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Changmin - Elle Girl December Shooting

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V Magazine - JYJ NYC Showcase Review & Interview

East Meets Kanye And Rocks Out in NYC

(A fantastic review of our boys in the American press - check it out!)

Not to be dramatic here, but mega-Kpop-group JYJ’s first U.S. showcase in NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday night was probably one of the craziest things I have ever seen. The concert was slated to start at 8pm, but when I arrived at the New Yorker Hotel at 1pm for my interview with the artists, I was greeted with the sight of approximately four thousand fans jam-packed into lines that stretched for over two blocks at 35th and Eighth. Passing cars slowed to see what the fuss was about, as anxious police and security guards were having a field day trying to shepherd amazed passers-by out of the way. JYJ, a three-member male group from South Korea, are mega stars internationally (as evidenced by the Guiness Book of Records entries in 2008 and 2009 for World’s Largest Official Fan Club), but this month marks their first debut in the United States. Released in Asia last month, their first English language album The Beginning is planned to drop on Amazon and iTunes in the U.S. in the next few weeks. It is a major debut, with Kanye West and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins producing separate tracks on the album, which also features Malif “The Poet Yusef”, and is distributed globally by Warner Music.

For Friday’s concert, fans began lining up on Thursday night and spent the night on the street, spurred by the first-come first-serve seating. But what truly floored me was the sheer scale of the international audience; I talked to fans who had literally just flown in from France, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, and China for this particular show.

“Yeah, I flew to Hong Kong to see their concert two weeks ago and flew back to New York for this one,” said Shelly Jameson, 28, who is a stylist based in NYC. Whitney, 20, and Bonietta, 22 took the bus up from Michigan the night before. “We started hearing their music online and became huge fans even though we didn’t understand what they were singing about. That’s why we’re so glad this album is in English.” Pierre-Aime from France also said that he had become a fan after he heard their music online, while Alison Slater, a 34-year old artist from Toronto said that she was also flying out for the Las Vegas and LA shows that are scheduled for the 14th and 19th, respectively.

The concert kicked off with hilarious commentary by the two MC’s for the night; Julie Chang of Fox News and the actor Shane Yoon teased the crowd to a frenzied pitch before introducing JunSu, JaeJoong, and YuChun, who emerged in sleek yet showy black outfits a la Rick Owens meets Resurrection, and immediately launched into a blockbuster performance of the first song of their set. The trio showed effortless dance skills and truly impressive vocal range as they sang “Empty,” a darkly catchy song with a Euro-pop techno vibe, which was written by superstar producer Rodney Jerkins and carried the signature Darkchild electronic dance beats.

The set alternated between performances, onscreen animation, and Q&A sessions with the MCs. JYJ showed off some more sexy moves while performing “Ayyy Girl,” the collaboration track with Kanye West and Malik Yusef, which featured syncopated acoustic layers and a jagged retro beat. The show closed with the band performing a remix of the opening song “Empty” (and nearly causing an earthquake when the members urged the screaming crowd to jump) while a white blaze of confetti blasted from canons onstage.
The agitated energy level of the audience beat Madison Square Garden hollow; I personally witnessed more than one hapless audience member being carried out for suffering a seizure during the show.

In an interview before the showcase, the three JYJ members talked to V about their U.S. debut.

FC: How has your experience in New York been so far?
JunSu: We’ve been to the States about seven or eight times, but we only visited the West Coast, and so this is our first time in New York. We had really high expectations, and it’s as beautiful as we expected. It’s amazing to think that we’re actually performing in the city that we’ve seen in only movies and magazines until now.

FC: Have you found time to go out and enjoy the city?
YuChun: We went to a party on our first night.
JunSu: But then we got sick.
YuChun: The party was probably why we got sick. *laughter*

FC: What was it like working with Kanye?
JunSu: It was a blast hanging out with him at his studio in LA. We all talked a lot and were just chilling, which then led naturally to the recording sessions. Working with him was great because it was so laid-back.
YuChun: We all went out to eat burgers and thought it was funny that he didn’t take his sunglasses off the entire time. *laughter*

FC: Who are some American artists who you would like to collaborate with in the future?
JaeJoong: For me, J. Holiday. His music is very inspiring, and similar to the kind of sound that I aspire to in my own songwriting.
JunSu: I would love to work with Beyonce. We went to see her show when she came to Seoul, and it was amazing.

FC: Although you guys are famous overseas, you are debuting as a new artist in the U.S. How are you approaching your new audience?
JunSu: As musicians from Asia, we know that we have a steep hill to climb in the American music scene, but we realized that coming in. We will continue making the music that we are passionate about and we hope that the American audiences will come to appreciate our particular sound and production.

Thank you for the heads up, yuudokubi!

Credit: VMagazine
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Interview in US Magazine

Kanye West is so busy launching his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, AND attacking Matt Lauer it's a wonder he has time for anything else these days. But fortunately he had a minute for one thing: the bombastic rapper lent his talents to Korean pop trio JYJ, who (as TVXQ), have dominated the Asian charts for seven years but are now making their first foray into the U.S. music scene.

"We wanted everything to be perfect before doing this," band member Junsu, 23, tells "The music scene here is so inspiring -- and the first album we put out had to be great. A lot of hard work went into it."

Besides West, the band also recruited legendary producer Rodney Jerkins, who's crafted mega hits for everyone from Michael Jackson to Mary J. Blige. "They're interested in the music scene in Asia, so that's how this came about," explains Yuchun, 24. "Working with Kanye and Rodney was an honor -- we really came up with some great ideas. Our first single off the new album, "Ayyy Girl," features Kanye on production and on the track… I still get excited when I hear it."

And West tells "These guys work the hardest. I'm looking forward to doing more with them."

Still, the guys (who write and compose!) have had one hard task at hand:"We're Korean but doing our best to become fluent in English," admits Jaejung, 24. "We're having lessons every day. It took a while to conquer some of the pronunciation." However, Yuchun says it's totally worth it: "I really love America and the mentality of people here - it's a very open-minded country." (On the flip-side? Taxes. "There are so many for everything!" he laughs).

Oh, and one more thing ladies. All three members are ridin' solo! "But there are celebrity girls we like," admits Yuchun." Gwyneth Paltrow's tall and so pretty." Adds Jaejung: "In the past I loved Avril Lavigne, but then she got married… Then I loved Beyonce and she got married too. I don't know why all the girls I like end up taken!" As for Junsu: "I just want to be rumored dating someone on the cover of Us -- 'Hot New Couple!'"

The band is currently finishing showcase tours of New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and are keen to get started on the video for their next single, "Empty." "We've got some great concepts and hope to start filming next month," Jaejung reveals. "I hope everyone enjoys it." Adds Junsu:"We want to put our all in to this and work hard." He also admits that they don't take holidays. "We can sleep and rest when we're older!"

JYJ's The Beginning hits the iTunes store on November 16. Check out a preview of their second single, the Jerkins-produced "Empty," above!

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Influence of JYJ - Massive Growth In G20 Korean Tourism

Through the influence of the G20 campaign, the rate of Japanese tourists traveling to Korea has steadily increased.

In mid-November, the largest scale of 20 143 tourists from Japan is expected to visit Korea. With JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) having a concert in Seoul on the 27th and 28th, it is a very important factor with regards to the projected number of tourists, as their popularity is very high in Japan.

According to a representative of the top national tourism agency in Japan for this week, "2500 tourists out of 4113 are planning to visit Korea because of JYJ's concert", and "the Korean wave for next week will continue on".

Source: [baidutvxq]
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JYJ is in the top 5 Most Sent & Most Commented Stories on

Thank you JJluver33 for the tip!

Source: USMagazine
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The Two Teams of TVXQ Will Meet Again in Music Industry, JYJ and Dong Bang Duo

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Youngwoong Jaejoong had started their activities under the name JYJ earlier this year and now the rest of Dong Bang duo U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who are still under SM Entertainment are going to live the name TVXQ with their upcoming comeback activities. According to one official of music industry, currently the two members are finalizing their new album work, and are busy with dance practice accordingly. The rest of concepts such as costumes and hair styles are progressing into final discussion therefore it’s most likely possible for the comeback to hold in sometime next month.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin already started to hint public about their comeback by launching a new song ‘Maximum’ during their performance in SMTOWN Live in last August. At the event, the two members were introduced as Dong Bang Shin Ki, clearly showed that the duo comeback will have connection to TVXQ original music characteristic unlike JYJ who tries to differentiate their music from those in the TVXQ days.

credit: yahoo Korea
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Show: Behind The Storm Attack of Korean Idols

Broadcast time: November 17th (Wed) at 25:45 – 26:11 (or 01:45 am – 02:11 am)

This year’s top three spots of CD sales rank are expected to be dominated by Korea girl group who debuted as rookie in Japan. Currently the sensation of K-POP has swept across Asia including Japan.

The background that builds the strength of K-POP corresponds to the young ages, enormous talent, along with well positioning strategy in customers taste and export industry . Today for the first time TV camera will explore the field of training in Korea’s largest talent agency SM Entertainment where in current most popular group ‘TVXQ’ and ‘Shoujo Jidai (SNSD)’ settled. In addition, there’s a solo interview with the leader of currently hiatus group TVXQ who’s gaining immense popularity, U-Know Yunho. In order to acquire a thorough live performance, young age trainees have to cover a long-term training period. Hence K-POP artists mostly not only active in music scenes but they’re also working in various field of entertainment industries, the thing that could drive the overall nation’ economy. How the Koreans manage the backstage of K-POP whirlwind shall be a good point of view to Japan which already come to idea of using the momentum Korea artists had begun to explore future strategy of expanding its cultural and music content.

source: NHK news
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PIA Magazine - 5 Years of 東方神起

This year marked the 5th anniversary of Tohoshinki in Japan. Just released their first ever ‘Best Album’, to-date they had stood firmly as one of the most popular group in Japan. Their road to where they are today is not easy; how did Tohoshinki achieved their height in Japan entertainment industry? Together with their past photo taken, let’s search the footprints of their lives in Japan.

3 main points for them to reach the ‘Summit of Jpop’.

#1 Challenge Jpop as a newbie

As the first male group artist to get featured in a female magazine ‘JJ’ front cover, that issue was out of stock, and the situation continues for a long time. Even to the extent of selling at 5,000 Yen, just from this situation, it had clearly shown the fanaticism of Tohoshinki.

Truly speaking, the Tohoshinki today can be considered as the best artist to achieve great numbers. This feverish situation started about 2 years ago where their single ‘Purple Line’ was released and took their ever first on Oricon chart. Their popularity then increased tremendously, with excellent performances and charming outlooks had caught many girls’ hearts. They had then started to attend all variety shows; un-skilled Japanese had become their ‘weapon’, which soon after their names were spread among all audiences. As for their activities after that it’s something that everyone should know of. All the records on CD sales charts, to a point where they had to rewrite their own record, but all these are not something easy for them.

They debuted in their own country, Korea, where they had immediately risen to one of the top artists when debuted in Japan. They did not tag themselves as ‘Hallyu’ artists. Instead, they entered as a Jpop singer to challenge the market. In the end, they managed to excuse themselves from all the other Korean artists who had risen in popularity riding on ‘Hallyu’ wave. They had worked hard to overcome all obstacles earnestly. All these obstacles were none other but Japanese. What’s more, they had risen as one of the ‘Top Star’ in Korea the moment they debuted who did not experience any setback before had their very first taste of it in a foreign country where they have problem communicating with.

Leader YunHo described the situation as, “At the very beginning, there were situations where the audiences were lesser than our expectation. Of course we were worried and anxious, but I think that kind of situation had help us to growth, to work together as one, unite as one.” To perform on the stage which do not even consider as a ‘stage’, to promote ‘TOHOSHINKI’. However, it is those adverse circumstances that had strengthened their bond as ‘One Tohoshinki’.

#2 Superior and outstanding performing skills

Debuted as a new group in Japan, step-by-step they worked hard, and it can be said that it’s a successful strategy by the company to suggest this activity policy. Then how should we appraise Tohoshinki?

Every member have their own unique individual talents, outstanding performance skill, to be frank, they are in an ultimate stage already. No matter how hard a vocal and dance group work, they will still be categorized under ‘idol’ group; however Tohoshinki’s performance had thoroughly cleared this prenotion.

During the promotion of their 2nd album ‘Five In the Black’, YooChun said, “He wanted everyone to like the ‘Tohoshinki that is able to do everything’, something that is different from the usual us.” That had also shown the confidence they had with themselves.

I think we can’t say that the success of Tohoshinki is all because of the right strateg; it is because of their incomparable talents and their determination, to strive harder in order to achieve a greater height, to reach where they are today. After the release of ‘Purple Line’, during the promotion of their 3rd album ‘T’, JaeJoong said, “During our Japan activities, due to the difficulties in Japanese pronunciation and complication of the language, we had encountered many problems.”

However, with their outstanding dance ability and singing skill along with the improvement of their Japanese, their fan base is growing tremendously and at the same time opening up more opportunity for them. Moreover, their sense of music had also improved, their self-composed songs were included in their 4th album ‘The Secret Code’, which ChangMin had commented, “It is not possible that those (their songs) are included in the album just because it’s the member work; they want everyone to listen to great music,” which showed the determination they had to produce great music.

#3 Their personalities and unity

The 5 of them have the ability to sing and dance individually, which is something that did not happened in Japan entertainment history. However, each and every one of them has their own unique points, which is something we can see on stage, for example ChangMin’s high note, YunHo’s rap, etc. Every one of them had a special stage to take note during their live performance.

The most outstanding one has to be JunSu, during their new song interviews, he would often say his oyaji gag suddenly and interrupt reporter’s questions to shift the topic away. However, he would always end up getting a ‘scolding’ by the calm and cool ChangMin. These kinds of role-sharing do not only happen on stage but also in their daily life. They are able to coexist with each other no matter on stage or in real life that form the ‘Tohoshinki’ as one.

Need no further explanation; being someone who had watched them behind the camera during a few interviews, I can affirm that the love among members and their unity is very strong.

Tohoshinki is a team that can only be achieved with 5 members, and their fans are waiting for a better them.

Debut Days (‘05/4)

Not only in Japan and South Korea, their activities were also held in other Asia countries. After completing their performance in Thailand, we went to Japan for interview straight away, often taking a nap in the midst of traveling.

"The biggest difference in South Korea and Japan is the timing of promoting the songs. In South Korea, it was the album which is more important and only will promote the album after its release. In Japan, it was the single, which is more important, and promoting a lot before it is released. Immediately after its release, we have to prepare for the next single." – Yoochun

However, I felt that there are not any big differences in their Korean and Japanese music.

First Performance for a-nation ('05 / 8)

2007, regarding "the memories in summer"

"Speaking of summer memories, it should be when we first performed in Kobe 'a-nation'. That time, we only released two singles. Thus, we sang those two songs. Really frightening. My whole body had goose bumps. I had never seen an outdoor activity with so many audiences. However, the audience was Japanese, and my Japanese was not very skilled. I felt relaxed after I was in the middle of our performance. I had been working hard." (Laugh~) – Jaejoong

Regarding all the miracles that happened surround them.

“I think in Japan, Tohoshinki has yet to reach the ‘Top’ list. But I dare to say what we had today is all thanks to the fans and staff who had always supported us.” – JunSu

“Heard from the staff that ‘topical had increased’; it’s really frightening. However, on the other side, I’m looking forward to reach that kind of level.” – ChangMin

To accomplished as the VIP at Koda Kumi’s Tokyo Dome Concert.

“Tokyo Dome, it’s really awesome ah~ the best. The tent is really high, wide and to get high with so many audience.” – JaeJoong

“But it’s not scary; it’s really enjoyable while singing. Very meaningful, to sing with so many support from the audiences; it’s really happiness. I envy Koda Kumi on that.” – JunSu

“Wish that in the near future Tohoshinki can stand on that stage as well. It is not ‘wish’; its ‘want’. please look forward! Therefore, it is a new start. 2008, fighting~” – YunHo


April – Debut at Japan and released their 1st single ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ and ranked 37th on Oricon Chart.

July – Their 2nd single ‘Somebody to Love’ and was ranked 14th on Oricon Chart. Which is the ‘must perform’ song at their concert where members and fans can jump high to reach the climax of the live concert.

August – Their 1st appearance on a live event ‘A-nation’, performed 2 songs at the beginning.


March – Released their 1st album ‘Heart, Mind and Soul’ and was ranked 25th on Oricon Chart.

May – Their first live tour in Japan. Focusing on all ‘Live House’ in Japan and final stage at ‘Zeep Tokyo’. Though they were still worried about their position on Oricon Chart, but they still managed to have all their tickets sold out.

July – Performed at live event ‘A-nation’ central main stage.

November – Released their 8th single ‘Miss You/O – 正。反。合‘ and was ranked 3rd on Oricon Chart.


March – 2nd full album, ‘Five in the Black’ released and was ranked 10th on Oricon Chart.

May – Tohoshinki's 2nd Live Tour started on 'Hall' as the focus point of the tour, ending in Nippon Budokan stop, with a 2 days show.

Just before the Budokan stop, Tohoshinki's 11th single, ‘Lovin' you’ was released and was ranked 2nd on the Oricon, Tohoshinki's highest record on the chart. Just before the concert at Budokan started, the single selling outside the concert hall sold out. This marked the actual sharp increase of Tohoshinki's popularity.

August – Tohoshinki's 12th single ‘Summer Dream’ released and was ranked 2nd on Oricon. Following ‘Sky’, ‘Summer Dream’ is another song that made a deep impression in people's hearts.

'Summer Dream' was being heavily promoted as a commercial song, causing the single to be sold as a popular item for a very long time. [Summer Dream] is also a song that promoted Tohoshinki to the entire nation as one of their representative song.

Tohoshinki's first performance on ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’
Junsu started his oyaji gags and impersonating the other members. He started using these gags on other shows, showing the audience his 4D personality.

November – Tohoshinki was being featured in Koda Kumi's upcoming single ‘Last Angel’.

In between the continuous release of singles within 5 months, being featured in Koda Kumi's single and performing in ‘Music Station’, Tohoshinki also attended Koda Kumi's first Tokyo Dome concert in December as a special guest.


January – Tohoshinki released their 16th single, [purple line], which was ranked 1st on the Oricon charts, which broke Tohoshinki's record after being ranked 2nd by ‘Lovin' you’, 2nd by ‘Summer Dream’, 2nd by ‘Shine’, 4th by ‘Forever Love’ and 3rd by ‘Together’.

February – Tohoshinki's 3rd full album, ‘T’ was released, ranking 4th on the Oricon charts. With ‘TRICK’ as the album's theme, each member had their chance taking up the role of lead singer for their new song in their respective singles for 5 continuous weeks.

March – Tohoshinki's 3rd live tour started with the 'arena' as the focus point of the tour and ending with Saitama's super arena as their last stop with a 2 days performance. They attracted up to a total of 150 000 people with 17 concerts for the tour. Sam-san was the Dance Director for this tour.

July – Tohoshinki released their 24th Single ‘Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?’ and was ranked 1st on the Oricon Charts. This single was the 3rd consecutive single which was ranked 1st on the Oricon charts, making Tohoshinki the first foreign artist to have their singles ranked 1st on the Oricon charts for 3 consecutive times. Furthermore, this song was ranked first for being the most downloaded song on downloading sites.

October – Tohoshinki released their 25th single ‘Mirotic’ and was ranked 1st on the Oricon charts. Issues started as the Korean lyrics of the song was declared by the Korean Commission of Youth Protection were provocative and was detrimental to youths under 19 years of age. The High Court ruled in favor of Tohoshinki and cancelled commission's claim. 2008 was really the year of Tohoshinki as they set a record for having 4 of their singles ranked 1st on the Oricon chart.

December – Tohoshinki attended ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival’, being the first foreign artists to do so. The song they performed, ‘Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?’ ranking continued to rise on the charts.


January – Tohoshinki's 26th single, ‘Bolero/kiss the baby sky/Wasurenaide’ was released, ranking 1st on the Oricon, breaking Tohoshinki's record that they have set with their previous single by being the first foreign artiste to have 5 consecutive singles ranking 1st on the Oricon chart.

March – Tohoshinki's 4th full album, ‘Secret Code’ was released, ranking 2nd on the Oricon charts.

It’s the first time for Tohoshinki performing alone on ‘Music Station’. Other than music shows like ‘Music Lovers’ and ‘Our Music’, Tohoshinki also went on ‘SMAPxSMAP’ and other talk shows. Their popularity was at the peak.

May – Tohoshinki performed in 6 stops of ‘A-Nation’. More than half of the audiences were eating food made by Tohoshinki.

September – ‘Endlessly Sweet’ was released online for the first time. Also being the commercial song for ‘Pinky’ which Tohoshinki endorsed. The song was ranked 'most downloaded' on downloading sites.

Jaejoong and Yoochun formed a duet and released the single ‘Colours~ melody & harmony/Shelter’ and was ranked 1st on the Oricon charts.

‘4th live tour 2009 'the secret code' FINAL IN TOKYO DOME’ was released and and ranked 1st on the Oricon chart.

December – Tohoshinki attended Kōhaku Uta Gassen, marking their 2nd consecutive time performing on the music festival.


January – Released their 29th single ‘BREAK OUT!’ and was ranked 1st on Oricon Chart. It’s their first ever number one on Oricon monthly chart. On top of that, they had also renewed the record held by foreign artists by selling 25 thousand copies in the first month of sales and breaking their own record for having 7 number one songs on the Oricon Chart.

February – Released their first best album ‘BEST SELECTION 2010’. When they debuted in Korea, their potention to reach as the top star status are unquestionable. Monopolized music awards, had shown that they are more than just being ‘Idol Stars’. In order for them to get recognition in Japan, the most important thing to let people see their talents and potential.

However, the ‘Hallyu Wave’ was very strong during that period of time. They took the courage to stay away from being a part of the ‘Hallyu Wave’, but that had resulted in them having very few media appearances and was ranked 37th on the Oricon Chart. The only thing they can do is to work their way through by efforts and talents. The first time ever for ‘A-nation’, they were the opening artist and had performed only 2 songs.

Everyone knew that the opening act was just a platform to showcase the artist name. During that time, the seats were mainly empty, even if they want to put on a good show to promote themselves, but nobody was really paying any attention. Though it’s said to avoid the ‘Hallyu Wave’, but in their debut days, the supporters were mainly their passionate Korean fans.

Even though it was tough, but during their first live tour, their tickets were all sold out at their 2 days final at ‘Zeep Tokyo’. However, their popularity didn’t expand because of that. They continued to sing to those people that supported them, to sing to them.

Gradually, their efforts were being paid off. It was easy to tell by the music charts and their activities. The tickets for their concert at The Nippon Budokan were sold out on the very day it went on sale. Furthermore, they later released single ‘SUMMER’ which became a huge turning point in their career. Recorded as number 1 on the Oricon Charts, collaboration with CM was successful. ‘SUMMER’ became a long-term ‘Hot Sale’ object. Tohoshinki also began appearing on popular TV shows led by ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ this increased their popularity even more.

To tell the truth, their popularity’s gradually rise is no doubt because of the fact that they were Korean idols. The representative track from ‘Summer’ is ‘Summer Dream’, this song provided the proper road for Tohoshinki’s music. It’s simple, but memorable. On TV shows Tohoshinki told funny stories using very simple and short Japanese, which caught many people's attention so their personality became a hotter topic among people than their music.

However, that’s a good thing. Like what was written in the beginning, ‘being known by everybody’ is the most important. On talk shows, they completely take off their idol image and show 100% of their confidence. From then on, it was common to see songs from them that aren’t the usually pop type make it onto music charts. Tohoshinki’s talents were widely recognized.

So last year their 2 final stages at Tokyo Dome was sold out on the very day it went on sale. Shortly after that during the “a-nation” concert, more than 80% of the audience there was Tohoshinki’s fans. They carried green towels and created a fantastic sight.

Now, no one can call Tohoshinki just 'Idols'.


Name: Jung YunHo
Birthdate: 6th February 1986
Height: 184cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A

Without him, Tohoshinki might not be established. His love and ability to be a leader for his members are outstanding. He is an understanding leader who is calm and clearly knows what is the best for the 5 of them with the ability to make the right judgments. For the sake of Tohoshinki and his members, he can place himself at the last and doesn’t mind about it.

YunHo had that kind of sharp stare that shows his strong determination, which he had no fear no matter who he is dealing with. Ever since the debut of Tohoshinki, he had always been the arrow as well as the shield for his members. Though sometimes he looks as strict as a first-class student with serious talks, results in giving others a cold image, but his members had also ensure everyone that there isn’t any other person as lively as YunHo already.

If to see the 5 as a family, YunHo is no doubt taking the father role. However, sometimes he will give an interesting expression that belongs to a 24-year-old young adult, which will catch you off guard and attracted your full attention.

You can often hear his bass vocal and fast-rhythm rapping that nobody is able to catch up with. His dance move on stage is also had the power to trap your sight to him. But he would never over-showoff himself on stage, which is also an awesome point of him. Even though he is alone on the stage, there will be sight of ‘Tohoshinki’ as well, with an expression that he is proud of, to perform with his best for his members, for his group. What’s more, this passion of him will continue to move Tohoshinki forward, the energy they have are most likely be endless.

Name: Kim JaeJoong
Date of Birth: 26th January 1986
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O

Probably there isn’t anyone that suits this nickname– Hero. A dignified and beautiful face and a robust physique. People could not help to use those usual words, which were already used to describe him: Like a person who came out from a fairytale. Together with a little tenderness, he is a perfect prince. However, his real charm is not just his gentleness. He did not even know what his real charms are. So, what are they actually? Sure enough, his singing ability. Refreshing from the treble to the deep mid-range, enabling people to feel the physical and psychological pleasure, also depicting a beautiful change in the songs of the different sound levels, this is difficult for a singer. Radical rock melodies, upbeat pop, R & B dance music… Tohoshinki’s music really has a variety. It is precisely the tone of his voice so that he can sing Tohoshinki’s songs with his own personality, as an independent, with a strong sense of being. He and Yoochun are the best composers in the group. Even though there are not many songs which had been published, the two of them seemed to have saved a lot of songs.

His deep feelings were filled with the love of the members. Speaking about this, the other members would surely agree in unison. He is the most concerned for his members, and he felt anything amiss, he will be the first to discover and ask them naturally. Junsu said, “He was just like my mother. (Laughs~).” If Yunho is a father in the group, then Jaejoong must be the mother; what an enviable family. His tolerance towards the other members would be Tohoshinki Jaejoong’s greatest charm.

Name: Park YooChun
Date of Birth: 4th June 1986
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O

Name: Kim JunSu
Date of Birth: 1st January 1987 (Registered) / 15th December 1986 (Real)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: B

Name: Shim ChangMin
Date of Birth: 18th February 1988
Height: 186cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: B

* * * * *

its an old magazine trans... but due to some issue its been delay...
but nevertheless do enjoy~ ^^


i knew some will ask why only jae n yunnie bio are in this article.. i'm pretty sure the 3 others are in too.. but we cant seems to find the original of the remaining.. keke shld i add in the rest? ^^

Source: PIA Magazine
Translation: sshutingg + nings + Ainokami + suhanASHLEY @
Special Thanks: geniebmusic @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Nature Republic to Give Out Photobooks of JYJ's New Endorsement to Customers

From the 18 of this month, Nature Republic will give out the photobook of JYJ's new Nature Republic endorsement to customers as a free gift [while stocks last].
This free gift will be given out to customers who buy over a certain amount of products from Nature Republic physical or online stores.

Those unreleased photos from the book and postcards have been taken last September with photographer Hong Janghyun during the filming of their CF.

JYJ members, JaeJoong, YooChun and Junsu showed their charisma during the filming process for Nature Republic.

Nature Republic's Marketing Manager has thus expressed that JYJ has popularity not only in the Korea but also the states and many other parts of Asia and that the publication of the photobook and postcards are for the sake of local and overseas fans who has made the request for this production.

Source: Newsis + Naver News
Translation: InHye87 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Las Vegas Fan Account

I arrived on the 12th, after seeing the Twitter accounts of the trio saying that they were at the New York showcase, and was curious as whether there would be any others in the US. And in the end, there was Las Vegas. Just when I was preparing to buy tickets, I realised that it was actually free... So I ran to get 2 tickets early in the morning the next day. The seating (position) was not bad.

I went with my friend today, and at first we were anticipating doing fan support together, but the sad thing was that the 2 arrangements which we planned earlier did not fall through... It should be because we were too immersed in the atmosphere of the showcase and forgot about it... The original plan for the first fan support was to shout "Welcome to Las Vegas" together when it was the opening of the showcase; the second was to shout "Thank you, JYJ" at the end of the last song, but in the end, nothing was shouted...

The atmosphere was really intense, and in the one hour everyone seemed to have been standing all the time. The JUMPING part of the last song was the absolute climax. JaeJoong felt very HIGH, YooChun felt a bit sick, occasionally seeming as if he was coughing. In the interview, the MC asked them about the most special gift they had received. JaeJoong said it was underwear...... And everyone laughed like crazy. Then YooChun said that the most special (gift) was the love from the fans. JaeJoong helplessly turned to the side. Hahahaha~
The showcase was mostly like that, and I felt that it was a little short, only about one hour. And also there wasn't any showing of tattoos like in New York.... Totally didn’t have...

After sending my friend home, I stopped by the hotel in which they were staying in on the way, hoping to take a chance, whether we could 'coincidently meet.'
Going into the hall, I saw about 10 fans waiting, so I went to chat with them, and soon learned that the three had just went upstairs. I marveled at the speed of which they managed to get back to the hotel.... And after around 15 minutes of waiting, the hotel staff came to chase us out, saying that if you didn't have a room key, you could not wait here. So, those who didn't a room key ran outside to wait. Several fans were going to drive back to California that night, so they have already left. Also, another fan went to send her friend home. I arranged to meet her here and wait for her, so I paced back and forth outside. Waited about 10 minutes, it was too cold outside, and at that time the hotel staff also said that you could not wait outside... So I decided to go home. I walked towards the parking lot side of the fly-over while texting that girl that I could not wait for her already. It was then my RP flared for the first time.

I was taking the escalator at the bridge (a bit like those at the airport) and texting at the same time. Then I heard some people speaking Korean behind me, and I thought it was some of the other fans. I then turned my head to look at them chatting. In the end, I saw a man wearing sunglasses, and I felt that he seemed familiar to me, and didn't look carefully. But when I looked again, I saw YooChun standing behind that man! It turned out that the familiar person was JaeJoong....... I totally failed to recognise.... There was also a manager-hyung.

They took the escalator with me, and also entered the elevator together...... I was really embarrassed and speechless because I totally didn't know what to say or what to do. So I kept my head down and didn't dare to speak. Then the manager was discussing something with YooChun, I think it was an issue about food, but I can't confirm, my Korean is not good. Later, I lifted my head to glance at Park YooChun, and realised he was also looking at me... After he caught me sneaking as peek... He knew I was a fan already, because I was wearing red head-to-toe! Really red, really red... Then he smiled and asked me if I was a fan, and I didn't dare to speak, I could only nod my head. And then I asked if they wanted me to go out.... This question was very embarrassing, the elevator was already moving, how to go out... Only YooChun replied me "It's alright, it's alright", I guess JaeJoong and the manager didn't understand...

Because at that time I about to home already, and other than my car keys, only my camera was on me and consequently, had no way to get an autograph. And so I asked if I could take a picture with them, but the manager understood this sentence and said no.... YooChun and JaeJoong apologised to me, and I said it was fine. At that time, I walked out of the elevator. I went in the direction of the parking lot, while they went towards the casino. I also didn't follow them.

At that time, the girl who I was supposed to meet came back, and I told her what happened just now, and then she wanted me to accompany her a little longer, and so I followed her into the casino. Then, the other fans asked if I had seen them walk past... I said yes, I even took the elevator together with them, and after a long, long time, a US fan came over and told me that JaeJoong was over there playing poker... I walked over with the girl. On the way, I saw YooChun..... He was also playing poker, but at another table. I found someone to borrow a pen and paper and went over. I asked him whether he could sign, and he looked at me, and I guess he recognised me as the one in the elevator just now... And then he said okay, and asked for my name, I was shocked by that, and I thought that just signing his name was already good enough, but in the end the result was gorgeous, a 'TO: signature....' After saying my thanks, I went away in flash.

This time, I went to look for JaeJoong, and he was sitting in the corner, I waited a while for when he was free to go over, and also got his signature, but no stating of name. I waited around 10 minutes; the other fans let me help them get autographs.... I then walked over again feeling embarrassed, and at that time, I saw a mop of red hair, and I saw JunSu! So, I went over to look for JunSu to get his signature, JunSu is absolutely the best, the most gentle one, and very straightforwardly asked for my name and then signed 'TO: xxx'. He also did not refuse all the requests of the other fans, and everyone got one with their name on it.

Later, until they left, the other fans did not manage to get JaeJoong’s and YooChun's autographs... One of the girls who I was on good terms with, her bias is JaeJoong, and so I gave JaeJoong's autograph to her. If she hadn't lent me the paper and pen, I wouldn't have had been able to get anything signed. In the end, they went out in a limousine, and I guess they went out to play, because I heard them say that tomorrow they would be going to LA early in the morning. It's been really tough.

Source: masha19 @ BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Performs in Las Vegas for Global Showcase

JYJ members Junsu, Jaejoong and Yuchun at their showcase in Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. [Prain Inc.]

Korean boy band JYJ, composed of Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu, rocked in Las Vegas last weekend for the second stop of their U.S global showcase tour.

A press release from the group’s publicist Prain Inc. said Tuesday that JYJ performed in front of some 7,000 fans on November 14 (U.S. time) at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

"The response we have received from the fans from the New York and Las Vegas’ shows are great and we have received positive remarks from the staff members as well," an official from the group's Korean management agency C-JeS Entertainment Co. was quoted as saying.

The official added that there are high expectations for the release of their debut album “The Beginning” which will hit stores in North America next month.

"We sang our songs to express our happiness and to pay back our many fans who have shown their support and cheered us on," the members of JYJ were quoted as saying.

The boys' showcase in the U.S., including New York and Las Vegas and the upcoming one in Los Angeles are being held for free.

They were also set to perform in Hawaii but was canceled due to the delayed issuance of the boys' U.S. visa and insufficient time for preparations. They were then denied P1 visas which would allow them to make monetary benefits off the remainder of their shows.

The boys embarked on their worldwide tour in mid-October to promote their album "The Beginning," which went on sale in Korea on October 14, with their first show in Seoul followed by concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai.

They will be performing at Los Angeles' The Galen Center in U.S.C. this Friday and return to Korea to prepare for their two-day concert "JYJ WorldWide Concert in Seoul" on November 27 and 28.

Fans of boy band JYJ in line for their showcase in Las Vegas on November 14, 2010. [Prain Inc.]

Source: Asia Economic News
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JYJ Twitter Updates

Yoochun Rambles to his Family
(Yoochun) Father~Mother~Yoohwan~Are you all well?? I'm in LA now....I'll bring home a big salary~so eat anything you want to eat!! (5:45am KST)

Yoochun's using his body as a canvas again
(Yoochun) A new tattoo!! Go go go!! (6:35am KST)

Jaejoong likes Warm Weather
(Jaejoong) LA is warm ^^ (6:45am KST)

What's Shane buying them?
(Shane) I'll buy @0101xiahtic @mjjeje @6002theMicky #JYJismydongsengs #JYJMC (2:19pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @shaneyoon What are you going to buy us~?^^ (5:59pm KST)

Oppa or Hyung, now THAT is the question
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje Jaejoong hyung, what are you doing right now? (5:30pm KST)
(T/N: He use the Japanese term for older brother "niichan")
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Ji Bin, you do realize that you called me oppa, right.. ha You should have just called me Unnie ha (6:24pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje You can use Niichan for both hyung and oppa...!!!!! (7:04pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Niichan。。The whole feel of your words made it sound like 'Oppa' to me..haha (7:10pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje Is that so...ㅠㅠ Then what am I supposed to say, hyung? (7:14pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Just not Nii~ Not Aniki~ Not Chan~ Just call me by my name. Everything else makes my ears tickle (T/N: 'It's weird to hear') (7:14pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje kekekekekekekekeke Then should I call you just ジェジュン? (7:15pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Just call me by my name^^ (7:16pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin What's Ji Bin-kun doing right now? (7:19pm KST)

Who's John? We don't know either, but hey, he's thanking Jaejoong!
(John) Jaejoong...Thanks to you... I arrived in LA safely... kekeke (7:20am KST)
(Jaejoong) @elbowyeish Hyung~~I lost my phone ㅠㅠ so I can't call you (6:26pm KST)

Jaejoong found his phone! Yay~
(Jaejoong) I found my phone^^ (6:59pm KST)
(Gun Young) @mjjeje You lost your phone? (7:03pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @zerotic0124 But I found it again ^^ (7:10pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Let's work hard for our last US showcase^^ (8:06pm KST)
(Jaejoong) JYJ hwaiting..! (8:12pm KST)

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Others' Twitter]
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Yunho Interview @ Close Up

Credits: [email protected]
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JYJ - Pops in Seoul

Credits: arirangworld
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Yunho's Interview Words in NHK Today's Close-up
Behind the Storm Attack of Korean Idols

T/N: NHK is super fast in deleting the youtubes. So I just summarized the information the best I can.

1. The program
Yunho’s interview was a part of NHK Today's Close-up (T/N: in Japanese, Close-up 現代), a very long running and solid news information program. (T/N: 30 minutes' program.)
This time, the KPOP whirlwind in Japan, "Behind the Storm Attack of Korean Idols" was the topic. Yunho's interview (approx 33 seconds) was in a part titled "Check! The secrets of the idol training system."

2. Caps

Credits: TvxqPowerfulGods日本FanBlog

3. Interview Part (approx 33 seconds, taken from my recorded video)

(In Japanese)
Yunho: はじめまして
MC: はじめまして
Yunho: はじめまして。ユンホと申します。よろしくお願いします。
Narration: 厳しい練習生時代を、東方神起のユンホさんが語りました。

(Japanese subs. Yunho's original talks were in Korean.)

(English translation)
Yunho: How do you do?
MC: How do you do?
Yunho: Nice to meet you. My name is Yunho. Thank you very much in advance for your kind cooperation.
Narration: Tohoshinki’s Yunho spoke about the severe trainee period as,

(Yunho's Interview part)
We were only able to sleep about 4 hours each day.
We cleaned up the training room early in the morning, and practiced for more than 10 hours.
The road to debut was really steep and hard, and we could not avoid competition with rivals.
I had a dream that I wanted the fans to hear my music, so I was able to hang in.

Edit, thanks 3hoshi-chan for the youtube link!
Credits: haruka51915

and the first part,(in youtube 0:06-0:07)

(In Japanese)
Yunho: みなさん、元気でしたか?
(English Translation)
Yunho: Everyone, how have you been?

Source: NHK "Today’s Close-up" & TvxqPowerfulGods日本FanBlog & smiley @ & haruka51915 @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ Showcase in Las Vegas Talk (HD)

Pretty great quality. Check it out:

Credit: AngelDBSK6
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TVXQ-SM Battle in Court Concerning The Validity Of Their Contract

TVXQ's 3 members (Kim Jaejoong-Kim Junsu-Park Yoochun) and SM Entertainment battled fiercely in court over the question of the validity of their exclusive contract.

At the hearing of Civil Case No. 48 (Chief Prosecuting Attorney Lee Lim) at the Seoul District Courts on the 16th, the first date of pleading, the representatives of SM and the trio refused to back down from their stances as they respectively stated, 'TVXQ's contract period of 13 years was inevitable for their entrance into foreign markets' and, 'The period of the contract was decided upon without the consent of the members.'

SM's legal representative explained that, "The period of the contract was agreed upon as both sides shared mutual financial purposes and motives," and "As TVXQ was created with the purpose of targeting foreign markets from the start, the long contract period was an established and agreed upon prerequisite for a stable entry into foreign markets."

He emphasized that, "If there was a lack of support or an unfair income distribution during TVXQ's activities, the exclusive contract would be a problem, however, TVXQ has always received the best treatment possible that is far superior to that of other artistes in the industry."

Also, the representative added, "The trio did not raise a single objection regarding the content of the contract since their debut, until they decided to bring up the problems of the exclusive contract after they clashed with the agency on the issue of the cosmetic company they actively invested in during the months of 2008," and "They have been neglecting their activities, stating the lawsuit as a reason for their neglect, and because of this, the other members and the agency have been incurring immense damages."

Regarding this, the trio's legal representative refuted the previous statements as he said, "The Fair Trade Commission has acknowledged seven years as the maximum length of a contract," and "TVXQ's contract was invalid from the start as there have always been unfair clauses within the contract including unfair income distribution, excessive compensation penalties and a contract period that is too long."

He emphasized that, "We cannot accept SM's stance and the agency's claim for compensation when their entire argument is based off an invalid contract," and "Before we pick at anything else, we must make it clear whether this contract is valid or not."


The next hearing will be held on December 7th, at 2pm at the Seoul District Courts, and two SM employees will attend as witnesses and testify on what the situation was like when the contract was signed.

Source: [Newsis]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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JYJ In Vegas - Jaejoong Being Polite to Fans

Credits: Cakalang
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John Yoon's Twitter Update: Micky Christmas!

Source: elbowyeish
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JYJ, Visa Denial Changes the Bad situation 'Crisis into Opportunities'

U.S. visa application is denied, yet the concert showcases progress normally despite difficult challenges, JYJ chose to keep his promise to share a stage with the fans .

On the past 12th in the morning, group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) got their US performing Visa (P1) denied, hence the normal progress of their showcase wasn’t able to continue. Regarding this matter, many entertainment industry officials threw concern gaze as it would be a burden for the group to step in United States known as world’s largest music market without performing visa.

However, they chose to continue going on stage to keep promise to fans and proceed a drastic transition from a commercial (paid) showcase to free performances showcase. ‘Turns the crisis into oportunity’ was the decision made.

Having a free showcase means expectations didn’t work out as planned and they even wanted to give up during times of crisis. “Yet we considered it as a process of a successful American debut,” stating a resolute decision.

JYJ members reassured the fans, “It does not matter whether the performances is free or paid, what matters is to deliver an unforgettable stage to the fans” the members put the promise, “We will pour all of our passion to the world in the worldwide showcase we prepared for the United States”

Regardless these twists and turns they had to face, the first showcase held at Hammerstein at Manhattan, New York in the evening of the 12th was filled with an explosion of interest from the local fans led the showcase to conduct succesfully. The auditorium which can accommodate a total of 3,000 fans was packed with fans that cheered ‘wonderful JYJ’ to the live performance of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.

Starting at 6 am local fans from all over regions already flocked in the eastern United States, resulting on the excess of capacity of more than 7,000 people just before the show, caused them to paralyze the traffic for a while. Seeing from this spectacular incident, it’s easy to measure the extent of popularity of the members in United States.

Following the showcase in New York, on the 14th they headed to Las Vegas where the second showcase was held at Planet Hollywood hotel which also received passionate atmosphere. The auditorium was packed with more than 7,000 fans and prior to the showcase they gathered around the hotel area cried for ‘JYJ’. Las Vegas main street was filled with battle of cheering and cries of fans from across the United States.

Especially for this evening concert, eventhough there were a lot of Korean fans live in United States who attended, yet nearly half of the seats were occupied by foreigners, proving that the worldwide showcase indeed met its target.

After performing, JYJ said their impression “We ever stood on stages, that’s true, but now we come to an attempt to create truly genuine stage of ourselves. Many fans from Asia and United States stood up cheering for us, thus we will create music that expresses our happiness (to them) and sing with our heart.”

This craze for JYJ is also showed in the great interests of United States’ based magazines and local media, who are optimistic about the success of their debut. They wisely turned the worst situation of the visa denial to an assesment into the U.S. music market, paving the way for a successful expansion that will follow. The fans are specially impressed by how JYJ overcame such a moment of crisis with such ‘positive force’.

With New York and Las Vegas performances had been completed, JYJ will hold their final showcase in the coming 19th in Los Angeles, United States. The group’s crisis management skill is getting more compelling right now to face unexpected challenges as blessing in disguise and switch the crisis magically to opportunities.

Credits: todaykorea
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YunHo's Interview on NHK's Close-Up Gendai

YunHo's interview will be aired on NHK's Close-Up Gendai on 16 November (Tuesday), on NHK General Network from 19:30-19:56.
The repeat telecast will be on NHK BS2 on 16 November (Tuesday) 01:45-02:11 and 17 November ( Wednesday) 1:45.

Behind the scenes of "K-POP" wave

This year among the new artistes in Japan, it seems that the top three ranks of album sales belong to only Korean girl groups. Tthe "KPOP" wave has swept across Asia, not only in Japan.

Behind the strong Kpop industry is guidance from the technological's age massive entertainment industry, as well as the country's strategy to focus on export to boost the economy. This time, the cameras zoomed in on groups with massive popularity, DongBangShinKi, Girls Generation, Korea's biggest entertainment company SM Entertainment, as well as the live scenes of discovering talents and nurturing them. Among that, we managed to interview the popular DBSK's leader Jung YunHo, whose activities have stopped temporarily. We also interviewed many trainees, who in order to ovtain vital skills in performing live, undergo training for long periods of time.

To train Kpop stars unnder such circumstances, not only in the musical aspect, but must be able to match with the industry, are about to enter into the economy. On the other hand, in view of Korea's strong stance, Japan has also started to make its move by showcasing music cultural activities. Through understanding the behind-the-scenes of Kpop, we will be able to formulate better strategies for future Japan.

*t/n. A summary of this interview had been posted up by smiley, do CHECK this out.

Source: NHK + TVXQbaidu
Translation: silvermavis @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ}
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Changmin & CNBLUE Jonghyun's warm encounter

‘DBSG’ Changmin and ‘CNBLUE’ Lee Jonghyun warm encounter received a lot of response from the fans.

In one interview with a Japanese magazine Lee Jonghyun stated, “I met DBSG Choikang Changmin in the airport once and I was touched when he said that he bought our album.”

On the interview with Elle Japan last July, when asked which music artist he currently put on repeat, Choikang Changmin picked CNBLUE.

Both fans who saw the interview excerpts commented:

“Ah.. so they knew each other.”
“Really surprsing”
“A warm meeting between 2 nice men”

Meanwhile, Choikang Changmin is currently participating on the SMTOWN LIVE 10 world tour, while Lee Jonghyun made his acting debut in ‘Acoustic’ last Oct 18th.

Source: The Star
Translated by blue_jus7 @ CodeAzzurro
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"Ayyy Girl" remix by Pumashock

Credit: Pumashock
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JYJ- Woody Talk Interview Eng Sub

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credit: NoaDBSK
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JYJ Twitter Updates

Cat Lady Longs for His Kitties
(Junsu) Tigger..Leo, I miss you ..ㅠ (4:51am KST)
(T/N: This tweet has been bumped up to the 101118 Master Post)

Yoochun's Got a Feelin' That Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night (I kinda feel like dancing now)
(Yoochun) The warmth of this night~and great people have filled up this perfect space!! (2:16pm KST)

Junsu Shows off JYJ's Dancers, Doesn't Mention Any Names... ;)
(Junsu) JYJ's supreme dance team~ They're all America's best existing dancers who have worked as back dancers for stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney and Michael Jackson.. We're all anticipating the day we meet with fans at Jamshil..^^Hwaiting~!! (2:42pm KST)
(T/N: By the way, Junsu put Christina Aguilena, not Aguilera.... I don't think names are his strong point > <)

First He gets his name Tweeted Wrong, Now He's been Forgotten.. Poor Ryan *pat pat*
(Junsu) Ah!! After taking the pictures, I've realized that Roostin, who I introduced yesterday, and Telisha aren't there~ Eek. I'm Sorry!!!! lol (2:43pm KST)

Source: [Yoochun+Junsu's Twitter]
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The Whole Story of NHK Today’s Close-up (Nov 16)
Behind the Storm Attack of Korean Idols

T/N: This is related to the article here.
This article summarizes the whole contents of the 30 minutes' program.


Behind the Storm Attack of Korean Idols
Great Deal of Investment on a worldwide basis in order to discover artists
November 17, 2010 18:34

Everyday, you can hear the group names of the Korean K-POP artists such as KARA and SNSD in the media. This year (2010), it is said that 25 K-POP groups came to Japan.

According to the program “Today’s Close-Up”, this is not a peculiar phenomena in Japan. K-POP has evoked enthusiasm in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and other Asian countries. It has been said for the umpteenth time, but even in this field, Japan has been replaced by another country.

“I do not know Japanese singers. I know SNSD.” (Male, Thailand) is an example.
“The days that J-POP dominated to the chart has ended, and these few years, K-POP has replaced them.” says Masayuki Furuya, a music journalist.

Kim Young Min, the CEO for SM Entertainment (which brought to market Tohoshinki, BoA, SNSD) says, “There is an ideal style in order to achieve popularity in Asia”.
They are focusing on dance music which has performance power, even though the language may be different.

Gather 100 thousand for auditions, and only a few pass

CEO Kim boasts “We are investing large sum of money for discovering/training artists, as the same as the research and development costs in general companies. Yearly amount of 200 million yen (approx US$2394400) are spent on discovering new faces. 100 thousand gather for the auditions, and only a few people pass them.

Even when you get to be the trainee, there will be out and out lessons and training for 5 hours every day, for a maximum period of 7 years.

“(During the trainee period) We were only able to sleep about 4 hours each day.
We cleaned up the training room early in the morning, and practiced for more than ten hours.” (Tohoshinki, Yunho)

When the debut approaches, they will study the language of the country they will make the debut. The contents seems to be difficult, not easy contents like half-listening.”
Spending money for discovering new faces and giving Spartan education--- these are stories which can be heard of Japan’s idols’ educating system. However, we rarely hear about attracting talented people on a worldwide basis, and think about their overseas activities even before their debut.
According to Furuya, the original Korea music market is small, and CD sales are extremely unfavorable, so it is necessary to target overseas. Those “one’s back against the wall” situation may be the road to success.
Additionally, their vision is to make profit not only by CD sales but through total performances such as concerts, events, and TV appearances. It is in contrast with Japanese entertainment, which is cautious in breaking through the Asian market regarding copyright issues.
When the program focus on Japan oriented contents, Japanese animation (cartoon film) is popular overseas. The anime songs have a high standing. In the end, music also finds a way out in two dimension (animation).

(Written by Bond Yagyuu)

NHK Today's Close-up (broadcasted on November 16, 2010, "Behind the Storm Attack of Korean Idols")

Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Japan NIFTY 2010 Search Engine Rankings

1. Arashi
2. Tohoshinki
4. Mukai Osamu
5. Fukuyama Masaharu

*History of Tohoshinki rankings
2008 - 4th place for men
2009 - 2nd place for men

Source: []
Translation credits: [email protected]
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NEW Limited Edition of 'The Beginning' Now Available

CDJapan - US$ 25.16

YesAsia (plus poster in tube) - US$ 39.99
This New Limited Edition of JYJ's The Beginning includes a 36-page photobook with lyrics, a rolled poster (94cm x 64cm), and two bonus remix tracks. Rolled poster is shipped separately in a protective cardboard tube; poster and CD shipments may arrive at different times.

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Best Live Solo Performances (fanmade)

Jaejoong's performance of "It's Only My World" is one of the best!
I love how the boys range out into other genres with their solos ^^
How about Changmin's epic rocker "WILD SOUL" from Tokyo Dome? HOT!

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Sale of "The Beginning" is NOT Fraudulent

A tweet from JYJ's close friend John has confirmed that JYJ did in fact release "The Beginning" on iTunes today. Again - THE MUSIC ON ITUNES IS NOT FRAUDULENT.
Please support JYJ on iTunes!

Please accept my deepest apologizes. I personally accept complete responsibility for the mishap.

I will leave my original article up for you to read. Perhaps you will understand my reasons for believing what I did.

Please feel to contact my at [email protected]

Again, my deepest apologies,
Rachel (MrCKDexter)


American JYJ fans, please be aware that the JYJ "The Beginning" album available for download on iTunes is in fact STOLEN music.

Notice that the publishing company is listed as "Show shop entertainment co. ltd". If you search for it, you will find that it does not exist. This is not JYJ's company, but a fraud making money from the illegal upload of JYJ's music.

The Beginning is produced by Show Shop Entertainment and distributed by Warner Music worldwide - NOT "Show shop entertainment co. ltd."

Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened. Check out Koreaboo's article about fraudulent sales of Kpop songs on iTunes from last month.

Also notice the lack of announcement from JYJ's official sources on twitter, facebook and elsewhere. If JYJ officially made their music available on iTunes, there would be news!

Please do not be fooled. This is stolen music!

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Ok so the final say on this news is that the iTunes sales of "The Beginning" are REAL. Fans go ahead and support JYJ as much as you can! I heard this news late last night, but didn't want to post it because I was getting a lot of mixed information. But now we know for sure that iTunes really is selling JYJ- The Beginning. --EmpressB7

JYJ - MTV Taiwan Interview

Don't really have time right now to translate the whole thing but I could do it over the weekend if you guys desperately want it ^^;

Credits: cyhero19
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John Yoon Twitter Update

Cute Junsu blushing when I told him the fans want a remake of OH MY GOD SUN!!! Classic Junsu!

Credits: John Yoon
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JYJ Los Angeles Showcase Live Stream

Here is the link to the LIVE STREAM for the JYJ LA Showcase!

I don't know exactly when the LIVE stream will begin, but the concert starts at 8pm US Pacific Coast Time (about 3 hours from now). So you should access the site early so you don't miss anything! Remember that you have to log into the UStream site if you want to chat, or you can log in through your Twitter, Facebook, AIM, or Myspace account. You can also just watch the Live Video even if you don't have a UStream account.

Hope to see you there! --EmpressB7


Ok it looks like the link for the live stream has changed to this:

This new link is a Twitter video stream so I'm not sure how that works. There's still 2 hours before the show starts, so you should get to the site as soon as you can.


Ok the link has changed again! GO HERE FOR THE LIVE STREAM: Now it may change again so I am leaving up all of these links in case it changes back to one of the previous ones. But I am being told this is the link for the stream. Stay tuned for any changes! Sorry for any confusion.
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Fuji TV's Announcer's Blog on JYJ Showcase in NY


About JYJ

Although I've already known them from before, the experience of my private interview with JYJ is very amazing.

When I have to explain to people who live in the US, "Tohoshinki" is a Korean group who has created a social phenomenon in Japan since several years ago.
Ah, by the way, you pronounce it as "Tohoshinki".
Their releases would, as you would expect, grab the number 1 spot on Oricon chart.
When they have a tour, the 50,000 seats in Dome would be sold out in no time.
They sang the theme song for Fuji TV's popular anime "One Piece", appeared and performed live on "Tokudane!", the variety show that I was in charge of. (T/N: Tokudane! is a TV program that they appeared on in Japanese)


We were unaware of what happened to them who have been working so hard. Fans were caught in a hard situation because they've been involved in a regrettable circumstance that lead to a halt on their activities at the moment.
I'm just saying this again, but none of them was at fault. Rather, I'd say that they are thriving their best.
At that time, I was in charge of the Entertainment corner at Tokudane!, and the staff and I were trying to bring them in.
However, because of some reasons which I can't reveal in details, it is impossible to have them continue with their activities in Japan right now.

Then, the 3 members of Tohoshinki - Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun - took the first initial of their name to form "JYJ".
On the occassion that JYJ debut in the US, I had a chance to have a 30-minute private interview with JYJ for FCI Morning EYE (T/N: a news program).

It has been a very long time since we met at Tokudane! studio, but their fresh personalities still haven't changed at all.
As we started off a little with some tea, I was surrounded with their unchangeable aura.

However, there was a trouble.

The staff told them to answer the interview in Korean.

Of course, the staff didn't have any bad intention, because they could naturally express themselves in Korean, and the staff could also understand what they said.
We had no choice but agreed to it. After we have settled the condition and the interview setting has been set, the 3 of them suddenly started to continuously complain to the staff.

After having us wait for 10 minutes, they said that the interview would be conducted and answered in Japanese.
I whispered to ask Yuchun, and it turned out that, they have persuaded the staff for our sake.

He told me, "Although we are in the US, it has been a long time since they were able to communicate with Japanese fans. We've been doing our best to study Japanese, so even if our Japanese is bad, we'd like to answer in Japanese."

They haven't changed.

They are still the polite and straightforward people that I met in Tokudane! studio back then.
When we started to film, Junsu said, "It has been a long time since we spoke Japanese so we're getting very nervous", and those were the first words of our interview.

At this moment, our FCI staff members are very busy, because we don't want this to be just a 3-minute interview corner. We want to properly turn this into a special edition, so we're doing our best to update our homepage.

Everyone, please don't forget to watch their interesting interview!

You can watch the broadcasted interview here↓

the cutest part is when they protested to speak japanese ^^

Source: Hasegawa Yutaka's Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Changmin in ELLE girl


The 3 lucky winners for the August issue are:
Announcing the winners for the Polaroid with Changmin’s signature!

The present project of Ellegirl August was, to give out the Polaroid with Changmin’s signature.
After filming the December issue, Changmin himself selected the winners!
Credits: lovelymax

Changmin’s words, in Japanese, starting 0:53

Thank you very much again this time, for so many postcards.
So, I will select starting now
Ahh… great…
Yes, yes, this time, these three people are the winners!
Thank you very much again this time for the postcards, so many.

The present project for the Polaroid with Changmin’s signature, which we have announced in Ellegirl August issue. We delivered to Changmin, the 5000 messages which were sent by the fans!! Please check Changmin in the special video, where he himself is selecting the winners★ Thank you very much for all of your applies. We will send out the present to the winners by end November.

Please click here for the December Changmin present plan.

Special thanks to CAFE & BAR BBC

Source: ELLEgirl & lovelymax @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Sale of Additional VIP Seats for JYJ's World Wide Concert in Seoul - For Those In Japan

Notice for sales of additional VIP seats for JYJ's concert (in Japan).
VIP seats for the 27th and 28th have been confirmed, but only now will the additional sales start.

Source: ameblo + ROCKJJ + Hey!JJ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Shane Yoon Facebook Update

With JYJ and co-MC Julie Chang, after the NY show

Credits: Shane Yoon's FB
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Micky Christmas Blooper

Credits: elbowyeish + TVXQmary23
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Shane Yoon Twitter Update

Credits: ShaneYoon
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Los Angeles Private Showcase on 11-17-10

Credits: kjjhero0126
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QTV Encore Broadcast of Highest-Rating SungKyunKwan Scandal!

REAL ENTERTAINMENT QTV Channel announced on the 18th that on the 12-14th of last week, the specially compiled footage of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ broadcasted created a record of achieving QTV’s history of highest ratings.

Starting from the 19-21st at 4PM in the afternoon, a second follow-up of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ will broadcast continually each day for eight hours straight.

The AGB survey agency utilized the Nielsen ratings of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and reported that on the 14th, QTV’s target audience for the survey was 25-44 year old men and women. With the average daily rating of 4.56%, QTV placed 4th amongst 100 channels.

Additionally, on the 12th, the results of a survey targeted against women of their 20′s, a 7.89% rating earned them #1 out of the 100 online channels.

QTV has especially set up a special celebratory “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s Twitter Event”. Through watching the show, a question will appear, and by going on QTV’s twitter (, the winner who answers the question right will receive a prize provided by the program unit!

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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FCI Morning Eye Weekend JYJ Interview

Announcer: You've finally made your debut in America. How do you feel right now?

Jaejoong: For me, should I say it's somewhat similar to when we debuted in Japan? We're introducing our own music through new words, to a new world, so I'm feeling really nervous.

Junsu: Although I'm really nervous about our American debut, but I'm even more nervous over speaking Japanese (for the first time) in such a long time.

Announcer: But your Japanese is really good... Your (debut) album... Although I think it must be great, how do you feel about the album?

Yoochun: My first thought was that I must work hard for this.

Jaejoong: I want to know as soon as possible what everyone feels as they listen to our songs.

Yoochun: Recently for me... it's really painful but, I've been craving Japan's tonkatsu ramen. (Jaesu laugh) It's really painful...

Announcer: Meeting these three in New York and talking to them.. never did it occur to me that the topic would move on to tonkatsu ramen.


Announcer: Nowadays k-pop is everywhere in Japan.

Jaejoong: I'm glad (to hear that).

Junsu: Yeah

Announcer: Did you ever think that such a day would come?

Jaejoong: I've thought that it would be nice if it became like that.


Jaejoong: Up until here, although there have been many waves of difficulties and we've really caused our families and fans to be really worried... as expected... it's even more painful for ourselves.

Junsu: How do I say this... Even though there's a lot of pressure... but because of our dreams, we will always overcome that.

Announcer: Please be sure to show us an awesome performance!

Jaejoong: Yes!

JYJ: Thank you

Source: [Youtube]
Translation Credits: [email protected]
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Jaejoong & Junsu in LA

JYJ was at 'Speedzone' in LA!

credits: daniejung
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JYJ LA Showcase - A Fanboy's Fan Account

Fanboy Fan Account !
Sometimes you have this nervous feeling…
The trembling of your body doesn’t mean you’re scared. It means you THRILLED.
That’s exactly how I was!
Even in the car ride to LA I was like OH EM GEE.
Arriving to the place where the concert was held was interesting.
There was so many people in line already and I was wanting to talk to all the Cassi’s!
Walking back in forth of the line to see my friend’s family there was so many people who recognized me from my you tube videos that were posted on DBSKnights.
Now I know how famous people feel when people want to take pictures with them !
About 20 people or so asked me to take pictures with them !
Since I was a VIP I was excited and didn’t know what was going to happen.
There was a surprise waiting for me ………
I got JYJ’s Special Edition “The Beginning” album autographed by all JYJ members !
That’s not even the most amazing part of my day.
Me and my friend arrived at our seats with a great view of the stage.
I swear, EVERYONE was screaming just when they were testing the lighting and effects.
I was one of those people.
I was already losing my voice before the concert really even started.
Then JYJ .
They came .
I can say this proudly that I was probably the loudest person in the stadium.
My voice could echo .
I could tell that EVERYONE on my side was looking at me !
Ohh well , I will be the biggest fan I can be when I want to and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Anyways, my day was amazing.
Yoochun looked so well with his nice haircut and simplicity.
Jaejoong looked sooooooooooo SEXY with the motion of his hair and the chocolate abs that he didn’t show….
And Junsu.
Ohh Junsu…
Junsu was just SCRUMPTIOUS !
His dancing and voice was OMG.
The concert was sadly over L
But I was screaming loud anyways .
Who cares if people stare . I looked hot .
But I was able to buy a shirt from DBSKnights after the concert and im wearing it now ……..
I love it ……..
And I cant wait until the next JYJ concert .
Hopefully until that day they will be TVXQ once again .
Cassi’s , please .
No matter what .
Eternal love

credits: Xiahker
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Fancam: LA Showcase

Full Q&A

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LA Showcase Part 2

I'll just post both the videos here. Mr.Egg says that you can hear it clearer in the TwitVid upload. Junsu says it at 3.47.

Youtube vid:

Oh My God Sun!

TwitVid (this is clearer)

Video Credits: elbowyeish a.k.a Mr.Egg
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Showcase Part 3

Be The One


Be My Girl


Empty Remix

Credits: jaechunsuJYJ
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Part 4

Ayyy Girl

Be The One

Q&A Egg

Credits: Yanisrei + elbowyeish
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Fan Account: JYJ LA Showcase

As some of you guys might know, I helped a group of people organize more lightsticks and glowsticks to pass out. For me, the JYJ experience started on Thursday when I received 500 lightsticks and 1000 glowsticks. To spare you the details, I simply (or not so simply) had to organize them.

On Friday morning, I delivered a pair of lightsticks to a generous donor who couldn't make the pickup time and happened to live fairly close to me. After that, i went home and got ready for the show. Leaving 10 minutes late from my house, I went to pick up two of my friends, Roxie and David (some of you might know him as "that guy with the long curly hair").

We got to the parking structure besides the Radisson by circling the area twice (mostly due to my Asian genetically-inherited disability to drive...just kidding). But once we got there, we got the dumb idea of just grabbing some lightsticks and seeing who wanted them. Bad idea, we had to go back and grab two boxes of lightsticks that literally emptied out 30 minutes later. In fact, all the lightsticks were gone by 3pm.

After that we went to grab something to eat since none of us had eaten all day. The food was decent and left us satisfied for the moment. We went to grab two more boxes of glowsticks to pass out. Unfortunately, the glowsticks turned out to be more pink than red, which was a little crappy, but people managed to not yell at me.

So while we were passing out glowsticks, security started calling for people who had reserved seats. Quickly getting rid of our glowsticks in any way we can, we rushed to the front of the line and was able to get a decent place for reserved seating line. We still had to wait about an hour before the doors opened, so we just chatted with each other and people around us.

David, that lucky bastard, was able to get a Media pass from his employer and left us misfortunate souls outside, while he frolicked with other lucky bastards. However, by that time we were all tired from the constant walking around and yelling at people to grab their lights.

Before we went in we had to get rid of all our food and drinks. They had previously said no professional quality cameras so I carefully hid all my camera parts in areas where they would not be noticed. In manners that I will not reveal publicly, I successfully snuck in my Canon Rebel XS with two different lenses. The security wasn't that strict (although one poor girl wasn't allowed to take her backpack in), and he let me by without any questioning although he did shine a gigantic flashlight down into my purse.

Once we were inside, my friend and I quickly made haste towards the restrooms so we don't miss any of the wonderful show due to incontrollable bladders. We sat down in our amazing spot of Section 210, Row 1. And I proceeded to put together my awesome camera. I was trying to hide my camera so that the security person right next to us wouldn't see, but turns out, that person didn't care anyway.

The pre-show wasn't very eventful other than the lighting checks stirred fans into mini-frenzies. Arden Cho walked out with her blue dress and all of us fans knew that the show was about to start. I had prepared my camera already so I could capture EVERY moment, and I do mean every moment. Shane Yoon was hilarious, as expected, and started the show being in one of the sections, pretending that he was just going to watch from the stands like a fan.

The opening song was Empty, one of my absolute favourites of the album. The boys clearly didn't disappoint. They appeared rose up on stage from the ground. To say that the fans went crazy is saying the least. Everyone exploded with cheers. As David told me later on, the earplugs that he received as media didn't even help the loudness. The boys were flawless.

The next song was Be The One, one of my least favourites of the album. However, I quickly got into it anyway. The backup dancers were really energetic and helped set the mood of the night. They showed a quick clip of their Thank You to the fans after that.

As you probably know, the next one was Be My Girl, my favourite. They sang so perfectly! So much better than the studio version and with so much more feeling. As you guys might know from other fancams, Junsu and Jaejoong get really sexy with that song. They sure didn't change their performance style of that song. Junsu was jaw-dropping with his hip thrusts and body waves. After the song, they showed another clip, this time the one about the making of "The Beginning."

Arden and Shane appeared again soon after. Shane started singing "Empty" in a really hysterical voice, and it brought the whole stadium laughing. He was dressed in one of Jaejoong's old costumes for a previous show. We knew by now that this was the Q&A section of the show. They did their little introductions and Junsu even said, "OMG Sun," like he said he would. Yoochun really knows how to play the crowd. It was a little short compared to the Asian shows, but it was still very entertaining. I won't go into detail as there is a lot of fancams going around.

After the Q&A, they went into Chajatta, which I have to say, was their best performance of the night vocally. It was so on-point. The fanchants for that song was so audible that I felt very happy that everything worked out. Chajatta ended and another clip of them was show. This time, they talked about what they wanted to do in the industry and a little bit of their passion for music.

The next part was supposed to be Ayyy Girl, but the sound people accidentally played Empty Remix. Yoochun said adorably, "Sorry guys," and of course, we all forgave them. Ayyy Girl was better than I thought. It's also another one of my least favourites, simply because the rap in the beginning by Kanye West is so mediocre. However, for the show they put it as a bridge section and it just made the song so much better. Yoochun even rapped along with the music so it was a very different feeling than the studio version.

We knew it was going to end but none of us wanted it to. Empty Remix started to play. As usual, Jaejoong got really hyper, but seemingly less so. I think he was still feeling ill from before. They still put on an amazing performance.

Sorry for the incredibly long fanaccount, I just wanted to share almost every moment of my experience with you. I was jumping up on and down in my seat from the intensity. They gave their all for us fans. And the fans were amazing. I've never met people more interesting and passionate about their artist. I've met Cassies before, but I think this event has seriously topped the cake.

I will never forget this day. I'm so glad that they were able to come to the States. I didn't care about the free show as I had bought a ticket before the announcement, but they are so generous to have given us this chance to perform for us. It was a long and tiring day but in the end, everything was so worth it. The red ocean look beautiful and the fanchants were a success. As a long-time Cassie, I can honestly say that the boys will never be apart from who I am, and this day will never be but a moment away in my memories. Yoochun's words echo in my mind, "Thank you for keeping the faith always."

Credits: tifferini
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Fan Account: NYC Showcase and MTV K Secret Show

This fan account is by my friend who also attended the NYC showcase and also went to the MTV K secret concert! It's written somewhat for people who don't know a lot about JYJ/TVXQ. Enjoy!!!!!

Ok, so long and crazy story is long and crazy, so brace yourself.
It all started last Thursday. I woke up kind of late, around 11ish, and went to check my twitter. My friend Emma, who also loves JYJ and was going to the show as well, had tweeted about the show we were going to possibly being cancelled. I freaked out a tad, but not too badly because I kind of suspected this might happen, and I went to check the group's official site. Lo and behold, I had woken up just later enough to avoid all the fan drama and worrying. The official web site had just posted a long summary of what was really going on. Apparently the management company in charge of these poor boys is super retarded and decided to set up all the venues and shows BEFORE actually securing the boys the proper visas to be allowed to perform in the states. The boys had arrived in NYC on Tuesday, only to find out late Wednesday that they were denied the visas (the prominent theory behind why this happened is that they have not officially been a recognized group for a year. My pet theory is that it was revenge for the trade talks between Obama and South Korea ending up in a stalemate). However! Because the boys are awesome (and probably because their production company quickly realized there would be actual riots if the shows were cancelled), they agreed to take on all the costs themselves for all three shows and the boys would not get compensated for anything (the visas they needed were visas that allowed them to, as foreigners, be paid for working in the US as performers). Because they were not allowed to be compensated, everyone who had bought a ticket would get a full refund and be given first priority in getting into the show (it was now free for anyone to attend).

Now, harking back to Thursday morning, the reason I woke up late was because I had stayed up late last night filling out a contest entry form I found out that MTVK (K standing for Korea) was holding a contest for audience members for a secret live they would be holding the day after the scheduled concert friday. You had to enter your information and then write a little diddy on why they should pick you. At first I was going to give them my whole history with TVXQ, but then I realized that that was probably all they were getting and were utterly sick of it. Thus, I changed tactics and wrote them a five item list on why they should pick me. The reasons included: All my Korean friends tease me for liking a Korean boyband, I've been to Korea and Japan multiple times and never got to see them, I contributed significantly to the GDP of JYJ's motherland by buying almost all of my TVXQ cds there, I would promote MTVK on twitter every day if I won, and I was not a psycho fangirl who would try to rip out their hair if I got close to them. Well, apparently the people at MTVK like humor because I got a call from them Thursday night telling me I had been selected to attend the secret show! Much happiness ensued.

So I went to New York Friday, waited in the most disorganized line from hell, and finally got into the arena. I managed to get pretty close to the stage by veering to the left instead of heading to the middle (I was in the standing section). I actually ended up next to four middle aged housewives from Tokyo who had flown over for the show and chatted with them a bit. I think they ended up getting scared by the rowdy American crowd. Lesson learned I suppose. The show was short but amazing. They sang songs off their English language album and the theme song to a drama one of the members (Yoochun, the dark haired one) is in. Afterwards I went back to my hotel (which I had gotten at 11 am that morning and, because I do have some stalkerish tendencies, it was the hotel JYJ was staying at ^_^). I hung out in the lobby for a bit, partially in hopes to see the boys, partially because my back had been spasming a bit for a few hours (I'm getting old. That never happened when I was 12 ;_;) and I needed to collapse into the first chair I saw.

Talking to staffers is also nice because they inform you of things like the fact that the boys are already in their room and won't be coming down for quite a long time if you tell them you are tired and want to go to bed instead of waiting up if it's going to be for a couple more hours. So I went to bed and conked out 'til the next morning. By the time I got to the secret live, there was already a long-ish line of people who had been selected to appear and were waiting for it to start. Before they let us in, the MTVK staff had to go through everyone, check IDs, give us wrist bands and have us sign release forms. When they finally got to us, I got friendly with one of the women doing this. When I told her my name, she told me she remembered me because she thought my entry was funny and she had looked at my twitter and liked it (Mentally screaming SCORE! at that point). After she went through the line and checked everyone off we ended up talking for about half an hour about how things were going for her, what the contest was like, the show the night before, and just life in general. When she had to go back to doing her duties, a reporter and camera man from MTVK came and talked to me and my new friend who I was standing in line with. They did a 10 minute-ish Q&A with us about JYJ, and the camera guy even said one of my lines was "beautiful." I really only remember telling him I loved JYJ because, unlike a lot of American acts, they could actually sing and were attractive to boot. And they love cats. Good times.

After about an hour they finally start letting us in. The event was at a club/recording studio called Rebel, and it was so small and really beautiful. One sad thing though was, once we were all inside, another production lady came by and told us we were absolutely not allowed to say DongBangShinKi (or any variation of it). She couldn't pronounce it though, so some Korean girl behing me said it for her. Totally understandable, but still a bit sad. Well, once they crowded us into the actual filming room, my friend and I were shoved in the back, but we were right by the stairs they were supposed to come down so I figured I might get to touch a hand even if I don't get a good view. Fortune smiled upon me though. The staffer I talked to in line came walking through the crowd and, when she saw me with my friend, she said "You two come with me." She took us right up to the front of the crowd and directed us to stand on the bottom two stairs of a staircase that was roughly five feet away from where JYJ would be sitting. Before she walked away I told her I loved her.

So the boys finally come down and ho'snap! They were soooo close. As soon as they got close to us I started shouting "Jaejoong!" because he's my favorite. I finally said "Jaejoong-san!" and he and Junsu looked at me. I then shouted "Daisuki Jaejoong!" And he smiled and laughed. Junsu was still looking at me so I said "Daisuke mo!" Then things got started. The closest to me was Junsu, followed by Jae in the middle, and Yoochun on the far right. They taped them doing two songs acapella off their new English language album (their English still needs A LOT of work btw. Cute Engrish is cute, but they need some more pronunciation and grammar lessons). It was "Empty" and "Be My Girl," both of which I really loved as acapellas. It was so fun to watch them chat with each other. You can tell that they are really good friends. They would laugh and joke around and be cute. You can also tell that they take their music seriously too. A few times I noticed Yoochun motioning to Jae and Junsu about how to do the acapella versions and he would signal them when to chime in when they were singing as well. Quite fascinating to watch.

To give you a better idea of just how close I was, I could see the veins in Junsu's neck throbbing when he sang. Craziness. And a little freaky. They were really pulsing. They sang both songs a couple of times for fimling purposes. They also took some breaks and I got to watch them get their makeup touched up, which was interesting. After they finished singing, they recorded the one member who is supposed to be decent at English (Yoochun, the one with the black hair, lived in America and went to high school here. to introduce the songs. However, for about 4 different takes he forgot to use the verb "is" (he was supposed to say "We are JYJ and this is 'Empty.'"). Adorable hilarity. The pic of him laughing is from when someone finally corrected him. Another funny thing was, during a breakin filming, a fan shouted "YunJae!" (the name of a pairing of Jaejoong and Yunho, who was also in TVXQ. The two who had the "is he gay?" storyline in that mini-drama we watched) and Jaejoong cracked up.
One thing I will say is that their voices were not quite as powerful in person as I was expecting. I'm thinking it was because they were singing the songs acapella and didn't quite need all the force they normally do. There were a few times they really put their vocal power into it though. Junsu did it once as I was staring at him and I was in awe.
Also! (almost done, I promise) during one of their breaks Junsu turned and looked in our direction again. My friend and I waved and him and I said "Daisuki!" again. He looked at me with this adorable confused look and said (in English) "Why Japanese?" To which I responsed (first in English) "Because your English is not very good yet!" (which I now realize was actually a bit rude, but oh well). Then I said in Japanese "I know you understand Japanese. Also, I don't speak Korean! I'm sorry!" And he smiled and nodded (and I died a joyous death inside. Outside though, I kept in darn good control of myself I am proud to say). So, because these boys are way too good at their job, they only needed a few takes to get everything finished so the event did not last all that long, but it was specatular anyway. I got to chat with the staffer at the end again and she had given the boys some presents some other fans had brought and told me, in her opinion, that the guys seemed really nice (she really didn't know much about them before this) because, when she gave them the stuff, one of them took it all and started handing it out the person it was addressed to and they actually opened the letters and looked at them and studied the pictures people had drawn (yeah for celebs who are not total pricks). I also got this cute little card that I will post a picture of later that says "I was at MTVK's JYJ Secret Show on 11/13/10 "that I will probably frame at some point.
It was super amazing and I'm still feeling giddy from everything. I've never had this much good luck in my life.

Credits: clonesarc170
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Fancams: JYJ LA Showcase

Junsu's Cute dance & Jaejoong's "Sorry!":

Empty Remix

credits: dreammssxxJJ
shared by: dbsknights

Ayyy Girl

JYJ @ Galen Center


Empty Remix

Credits: Judith118 + kdhko + adetted + Greenbamboo27
Shared by: DBSKnights



Credits: Greenbamboo27 + Judith118
Shared by: DBSKnights

Be My Girl

Ayy Girl + NG

Credits: Yanisrei
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Trio are Gaurdians of...?

On November 20th, a friend of JYJ’s uploaded cute photos of Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, and Xiah Junsu posing with a very special prop: an egg.

In the photos, you can see Micky Yoochun smiling while holding the egg up to his face, and Xiah Junsu posing furtively with the egg whilst bundled up under his blanket. Jaejoong, on the other hand, had the egg perched on his shoulder, and looked almost like he wasn’t aware of it.

Xiah Junsu even tweeted, “Oh my egg~!! hahaha.”

Doesn’t it seem like they’re the egg’s triple guardians?

"Have a Micky Christmas EGGrebody!!!!! Kakakakaka"

"Oh My EGG!!!!! Now THIS almost made me hatch!!!!!!! ^^"

"Mr. Egg man has got Jaejoong's back!!! Yo yo yo!!!"

Source: Sports Chosun
Photos: JYJ’s friend (John)’s Twitter
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Fan Account: Showcase in LA - DBSKnights' Staff

My own Fanaccount and by the way, I'm the person updating the DBSKnights Twitter.

I left San Diego, CA on thursday afternoon to make sure that I can line up early because I want to have the best view!~
I have a floor standing tickets that's why I really want to be in the front and all.
I arrived in Anaheim about 9 PM, CA about 40 miles from Los Angeles and stayed in my Aunt's house.
I sorted all the DBSKnights shirts so everyone who ordered the shirt will get theirs without problems at all and it took so long that I didn't get to sleep until 1 AM.
It was fun and I got the chance to memorize everyone's name^^
Now to the fun part...

Morning came and I immediately tried to leave~
We got lost as always when we go to LA and I got a text message that the Security guards of USC kicked out all Cassiopeias that's already there.
We had to walk around and avoid the guards, they were so mean.
I was wearing my DBSKnights shirt and everyone was staring and saying,
“OH my God! I like your shirt!”
Then I asked the people around me whether they ordered the shirts and finally the shirt distributing started.

There are so many Cassies around that I started asking where they are from and I met some Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Caucasian, Mexican Cassies and others that I can't remember anymore.
It was fun talking to all the Cassies and hopefully we will have another chance to actually mingle with each other.
It was crazy, I have to go back and forth in the line to make sure everyone gets their shirt and we passed out the remaining SMTown balloons that we ordered but came too late.
Everyone was shocked that we are giving them out for free, yes we do give them for free.
The one thing that I didn't like though, people cutting in the line.
I was so mad.
We've been waiting for more than 10 hours and we just keep seeing people not lining up or just cutting in. Really mad. >.<
However, I didn't let that event ruin my night.
I saw a group of fans of “JYJ Los Angeles Discussion Board” passing out light sticks and really thankful to them since we only ordered about 1000 light sticks.
Dreamssxx or Peggy came with the light sticks at around 3-4 PM and we finally gave them out to people.
We tried our best to make sure everyone has one so we can create a red ocean.
During that time I constantly update the twitter account but I was very distracted.
Sorry, twitter followers that day is just made to be a distraction.
A time came when Cassies starts to take off the JYJ posters, I think it was hilarious but the JYJ staff didn't think so.
But my mom got me the poster while everyone was in the concert hall screaming their heads off.
So there was a 30 minute delay... Didn't get in the floor section until around 7 ish.
And oh boy was Cassiopeia so excited.
It was amazing how just one testing of a light or the microphone can drive them crazy.

I keep giving out the remaining 200 light sticks in my bag and people in the floor wants to pay but I said it was free. They were shocked.
I found out they aren't really big fans of TVXQ and said “You might just have turn me into a fan,”
and I want to say “I'm glad, I did” but I was very busy keeping my spot and handing out the remaining light sticks.

It started and they rose up like Gods.
It was special.
I cannot stop staring at Jaejoong even though my bias in JYJ is Yoochun.
I am amazed by his godness.
I just came with this feeling or a question:
Why am I ugly compared to that man?
And BTW, he is not my bias at all.
But he really made me question myself. another story.
He is so sexy and cute at the same time.
Even though he is not trying to actually be cute, his little smirks and smiles are so effin cute!
His passion for singing...
I just can't explain how he sang with all his might. He is truly born to be a singer.
When he dances, jeez.
So amazing.

Yoochun, my second bias next to Changmin.
I just can't.
He is just... the person you would want to date and your heart broken.
Even though we know he is not really like that.
He's too skinny though and the way he laughs is sexy.
Everything about his just spells sexy.

I keep getting pushed by fans back and forth.
It's so... my legs by the end of the night was hurting so much.
I didn't get the chance to update in twitter since my phone did not have a signal.

I know I update you guys about Yoosu love~
Yes, there was a lot of Yoosu love.
However, some of them I will keep for myself since it was so cuuuuttteeee~
During the little breaks between the songs, you can see them making fun of each other
or Yoochun just being mean to Junsu.

Jaejoong is really wow to his fans.
Very confident and there was a time when he was in my section and he leaned into the fans, making the fan girls screams and he posed for the fans with a V sign.
He constantly smirks to himself and do his famous tongue sticking out thing.
Really.. just godly.

I probably left out a lot of details but it was a lot of fun.
Very tiring.
However, I am very proud to say that I finally met all the five Gods.
Even if they are not complete, you can still see how they individually shine.

When I finally see them, together us five...
I don't think I can even write a fanaccount or just even stand.
I will probably start crying and bawling like a baby.
I really want to see them as five, singing live and just happy.

Credits: [email protected]
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"International Competition, OK"...JYJ's Arrival after Overseas Showcase

The three members of JYJ returned to South Korea after finishing their showcase schedule in United States.

JYJ on the 21st at 05:30 am arrived from LA, United States and stepped in Incheon international airport through gate KE 012. The members returned from US showcase tour to commemorate the release of their worldwide debut album ‘The Beginning’.

JYJ held a total 3 showcases in United States. All their performances in New York, Las Vegas, and LA were ended with great success. Originally the showcase would be held as commercial (paid) performance, however due to performance visa denial crisis, JYJ made a bold choice to switch the showcase as free concert in order to keep their promise to fans. In the end, the members still wrapped up successful performance stages. Around 20,000 international fans flocked in the 3 gigs of their global concert.

Not only local Korean fans live abroad who attended the concert but there were also a lot of international fans with blonde hair thus proving the worldwide popularity of the group. In addition, such enthusiastic scene of fans who were not able to grab the tickets yet still flocking the venue area of each concert was captured as well.

JYJ members were spotted walking at the airport arrival hall this morning with bright face. Regardless the long flight they’d experienced, there was no sign of tireness on their expression. Many journalists and fans who greeted them could notice the satisfaction of the showcase that was exposed by the members.

As usual JYJ’s airport fashion distinguished each member’s own personality. Xiah Junsu and Youngwoong Jaejoong wore chic black leather jacket. Meanwhile Micky Yoochun sported brown padding jumper with same color backpack, with such tracksuit appearance his style emphasized comfortable charm.

Meanwhile JYJ will hold 2 days official concert at Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul on November 27th and 28th.

credit: sportseoul
shared by: DBSKnights

Cassiopeia - Don't Let Go

'They're old'
'They're Korean? Not interested'
'Haven't they disbanded?'
'You still like them?'
'Wake up, they're over.'

We've heard it all.
Most of us have engaged ourselves in conversations where we've tried, time and time, to emphasize the following:

'No, they're not over. Their activities have been put on hold - it's all temporary. Look at Cassiopeia, each and single every one of us is holding on to our faith and waiting for their return.'

or 'No, don't say that, give them a chance'

We say these things with so much confidence but there are times when even we ourselves doubt those words. Yet all the same, we vow to carry on, with our heads held high.

Some things fade over time, others remain afresh in our minds.

I remember worrying about you being replaced by SHINee, but I now understand that that will never be the case - You are Dong Bang Shin Ki. You are irreplaceable. Not because they're incompetent, no, that's not it. SHINee will never take your place because Dong Bang Shin Ki will only ever be Dong Bang Shin Ki; you're U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong. They will never be the same 5 boys.

I remember the days when I was new to this fandom and I would constantly be on edge and morbidly afraid. But that is now in the past; over time, I've learnt that Cassiopeia is about supporting and being there for one another. Our role in this fandom is to tell those in doubt not to be afraid and to always keep their faith.

I still cry. I cry when I hear 'Chajatta' being played, I cry when I look back on the days when you were still together, perfectly intact.

Sometimes my friends tell me 'I don't get you, why are you holding on to this? It's a lost cause. That group is over.'

But you know what? I've given up trying. I used to try so hard to make others understand, to explain how I felt and how much pain I was going through. I tried to put my feelings into words but they never understood. None of it matters anymore though, I have the whole of Cassiopeia by my side. We understand one another in ways others don't and that's all that really matters.

I'm not sure why I'm writing all this, maybe I'm nostalgic, maybe I'm wondering why I'm still here. Maybe I'm trying to tell the world that I'm not just another obsessive fan girl and I know that there are those of you out there who feel the same. We're not in this because we expect something in return, we're not in this for the thrill of the ride - we're in this together because of our shared beliefs. We love and care for these boys; their happiness is as important to us as ours is to them.

We need to make it through this Cassiopeia, and that requires maturing as fans and as individuals. Remember what got you here in the beginning and hold on to those memories. They will be back, and when the day comes, you'll be glad that you didn't let go.

This is kind of a lousy part 2 to this
I needed something to do to keep myself from falling asleep - excuse the bad english ><"

Credits: TVXQBaidu + yachoke
Trans by: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

DBSKnights' Review: JYJ in LA

The JYJ trio were in fine form on November 19th, their dance as crisp and energetic as you could imagine, their vocals record-worthy.

I think most Cassies will agree with me when I say the highlight of the evening was the final performance, the Empty remix. The sense of fun and joy they displayed on stage for this song in particular is part of the reason we all fell so in love with them – adlibbing, winking at the camera and dashing around the stage urging fans to “Jump! Jump! Jump!” a la TVXQ’s Somebody To Love.

I was caught off guard by the beauty of the red sea. It’s one thing to read about it or see it on video, but quite another to see the synchronized waves in real life.

MCs Shane Yoon and Arden Cho did a wonderful job of keeping fans entertained. Before the interview portion of the showcase, Shane rose from below the stage wearing Jaejoong’s furry vest and hilariously belted the first few lines of JYJ’s Empty. So should Shane quite quit his day job? Sorry Shane - you're a fine MC - but somehow he looked less kpop star and more yeti.

When asked about the meaning of their names on twitter, Yoochun explained that "6002" when spoken in Korean sounds like "Yoochun" (육천이 - yukchuni). Junsu also explained the numbers in his twitter name, telling us that the “0101” stands for his birthday. Arden Cho told fans not to forget that and Junsu agreed in English: “Ya, don’t forget.”

Best of all, this was not the only Junsu Engrish of the evening. When introducing themselves, Junsu at last caved to demands for a remake of his infamous “OH MY GOD SUN”. Was it cute? I dare say I let rip the loudest shriek of the evening because of it.

Even the mysterious Egg Man Elbowyeish made an appearance! Well, sort of. The same egg that had been making appearances on twitter all day, was brought on stage and presented to boys (Yoochun cracked up and Jaejoong laughed and mimed throwing it into the audience, to the amusement of his fans). While some sharp-eyed fans may have noticed him roaming the line shortly before doors opened, the Egg Man remains largely a mystery. Expect many more exciting tweets from him in the future!

The concert suffered somewhat from overexposure. As LA is the second-to-last stop on the JYJ tour, most fans in the audience had already seen fancams of the showcases in other cities. The video breaks like “JYJ in LA” and “Dear Fan” that were played between songs have been available on YouTube and for a month now.

When I talked to fans afterwards, many expressed some disappointment with the length of the show. "I mean, I can understand why it was so short," said one fan, referring to the presumed copyright conflict with Avex that prevented JYJ from performing any songs from their album "The...". It would have been great to see JYJ fill out the show with a cover of a classic American R&B song but perhaps that would have added to the expense of an already costly tour.

Though the security feared that the fans would rush the doors once they were open and creating a dangerous situation, Cassies remained orderly while waiting to enter the Galen Center. I was continuously impressed by the passion and generosity that the fans displayed. From the girl who was giving out cookies to the incredible fan who gave this hapless Chicagoan a ride to airport (Phuong, thank you!), you were the ones who made this concert so fabulous!

Please visit our Facebook page for more high quality photos.

Written by [email protected]
Photography: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

American Dancer Telisha in Seoul

On my way back to Chicago after seeing the JYJ showcase in Los Angeles, I had the incredible good fortune of meeting the JYJ dancers and choreographer Jeri Slaughter in LAX. They were on their way to Korea for JYJ's tour finale on the 27th and the 28th. Despite the long day and long flight ahead of them, they were all very excited! They are now in Seoul rehearsing for the concert. Wish them all the best!

Here is dancer Telisha Shaw on her first day in Seoul:

Telisha says she'll share as much as she can about her experience in Seoul!

Follow her on twitter at @telishashaw

Source: telishashaw
Credit: DBSKnights
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Ryoji Sonoda Blog Updates

T/N: Ryoji Sonoda wrote the Japanese lyrics for Tohoshinki and its members’ songs as: 
呪文-MIROTIC-, Forever Love, Purple Line, Eternal, PROUD, Love in the Ice, Beautiful Life, MAZE, WILD SOUL, DARKNESS EYES, Take Your Hands

I will change my name.

I will restart from December 1, 2010 with a new name.
(The new blog will be opened on 2010/12/01/00:00:00)
Please wait for a while.

My last actvities as RYOJI SONODA was Tohoshinki’s single “Take Your Hands”, which was included in “Survivor -090325 4th Album “The Secret Code” Pre-Release Single-“.

After two a years’ break, I will start from 2011 with a new name.

My new name is


Thank you for your continued supports.

(few sentences omitted)

ユンホ(ユノ) YUNHO (U-Know) 瑜鹵 允浩
チャンミン(マックス) CHANGMIN (MAX) 最強 昌珉
ジェジュン(ヒーロー) JEJUNG (HERO) 英雄 在中
ユチョン(ミッキー) YUCHUN (Micky) 秘奇 有天
ジュンス(シア) JUNSU (Xiah) 細亜 俊秀

*To Tohoshinki, and Tohoshinki fans
To “Cassiopeia” and “Bigeast”
I would like to write the lyrics, expressing my gratitude (Vol 2) on December 1.
I will wholeheartedly write the lyrics.
Please wait for a while.
Thank you always.
If you come to my blog on 23:59, November 30,
I will inform you of my new site.
So please wait awhile.

Lyrics expressing my gratitude, Vol 2, scheduled to be announced on Dec 1, 0:00
Lyrics expressing my gratitude, Vol 3, scheduled to be announced on Dec 16, 0:00


Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

JYJ Showcase in LA Fan Account

Mkay, I decided to make a fan account of the JYJ in LA Showcase. I’ll TRY not to make it too long! *slowly enters fangirl mode….*

I was so excited and had trouble sleeping the night before the showcase. Only got 2 hours of sleep. Woke up at 7am and left around 8:45am to the Galen Center. I had to leave super early since I had a floor standing ticket, which were first come, first serve. I wanted to be one of the first ones, RAWR!

I got there at like 9:15am and saw a group of Cassies on the sidewalk. They got kicket out of the Galen Center cuz we weren’t allowed to line up there until 5pm. >8O So we were allowed to formed our own line on the sidewalk away from the actual Galen Center and be responsible for it. There was about 50-60 Cassies at that time (9:45ish), though not all there.

I also met up with a friend’s friend, Julie, and we also ended up hanging out with the group next to us, who were all awesome and made the time waiting in line really fun Julie, Mindy, Brenda, Sam, Tiffany, it was fun! We had put all our JYJ gifts in their bag (I just wrote a letter) and we signed it and put fun decorations on it. Sam made the most ADORABLE JYJ cell phone straps things! It would be so awesome if they use them!

Haha oh & I felt like I was the only Changmin biased Cassie there 8[ I mostly saw Jaejoong biased Cassies, though I already expected that lol. But Yoochun is my 2nd bias!!! <3>
Credits: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

Benny Lou - JYJ Showcase in LA

Benny Luo is a promoter, marketer, entrepreneur

Because of some awesome friends, I had the pleasure of getting invited to the JYJ showcase in Los Angeles on Friday night. In all honesty, I had absolutely NO IDEA who this group was. So basically, this group is made up of Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu use to be a part of a bigger group in Korea named DBSK. DBSK was extremely popular internationally during the early 2000’s and they actually hold the record for having the largest fan club in the world. As time went on, a part of this group branched off and formed JYJ this year. After hearing countless positive views about this group from a lot of my friends, I decided to go to the concert and see if JYJ lived up to its hype.

I got into my car and drove from Orange County to Los Angeles around 5pm. A what was suppose to be a 1 hour drive went up to 2.5 hours because of the bad traffic I ran into getting there. I finally arrived around 7:30pm, parked my car, and went to the front of the line to look for my friends to get my ticket to get in. I was expecting to just get a ticket for the night and sit down to enjoy the show, the lucky me, I got this instead :)

Unfortunately, even then, I still wasn’t really THAT excited at all because I still had no idea who JYJ was! I mainly just stared walking around trying scope out the arena. The venue that the concert was held in was actually in the Galen Center at the University of Southern California. I was an overall nice area and thought the show was very well set up. I then met up with my friend Arden Cho backstage and she informed me that JYJ was cutting the show from a 4 hour show to a 1 hour show. This is because the original concert was not a free event, however, due to work visa issues, the group could not profit of their performance. But as a kind gesture, JYJ still decided to hold a shorter show for free. After waiting in my seat for a little bit, Arden and Shane came out and gave a show a kick start. Just from hearing the crowd cheer, I could already tell that this group had an EXTREMELY loyal fan base. In all honesty, since a lot of the marketing for this show was done last minute, the venue did not hit capacity. But even then, the loud cheers of the audience hurt my ears. I could already sense that these guys were the real deal.

The show finally started with the 3 group members being elevated to the stage, and they performed their first song of the night. At this point, I am going to include a few clips I found on YouTube regarding the performance:

Be My Girl

Here is the Full Q & A Video for those of you interested in getting to know them:

I was definitely blown away by their performance! These guys definitely are very good singing live and are definitely not like a lot of mainstream artists today who lip-sync a majority of their songs live. Another good thing to note is that one of the guys was suffering from a sickness and yet he still performed. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys backstage and got to meet Yoochun. He is incredibly nice and down to earth and even took the time to thank every single one of the staff/dancers with the rest of the group. What really blows me away is how this group can achieve so much and maintain such a loyal fan base. I am definitely a fan after hearing them perform and will probably purchase their newest album “Beginning“.

They really didn’t have any time to meet up with fans or mingle around with us because they had to rush to catch a flight at 12am. So in light of that, I shall leave you this last picture of one of them waving goodbye (For more pictures, go to my pics page on my twitter profile HERE).

Special thanks to these people/organization for making my awesome experience possible:

Eunyce Kim – Follow her on Twitter HERE<.a>!/eunycekim

Entitled Entertainment - Follow on Twitter HERE!/jyjustour

Support JYJ and get their NEWEST CD

So if you guys are wondering…my favorite JYJ song currently is “Be My Girl” Whats yours?

Credits: Benny Luo's Official Website
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ Showcase in LA Fan Account

Fan account of the best night of my life

I was originally planning to start lining up at USC at like, 6 AM but I got an email from USC saying that we couldn’t start lining up until 5 PM so I decided to skip school anyway and just get there a little bit before 5. But then I saw the pictures of fans lining up anyways in front the hotel next door. So as the day went on, I started getting more and more anxious and feeling like I needed to go NOW!

We left around 3? I don’t quite remember, I was too antsy. But before we left, we stopped to get food (I didn’t even taste it I was trying to eat so fast). So we FINALLY get there and I met up with my friend (JaeLover) and we went searching for our shirts. We ended up walking all the way up to the front of the line and back before finding the people who were passing them out. As soon as we got back in line, we took off our sweaters and put them on. I ended up keeping my sweater off because I was too nervous/excited to wear it (even though it was FREEZING).

We made friends with the girl in front of us and the boy and girl behind us. Everyone was so nice, it was so cool. After several unsuccessful calls to KIIS FM (I wanted to request Empty to be played on the radio, but I don’t think they accept requests ><) and some several false alarms (Girls screaming in front and getting us excited for no reason), two Korean women came up to us and asked for an interview (they actually asked JaeLover but since I was with her, I was in it too haha). They took a picture, then asked some questions while recording us (it was soooo awkward) and afterwards we gave them our names. They said that they are from a really well known Korean website ( and something like the boys are going to see it (OMG!). I’m almost positive they asked us because we were the only white girls surrounded by asians LOL Anyways, the line FINALLY started moving, and I’m not sure how but the girls in front of us disappeared and we started talking to two very friendly older Japanese women who were now in front of us. It was so cool One of the women had a floor seat so when they started separating the people who have reserved seats from the floors, we had to leave her. We ended up in another line (we were then separated from the other Japanese woman) and really started getting excited (we had been waiting in line for close to 3 hours by this point, but we had been talking the whole time so it didn’t seem that long). It was here I remembered that I had a HUGE water bottle and I couldn’t bring it in with me so I just started to chug it. By the time I was done, there was less then a 4th left, but I couldn’t drink any more so I poured it on a tree nearby. ANYWAY, the line finally started moving again and we were FINALLY let inside (I was SO cold). After a quick pit stop to the bathroom, we ended up walking almost entirely around the building looking for our section. We got there and got our seats (we were in 116 because we thought Jae would stand on that side the most, and we are both Jae biased) and sat down. Then we saw one of the dancers that Junsu tweeted about and were tempted to ask for a picture until we noticed to guy next to him. We quickly figured it out to be egg man and went up for a picture, but he was talking to these other girls for so long that we felt super awkward and just went back to our seat (but he TOTALLY had like a british accent or something and he was SO attractive). Then the show started. We saw them walking up to the back stage area and flipped out. I only saw Junsu but omg, I screamed like crazy. And then Empty started playing and and they were raised up and omg THEY WERE RIGHT THERE! We were in row 6, but we were still really close and it was so amazing. For the first two songs I was screaming too much to actually hear them sing XD. But whenever Jae came to our side, I would scream louder and jump up and down (and I was the only on in the area doing it I think, but I have no idea) and he looked. At me. OMG. I swear we locked eyes for a second. And then he smiled and laughed a little bit and OMG JAEJOONG LOOKED AT ME. I have no idea if we actually locked eyes or if he was smiling because of me, but I’m going to pretend he was XD. This happened like 3 times, and he smiled EVERYTIME. And OMG Yoochun is SOOO handsome in real life. I never really cared for him that much, but ever since twitter and the FIRST hairstyle I approve of, he’s really caught my eye. Plus, last night I realized he just isn’t very photogenic because he was unbelievably good looking at the show. Same goes for Junsu, he was so amazing. I spent most of my time either staring at Jaejoong, or staring at Junsu hips waiting for hip thrusts. I wish I looked at Chun more, but I was too caught up in the excitement. My camera failed and barely recored anything before running out of memory, but instead of trying to delete pictures or something, I decided to just have fun while I had the chance. I honestly couldn’t hear what the boys were saying during the Q&A when they spoke English, I mean I heard some of it, but the speakers were so close that it was too loud to understand very well. So I proceeded to yell and jump and dance for the rest of the show, it was so amazing. Almost two days later, I’m still sore. Anyways, so during the Empty remix (Oh and when Jae said “Sorry” I didn’t even wonder who said it, I was just so excited to hear it. When I listen to it now, I still freak out because he sounded so amused), I held up the sign the was handed out when we were in line (not that many people held theirs up) and pointed to it with my light stick. As soon as I did, I realized that Jae was facing our section and I started jumping and I swear he looked at me again! And saw the sign! He did this little smile and nod thing and I flipped! Who knows if he really saw, but I like my version better XD. After they left the stage, we went over to the railing to try and see them, but we didn’t get a chance. T~T. Afterwards, we were waiting outside for our rides when a SUV drove by and fans screamed “JYJ!” We looked up and saw someone wave from the window and fans run after the car, so we ran to see if it was really them or a false alarm. They turned quickly though so we never got to see. But if so many fans chased after the car, I think it was them! I had the feeling it was Junsu waving, but I honestly have no idea. Omg, all the pictures and all the videos I’ve seen of them doesn’t do them justice. They are soooo perfect in real life. There are no words. But Jae is sooooo SKINNY! Junsu looks like he’s back to a healthy weight (seriously, when they were with SM, he looked unhealthily skinny for a while there) and Yoochun looked pretty healthy weight too, but Jae? It was, honestly, a little bit scary how skinny he was. He made Junsu look chubby! And the dancers looked huge next to him even though they were average sized! I’ve always worried that he’s had body and self-image issues and I’m even more worried. His legs were as big as my female friends (longer but the same size it seemed) and she’s 5 foot 3 inches, maybe 105 lbs, not even. I’m honestly worried. Anyway, so they left for Korea right after the concert and I was so sad. My mom was too tired to take me to the airport. Today, everything felt so empty. I could immediately feel the difference once they left. It’s really depressing. Life has gone on, they’re back in Korea and back to being Super-mega stars where they can’t walk down the street without being mobbed by fans. It feels like none of this even happened, it’s like a dream. Even after the best night of my life (even better then when Yunho waved at me after SMTown LA because, as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yunho, I’m still Jae biased), it’s like nothing’s changed. They’re back to being only seen through my laptop screen and sleeping when I’m awake, and partying when I’m asleep. It felt soooo wonderful to be in the same time zone as them. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Anyway, thats all for now (Sorry it's so long, I didn't want to leave anything out ><)

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Fan Account: JYJ LA Showcase

This is my #JYJinLA fan report, and it's a picture-less block of text because I'm writing this in an airport on my cell. Mom and I woke up at 4:OOam to catch our flight to LAX. When we landed we rushed to get changed and took the airport flyaway to union station. Then we boarded the subway and took the Purple Line *ROFLing forever* to Normandie and Wilshire, where we dropped our bags off at the Wilshire hotel. I just want to take a moment to plug the Wilshire, we went to be at the same hotel as the boys, but stayed because the staff was calm, and helpful despite dealing with fans all weekend, and the rooms were super nice for the rates. We bolted out of the hotel and into a cab who had no idea what the Galen Center was and ran up our fare intentionally. But at that point I didn't care, I just wanted to get in line ASAP because @ 6, I'd heard that there were already 30 people in line. When we arrived @ 9 there were around ten people in the physical in line but 61 who had arrived super early and signed in. A few fans were making arrangements with security all morning, and the line was well organized, and orderly. A few security people told us that they would move our line to the official area at 5PM, and that they were cool with us creating a line as long as we stayed calm and didn't block pedestrian traffic. I want to give a big shout out and digital hug to Tami, Sam, Victoria, and all of the other Cassies (sorry that I didn't catch everyone's name) next to us in line who passed the time by creating fangifts, and jamming to TVXQ songs. We all signed the gift bag with our twitter accounts, mom put OMG SUN! on the bag, and lol at whoever put "Shane don't take this.". Also thanks to all of the DBSK Knights staff, Shades of Jaed, JYJSF crew, and the girls who organized the free glowstick project. You guys did a great job of making sure the fan projects and chants were executed without a hitch. Thank you ladies who brought the books to sign for JYJ. My mom and I had a great time because of all of you.

At 3:OOpm things stared to disintegrate. Without naming names, and talking about it in depth, to make a long story short at least 100 people cut in front of hundreds of people who had been waiting in line all day, in the cold. Throughout the afternoon and early evening people continued to cut, and some people didn't bother to line up at all and just shoved into the front when security opened the doors. A lot of us risked our spots in line to talk to security, but they said that they weren't going to do anything, even though these were the same people who told us our line would be honored previously. Some even got really condescending and said they expected chaos, and told us that they would "handle us," and none of us would be able to get in, even though people in line were actually not the ones instigating the conflicts with security. Eventually a bunch of people asked my mom, who was one of the oldest people in line, to talk to the guards. I'm so sorry to anyone with reserved tickets who got yelled at for not being in line--things were just really out of control at that point. There was NOT a table for fangifts at that point, but we begged and pleaded with the green shirt PD until he agreed to put a small table for gifts in place. Props to the girl who initiated the discussion with the staff.

I believe they opened the doors for the people with reserved seats @6:30, they finally started letting the floor standing in about an hour later. The security wasn't as tough as we were expecting so I felt bad for everyone who was told to not bring their cameras in, when we were in line. Finally we were inside and about four rows back from the stage, so we were only slightly further back from the stage than we were at Vegas, but in the center this time! I was the second tallest person in floor standing (only the guy from Arkansas was taller) but right off the bat the shoving was intense. All of the tallest people got pushed to the center, and even I was having a heck of a time seeing the screen.

Everyone was amped, we cheered for the mic-check, we cheered for the light check, we cheered when they put the fan signs on the screen (I love you, person with the "Your heart is empty, let me fill it for you sign), we cheered for the staff that were joking around on stage. And we also cheered on cue for the press, who spent a long time taking pictures of the crowd and fansigns. In the midst of all of this, some girls next to us caught a glimpse of Yoochun and Jaejoong, in the VIP area offstage, and then we reaaaaaaly screamed. We had a great chant of JYJ going until Arden finally came on stage, and pointed out Shane standing by the audience. I was so happy the showcase was finally starting because it was delayed to allow everyone to file into their seats. The stadium wasn't packed because a lot of people with paid tickets upgraded to better seats when they became free. But there was a decent crowd, and a STRONG red ocean.

YES WE WERE READY FOR JYJ!! And they rose from the platforms on stage to the ear shattering, sonic boom of screams, (and stampeding feet from the floor section as we were all shoved headfirst into the stage, and onto each other.). I'm sure you've all seen the pictures, but I'd like to take a moment to thank the Coordis who dressed the boys last night, Junsu looked so handsome, Jaejoong was perfect as always, and Yoochun's rock star outfit was a work of art. I can't say enough about how attractive they are in real life, even in comparison to the photos. It amazes me every time I see them. And Jaejoong's head may be large, but it's more like a watermelon in real life, than the Hindenburg--it looks smaller than some pictures.

The set list was the same as New York and Vegas. Empty, Be the One, VR of the "thanks to" Be my Girl, VR of the making of the album, Q&A, Chajatta, Ayyy Girl, Empty Remix, and the Ayyy Girl MV. But the energy was so different from the Vegas showcase. We were super unified during all the fan chants, and everyone was screaming and generally spazzing out during every body wave, smile, hairflip, and tongue appearance that occured. The boys seemed REALLY happy. Yoochun was grinning from ear to ear constantly, Jaejoong was making cute rockstar poses, and waving to the fans between each song. Junsu had much more energy, and really got into interacting with the fans. And they sounded soooo Fing good. I've always appreciated their live performances, more than their albums, but they were even more polished, and cohesive, than they were during the other showcases. Some of Junsu's adlibs were crazy! It was such a relief because Jaejoong's voice hasn't been in good condition, and we all heard that his voice was breaking during the album launch party for the press.

I couldn't hear the boys much during the Q&A because of the screaming, and fighting for my life to stay on my feet, but their English intros and talking about their twitters, and Micky Christmas was so adorable. I only wish the Q&A was longer. ): I also wish Jaejoong had really tossed out John the egg to us. Shane's appearance in Jaejoong's white Vegas outfit, as he serenaded Arden with Empty, was also worth mention. He said he was the same size as Jae, and we all shouted "lies" at him, and he accused us of calling him fat. There was also a lot of screaming at people to lower their signs. Fans with signs, we still <3 you, but no one could see Junsu and Jaejoong over them. The MCs followed the script and said that JYJ were excited to sing a Korean song for us, and they broke into the best performance of Chajatta that I've heard from them. Junsu and Yoochun were making great eye contact with us front and center people, and Yoochun pointed right at me when I was singing along, with one of his trademark Chunfaces. I could finally see Jaejoong, head on, because I was on his left unlike last time, when I was on his right and his habit of unconsciously turning his head kicked in. I'm still grinning and freaking out about how awesome it was, now!

They played one last VR recording that I didn't see during the other showcases, about the boy's experiences recording their album. We all roared every time they appeared. Finally the showcase was coming to a close, and there was one last wild push from behind us, to the front. I found myself six feet away from where I'd begun, and nearly fell over in multiple directions. The boys and their dancers appeared in formation, and the tell-tale instrumental for the Empty remix started playing. The crowd was so confused and we all started screaming "EEEeeeeh?". Both Yoochun and Jaejoong giggled, and said sorry, before they broke into Ayyy Girl, as planned. I LOVE the live arrangement of Ayyy Girl, even though I barely listen to the track when I play the album. I even like the acapella freestyle portion, and Kanye's rap when it's in the middle. Junsu rocks the song, and the dance breaks. The staging of the female dancers was much better than it was in Vegas where their positions were awkward, and the boys' body waves were super sexy! I love the part where they all run to the sides of the stage, but we were a sea of flying bodies by that point, as people rushed over to them. I am so sorry to anyone that I fell into.

The boys thanked us in English, and said that they wished they could see us more, and were planning on coming back to LA again, for a full concert. Jae said "thank you for everything" and he's obviously been practicing since he said it last week because his pronunciation is getting really good. Yoochun finished the ment off with "Are you ready LA? Last song, Empty remix!". The Floor turned into a rave, and everyone was jumping from the beginning. I didn't feel ready for the last song, because I didn't want the showcase to end. Empty remix is my favorite song on the Beginning, and my favorite song live because the energy is so incredible--it reminds me of Tohoshinki's live performances of Somebody To Love. Jaejoong seemed really tired, but he still gave the performance his all, and he seemed happy that everyone shouted "Let it go" before he even pointed his mic to us. Junsu and Yoochun were feeding off the energy. They were making cute faces at the fancammers while the dancers were doing acrobatics. As the last notes of the song rang out, they ascended the steps, waving at everyone until they disappeared. The energy didn't dissipate throughout the Ayyy girl MV, and even though the show was over, everyone hung around for another 10 minutes cheering, and waving at the official film crew.

In the end, even though I stood in line for 11 hours, and came out of the showcase with cuts, sores, blisters and bruises, that hour was so worth it. I feel so lucky to have seen JYJ perform, not once but twice, and being at the last stop of the showcase tour was an experience that I'll never forget. I finally achieved my goal of seeing all five members of TVXQ perform, albeit at different times.

I was going to go to the airport and send the boys off last night, but my mom hadn't eaten all day so we went back to the Wilshire instead. Thanks again to all the fans that kept us company (hopefully we'll be able to find each other online), and the members of JYJ crew that listened to us, and organized everything. And thanks to JYJ who performed here when they could've just given up on the American leg of the tour. After two weeks of JYJ showcases, I'll be going through major withdrawals, but I guess it's a good thing that it will be a while before everyone has to spend all day in line again. I can't wait to see all of the pictures and fancams, when my flight lands.

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Fan Account: JaeChunSu in LAX Airport

We found out via twitter around 9:30pm that JYJ was going to airport (LAX) right after their concert to catch the 11:30pm flight to Korea. It took us a while to decide to go to the airport because this was our first time "stalking" anyone, and we didn't know if we would actually be able to find them. We arrived at the airport at around 10:00pm. We parked in the international parking lot, and crossed the street to get towards the LAX building. My friend and I were running because we thought we might miss seeing them. Once we started running to get through the doors of LAX, we glanced over at a hot guy smoking outside by a pillar. Then we did a double take as we realized it was Jaejoong. My jaw literally dropped and I was staring at him with bulging eyes as we walked through the doors. Once we were inside we noticed around 20 fans hanging around, carrying light boards. This confirmed that it was Jaejoong. I was hyperventilating and talking gibberish to my friend while hitting her, lol. My friend was calm, though, and she said, there goes Micky. He walked right past us, but I didn't even notice!! Then he stood in the baggage checkout line. Then I noticed red hair, and I was like OMG! Junsu! So we stared at them until they started walking. They were surrounded by a lot Korean staff members. Then we followed them. Then they got in line to board the plane. They got into an express lane, so they disappeared quickly.

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Fancams: JYJ Showcase in LA

Be The One

Empty Remix

Opening - Empty

Junsu - Found You

Be The One

Be My Girl

Found You

Talk - Oh My God Sun!

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Fan Account +Videos : JYJ LA Showcase

I had the best hour of my life... I was in the very front on the rail, like 4 feet away from JYJ, Hero Jaejoong looked dead at me, Micky has the cutest laugh in the world, & I was spazzing about how cute he is THE WHOLE TIME, and Junsu pelvic thrusted right in front of me like 500 billion times! & I also signed a balloon and was able to give it to their staff as a present for them! I also screamed I LOVE YOU YOOCHUN & he smiled! ^_____________^

Be My Girl


Be The One

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Fan Account: Welcoming JaeChunSu in Las Vegas

On the 13th some friends and I were hanging out getting ourselves excited for the showcase when we decided to go to the airport and wait for JYJ to come in. We got there around 10pm. We waited for just about an hour(maybe a little more) and around 11 or 11:30 they finally arrived. We followed them out of the airport and into the parking garage. My friend went up to their manager and asked if we could get autographs, he said that they were checking in at the hotel and if we hurried to the hotel we could get autographs from them then (and surprisingly he actually told us what hotel they were staying at). When we got to the hotel we waited by the front desk for half an hour and didn't see anyone. My friend spotted their manager and asked him again if we could get an autograph, he said no that they were sleeping.

Then on the 14th after the showcase we went back to the hotel and waited by the front desk for about an hour. We decided to walk around and see if we could find them. We ran into other fans that said they had seen them but they didn't know where they went. So my friend and I walked around a little more and right as we were about to give up hope I saw JaeJoong to my right playing poker. My friend went up to him and asked for an autograph but he was in the middle of a game so I told him that we would wait. Maybe 15 seconds later he called us over and autographed something for the each of us. A few tables down YooChun was playing, at first their manager said we couldn't get autographs but YooChun said it was ok and signed something for my friend and I. We were just about to leave when we saw JunSu walk over. He signed something for us and after we said thank you he said 'Thankoo' that was the most adorable thing we had heard that whole night~! In person they look even better then they do in pictures, on TV or on the computer, I didn't think that was possible ^^

She is soooo lucky!
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Fan Account JYJ LA Showcase DBSKnights' Staff

My mind has been blown. So blown that it took me two days to recover enough to write this.

Okay, not really. I procrastinate.

It really was mind blowing, though. I really hate to say cliché things like this, but thinking about seeing these boys, imagining hearing them live, has been my one motivation whenever things in my life weren't going right. And boy, did they make up for those times.

Mel (DBSKnights admin) and Alexis came to pick me up at around 6:40AM, and we drove over to LA.
By the time we got there, around 8AM, a little line of girls had formed in front of the doors. After standing around for a while, security told us to leave school grounds. We didn't know what to do so we ended up wandering around for a while… then some fans from the front of the original line saw us later, and told us they were making a new line in the same order as the original one.

We arrived there, and that ended up being our place in line.
After some more people started gathering, Mel, her sister Charmaine, and I started to hand out the preordered shirts. Mel found some Japanese fans that I got to talk to. They told me about how amazing DBSK was in Tokyo Dome. I was squirming with jealousy.

I got to see Peggy and Rachel (Admins of Knights) too! I was so happy. These girls really work hard for fans and I'm really happy and proud that I can call them my friends.
My other internet friends started arriving too! I got to see Lucy and Regina again, the girls in charge of
I also got to see Tristan (Xiahker) again! He was really excited about how many fans he was able to find in the line. :)

I was hanging out with some other friends closer to the back of the line when suddenly, everyone shifted forward. I got anxious and ran back to my spot… and saw a huge crowd of people. The organized line idea was gone. Everyone on floor was trying to rush in as a clump. Considering how early we had arrived, yes, we were somewhat upset at seeing people that were behind us in the line so far ahead.

But our whole group was able to squeeze ourselves in together. After waiting another 30 minutes in our new, organized line, we walked into the building! An employee told us which door to enter through, and we ran to our spot on the floor. We ended up right behind the people at the very front, behind a black fence blocking us from the stage. It was a phenomenal spot. I was blown away at the thought that the boys would be less than 6 feet away from us. SIX. FEET.

-cough- Anyway.
We waited, extremely squished, for about 30 more minutes… and suddenly the lights turned off, and a spotlight shone on the MCs. Everyone was already going berserk and I started to worry about what was going to happen when the boys showed up…

And then they were there.

They rose up from inside the back side of the stage. The boys I had listened to on my iPod. The boys I saw in my magazines. The loves of my life. They were there.

Yoochun was on our side of the stage. Everyone else was screaming, waving their lightsticks around, but I just stood there and gaped. He was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my life, I'm not even kidding. His jet-black hair shined as the lights reflected off of it. And then I noticed his pants, oh god the shiny silver pants. I adored them. He looks so much skinnier in real life.

Then I turned to the middle. Jaejoong. If Yoochun was the most gorgeous thing I had seen in my life, Jaejoong is the most beautiful. His honey colored hair sparkled, and his face glowed. I'm not even glowing. He has a glow. He also looked somewhat skinnier. Don't ask me how that's possible.

Then Junsu, oh god the boy whose Japanese used to fail and make me laugh when I felt like crying, the boy whose bright smile made the sun's light look dull, the boy whose voice I would do anything to hear through my own ears. That boy was standing there, 6 feet from me. His soft-orange colored hair was flat, not the way I like it, but damn, did he pull it off. His head is not quite as tiny as Yoochun or Jaejoong. It made me want to go up to him and pinch his cheeks. Bias completely aside, I like his dancing the best. He moves with his hips. And then his voice, oh god, I had to strain so hard to hear it over the screams and squeals, but it was there. It was him. He was standing in front of me, and his voice was in my ears.

I am now officially addicted to the dance. Even though we were squished, some fans still attempted to do the dance for the "let it go~"s. It was fun.
Sooo, moving on.
Be The One
I will honestly tell you that I do not have any memory of this part of the showcase. I think I was screaming too loud.
Be My Girl
This is my favorite song in the album. They harmonized at the "tonight~" part and it was so gorgeous. They really need more songs like this.
AND THEN (Caps time!) ONE TIME, WHEN I SCREAMED "JUNCHAN," HE TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME (or in my direction. But I know he heard me). AND THEN HE RAISED HIS EYEBROWS, SMILED, AND DID A MINI BODYROLL. I know I saw it. I didn't get it on camera because I was watching him with my own eyes. It was beautiful, you guys. Just plain beautiful.
Junsu: "I'm Junsu. Ohmygassun." /hides
Jaejoong: "Hi, I'm Jaejoong!" /shoots radiant smile
Yoochun: "Hey guys, are you ready to have fun!!" ~~etc etc

When Yoochun was saying those words, I yelled "TANOSHIMU JUNBI OKAY," (We're ready to have fun) because that was his famous line at the Japanese concerts. I really hope he heard it. ;~~~;
Found you/Chajatta
Yoochun started singing and I started crying. I remembered how I had fallen for their Japanese ballad songs and wondered if I'd ever get to hear them. They were born to sing songs like this. We were successful at the fanchants, and the boys seemed to notice. Yoochun beamed with joy. Jaejoong seemed focused on getting his voice out smoothly (which he was able to, thank goodness). And Junsu looked… overwhelmed. I don't think he was imagining this huge a fanbase in LA.
Ayy Girl
The lights switched off and the boys and dancers got into the formation… and the Empty Remix started playing. They just stood there for a bit, then Yoochun turned to the right and laughed apologetically. Then someone said "Sorry!" and screams exploded again. (I later heard it was Jaejoong, in which case, I would have screamed with them a;sdkjfa;lj)
Even though this song doesn't really seem like one that you could show off vocals with… they did. It was heavenly.
Empty Remix
Ahem. Anyway.
Yoochun was on our side of the stage, and he just looked like a little boy with candy, having the time of his life. He shouted "Jump, jump!" like he did at the Japanese concerts, and oh, did we jump. The whole floor was jumping as one unit. It must have looked funny from the stage

Junsu and Jaejoong also smiled as they sang, but they didn't jump. Junsu just kind of bent his knees sometimes.

And then… they were gone.

It was amazing.

And because I can't find any more adjectives to describe the epicness of this showcase, it's going to end here.

Thank you so much for reading♥

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Fan Account JYJ LA Showcase

JYJ in LA: Better than Christmas

I was so excited to see JYJ in LA, I can’t even describe it. Even though it wasn’t all five of DBSK, I still had my faith for them and was going to enjoy this while it lasted. I spent the two bus-one train ride drilling the fanchants which I’d memorized the day before during school. It might’ve been kind of unnecessary, but it couldn’t have hurt. LA’s bus system kinda….sucks (Compared to Long Beach, at least to me), so I had trouble navigating once I got off the train and was trying to look for the right bus stop to take me to the Galen Center (all the traffic didn’t help)

I left my house at 3:30 and got to the venue a little after 5:00. I expected the line to be incomprehensibly long, so I wasn’t surprised when I had to walk a ways to get to the end which was in front of the Radisson hotel when I got there. I heard a lot of conversations in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese and the line was predominantly Asian, again, expected. I think other ethnicities were far and few in between, and I think I was one of the maybe 3-5 black girls there.

I made a special top to go to the show and wore my lovely leather black boots. I looked a little dressy compared to other people, but that was okay. I also hand-made the special project sign. I figured that would be a good substitute since I couldn’t reserve a lightstick (Insert ‘aww’ here).

I usually give concert staffs a half-hour after they say they’re going to let you in because that’s usually how long it takes, but I guess it depends on how long the line is to some extent also.

Anyway, the line started moving at about 7:00, as originally planned. I went to the bathroom, and got in my seat. I was in section 210 and surprisingly got a great view, posting status updates to my facebook before and while the show was happening via my cellphone (I couldn’t tweet ‘cause I couldn’t get Wi-Fi in there for my iPod Touch…but I forgot I had my phone connected with my Twitter already ^^’’ oopsie)

Once the show started, the room was full of enthusiastic Cassies ready to see their boys. As they rose up onto the stage, I felt a wave of satisfaction with my teenage life that I was finally seeing these guys in person. They started off with Be the One, then Empty, then Found You, then Ayyy Girl, and finished off with the Empty remix*.

Between Be the One and Found You was the Q&A session where Junsu recapped ‘Oh my god, sun’ for us and the explained the meanings behind their Twitter names. I thought Yoochun’s was especially clever (6002 in Korean sounds like ‘Yoochun’). Junsu said ‘Don’t Forget’ in English when he explained the 0101 in his Twitter SN is his birthday. It was cute!

JaeJoong explained that his Twitter name is an abbreviation of ‘Micky, Junsu, JaeJoong’ (I guess he took one of his fan nicknames and made it ‘JeJe’)

After their Twitter names were explained, they introduced us to Mr. John the Egg from Twitter (@elbowyeish), who turned out to be one of the staff. He walked on the main stage and gave Yoochun an egg, who gave it to JaeJoong, and he tried to throw the egg at the audience as a joke XD

After they said their final goodbye and descended off the stage, they played the Ayyy Girl MV, which I decided to stay for. Getting out was kind of a hassle, but I made it out fine. The train station was closed unexpectedly due to construction, so I had to have my parents pick me up. It even started raining, but I didn’t mind, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and more blissful than most people do on a calm Christmas night. I finally saw live and in person the boy band (or 3/5 of them…) that I’ve been listening to since I was 12 years old and have given me so much joy over the years as my only true source of pure happiness in this crazy world. If it was this awesome with only three of them, the day I see them as five again will be even more amazing.

Overall, the show was indescribable (I wish I was longer…), the whole night was amazing and unforgettable, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. AKTF, my fellow Cassies! :)
*The set list might be mixed up; I don’t remember the order clearly. I was too excited.
I forgot my camera, so I couldn’t take pics or fancams, sorry!

Credits: VenusianMizu
Shared by: DBSKnights
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Posted 11/22/10 , edited 11/22/10
OFFICIAL JYJ "Be My Girl Remix" Flash Mob Dance Nov. 27/28, 2010

All: Hello, it's JYJ.
JaeJoong: Yes, we JYJ have created a simple Flash Mob Dance video using "Be My Girl Remix." Everyone, please remember the dance steps and at Jamsil Stadium, we hope to dance to the song with everyone of you.
YooChun: It seems a little boring to be dancing to this song by ourselves, Because it's a stage that we want everyone to enjoy, we wanted all fans to have fun and dance to the song together.
JunSu: This song will be made together with all of you guys so please do remember the steps and we hope that we can actually share this mob with all of you.
JaeJoong: What's the date?
JunSu: 27th & 28th Nov at Jamsil Stadium. Everyone, please do show us a cool performance of the moves.
YooChun: That's right. We will be waiting so do remember the steps.
JaeJoong: We'll see you at Jamsil Stadium.
YooChun: Yes.
JunSu: Bye bye.

Source: carlost17 @ YouTube
Translation: InHye87 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

And YES that is indeed JUNSU close to the left side of the screen in the back row (look for the RED hair), dancing with the other dancers! He even tweeted about this video and mentioned that he was in it. --EmpressB7

MTV K's Top 10 K-Pop Airport Fashionistas

K-Pop idols have taken over most of Asia’s airports these days, traveling everywhere from Japan to Singapore for concerts and promotions! More flying means more airport stalker photos and a chance to see how your favorite idols dress in private.

MTV K lists the top 10 K-Pop Airport Fashionistas…but you can also vote for your favorite in the poll below!

10. C.N Blue
C.N Blue may be rookies but they’ve been traveling back and forth between Japan and Korea for promotions since their debut! They keep some of their group’s rock style while incorporating their own personal laid-back looks.

9. SS501
SS501 are seasoned travelers and it shows in their luxurious but functional fashion choices. They still carry fancy manbags and wear leather boots but their t-shirts and sweaters are loose and comfortable.

8. 4minute
4minute carries their unique and colorful style over into their personal clothes! They also seem to have kept their love of all things short.

KARA may wear intricate outfits on stage but their style is anything but. KARA is one of the most casual girl groups around — opting for loose shirts and jeans.

6. Girls' Generation
Girls' Generation proves their sweet and romantic look isn’t all an act! They’re just as bright and goddess-like even before a 12-hour flight to America!

5. 2PM
The boys of 2PM look the best when they have minimal clothing on but when they’re at an airport, they go for bold patterns, sunglasses and designer jeans.

4. Big Bang
Maybe number 4 should go to G-Dragon rather than all of Big Bang…but T.O.P’s outrageous pants lets the entire group place on the list! Saying G-Dragon has unique fashion sense is like saying water is wet. But you sort can’t help but say it again after seeing photos of his wardrobe at an airport.

3. SHINee
Brightly shining SHINee never forgets they’re the fashion leaders for the contemporary movement. They play up their best features in tight skinny jeans but honestly, any type of fashion suits them because they’re perfect!

2. Wonder Girls
You may agree or disagree but the Wonder Girls have the best fashion sense out of all the girls groups in private! Eclectic and eye-catching, their style isn’t overpowering and one glance and you know they’re a star.


This list belongs to the Gods of Airport Fashion — TVXQ!

The five boys have been photographed hundreds of thousands of times as they traveled (literally) all over the world and each time, they never fail to make fans wonder, where did they get that?

Jaejoong‘s leopard print jacket, Yoochun‘s fail sunglasses, Junsu‘s suit, Yunho‘s romper-thing and Changmin‘s manly pink sweater make TVXQ the number 1 K-Pop Airport Fashionistas!

Photo Credit: TVXQ Event

Source: MTV K
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Asia's Top 10 Most Handsome Male Celebrity Ranking

Hong Kong Entertainment Weekly and Taiwan New Weekly Magazine recently surveyed fans from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for Asia’s top 10 most handsome male celebrity.

1. Nicholas Tse
2. Lee Jun Ki
3. Yamamini coopera Tomohisa
4. Kim Jaejoong
5. Jin Akanishi
6. Jerry Yan
7. Wu Chun
8. Wang Lee Hom
9. Hankyung
10. Huang Xiaoming

Kim Jaejoong (January 26, 1986), born in Seoul. Korean male singer – member and lead vocalist of popular idol group TVXQ (or described as having a “rainbow” voice)

(other artists omitted)

Source: [ent.cqnews]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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Do not remove/add on any credits

Changmin Mentioned in SDN8 Interview

The members expressed that they are all inspired by singer Lee Hyori's style and make up and that they have tried to imitate it in the past. Cindy said 'We've performed on stage with Tohoshinki's Max Changmin in the past, it'd be great if we could have the opportunity to perform together again,' showing her interest in Korean artists.
Source: FNN
Trans by: [email protected]
Shared by: DBSKnights

American Showcase Ends Amidst the Cheers of an Audience of 6000

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu)'s promotional tour for their international debut album 'The Beginning' has officially ended.

JYJ ended their US tour on the 19th after holding showcases in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The three members delivered a powerful live performance for an audience of approximately 6000 to conclude their tour. Their management team revealed that 'the three showcases which took place across the United States garnered an audience of over 20,000 in total and the fans were equally pumped up for all of them.' They also said that 'the success of the Asia and US tour will be followed by sales of 'The Beginning' in December across the country (US).'

JYJ themselves said 'We were able to witness the enthusiasm and passion of the American fans through these three showcases. Besides working towards breaking into the US, we also feel really proud' and 'We're not putting ourselves out there to challenge the US market, we're challenging ourselves as musicians.'

Credits: DNBN + CBFamily
Trans by: [email protected]
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Fancam: Yunho - Korea Jewelry Awards

Credits: TheSsssoooooo
Shared by: DBSKnights


Credits: HoloveMin + Haruka51915 + Uknowlovely @ YT
Shared by: DBSKnights

Fancam: Junsu Giving Autographs Outside of Hotel

OHMYGODSUN! LOL, Junsu smiled at that!
"I can't breathe, seriously dude, I can't breathe!"

Credits: xwiLbno2ndknifx
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TVXQ to Comeback in 2011

TVXQ is set to comeback in 2011.

SM Entertainment revealed on the 23rd via TVXQ’s homepage, “2011, TVXQ is returning to you all.”

SM released a statement saying,

“After the 3 TVXQ members left, for over a long year, both U-Know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin have refrained from musical activities.

The two members as well as the company wanted to keep TVXQ alive, thinking about the never changing hearts of our loyal fans who have waited a long time.

As indicated by the ruling, all of TVXQ’s activities need to be done through SM, unfortunately, the three members that left have regretfully not responded to any of our offers for activities as TVXQ. After long and careful consideration, we made this decision.

For U-know Yunho and Choi Kang Changmin, who never left and kept their dreams as TVXQ, we have decided together with the two members to keep TVXQ alive.

No matter what happens, we believed that TVXQ should be continued for the love and trust of the fans who created TVXQ together with us.

We are not ruling out any possibilities in the future. Continuing TVXQ is the best way to repay the fans who love and waited for TVXQ.”
TVXQ is scheduled to make a comeback in January 2011.

CR: TVXQ Official Website

Source: Nate
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

SM Announces Comeback of DBSK Without JYJ Members

On November 23, SM Entertainment released an official statement announcing that DBSK would return in 2011 with the original two members Changmin and Yunho. A pop-up message on DBSK's official website announced that the three-member team of Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong had decided to go their own way, and SM in turn decided in turn to move on as well. The remaining members Changmin and Yunho had abstained from participating in any musical activities as DBSK because they were waiting for their fellow members to return. SM wished to continue supporting the fans who had waited for DBSK to return. Therefore, DBSK would make their comeback sometime during 2011 with the original two members Changmin and Yunho.

We hope to return to you with a better translation of the statement, so keep checking back for more details.

Source: TVXQ Official Website, TVDaily
Credits: Soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights

Official Statement From SM: 2011, TVXQ To Return To Your Side!

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Since a series of events occurred including three members of TVXQ breaking away from the team, we SM Entertainment (noted as SM) have been refraining from having U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin participate in music-related activities for a long period of over a year.

For the feelings and dreams of the two members and the company to protect 'TVXQ',
and thinking about the hearts of the fans, who have been showing an unchanging love to TVXQ, we have been waiting for a long time.

As it was stated in the injunction verdict, all TVXQ activities must be done through SM.
Regardless of this fact, the trio have unfortunately continued to be unresponsive to the proposal SM sent them regarding continuing activities as TVXQ.
Therefore, after much thought and consideration, we have made the following decision.

For U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who have not given up their dream of 'TVXQ',
and who have been unchanging and kept their place,
and to continue the existence of 'TVXQ', a group we have created with much care over such a long period of time,
we have decided to keep preserving 'TVXQ' with the two members.

This is because we made the decision that 'TVXQ' must continue,
no matter what happens,
at least for the love and faith of the countless number of fans who have been helping make TVXQ what it is with us.
But, we will not rule out any possibilities that many appear in the future.

Also, we believe that continuing the existence of 'TVXQ'
is the least we can do to repay all the fans for loving and waiting for 'TVXQ'.

As the people who have been with 'TVXQ' since the group's birth and growth,
We SM will keep preserving 'TVXQ' into the future.
Furthermore, we will not hold back when it comes to effort or support for the 'TVXQ' activities that will soon commence,
We will do everything we can for them.

We ask you for great anticipation and warm support for 'TVXQ', who are finally making a comeback in 2011.

Source: [TVXQ Official Website+DNBN]
Translation credits: [email protected]
Shared by:
Do not remove/add on any credits

TVXQ VS JYJ, SM "We Won't Wait Anymore"

Finally SM Entertainment has to release TVXQ comeback with only 2 members namely U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin.

It’s been a year since SM Entertainment released the “return” ultimatum to the three members Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Youngwoong Jaejoong in last November.

At that time, SM Entertainment released a statement to reporters through a public press conference, “We will start the activities of TVXQ in spring 2010, we’re welcoming them to comeback before then.” After the previous announcement, SM who had been waiting for a year, has to formulated the comeback of TVXQ to consist only 2 members eventually.

The two members will return to music industry with a new album in spring 2011, activities schedule that ranges from Japan, Korea, and all over Asia is expected to unfold. Since TVXQ was highly popular, whether the TVXQ that only consists of 2 members is able to keep the big name of their own group starting to become a hot issue recently.

SM on the 23rd at the official website, “As been implied by the preliminary injunction rule, TVXQ activities should be held under SM. We had proposed to the three members to have activities as TVXQ, unfortunately we keep hearing nothing from them. Therefore in consideration to the long future of the group, we have to make this following decision.” explaining the background of the two members’ comeback.

SM Kim Young Min on November 2nd last year stated the company’s ultimatum in the press conference through an official representative. “The recent condition implies that eventhough the three members are able to determine their individual activities, they’re still only able to work as TVXQ under our company. We have scheduled TVXQ comeback activities in Korea in next spring. Hence to prepare for it the three members have to respond to this proposal by the coming 10 days which is on November 12th.”

U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin also revealed their feeling through a written document today, “We will continue to keep the promise with SM. Before the other three members started their cosmetic business, we shared the same dream to be able to comeback together as well. Yet in order to have a comeback in next year’s spring we’re required to prepare for at least 6 months. So if we still want to work as TVXQ, we need to make a decision soon before it’s too late.”

The remaining three members, in the other hand, had formed a new group called JYJ and already started to mark their start by launching their first album ‘The Beginning’. ‘The Beginning’ stands for ‘a brand new start’ and is released in both South Korea and United States through Warner Music. It seems that JYJ has committed for a prolonged activities.

Credit: osen
Trans by:
Shared by: DBSKnights

Ok I know everyone has a LOT of thoughts about this news, some in favor and others totally against SM allowing Yunho and Changmin to release an album as TVXQ without Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu involved. I just want to ask everyone to stay calm and please be respectful of each others opinions on this news. We are all sensitive about this issue and the last thing any of the DBSK members need is to see fighting or bashing from fellow fans against each other. Thanks. --EmpressB7
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