s asked about Yakult’s team Lim Chang-Yong, he answered a lot about him, “I know much, right?” with smile.

“To be called as the “pinch” of the team, it’s delightful, however I guess all members also acts like that.” he said shyly.

His father is a Korean teacher, he grew up in a hard working family. Therefore he definitely had no experience in entertainment industry. Changmin was scouted when he’s still in junior high, through his current agency’s audition. “There’s a force that pushed me to follow the audition. Since entertainment is not a world that is close with my family, previously, my parents opposed my decision.” he said.

At the early days of Tohoshinki’s formation, he really felt the age gap among the members. “They’re all just like my seniors. But recently, eventhough we have 1-2 year age gap, we just feel like ordinary friends.”

The 5 members are living together in the same house, and he’s using the living room for sleeping with Junsu (T/N: can I say… LOL LOL LOL??). “The other 3 members and manager just like to walk in and out the living room. I’m happy, but when I need time for myself, I’ll take a walk outside.”

Continue to challenge actively

Because the dream to be on Tokyo Dome stage is already reached, the next goal is to have one million copies sold. In the middle of recession like this, 1 million copies sales seems to be impossible. “The dream of all artists, to perform in front of 100,000 audiences, I’m so glad. But to have 1 million CD sales, I will be even happier.”

If you have a chance to challenge the actor business in Japan

“All members are active in that challenge, I want to do a lot of things people do. If I never come to Japan, I will never think that way. Maybe to perform in other countries wont be bad as well, I just want to do something. We’re all still young, even we might get failed, we would like to challenge as much as possible.”

Changmin with positive thinking, heading to the next dream

Choikang Changmin’s Profile:

- Born February 18th, 1988
- The youngest member
- Tenor
- 186 cm, 61 kg
- Blood type B

- we get along together, when there’s trouble, we’ll like to do brothers talk to each other.

If not become Tohoshinki?
- A news reporter. My childhood dream.

- eating. I’m confidence with my eating ability.

Favorite singer?
- MISIA. A great expressive voice and is so attractive.

Strong and weak point?
- My strong point is my high height. I introduce myself as “Changmin, the tallest member in TVXQ.”
My weak point is I’m shy. Eventhough everyday I meet a lot of people, I have to say something but always ended in silence.

source: Nikkan Sports
credit: xiahyu-ri
trans: [email protected]

U-Know Yunho – Ara: Heading to The Ground’s First Script Reading

MBC new drama “Heading to The Ground” (script by Kim Sol-ji / director Park Sung-soo) announced the beginning of its first script drama practice.

Last July 25th, at Ilsan Dream Center on 6th floor, in practice room gathered together the PD Park Sung-soo, script writer Kim Sol-ji, and the main actors U-Know Yunho, Ara, Lee Sang-yoon, and Lee Hyun-ji for reading script practice.

Reading with breathing-adjustment, the heart is hot with passion which is not defeated by anyone. Yunho plays as soccer player Cha Bong-goon while the role of daughter of the team owner who becomes his agent and is aiming for success, Kang Hye-bin is played by Ara.

They read the Hanggul script in their hand carefully in order not to make foolish mistakes such as overlook the letters with one another.

The MBC official who attended the scene, “As soon as he returned from Japan, he headed directly to reading room at Ilsan Dream Center for reading script practice. Yunho will not win his character by only read his lines, he also possesed 100% passion as if it’s already in shooting situation, and he’s always in good attitude.

As for lines that need supervision when it’s read which of course also takes stage directions, not only he heard the explanations carefully, but in every acts he showed, it’s shown a lot of enthusiasm.” he said

In addition, when his character Bong-goon who usually shows playful attitudes has to increase the voice with anger, Despite the training script, with a self-confidence on his face he proceed to express the anger feelings fully. Even the angry scene is increasing to the extent that he hit the desk in rage.

Yunho exceeded the across the sea boundary between Japan and Korea, calling the script writer Kim Sol-ji for 6 hours to get a thorough analysis about what is the author’s intention for his character.

‘Heading to The Ground’, there is no a spesific description about what the drama will be for now, but it’s about a passionate man who has everything, yet Cha Bong-goon still wants to grant his dream with his own power. The endless misunderstanding and repeatedly failures with Kang Hye-bin that ends in the two keep on bickering will unfold a romantic love story.

In addition, although Cha Bong-goon has as many as 3 times wandered between life and death, you’re going to be deeply impressed in having a victorious life, a drama with humanized spectacle.

source: Daily Economic News Star
trans: [email protected]

Jaejoong in Japanese Magazine Trans

Too beautiful, drinking alone
That smooth hair, skin so white it’s almost like it’s transparent, beautiful arm and chest muscles… In a karaoke lounge, drinking alone in the middle of the counter… there’s no mistaking it, it’s Jaejoong (23) from Tohoshinki.
Unaffected by the tequila, at karaoke he sang enthusiastically to Fukuyama Masaharu’s, Exile’s, and even Tohoshinki’s ballads.
Then, a while after 4 a.m
He exchanges hugs with the staff and the regular customers, and leaves. Even though he’s 3m away, he’s still too beautiful~
That night he sat in the middle of the counter, and on his knee was a chihuahua that had been brought in by another customer, and he was kissing and hugging the dog.
When the customers requested for him to sing a song, he mischievously refused, but he started looking for a song, and the song that played was Fukuyama Masaharu’s ‘Saiai’
The next song he sang was Tohoshinki’s hit song, Doushite~ and as a token of gratitude, the customers from the shop bought him tequila.
The last song he sang was Ti Amo by EXILE, and sometimes he sang in Korean (!!)
He left the place at around 4 am.

T/N: seems like he was slightly drunk when he left

Photo credit: AlwaysJJ
Trans by: [email protected]
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TokyoMXTV News – Tokyo Sport Newspaper

summary from mokotohoku @youtube

Korean idol groups( tvxq, bb) are becoming hotter and hotter than japanese ones even in japan. Johnny’s Entertainment aka JE (famous idol company ; like sm or yg in korea) have been able to put pressure on other company’s jp idol groups, who can compete against janney’s idols, for a long time. But it can’t do that to korean ones. So, the situation of JE’s idols is gradually getting worse in recent. [legra: about this, JE being worst... i have no comments... i love JE artist much too... so please, no bashing alright]

The two women are talking about tvxq.
Left one wearing a mask said : she don’t know well about tvxq but her mother likes ”a person standing right most position ” ( maybe yunho).
Right one having brown hair said : until recently she didn’t know about tvxq and now too. But her friend teached tvxq to her. She thinks tvxq is really something because it is struggling in a foreign contry japan.

credit: ikemenjae6
summary: [email protected]
shared by: [email protected]

TVXQ - Five People, Five Colors. Together And Apart... Separation into Acting-Duets

The members are morphing into actors with U-Know Yunho in 'Heading to the Ground,' Choikang Changmin in the romantic drama 'Paradise Ranch' amd YoungWoong Jaejoong in 'Heaven's Postman.'

YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be performing as a duet taking on the Japanese market, and Xiah Junsu is currently undecided on what he should do.

'YoungWoong Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho and now Choikang Changmin...'


'Together but apart at the same time' is starting off with U-Know Yunho. MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground,' which will begin aring on September 9th, will include Yunho as the main character Cha Bong-goon, a man who has overcome hardships. The group's youngest member Choikang Changmin is also taking on acting. He was cast in 'Paradise Ranch' which will begin filming late August in Jeju Island and he'll be juggling singing and acting at the same time.

'Paradise Ranch' is being co-produced by SM Entertainment and Samhwa Networks, a famous drama production company. The two companies will be showing the drama in Korea later this year and are also planning to air it in Japan as well as other Eastern Asian countries.

YoungWoong Jaejoong finished filming for his drama early this year. YoungWoong Jaejoong was cast as the lead role in he Omniverse drama 'Telecinema''s 'Heaven's Postman' and he worked with Han Hyojoo. 'Heaven's Postman' is set to air on SBS in October.

The TVXQ members' transformation into actors was in the spotlight this year. People in the business said this was due to the fact that because of the thick fan base of TVXQ, they could probably gain a lot of interest even just by being in one episode.

The change in their music-related activities has changed too. YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be working as a duet in Japan under the name 'Jejung and Yuchun from TVXQ.' In early July, they sang a duet song 'Colors, Melody and Harmony' at the Tokyo Dome during their concert. They will record this song and release it in September and will be having tv-appearances to advertise their new song. This song has been gaining a lot of attention as it was set as the theme song for the 'Hello Kitty' 35th anniversary.

Xiah Junsu is still considering his choices which include a solo album. A representative of SM stated, "Xiah Junsu was actually the first to go solo with the 2007 Mobile Phone CF 'Anyband'." He also said, "He is considering his choices between Korea and Japan and is trying to choose sometime that will show his many talents."

On another note, it seems that the fans opinions on these solo activities are mostly positive. In the internet fan cafe 'Cassiopeia' and TVXQ's official website, many different opinions on the members' solo activities can be seen and many of them say, "We hope they are respected as actors as much as they are as singers."

Reporter Lee Hyeri

Source: [Donga+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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Which male idol group member has the best body?

With the hot summer, the season for ‘revealing’, many boy groups which have emphasized on the image of ‘young boys’ previously are all coming out with the masculine image instead.

Which member of from idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, 2PM and 2AM has the best body?

Firstly for 2PM, the ‘team’s sexy guy’ JaeBum is known for his good built. Also known as an exercise-maniac, JaeBum has toned out a good body through exercising and acrobatic training. Especially for his chocolate 6 packs, he has a special trainer to build them up to a music built.

Next Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo has also received great reviews from fans about his built. He sticks with the toned and lean built which is very much amplified through his powerful and charismatic dance steps on stage.

2AM SeulOng and Big Bang SeungRi are some of the younger members coming out to show off their built this summer, being very successful in changing their image to the sexy image.

Seeing these muscles and great built, netizens say, “It just feel like a man”, “The face and their great sexiness (not over doing it) is their charms” etc.

For the Koreans, they vote:

1.2PM JaeBum
2.DBSK UKnow YunHo
3.Big Bang SeungRi
4.2AM SeulOng

credit: sookyeong @ kbites
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Colors: Melody & Harmony

CD + DVD: $17 USD
CD: $10 USD

Credits: DNBN
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Channel A - Tohoshinki Special Eng. Sub.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Credit: DBSKnights/ TVXQSleeplessNights @YT
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/31/09 , edited 8/5/09
TVXQ Comes to Shanghai For Concert – Most Expensive Ticket Worth 5000 Yuan

TVXQ’s appeal was always surprising. Throughout the various cities in Asia, there is always a lot of people going to their functions and concerts. On October 12th, they will have their concert at the Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium. After a week of ticket-selling, most of the tickets were already gone. This led to prices being pushed up, and some are worth up to 5000 yuan. (T/N: $731.84 U.S. dollars)

The concert called “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Shanghai Stop” started selling tickets last week. The lowest price was 450 yuan (T/N: $70.26 U.S. dollars), which was a few times more expensive than the cheapest tickets for other concerts held in that location, and those tickets were worth 80-180 yuan (T/N: $11.71 U.S. dollars – $26.35 U.S. dollars). The organizers set the prices after accounting the costs for the concert. This concert’s most expensive ticket was priced at 1280 yuan, but through the internet and other ways, each of those tickets was already priced at 5000 yuan.

The design of the dance stage for the Shanghai stop will be different from those in the Beijing and Nanjing stops. The site will be in a “王” shape. Therefore, the audience from the front and the back will get to see TVXQ close up, and the closest distance will be only a few meters.

Source: [新民网]
Translations: [email protected]
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U-Know Yunho “Can’t Get Enough Of Bong-goon”

Group ‘TVXQ’’s U-Know Yunho finished his first filming for the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ <script: Park Sol Ji, Directing: Park Sungsoo> with co-star Lee Yoonji.
U-Know Yunho plays ‘Bong-goon,’ a soccer player who has nothing and lives an unlucky life but lives passionately to fulfill his dream of becoming a national soccer player while surviving three near-death experiences. This is U-Know Yunho’s first attempt at acting since debuting five years ago.

The day’s filming was shot in Bong-goon’s house in Sangsoo-dong in which Bong-goon (U-Know Yunho) hears from Yeonji (Lee Yoonji) that the girl Bong-goon liked, Mi-gyung, is getting married and Bong-goon leaves the house furious. U-Know Yunho, who was known to be fully committed about his role and who had many in-depth discussions with the staff to fully understand the character that the script writer had wanted, was seen talking seriously with Director Park Sungsoo and listening to every direction so that he could capture the right character that was needed for ‘Bong-goon.’

U-Know Yunho stated, “I thought I would be very nervous but we had a lot of active scenes from the first shoot so I had a lot of fun. I do feel burdened and pressured a bit as this is my first attempt at acting but I want to work hard to correctly portray Bong-goon who lives life to the fullest even though he doesn’t live in the best conditions.” U-Know Yunho, who is required to play center-forward in the drama, also showed off some of his soccer moves as he stated that he liked to play soccer during his free time.

On a side note, no fewer than 100 fans gathered around Bong-goon’s house to catch a glimpse of the star in action. The Human Victory Spectacle, Human Drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ will begin airing on Spetember 9th.

Source: [tvian+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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U-Know Yunho Becomes A Fashion Model

Idol group 'TVXQ''s leader U-Know Yunho has become the '09 F/W collection model of unique, Oriental jean brand 'Evisu' and has already gone into filming for the advertisement.U-Know Yunho partook in the shoot wearing jeans, a white shirt and thick-rimmed glasses and showed off his charismatic side.

Reporter Han Hyuk Seung

Source: [mydaily+DNBN]
Translated by: [email protected]
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Nikkan Sports Daily: YUNHO’s Interview

A dream to be prosecutor

The fact why U-Know Yunho (23) was chosen as the group’s leader.

All members said that it’s because his “charismatic charisma”, and he himself is someone who has a high awareness about the surroundings (T/N: care with other people).

His father is very strict. He’s been taught about a sincere manliness for a belief that “a man should be like this” in him. Due to his father’s lesson, from the very young age, he’s trained to not easily whinny when he made mistakes.

He becomes a natural leader and always been chosen as captain. His dream was to be a public prosecutor back then.

From what being heard, he used to withstand his father a lot.

“It’s true. When I was in middle school, I was in my rebellious stage.”

But now he already gave up to make a change of the natural flow of his life.
“This is what I’m supposed be. I think it’s perfect.” he laughed excitingly.

He added, “When I was still as trainee in my agency, I had never got a compliment like “you did good”. I was wondering whether I wasn’t praised because the expectation of the company was greater. I so missed to get credit of what I did, back then.”

Just like other members, there’s a while in Japan when he’s thinking “Why can’t we be accepted?”. Many nights had passed sleeplessly. The unusual sense of responsibility in him forced out, thus the agony was doubled. “I was thinking about returning back to Korea. Whether this is what we really want to do. I was so scared.” he revealed.

Right now, their stardom has rose steadily in Japan with the stages in Budoukan and Tokyo Dome, however, the most surprising effect happened after they’re invited for the first time and debuted at NHK Kouhaku Red-White concert last year.

January this year.
When they went to Saipan in the PV shooting, the women of the local residents said, “We know Tohoshinki. We watched them in Red-White concert.”

“Not only young people, but Grandpa, grandma, and even people abroad, they know Tohoshinki. This is amazing.”

Motsunabe is the best.

Currently he’s been addicted to Japan motsunabe. “There are a lot of delicious food in Japan. But if I have to choose one, then motsunabe is. There’s also food like this in Korea, but Japanese’s has more simple taste. When I ate it in Japan for first time in Hakata, it was so delicious that even surprised me. Definitely perfect for my taste.

Everytime I went to eat in Hakata, it’s just like a melody: when being asked, ‘Do you want to eat motsunabe?’ I’ll answered. ‘of course. I want it so much!’”

There’s a hope within the mighty arms.

When being asked about the goals in the future, he cited the name Michael Jackson. “No matter the time has passed, his music remains forever. I’d like to sing songs like that. For everyone who always support us, we’ll never be forgetting our dream.”

With the fans, U-Know Yunho will always keep Tohoshinki at the top pace.

YUNHO’s Profile

- Born February 6, 1986. Always becomes a leader ever since elementary school.
- Leader.
- Bass voice
- 184 cm, 63 kg.
- Blood type A.

- My friends and family. The most important treasures.

If not become Tohoshinki?
- Prosecutor. What I always dream in my childhood.
Grandfather, father, and paternal relatives are all from the Faculty of Law.

- Aikido. I’d been taught since a very young age and also taekwondo.

Favorite singer?
- The Gospellers. I love all the members.
Eventhough we already had opportunity to perform together with them few times, they still look big for me.

Strong and weakness point?
- My strong point is my concentration, I can actually be addicted to something. While my weakness point is my forgetful attitude. Recently the goods of mine I’ve been missing out are increasing…

source: Nikkan Sports Daily
credit: xiahyu-ri
trans: [email protected]

B-Pass Order in which celebrities can swim #4 Changmin

This month’s topic:

[The celebrity who can always track-water in a swimming pool]

#2 Seiji Ogura 小倉誠司 (flumpool)
#3 YAMATO (Orange Range)
#4 Changmin
#5 遊助 (Yusuke?)

Translation: jaesarng @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Nicole from Kara's Thanks, mentionning Junsu and Yoochun

She said Junsu oppa.. buy me the meat!! and mischievous Yoochun oppa.

credit: mickyfan + [email protected]
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Stand By U (Sweet Room ラスト・ラブ Ver.)

As can be seen, there’s another version of the music video.
I wonder how it would be like… hmmmm….
ouh, today is the 31st right… cool… gonna youtube it later i guess ^^

Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~ / 浜崎あゆみ
Stand by U (Sweet Room ラスト・ラブ Ver.) / 東方神起

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TVXQ 2 Canada

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TVXQ World Popularity Poll

Recently, the famous site, micropoll, hosted a public opinion poll, about SM Entertainment artists' fans and where they are from, other than Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea. 3081 TVXQ fans left a message after taking this poll, and it is said that TVXQ has an ultra-high popularity worldwide.

The following are the findings from this poll.
TVXQ fans from:
67% of the people who participated in the poll are from Thailand
U.S.A.- 5%
Malaysia- 4%
Phillippines- 2%
Canada, Australia, Birtain, Spain, and Singapore- 1%
Other countires- 16%

The following eight were hand-picked messages and selected from oversea countires:
1. I was born in Vietnam and went to see one of your concerts. I hope oppa can come to Vietnam as soon as possible. I love you!
2. I am a Vietnamese fan. I like the five of you, and I hope that UFO Town will soon have UFOs that can be sent in English!
3. I was born in Poland and I have been to one of your concerts. I have a desire to talk to you five, even through e-mail. You are my spiritual support, and I know that many of your fans have the same desire. I hope we can meet in the future!
4. I am from the Czeh Republic. Please come to Europe and have a concert there. Czeh Republic is lovated in the center of Europe. Oppa please come! Oppa deul are the best! Bye!
5. I am French. I love TVXQ alot!
6. I'm from Albania. TVXQ, I love you!
7. I am from Indonesia. Please come here soon oppa deul!
8. I'm from Italy. I will support you, TVXQ, and so will the other Italian fans!

Source: micropoll
Translated by: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @
Shared by: OneTVXQ + DBSKnights

DBSK Lawsuit Issues

T/N:DO NOT TRANSLATE INTERNET ARTICLES. THEY ARE JUST RUMORS. It's nothing new that they blow the news up. seriously.SMent is using MEDIA PLAY . I'm constantly over at DNBN (biggest dbsk fansite). and they are chill over there. they know the real deal. which is basically this:

1. DBSK's 3 members are putting lawsuit to FIX and REARRANGE the contract. it does NOT mean they are breaking up.

2. Dbsk is not in the same situation as their sunbaes were. HOT and SES

3.Sm.Ent will in the end have to listen to DBSK. Reason? it's by a fan who is a lawyer (cassie). --> IF DBSK was to come out of SM ent to move to a different company, the huge hit SM.ent will face from AVEX is beyond imaginable. because AVEX and SM are linked. IF DBSk get's out of Sm. it means they will end contract with AVEX as well. Dbsk is literally making huge money for AVEx if not all of it from their fan base which hit like 120,300 well that's the last ticket number the newest bigeast fan got (Ameblo japan site), concert, goods. DBsk has the biggest number of fanclub members in avex. The money flowing in through avex and dbsk's popularity in japan cannot be ignored. avex will be pissed at sm. so will the commercial deals that dbsk has in japan (2) will be lost. Avex deals with dbsk's commercials. if dbsk breaks with sm. they break with avex. avex lose money. avex will also have to deal with lawsuit with the two commercial companies. and domino breaks from there. so SMENT will in the end have to negotiate to fix the contract with dbsk. thats what DBSK wants. it happened to SMAP as well back in the days. these aren't new. it's just getting a bigger media attention because its DBSK.

DBSK KNOWS THIS. They are the only idol group out there that has this much power to do this. that's why they are using the chance to fix their contracts "slave contracts" they will succeed obviously. It's so obvious because of the domino affect with the 2 linked companies. DBSk is going to help change slave contracts in korea with all idols. Another history. like always they are the first sunbaes. you guys have to trust them. It's NOT a big deal. It's NOT them breaking up. Cassies knows this. they've already sent out a letter to bigeast fans assuring them its not a big deal.

SM.ent is trying to make the 3 members look bad with their cosmetic line as well. and not using media attention to promote the Tokyo Dome Concerts ( have u noticed there weren't many tokyo dome news out about dbsk in korea? Sm.ent doesnt want to show how much dbsk's power and influence they have right now. DBSK is getting HUGE. sm.ent is scared.) its called MEDIA PLAY (언플...) it's always out about. yg is notorious for it as well.
that's basically the translation.

Korean article found HERE.

Credit : [email protected]
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TVXQ’s Schedule is NOT Deleted from Official Site

I already capped this since last night since I was really curious about the statement saying that “Even SM has deleted TVXQ’s schedule in the official website.”

Just an info for you, well, SM has NOT. The schedule is still there (please click for larger pic).

also even the news:

However, as for now, there is no update yet about how the disposition going. Everything is still the same the last time I left them 8 hours ago.


TVXQ on the News - Lawsuit


Some of the members of the popular group TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Micky Yoochun issued a writ against SM Entertainment in the Seoul Central District
The goal for the artists is to remove the non exclusivity clause in their contract.

These 3 members are running their personal business of cosmetic-related business Creabeau with their parents.

SM Entertainment representative Lee SooMan said "TVXQ is a band that represents Asia, they must absolutely continue actitivies. The cosmetics company issue, will be resolved".

Credit: YunJae2Kenoa
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DNBN Cassie explanation - "Always Have Faith"

Here is a nice explanation from Korean Cassies of what's really going on. Hopefully this will help clear up some rumors and confusion.

by : CASSIOPEIA 데니제제

1. What is DBSK's break up, and why did this break up news pop out?
and Are the news about DBSK true?

+ The words about DBSK breaking up came up as the news of the 3 members Jaejoong, YuChun, and Junsu filing a "Provisional disposition of suspending exclusive/ongoing contract" to the court came out. The breaking up rumors are just false rumors. The reason why the breakup rumors came out is because of the news of the members filing a suspension of the contract created more rumors amongst the fans. The most known false rumors flowing around from this were : The members not getting along, and the problems with SM Ent. and the member's cosmetic line. A these rumors came out the break up rumors came out as well. The only real truth that are out about DBSK is the news about the members filing a suspension of contract. That's the only one.

2. What is the deal with DBSK's rumors about setting up a cosmetic company and the problems? What kind of relation does this have?

+ To tell the truth there is no relation with the cosmetic line and DBSK's break up rumors. Of course the members that had filed the contract suspension were the ones that are opening the store, but the members are not the owners of the cosmetic company. They are just managing ONE store. The only thing the 3 members are responsible for is just ONE branch of the entire company. There were rumors about the members and the company in the past, and it seems to have been building up into false rumors. but the cosmetic line having relations to the reason of why the members have filed the contract suspensions are not true. These rumors are just what the people are assuming because they have no clue what is going on with what is true and what is not true. because of this reason, as long as there has not been a clear statement of confirmation, it is not true.

3. What is a "Provisional disposition of suspending exclusive contract" ? and What happens when this lawsuit is in action?

+ Simply, when you file a lawsuit of suspending a contract, you are basically putting a stop to the validity of the existing contract. An ongoing contract is basically saying that you will stay with the same company for a long time, but DBSK wants to fix the existing contract's fishy areas and wants to express how the members wants to fix the contract and show what they want. That is it. This filing of lawsuit has nothing to do with DBSK members breaking up. And this lawsuit has nothing to do with who will be WINNING or LOSING. If this file gets passed and accepted then it just means that the existing contract will just lose the validity not that DBSK will leave SM Ent. and have DBSK break up.

4. On the re-contracting, there are talks that Yunho and Changmin have done a re-contract with SM Ent. is this true?

+ I don't know where you heard this from, but this has never been confirmed formally and is just a false rumor. There has not even been a real news report of this rumor, and it's JUST the 3 members filing a provisional disposition about the contract. Just because the 3 members have put out a provision doesn't mean that just because only 3 members did that the other 2 made recontracts. These are just rumors. There were no talks or whatsoever about this. This is untrue.

5. How do we deal with all the false allegations, rumors, and articles that are still spreading?

+ To tell the truth, not all of us have the high tolerance and knowledge to be able to just pass and ignore all the news articles spreading over the internet and the on the search engines. And also the fact that not many of us have unlimited knowledge of how lawsuits work, of course many of us will panic over the news articles talking about the rumors as if they were facts, and about DBSK breaking up. In these kind of cases we just have to stay strong when seeing overly exaggerated articles and false articles. Because we Cassies are together with DBSK we have to show them. We can't leave rude comments, and to not spread false rumors from reading false articles ourselves. We have to spread the right informations to the people and learn to gain the right informations as well. We have to request posts about taking down false informations and post and scrap the articles that have been formally confirmed by sm.ent and from right sources.

6. Even though they are rumors, rumors have been proved true alot of the times. Are there anything out there that are actual facts?

+ As long as the rumors have not been formally confirmed there is no possible way that we can call it actual facts. But we are for sure that the only thing 3 members have done is that they filed a lawsuit to FIX the contract (edit it basically) regarding slave contract, the validity date of the contract, and unfair contract listings. And to do this they have right now put a hard stance by putting a suspension to the validity of the existing contract. A lot of people are saying that DBSK will just become the 2nd H.O.T. and S.E.S. but situation is very different. DBSK is not just top idols in Korea but also artists who are very influential outside of Korea. SM. Dnt is not a company that would kick out DBSK just because their artist put a lawsuit. Even if DBSK was to break up from Sm.ent, this does not mean that DBSK will break up. Many might be asking ' What does that mean?' DBSK is also in contract with a ent. group AVEX in japan. The contract validity with AVEX ent. has not ended and also have contracted with 2 companies for 2 CFs. DBSK also will be participating in Japan's A-Nation starting today and also on the 1st of August, 22,23,29,and 30.
If DBSK was to even break away from SM Ent, they will have to deal with damages for breach of contract with Avex. Thing will get dirty. There has been the same situation in Japan with a group called SMAP. Back then SMAP's member Kimura takaya(?) had filed a lawsuit against his own company called Johnny's ent. The company backed away and reedited the contract and after that all the rest of the idol groups from there follows the new contract. Back then everyone there said that Kimura was going to take off to a new company and be solo, and every year his group gets hit with false rumors of breaking up but they are still together to this day. Anyway again, we believe that it will be best if all you guys would stop making careless judgment about DBSK's breakup rumors.

SO BASICALLY THE TO POINT IS THAT: DBSK's members Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun have filed a lawsuit " Provisional disposition of suspending exclusive/ongoing contract" based on the contract's basic terms of conditions, 13 year of slave contract term conditions of money. The false and over exaggerated news reports are overflowing, and the rumors of the company having issues with the members company line and the members not getting along are false. Just because they filed a lawsuit does not mean they are breaking up. They are just filing a lawsuit to FIX the existing contract with SM Ent. They have filed a lawsuit because SM Ent. would not negotiate in talks with the members and they have tried many times. Because negotiations did not get through the members as artist have filed a lawsuit against their company. The only way. So it is best to not believe the false rumors and read false articles.

Original Korean HERE.
Shared by DBSKnights + dksldi @soompi

With worries about Dong Bang Shin Ki disbandment, Chinese fans join in the fan panic

It seems that the Chinese fans have also joined in the fan panic with the news of danger that Dong Bang Shin Ki will disband.

On Chinese and other media, there were reports about Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong has went up to Seoul Central District Court to apply for provisional retractile of their exclusive rights effect from their contract with SM Entertainment.

The reports also went, “With this news of a lawsuit by the Dong Bang Shin Ki members, many of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fans have been taken aback, especially for their official fanclub Cassiopeia, they are in a panic state.”

With these reports, Chinese fans said, “If this is the route they choose, we will support them”, “But still this is the company that groomed them to be top stars, isn’t that a little too much?” with various responses.

Meanwhile, it has been known that members UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin has decided not to join the rest of the members in this pending lawsuit.

With these news, there have much speculations that the chance of the group disbanding is high since it has been more than 5 years since they debuted in 2005.

But with that, SM Entertainment released official statements:

•They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently.
•They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”
•SM Entertainment’s representative added about rumours to the band’s disbandment, “On SM’s side, we still have much love for Dong Bang Shin Ki. We do not want them to disband. Let’s resolve this peacefully seeing the long time we have worked together since their debut till now.”

Read the full followup Korean news report here: [Updated] Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah, Micky and Hero for a lawsuit against SM? Worries for group disband

I want to take this chance to also clarify, whatever that is reported on KBites about this case are only from Korean news sites. I don’t care what other sites or forums post, I’m going to stick with just the Korean news article on this case.

Credits: Kbites
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JaeChunSu's Lawyer interview

stellar.remnants at soompi has kindly translated the phone interview between JaeChunSu's lawyer and IS Plus. (See the original article here)

Unfortunately, I couldn't get permission to take the text out so please go here to read it.

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29 / F / Somewhere in JaeJ...
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"Thank you for the mail.
The contents of the article by Daily Sports have been extremely exaggerated, and I myself am also currently discussing this issue with the reporter.
I, especially, never stated that the only three of the members will be active together. In contrast, there does not exist any ill feelings between the members, and the members wish that the 5 will always remain together.
I will be careful with my words from now. I hope that the fans will continue to support the members.

Sincereley, SangHyuk Im"
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
Jaejoong and Changmin UFO REPLIES

Replied at : 12:30 pm (?) 31st July 2009
Fan #1: Oppas are disbanding? I don't believe.
Jaejoong: I don't believe either ^^

Replied at : 1:00 am 1st Aug 2009
Fan #2: Canceling the contract (dismantling) is not the truth, right?
Changmin: Who are you talking about?

Credits: Baidu YJ Bar + [email protected]
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OK now i am perfectly fine and NOT worried anymore .. DBSK fighting =D
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28 / F / Uk
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
i am kinda worried but i am assured that the members KNOW that what they have is just too precious to give up so easily.
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albarakani wrote:

Jaejoong and Changmin UFO REPLIES

Replied at : 12:30 pm (?) 31st July 2009
Fan #1: Oppas are disbanding? I don't believe.
Jaejoong: I don't believe either ^^

Replied at : 1:00 am 1st Aug 2009
Fan #2: Canceling the contract (dismantling) is not the truth, right?
Changmin: Who are you talking about?

Credits: Baidu YJ Bar + [email protected]
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OK now i am perfectly fine and NOT worried anymore .. DBSK fighting =D

just read thos piece of news and i though of sharing it!!!!!


The UFOs this time were PS-ed, there are obvious PS marks, Jaejoong and Changmin didn't send them. This may be a temporary comfort to the fans, but it will also bring the two of them to the frontlines, and if anything goes wrong, they will be the one to take the brunt of the blame.

I'm not here to agitate everyone, but we've suffered so much, let's learn from the lessons that we've experienced in the past. Don't believe the rumors and media gossip that are floating around and wait patiently for their official statement!

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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credits for the article to:

I know the fans wanted to do well but....

Let's have better news!

They sang 8 songs on the stage today

* Share the world
* Purple Line
* Stand by You
* Survivor
* Doumini coopere
* Summer Dream
* Sky
* Somebody to Love

Bigeast said the boys were in good mood and so energetic today with those
loud cheering from so many fans going there.

photo credit: xiahyu-ri
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They seem having fun @ A-Nation right?!
They are still doing well!
Let's cheer for them and enjoy together!
TVXQ Hwaiting!!!!!
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/5/09
Phone Interview with TVXQ’s Legal Representative

Here's the report of Daily News that Hilary posted...

The following is phone interview with legal representation of the three members of TVXQ, Im Sang-hyuk from SEJONG law firm:

- What is the core of conflict?

“The irrational exclusive contract. If we review the contract standard from Fair Trade Comission (FTC), the longest duration of a contract is not to exceed 7 years. Of course, if the singer themselves who choose to develop the contract, it might be an exception, but some of given terms in TVXQ’s FTC case, the proposed standards are so unfair in many ways. It is the best way to realize these points quickly than later”

- Also the cosmetics enterprise which three member and their parents running became known as one axis of the conflict.

“The cosmetics company could be one of the reasons for the discord but not what ultimately convinced the three members to go to court. We have examined the official statement from SM this morning and noticed that SM had painted the cosmetics company as the cause in a negative light on the surface of their statement. If they think that the additional business of the members is the legal case, then it’s a mistake.”

- There’s a conclusion appearing about the crisis that the activities of 3 members who file the lawsuit will be stopped?

(I cant understand this one in details, but basically he said that the members would continue if their disposition is approved, and he hoped it would be soon. The court’s desicion is now in the middle of the most important and difficult variables and he had goal to finish the case within 6 months.)

- The possibility of winning?

“To see it on the bright side… SM Entertainment has in the past been ordered by the Korea FTC several times to reform contracts for violating the standard contract limits. TVXQ are now appealing for the parts that are different from the FTC terms.

- Before taking the legal action, it’s said that the members did not try to make consultation with the agency before.

“We have tried to solve the problem through dialogue. Members had even met directly with the agency. While I was also trying to resolve the problem through multiple channels. However, the agency ignored members opinions, therefore a legal appeal finally made. The members are very sorry to the fans as well.

- What is the conflict regarding to cosmetic issue?

“Should an agency has a fight with artists who are having family’s personal investment? Other celebrities are common to have additional business. Moreover, the three members had already made consultation process with agency representative, Kim Young-Min before they started the cosmetic business, but we feel betrayed then as the company told another story later on.

- TVXQ has already taken the step, but eventually dismantled

“We have already tried many ways, but all the efforts finally bring us here. We’re not too hasty to be in this position. We create legal procedure first before we present every single new plan. The 5 people based their activities together in SM Entertainment, therefore it will not be easy to be in our situation now. “

- Is there a plan for press conference?

It’s necessary but as for now, we don’t have any plan yet. The members are really sorry now to the fans. Actually we want to proceed this case undisturbed.

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Contact Me If You Want To Be A Star! (Yunho excerpt)

[Contact me if you want to be a Star!] (1) SM Entertainment

-part edited out-

Asia super group TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho auditioned with his friends in 2000 for the title of ‘Best Dancer’ in the Best Teenager Audition/Competition and ended up on the road of a singer. At the time, when a judge asked “Can you do any other dances?” Yunho asked, “Can I take my shoes off and dance?” and received high marks for his passion for dancing that didn’t seem to end. Actor Ara also partook in the ‘Best Dancer’ part of the Best Teenager Audition/Competition in Gwangju with five of her friends. But Ara stood out because of her white complexion and trendy look and captured the attention of the judges. She also sealed her chance of debuting as a celebrity when she received high marks for her ability to think fast during an interview even though she was very young.

-part edited out-

Q: Please tell us in detail of the SM Trainee System

A: We can say that our casting, training, producing and marketing systems rival those of America and Japan. Casting is done in various ways in many cities and our training is altered to fit each person’s abilities and talents. We give trainig for singing, dancing, acting and speaking other languages and we have debuted all of our current stars using our own producing and marketing systems. Regarding BoA and TVXQ, we are going for a global approach with both capturing the Japanese market, which is the second largest music industry in the world, through a global management system. They are living proofs of SM’s superiority.

Q: What kind of stars is SM looking for?

A: We started the off with the teenage market with H.O.T. and defined the term ‘Hallyu Singer’ with our appearances in China. We’ve made BoA and TVXQ role models of global management. We are looking for and will be debuting stars who will be one step ahead of social trends and who will take SM one step further.

Source: [sports chosun + DNBN]
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Official Statement From AVEX In THSK's Official Site

August 1, 2009

Avex Entertainment Inc.

In response to some reports made:

Yesterday, the Korean media made some reports with regards to SM Entertainment Co. Ltd (Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea), which involved the members of Tohoshinki.

To all the fans, and to everyone who is concerned, we are regretful and sorry for the worries that we have caused you.

Regarding the reports, we are confirming this matter with SM Entertainment Co. Ltd, who is our business partner, but we are unable to get anything concrete as yet.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and we seek your understanding in this matter.

However, at this point in time, there will be no change in their upcoming schedules.

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Nikkan Sports Daily: JUNSU’s Interview

Junsu, the one in charge of comedy

He was so happy that he cried at Budokan Hall

Being in charge of comedy, he bring smiles by creating a warm atmosphere, Junsu “Actually I wanted to do this last year already, but because of saying cold gags in front of the members and on television programmes, I couldn’t take it back. (A/N: had to continue)

Behind that smile, he has shed a lot of tears.

“When we just came to Japan, it was very tiring to sing in Japanese because we were not used to it. We also needed translators when we were interviewed, so we were all very nervous.”

To improve their Japanese, and catch up with the pace of things, shorten the gap between the fans and them.
“My mind was focused on the Budokan Hall’s stage, for our fans love we worked hard, the feeling was good. The first time that I cried because of happiness in Japan was at the Budokan hall.”
Actually, coming to Japan was already hard from the beginning, but they were not afraid and practiced hard even before they debuted.

“My voice change took 3 years.”

I went to over 10 hospitals for check ups but they couldn’t find a reason to it. Our debut was canceled. It felt I had no chance to continue singing, I cried everyday…”
Dreams of performing on the stage were fulfilled when the news came of the formation of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

“Even though my throat wasn’t cured yet, if I didn’t grab this chance, my life would have come to a close (in singing)
I couldn’t let that happen! That provided me the strength and hope. From that time on, my voice slowly recovered. It’s incredible. It was like a miracle!”

Even though he faced a bitter past, he still carries a smile

Behind that smile is a strong will.
From 3 years ago, he has controlled himself from eating after six in the evening.
“This is so as to have a good body condition after waking up in the morning, it’s also good for the skin!”

To give the fans the best stage ever
“Budokan Hall and Tokyo Dome still makes my heart beat quickly. To be able to come here is thanks to the fans support.
We will continue to work hard!”

- To you, what is TVXQ’s existence?
Always by my side, no matter what, they’re just like my brothers that will always be by my side.

- If you weren’t in TVXQ?
I will be an athelete. I love soccer players and baseball players.

- Specialities?
Soccer, I loved soccer from young and wanted to be a soccer player.

- Favourite singer?
Ken Hirai. I love his voice when he sings love songs.

- Good and Bad points?
I’m good in sports. I’m good in dancing and anything to do with flexibility of the body. My bad points is my sleeping habits. Because of that, I take very long to arrange the bed sheets in the morning.” (A/N: meaning he kicks around and all the stuff)

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Fans Fight Back, "Disbandment Fears Are Just Rumors". They say, "All they are doing is fixing the unlawful clauses,"

They say, "All they are doing is fixing the unlawful clauses, they are not disbanding."

Is TVXQ Infinite Challenge? "TVXQ and their fans will be together forever."

Popular group TVXQ's members Micky Yoochun, YoungWoong Jaejoong, and Xiah Junsu filed a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request Form against their agency on the 31st.

Because of this, doubts of the group staying together after the trial were raised, but the fans, including fan club Cassiopeia, fought back and stated that these doubts were only "rumors with no credible sources."

The fans stated that, "Just because they filed this lawsuit, doesn't mean they are disbanding. And it was also wrong to state that the dispute with the company was because of conflicts between the members and the cosmetic company."

Also, they said, "They did not file this lawsuit because they wanted to disband, they filed it because they wanted to fix the unlawful clauses in their exclusive contract. The only reason they are capable of using such a strong method is because they are TVXQ."

The fans finished by stating that, different from HOT and SES, TVXQ would not disband easily.

SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man returned to Korea from the States as soon as he heard of the 'TVXQ lawsuit' and it was found that TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin. YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) will follow their original schedule and partake in the the 'a-nation' performance on the 1st and the 'SM Town Live 09' on the 16th.

Source: [frontier news + DNBN]
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Cassiopeia News

Just a really quicknews: Tomorrow on Cassiopeia is going to try and get ‘동방신기 믿어요’ [We Believe DBSK] as 1st on Daum’s search rankings so the boys will see (hopefully) that through everything that’s happening, we still believe in them. This will be at 1 or 2, in korea, so please.. please.. participate if you can.

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Believe & Don't Say Goodbye to TVXQ

8. Miduhyo (Believe)
15. Don't say Goodbye

The fans were listening to them and trying to tell everyone the message. That's why everyone, let's do the same and always believe on the 5!

Source: Cyworld
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Jaejoong and W-INDS Keita Tachibana

An update after 2 months. Sorry for the wait!

Until the tour ended, I didn’t have intention to update anything, but because I already promised to write an update during the LIVE, well, then I update (laughs)

But there are people who haven’t seen the MC’s yet, so when all the lives are over..

Here’s a close friend of mine,

The hot handsome guy with skillful singing and has the same age as me,

He’s a person that seems to be flawless.
He’s a really good person.

While my feeling of appreciation of each and every person around me piling up, I feel so touched.

I don’t think of him as someone who is currently ranked as the 23rd or 24th handsome guy. (laughs)
He’s a friend to whom I can talk about music passionately

When we start talking about singing, he’s the type of guy that gets excited. (laughs)

The picture is taken when the two of us went to Tokyo Tower together. (laughs)

When I was thinking about the interesting things that we’ve done together, I thought about when we went to Tokyo Tower. (laughs)

It was so interesting that I wanted to post about it, so I did.

When I feel like updating, I’ll update sometime.
Look forward to it.

source: 님과함께
credit: 파인애플@dnbn
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After Tonight Meeting, Official Position Announcement Will be Revealed

3 of 5 members of popular group TVXQ, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun who recently are having discord with their assigned company, SM Entertainment — through their legal representative from SEJONG law firm said that after the meeting on August 2nd, they will finally reveal the official position on the 3rd.

The law firm SEJONG on the 2nd to Star News said, “Today (August 2nd) in the evening, lawyer of the company and several officials involved will have a meeting.”

“and tomorrow (August 3rd) through press conference, we’ll hold an official press release regarding this matter.”

About the statement they made related to press release on August 1st (T/N: I guess the statement from phone call interview saying that so far they have no plan to hold presscon), “Originally, we didn’t make plan to reveal anything yet since we want the case to be done in steps. However, as there are so many misinformation about the truth fact being rolled up, therefore we decided to hold an official press release.”

Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun represented by SEJONG on July 31st submitted an injuction application at Seoul Central Dis rict Court to remove the exclusive clause effect in their contract against SM Entertainment. In addition, to verify information related to income, a preservation of evidence application have been an additional submission as well.

source: star news
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Max Matsuura Blog Update

Pictures are found here: Matsuura blog pictures

Title: a-nation Kumamoto

Today, my summer started!

In the middle of it, there were some troubles that made everyone worry, so I'm using this space to apologize.

I won't spoil anything, so I won't write the details, but this was the feel of the location~

Every year, a-nation goes to many different places, but the feeling of exhilaration changes with each place.

The next live is at Ehime.

Last year was memorable so we won't lose out to the heat and try our very best.

Source: Max Matsuura Blog
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Kanjani8 Mentions Tohoshinki in Their Concert

Was reading some blog reports on Kanjani8 (a band from Johnny’s Ent) having their latest concert in Kyocera Dome. It was mentioned that during the MC, they talked about Tohoshinki. I read Yokoyama Yuu even commented that they all look the same/they all look alike and they even parodied the gags that Tohoshinki does. This was done in jest though. Kanjani8 also commented later on that to Tohoshinki, Kanjani8 must look alike as well.

This supposedly happened during the July 29 Concert at the Kyocera Dome. Tried searching for an English fan report that mentions the same thing so here is one.

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DBSK's Lawyer's Statement to Fans

As said by DBSK's Lawyer:

I apologized,

Right now, the news reported weren't what I had said, they (reporters) would be spreading 100 sentences when I had merely said one.

5 of them really wanted to be together, and they had never thought of living with only three persons.

To be letting the fans worry, I felt very guilty, and I hope that all of you can encourage them more.

sang-hyeok im (Lawyer's name)

Source: naver and tvxqcn
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TVXQ's Japanese Contract

It has been confirmed that three members of TVXQ, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, have filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SM Entertainment and have also filed for a Preservation of Evidence Request.

The Preservation of Evidence Request refers to, "Any account books, contracts, receipts, transfer slips or any other documents that will aid in calculating the exact income and expenditure of the requester," and this was done to calculate the exact amount of money TVXQ earns.

There is more controversey to come as a statement was released that the members of TVXQ, till now, have never received information about the contents of their Japanese contract.

In 2005, TVXQ signed a contract with Avex Entertainment, one of the largest agencies in Japan, through SM Entertainment and have been working with both entertainment agencies ever since.

However, till now, the members of TVXQ have no idea what kind of contract the two agencies formed, and how their income is being divided in Japan.

A representative of the law firm that is helping the three members had a phone conversation with this reporter and stated, "Ever since TVXQ started their activities in Japan, they have never been given any information about how their income is divided or what their contract consists of."

He also said, "We have tried numerous times to tell the agencies that what they are doing is unlawful and tried to convince them to show TVXQ the contract, but both agencies have been ignoring us," and "The members have been diligently working for this company without even knowing exactly what kind of contract they are under."

The Sejong law firm lawyer who is in charge of this lawsuit informed reporters in an interview of the problems regarding unfair division of income and complete honesty with the members and also stated that "We have not discarded the notion of filing for compensation later on."

Avex Entertainment, who is in charge of all of TVXQ's Japanese activities, wrote on their ofiicial website on August 1st and stated that TVXQ will continue on with their activities regardless of the current lawsuit.

... - part edited out -

Source: oh my news + DNBN
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"The TVXQ Situation" - 4 Articles

090802 TVXQ, They Cannot Disband!, A vast majority agree with the statement that TVXQ cannot disband now.

TVXQ, they cannot disband!

TVXQ's Micky Yoochun, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu have filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request and have had people speculating a disbandment of the group. Right now, however, the opinion that TVXQ should be preserved and not disbanded, voiced by SM, the members and the fans, is gaining a lot of support. [cont.]

SM stated on August 1st that TVXQ is a representative group of, not only the members or SM, but of Korea and Asia as a whole and they must fulfill that by continuing on with their activities as a group. It could be seen clearly that SM would stop any notion of a disbandment.

They have gone into finding a resolution for this dispute with Lee Sooman returning to Korea as soon as he heard the news. The key to fixing this dispute is how much Lee Sooman is willing to listen to the members and how much he is willing to concede to the members' demands.

He has been noted to be very disappointed with the fact that many are seeing Micky Yoohcun, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu's lawsuit against their agency as a means of breaking away from the agency and disbanding.

When lawyer Lim Sang-hyuk, who is representing the three members in this lawsuit, releases their official statement on the 3rd, the exact details of the lawsuit will be revealed. But as of now, the three members have voiced their opinions that they truly want to stay together as the five members of TVXQ and have never thought of going off as a group of three as rumors have implied.

This means that if conflicts about the cosmetic company and the exclusive contract are resolved through a compromise, there will be no chance of the group disbanding; even a small step will suffice in this.

The three members' willingness to participate in the SM Town Concert on the 16th and the numerous A-Nation performances shows that there are no conflicts amongst the members that are big enough to cause worries or doubts and have significantly slowed down fears circulating about a disbandment.

The efforts of fans who wish to keep TVXQ as it is can be seen everywhere. On Daum Agora, a petition that was created to keep TVXQ as it is has already gained 13,000 signatures in one day. There are even talks of silent protests. However, some fans are saying that too much involvement from the fans may in fact hurt TVXQ's lawsuit and have warned other fans to just wait and watch quietly.

There is a growing concern that too much attention on TVXQ may continue on to create rumors that will make the entire process more complicated than it should be.

There have been rumors that there is a deep rift between Micky Yoochun, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu's side and U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin's side and that the dispute between the three members and their agency ever since last April has become so irreperable that there is no hope for a solution. However, these rumors are only rumors and will only create more misunderstandings between the members and the agency and will only become a hindrance, not a helper.

The K-pop industry has been watching this sitation with concern, and many have stated that they wish this situation will end well and cut the continuous cycle of the disbandment of groups because of disputes between celebrities and their agencies that causes a lot of pain to the fans.

Many Asian fans are watching the situation closely to see if Hallyu group TVXQ, a group that has gathered countless numbers of fans across Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and other Asian countires, will be able to bounce back from the disbandment fears, their first in five years, and shine brighter than ever.
Source: [sports chosun + DNBN]

090802 The Three Members Will Confer Tonight, TVXQ returns to Korea, "We will continue on with our planned schedule

Idol group 'TVXQ', who are amidst a disbandment speculation, returned to Korea on August 2nd around three o'clock in the afternoon through Kimpo Airport. They finished their Japanese performance yesterday and hurried back to Korea. There were rumors that the group would arrive in Korea divided into two groups, but TVXQ smashed those rumors by entering Korea with all five members together and no signs of strains between them. [cont.]

However, their activities after arrival are split. Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong, who have filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SM Entertainment, will be holding a conference tonight with their team. Sejong law firm, who is in charge of the three members' case, stated that "The three members, along with their parents, will be meeting with lawyers to talk about future actions."

According to lawyer Lim Sang-hyuk of Sejong, TVXQ's future activities will be done together, yet apart. Since the already planned performances are promises to the fans, those will still be done. However, the new activities that have not been confirmed will have to be conferred about with the members to see if all of them will participate or some of them will participate.

Lawyer Lim Sang-hyuk stated that, "They think of the promise they made to their fans as the most important thing right now. With reference to the performances outside of Korea, those are all promises they made to their fans so those will continue regardless of this case." and also said, "The performances on the 8th in Ehime, 22~23rd in Tokyo, 29~30th in Osaka and the tour will continue on with all five members on one stage."

However, the activities in Korea are undecided. It is highly likely for the members to be divided into a group of 2 and a group of 3. Lawyer Lim said, "We have asked SM Entertainment to tell us what they have planned for TVXQ future activities," and "When we get the schedule, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong will discuss it with the law firm to decide upon anything."

Also, Sejong has pinpointed SM Entertainment's unlawful contracts as the cause of this lawsuit. Sejong stated, "There are no strains between the members. The cosmetic company is not a big issue either," and "But SM has taken the focus away from the real issue by pointing out the cosmetic company. The core of this problem is SM's unlawful contracts, and they filed this lawsuit to fix this."
Source: [sports seoul + DNBN]

090802 TVXQ Disbandment? It's Different From The Past!, SM states, TVXQ must continue with their activities

Group TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against their agency SM Entertainment and sparked rumors of disbandmnet. However, it can be seen that the only thing we can do is wait and see to know of the outcome. [cont.]

Lee Sooman returned to Korea to speak directly with the members, and SM Entertainment has stated that, "TVXQ is a group that represents not only Korea, but all of Asia. Therefore, all their activities must continue as planned." These actions suggest that SM's main focus is to find a solution, not to cause a disbandment of the group and it can be said that it is difficult for the lawsuit to transform into the disbandment of TVXQ.

Also, the three members have stated that they will keep their promise to their fans and participate in the Japanese performances and the SM Town Live 09 Concert that had already been set, and have been gaining support as many believe that the three are aiming for a fix of their original contract, not a complete separation from SM.

On a side note, in TVXQ's fan club 'Cassiopeia''s Daum cafe, one fan stated that SM is using the 'three members' cosmetic company' to remove the fault away from the agency and create conflict between the members as it had done with HOT.

Although HOT, a group that used to be under SM Entertainment, was garnering huge popularity in Korea and abroad, such as China, they suddenlt disbanded in 2001 for unclear reasons.
Source: [radio gfm + DNBN]

090802 Reasons Why The 'TVXQ Situation' Must End Well

The Korean music industry is in a muddle due to the current 'TVXQ Situation.' There are rumors of disbandmnet and rumors that TVXQ will come out of this a newly improved group; the vast number of predictions and rumors are getting muddled up in the minds of K-pop fans. However if there's one thing for sure, it is that TVXQ cannot fall now.

We can see the reasons for this at a domestic-foreign level. [cont.]

# Domestic reasons - Don't steal the dreams and hopes of the young fans who are all living in a difficult generation

Let's look inside of our country first.
Amongst the idol groups in Korea, there is no group that can follow TVXQ when it comes to garnering fans. Many fans are hoping for their success and improvement. TVXQ's failure is their failure, TVXQ's disbandment will only lead to the fans' dreams being shattered. Considering the fact that the vast majority of TVXQ fans are teenagers, TVXQ cannot fall now. TVXQ must get back on their feet and move on if they wish to preserve the hopes and dreams that their fans keep deep in their hearts.

TVXQ must know what to do for their fans who have gone through as much as the group has.

# Foreign reasons - Are they just going to let the best Hallyu group fall?

What about outside of Korea?
TVXQ is now undisputably a global brand. They are no longer an 'internal brand.' To grow as a global brand, they must show leadership in domestic and foreign markets. In the foreign markets, TVXQ has already been labeled as a Hallyu force to be reckoned with.

To reach such a level of success, TVXQ has worked extremely hard till now. They stayed in Japan for more than one year and started from the bottom all the way up.
They made themselves be known to Japanese fans by riding on the subway, and slept four hours everyday so they could star in all of Japan's TV programs, and worked extremely hard to be accepted by the Japanese public. They knew of the 'bread of tears,' and knew that they had to work extremely hard to be known in a foreign country. Now they are the best Hallyu group in Japan. 8 in every 10 Japanese people know who they are.
Now they can 'harvest the fruits' of their hard work. But if they fall and separate now, what becomes of the hard work and tears they suffered through?

Right now, there is a dire need for more Hallyu stars in the Korean entertainment business. They need to protect the fast-falling Hallyu Wave, and open up new doors to foreign markets. But to do so, the need a 'ticket power' who is accepted by foreigners as well as the Korean people.

# TVXQ no longer belongs to one person. TVXQ belongs to everyone.

TVXQ does not belong to one person, nor does TVXQ belong to one agency. The group is now Korea's TVXQ, and Asia's TVXQ. One person cannot sacrifice the majority for their own personal reasons. TVXQ's agency SM must now do their share by giving things that should have been given, but weren't and having heartfelt discussions with TVXQ to protect our TVXQ.

We are all waiting anxiously for 'Global Brand' TVXQ's 'New Chapter'.
Source: [Asiae + DNBN]

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What: A Video Project done by the International Fans to give their support to TVXQ in this difficult time of their career.

What to do: Write your messages of encouragement to TVXQ, take a picture and send it to us.
Remember to put the line 'ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH'.
Include a short message, your name and your country.

Sample :

It should be personalized, meaning it should be hand-written.
We encourage you to write your messages in SIMPLE English, Korean or Japanese so that the boys can understand it. If you want to write it in another language though, please provide an English Translation to the message.
There is no limit to the size of the picture.

Where to send: [email protected]

Deadline: August 3, 2009; 5PM KST

Please send the pictures to the email we provided. Do not post it here. Also, please write in SIMPLE ENGLISH, KOREAN OR JAPANESE only. Why? SO THAT DBSK CAN UNDERSTAND IT^^

If you want to write it in another language though, please provide an English Translation to the message.

Credit: Badstar + DBSK_real @ Soompi
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Korean Weekly Album Sales

Korean Weekly Album Sales as of 2009.07.19 ~ 2009.07.25.
1. (--) 2NE1 - Mini Album Vol.1
Weekly Sales: 8,545 copies. (-12.5% from last week)
Total Sales: 39,095 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 1200-1300

2. (--) Drunken Tiger Vol. 8 – Feel Good Muzik: The 8th Wonder
Weekly Sales: 6,277 copies. (-21% from last week)
Total Sales: 48,815 copies
Average Sales (per day): 900-1000

3. (NEW) DBSK - 3rd Asia Tour Concert 'Mirotic'
Weekly Sales: 4,846 copies.
Total Sales: 4,846 copies.
Average Sales (per day): 700-800

4. 8집 Seotaiji 8th Album Atomos
Weekly Sales: 4,549 copies.

5. 엠씨 몽(MC Mong) 5집 - Humaniamal
Weekly Sales: 4,387 copies.

6. KARA Special Album - Revolution
Weekly Sales: 3,915 copies.

7. Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 – Sound G
Weekly Sales: 3,604 copies.

8. SNSD mini-album Vol. 2 – Tell Me Your Wish
Weekly Sales: 3,577 copies.

9. 에프티 아일랜드(Ft Island) 3집 - Cross & Change
Weekly Sales: 2,713 copies.

10. Big Bang: Big Show 2009 Live Concert
Weekly Sales: 2,281 copies.

Credits: Asian Entertaiment News
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We believe DBSK; Daum Search

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Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/3/09
[TRANS] 090803 China is Strongly Protesting to TVXQ's Disbanding Rumor
090803 China is Strongly Protesting to TVXQ's Disbanding Rumor

Korean popular group TVXQ recently met some conflict with their management company, creating a disbanding rumor that drew lots of attention from fans. On the 2nd of August, it was said that on the search ranking on China's Baidu, 1st was 'TVXQ disbanding.'

TVXQ, a vocal group composed of five men who debuted in 2004 and had since been getting lots of attentions from fans from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia - a group that has a lot of popularity in the whole of Asia.
They had placed their attention on the activities in Japan, learning and living in Japan since then, having 29 singles since their debut 5 years ago and most of their singles are appearing on many shows and radio.

Last 31st of July, three members of the group sued their agency, SM Entertainment on the name of canceling one of their contract terms. After this news was released, the Korean media started the rumor saying that the group would be disbanding.
Such posts soon appeared in Baidu; "disbanding crisis," "disbanding possibility," "disbanding in August." The reason of these happenings is because the group had decreased most of their Korean activities, placing their attention in Japan and some members having to open cosmetics shops. It was said that the concert in September or in October that would be held in Shanghai would be the group's last activity together. Korea's legend of five years would then disband from there.

Comments to such articles were "Could be?" "They can't disband!" "TVXQ are only 5 together!" "Cassiopeia believe!" and other comments found were rather fierce.TVXQ's bulletin board were full of these comments ever since the news was reported.

Also, there were some theories based on the boys' recent activities that made others think they were heading for disbandment. The whole Asia is still watching for the fate of this group.

Source: Yahoo! Japan
Translation: mel @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/5/09
TVXQ's Official Position - Yoochun Jaejoong and Junsu for a lawsuit against SM

T/N: I’ll write the official position of TVXQ members in points, I hope they have already explained the whole main problems.

Seems that “official position” means the official statements from Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun of the injunction application they submitted against SM.

So it doesn’t lead to any final result of the case, yet.

Just an additional information, no surprise, SM stock price is highly declined due to this case. Today’s official position is the opportunity of SM to gain their stock price back in track, yet I don’t see it will happen soon, to see how’s the official position of the members written.

Three TVXQ members’ Official Position “We do not get proper treatment,”

Xiah, Hero, Micky Yoochun represented by SEJONG law firm revealed their official position.

From the three members, “In five years since debut, the schedule that is conducted by the agency has been causing exhaustion both to body and mind. Cosmetic business is not related to the lawsuit.”

1. After 5 years debuting, among the three members due to the schedule conducted by the agency, it causes exhaustion to the body.

- According to SM instructions, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu along with the rest TVXQ members have to go across Korea, Japan, China back and forth in a week, each member only have 3-4 hours sleep a day.

- The members’ health is deteriorated a lot, and also enduring mental fatigue.

- Due to SM attempt to advance overseas market, as time goes by, the established active schedule for the members is getting unreasonable.

- SM doesn’t treat them as artists anymore, but not more than just a tool to achieve more and more income for the company.

2. 13-year exclusive contract is like a contract for a lifetime.

- The exclusive contract whose period lasts for 13 years purely active in entertainment world in which if it’s including the military service, the contract basically lasts for 15 years period (T/N: since 13 years is excluding military service) — it means, still 10 years to go to finally retire the contract.

- Meanwhile, if they turn down the contract in the middle of period, the penalty they have to pay can reach hundreds of million won since they have to recover 2 times of revenue loss the company suffered from disabling the contract.

3. The members don’t receive proper treatment from SM.

- They have no deposit, since the terms of the exclusive contract forbids the distribution of revenue records.

- In the first contract (unrevised), only if they can sell a single album more than 50,000 copies, the members can receive 1/1000 of the sales. However, if the sales is less that 50,000 copies, they won’t have even a single penny of revenue allocation.

- The contract then was revised on 2009.02.06. Yet, even after the revision, the contract states that the distribution profits received by the members from album sales for each person is only 0.4 % – 1%.

4. Members have already demanded to correct the unfair clauses in the contract, but SM did not listen to them.

- The three people had requested to SM and shared their own vision to adjust the unfair clauses caused by the exclusive contract effect, but SM passed the discussion and pointed out the cosmetic business instead which is not even the essence of their request.

- Nevertheless, the three kept continuing to solve the problem through dialogues so that it would satisfy both parties, but SM still didn’t response. Since they felt no hope and realized that their efforts to talk to SM had been meaningless, therefore they finally filed the appeal to the court for a final solution.

5. Cosmetics business investments and also other financial investment are unrelated to the entertainment business they’re focusing in, thus have nothing to do with their injunction application. The nature of the case is to solve the unfair exclusive contract.

(no need futher explanation. SM just insists to point out cosmetic companies investment as the core problem, but they stressed here again, that it’s not the case. The three members are only one of shareholders and not even the high officials of the cosmetic companies. Their lawsuit is purely only to resolve the unfair exlusive contract.)

6. The members don’t want the disbanding, they just want to escape from the bondage of the unfair contract.

- The injuction application is not for a purpose that leads to disbanding. The problem now is to solve different opinions regarding the contract. The three members have no problem to the rest of members and still want to create good music together.

- Once all the unfairness is getting straightened, they will start their activities together soon. Through this condition, they ask the fans to be united and believe in them.

7. This situation is an opportunity for them to get mature.

- The three members of TVXQ who are included in the injunction application feel sorry for the fans for making them shocked and disappointed.

- However, to think it in bright side, it’s an opportunity for them to jump to bigger dream and getting more mature. The members have promised the fans to repay all the supports received.

source: asian economic
summarized trans: [email protected]

Another article:

Junsu-Jaejoong-Yoochun, Official Statement Released, "We're so tired emotionally and physically"

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), YoungWoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), and Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun), who filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SM Entertainment on July 31st, have finally released their official statement.

The three revealed today that, "For the past five years, the agency has been controlling everything and because of everything we have gone through, we are so worn out mentally and physically."

#1. For the past five years, the agency has been controlling everything and because of everything we have gone through, we are so worn out mentally and physically.

Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoon, and Park Yoochun debuted in group TVXQ in the early months of 2004 and have been, with the order of SM, traveling back and forth from Korea, Japan and China. They have been completing their schedules by sleeping only 3~4 hours every night every single day except for one week of the year. Because of this, the three members' health has been affected greatly and the amount of stress and mental weariness they received was huge. However, the more SM got TVXQ involved in foreign activities, the more tiring and almost impossible the activities became. The three members finally began to feel like they were no longer SM artistes who were striving to reach their dreams, but mere tools for the agency to get money.But the three still wish to continue with their activities as a singer according to their own visions.

#2 The exclusive contract that was set for 13 years is in fact a 'slave contract'

When they talk of the exclusive contract, they refer to their contract that lasts 13 years. However, when they add the years they will serve in the military, the period will extend to at least 15 years which would mean that they would have to be celebrities under SM's rule for at least ten more years before they could even consider retiring. If they were to cancel their contract before the 13 years were over, they would have to pay a fine that was thrice the amount of all the investments made and twice the amount of how much they earned. As this amount would add up to tens of millions of dollars if they were to cancel their contract, they had no other choice but to stay at SM under the same conditions they are suffering because of right now.

#3 The members did not receive as much as they should have for their hard work

Just because they were tied to such a contract, doesn't mean they received fair treatment from SM for their hard work. They received no money for the contract, and when the division of income is seen for their albums, their contract states that each member can receive 1000,000 won only if they sell more than 500,000 copies of their album. If they do not reach 500,000 copies, they do not receive a single won from the income earned from the album This clause was altered on 2009.2.6 but even after the alteration, the members only receive around 0.4~1% each from the album sales.

#4 The members have tried numerous times to fix the contract, but SM did not listen to their pleas.

Therefore, the three members repeatedly asked for a suspension of their exclusive contract so they could follow their own visions of being a singer, but SM tried to move the spotlight towards the three's cosmetic company, which has nothing to do with this trial. So the three people believed that the least they could do was have the two sides talk and reach a compromise that both sides would agree on and even offered to find a proper place to do so, but not only did SM ignore this, their past and current attitude made it almost impossible for there to be any talks with SM. There was no hope for any talks to happen with the agency and that is why the three members decided to file this lawsuit.

#5 The investment in the cosmetic company was something they did outside of their activities as a celebrity, it has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The focus point is the unlawfulness of the exclusive contract.

SM revealed in their official statement that the three members were filing this lawsuit because of problems that arose because of the cosmetic company. However, the members' investment in the cosmetic company has nothing to do with this lawsuit. The company SM is referring to is the Chinese branch of the company that the three members invested in, and this was purely a personal investment that had nothing to do with their activities as celebrities. No one can say that TVXQ should lose everything they have worked so hard for until now just because of an investment of $1 million in a cosmetic company that is opening in China; that is ridiculous to even consider. The core of what the members see as a problem is the unlawfulness of the exclusive contract. SM must stop trying to move the spotlight to the cosmetic company that has nothing to do with the case.

#6 None of the members want to disband, all they want is to escape from the tirades of their contract.

They realized that many fans feared that a disbandment would arise from this lawsuit. However, this lawsuit should never be linked to the possible disbandment of the group. Only the three members are involved in this process because of a difference in opinion of a method of approach between the members, but there are no strains whatsoever between the members and they all wish to keep their promise to their fans and stay together. If they had even a small chance to fix the unlawful clauses in their contract and pursue their music careers in the way they wanted, they were willing to go through with this process with only the firm belief that all five of them would be able to stand on one stage together in front of their fans even after this ordeal.

#7 They take this as a step to become more mature

The three members are extremely sorry for frightening the fans who care so much about TVXQ with this lawsuit, but they believe this is a step towards a bigger dream. They promise that they will be able to come out of this situation as better people and a better group if they receive support from their fans.

Source: [osen + DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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SM's Financial Statement

090803 Financial News about SM

Since the anouncement of the lawsuit that involves TVXQ and SM, the company stock dropped:

Yesterday Situation:

At 9:06 am yesterday, SM stock is worth for 3,715 won fell about 11.02%.

Today Situation (as drawn in the graph):

Stock fell until -10.1%, a loss of 5% on the current value. It’s increase a bit from yesterday, but not much.

Kim Chang-won, an analyst from Daewoo Securities on the August 3rd said, “BoA, TVXQ, Girls Generation, Super Junior, and SHINee are non arguably most important asset of SM. If there’s something happened to one of these 5 main stars, the negative impact to stock price is expected.”

Financial Health of SM

Growth trend

Blue spot > Total assets (ressources/funds)
Purple stick > Total Liabilities (hindrance/puts)
Yellow stick > Total shareholders’ equity
Blue stars > Sales

If you look at the 2008 growth curve and if you do the ratio, we can see that Mirotic album was a breath of air fresh for SM.

Revenue Structure (the most interesting part)

Blue line > Sales
Purple line > Operating profit (EBIT, Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)
Yellow line > Net income (profit)

Can you see the incomes and sales’ increase at the end of 2008? The main artists that were promoted at that time were TVXQ. Don’t you remember all the performances at all end’s year ceremonies? If you were wondering why the members didn’t claim for their rights earlier, now you know.


EBIT (Earning Before Interest and Taxes): company’s earning (sales minus all expenses) excluding effects from interest income/expense and tax.
Net Income: EBIT with the effects of interest and tax.

credit: as tagged + + kenoa + sharingyoochun (additional information + translation)
shared by: [email protected]

TVXQ’s Official Press Conference

As almost all of you know by now, SM Entertainment group TVXQ members Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu spoke up at the official press conference today.

Their lawyer stated on behalf of the three boys, “During the five years after they debuted, the company has done whatever they wanted which made the body and spirit of the members of TVXQ very tired. The 13 year exclusive contract is too long like a whole life contract. The members don’t receive what they deserve.”

Additionally, “The members don’t want to disband, but just feel that the contract is ridiculous. Right now, the things each of the three members want is a little different, however, the relationship between the members is still unaffected.”

credit: allkpop
shared by: [email protected]

DBSK Members To Talk About Rumours on Disbanding Tomorrow

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu will make their official stand about rumours on the group’s disbanding.

The trio came back to Korea on 2nd August and had meeting with the people in charge and made their official stand about the news reports and all on 3rd August .

A representative said, “The 3 members came back to Korea on 2nd August, after discussions with their families and with the people in charge, they will reveal their official stand about the news – whether they are just speculations and also to clarify any mis-reported details.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment said on 1st August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki’s activities have to go on.”

The 3 members went down to Seoul Central District Court to file for a retractile of their exclusive belonging rights with SM Entertainment on 31st July, causing an outrage of speculations about the group’s disbanding and also problems between the members and SM.

But it was known that the 3 joined the group for their performance at A-Nation on 2nd August in Tokyo. They have also made it clear that they will be participating in the SMTown Live 09 concert on 16th August.

Source: Sookyeong

TVXQ's 3 Members "No Schedule For Separate Press Conference"

Reporter: Chang Soyun

With regards to their case with their management company SM Entertainment, the 3 members of TVXQ have expressed that they do not have any other comments other than what they have revealed in the press release that was sent out on 3rd August (today).

On the morning of the 3rd, the legal representative of Jejung (Stage name: Hero, Real name: Kim Jaejoong), Yuchun (Stage name: Micky, Real name: Park Yoochun) and Junsu (Stage name: Xiah, Real name: Kim Junsu), Lim Sang Hyuk from the law firm Sejong, stated that "the essence of the disagreement is the exclusive contract period of 13 years, unfavorable contracts and CD profit-sharing clause," and "the members of TVXQ do not want to disband the group, they are just trying to escape the bondage of unfair contract."

In addition, "other than the press release, there is no other interview of press conference scheduled", and the members will not be directly expressing their point of view. (T/N: Which means they will speak through their lawyer.)

Source: [edaily (jp version)]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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SM Stocks keeps failing; Reported in

This is no joke. This is really getting big. DBSK is SURELY influential.
Visit HERE

Credits: [email protected]
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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
SM Entertainment’s refutation, “They made 11b KRW after debut”

SM Entertainment, with which Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu has have a dispute with, came out to reveal their official stand.

SM Entertainment said on 3rd August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki has earn 11billion KRW from after their debut till 2009 July (dividend payout 9.2 billion KRW + beforehand provision 1.77 billion KRW). Also they also received many high-end foreign products in the process even though SM Entertainment was suffering from a business deficit in the 4 years after the group’s debut. And even though there is a distributive ratio, they would have raised it with proftis from their endorsement in CFs, doing events and also photoshoots.”

And about how the 3 members have said that they were given unjust treatment, SM Entertainment said, “About their health and schedule, we have discussed them before they were put through it.”

And about the cosmetic enterprise, SM said, “Looking at this case, this holds substantial reasons to it. It is evident since there is only 3 members involved in this case. They wanted to reduce the loss of image and harm to them as soon as possible with this plan as they will be used for the enterprise in terms of having their images used as part of marketing and also to participate in events for the enterprise.”

Also, “According to the Fair Trade commission, there is no provision saying that singers cannot be signed for beyond a period of 7 years, and there is no exceptional provision limiting the contract of singers promoting overseas. We did amendments to the exclusive rights clause for 5 times after the contract was contracted, 2 times were to address the compensation of loss, and after checking and confirmation by the Fair Trade Commission. The rest of the 3 times were to address the profits distribution ratio and for renewal – in 2004 January, then in 2007 February and 2009 February.”

SM “We will solve this case with the 3 members regarding the application for retractile in the contract and the lawsuit confrontation as soon as possible.”

-------- credit:sookyeong

honestly he's bringin up shit that has nothing to do with this AT ALL.
he's only stating the obvious
Even if the main problem was the cosmetic business, SM already violated the FTC rules that states the artists are allowed to do business outside his main job (actor and singer). And the someone on Soompi says that the rules of contract limitation was effective per June/July 2009. By the time they amendments the contract, the FTC rules still ineffective.

So basically, SM doesn’t says anything. He just stated the obvious. There’s a reason why DBSK injunction was approved within a day (considered it was submit in friday and approved in monday). Because what they demand was stated on the FTC. No one violated the rules but SM here..

so 11 billion krw for 5 people for 5 years = 440,000usd per person per year
its more than what normal people make, but its still very little compared to what they deserve
(copied and paste :3)

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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
Messages from Cassiopeians to TVXQ!

This is in regards to the recent news of the three members filing for a disposition, etc.

We would like to reassure you that we still and will continue to believe and support them.

OUR messages and thoughts will be support and strength for you, TVXQ!

(Cassiopeians, this will be sent to the group in a few days. Please feel free to write to them~

THANKS for your contribution and always have faith in them~ )


and this is the site:

plz....come and show your love to them
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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
[NEWS] 090803 Korean boy band TVXQ speak out about split rumours

SEOUL : One of Korea’s most popular boy bands TVQX (otherwise known as Dong Bang Shin Gi) are causing all their fans around Asia to panic as speculation of a possible disbandment runs rye.

Korean media reported that three of the group’s five members, had filed for termination of their contracts with the group’s managing company, SM Entertainment, in a Seoul court on Friday. They were reportedly unhappy with the unreasonable working hours and unfair contract.

Xiah, Hero and Micky’s representative revealed through news media on Monday that since joining the band in 2003, the stars have been working non stop, travelling in and out of Korea for promotional events and surviving on just three to four hours of sleep each day. As a result, they have become mentally fatigued and their health, greatly affected.

Their rep added that the trio feel that for the past five years, they were just money making tools for SM and have not been able to fulfil their ambitions and visions for the band.

Other bones of contention include their record royalties and contracts which members deemed unfair and tied them to SM for too long. Though they signed 13-year contracts, this excluded the time spent in military service, and would eventually exceed 15 years. The members had repeatedly requested for revisions to the contracts but to no avail.

Xiah, Hero and Micky have maintained that they are taking legal action in a bid to free themselves from contract restraints, and have no intentions to disband the group.

Meanwhile, the pop quintet which include members U Know and Max, are expected to appear as scheduled together at all their other working engagements.

“As a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Gi have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic enterprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible,” read SM Entertainment’s statement.

“On SM’s side, we still have much love for Dong Bang Shin Gi. We do not want them to disband,” said an SM Entertainment representative, “Let’s resolve this peacefully seeing the long time we have worked together since their debut till now.”

Source: Channel News Asia

The bolded part...
Remind me again when did they file for termination? Honestly... I wonder where they get their sources from.

P/s: idk if I tagged this correctly and if this is well... considered news. I got it off CNA's online news thingie while randomly surfing. The boys are like "TOP STORY" in the entertainment section. LOL.

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