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DBSK News Updates!

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Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
Dramabeans: Ripley's leads shoot their first scene together

Another contender for May Madness & Mayhem: Battle for Viewers’ Hearts is upon us. (I’ll rename it in June. I just need thirty days to come up with something.) Ripley has released stills of its lead actors Lee Da-hae and Micky Yoochun shooting their first scene together. (This time it’s him. I checked. Or… possibly his evil twin. Drat!) (Note: Author girlfriday is referring to the time Dramabeans accidentaly posted a picture of Yoochun's brother Yoohwan instead of the man himself. LOL)

Lee Da-hae plays Jang Miri, who is loosely based on Shin Jeong-ah, a now infamous professor who faked her academic credentials to climb the social ladder. Her character is described as a femme fatale, which is quite broad, but we can expect her to be a dark heroine, who “tells a lie that changes her life.” And then has to perpetuate that lie, which is always the problem with lying, isn’t it?

Micky Yoochun plays Yutaka, a Korean-Japanese hotel chaebol son. Hm. Yunno, on paper, this drama sounds EXACTLY the same as Lie to Me ( Hotel chaebol son, heroine who tells a really big lie, then romantic entanglements ensue. Is Lie to Me just Ripley plus comedy? Or will Ripley be Lie to Me minus the fun?

To her credit, Miri doesn’t know that Yutaka is a gazillionaire’s son when they first meet, in this scene. But she reportedly tells an eensy weensy lie by mistake, which begets another lie, and another, and another, eventually snowballing into a massive avalanche of fraud that she can’t undo. Interesting. Yutaka falls in love with her (early on, pre-avalanche), which sounds like it might pose a tiny problem for him. Or yunno… be the source of his tragic demise. Life Lesson: First comes kissing, then comes background check, verified by a third party, followed by a waiting period of ninety days… and THEN comes love.

Ripley premieres Monday May 30 on MBC, following The Duo. If you’re making brackets, it’s up against Lie to Me and Baby-Faced Beauty. Place your bets!

Credit: Dramabeans

Hmm, seems our boy is up against some tough contenders~
I bet the Japanese fans are looking forward to
seeing Yoochun use his Japanese skills, though! ^^

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JYJ's Yoochun- Appearance on "Seung Seung Jang Gu" Cancelled Also?

Regarding the controversy of the cancellation of group JYJ’s Park Yoochun and MBC’s new drama “Ripley”‘s lead actors appearance on t.v. program “Come to Play”, greater controversy has resulted from the fact that Park Yoochun had previously been rejected from appearing in KBS program “Seung Seung Jang Gu” also.

At the time, Park Yoochun was supposed to appear on the episode of “Seung Seung Jang Gu” that was featuring actor Kim Gapsu as a guest, and was chosen to appear in the “guest that arrived in secret corner” of the episode.

However on the day before recording of the episode, KBS delivered a sudden notification that his appearance on the show would not be possible. This information was reported to Kim San Woo and other actors of the drama and also to Kim Gapsu on the morning of the recording day.

Previous to this incident, a similar incident swelled with MBC’s entertainment program. MBC’s mini series on Mondays and Tuesdays for the actors of the drama “Ripley” on “Come to Play” ended in failure, and it has been said that these are further restrictions that have been made on Park Yoochun’s activities through external pressures.

Netizens who came across this information reacted by saying, “Because of the external pressures from all these companies, are all appearances by particular artists going to end in failure?” “Something suspicious is going on..” and has led to other negative reactions.

credit: mldyhrmny blog
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Yoochun's 'TV Restrictions Rumor' Escalates With The Sudden Cancellation "On a Roll" Appearance

Many are voicing the opinion that JYJ’s Park Yoochun is suffering damages due to the nation’s variety programs.

It was found out on the 3rd that Park Yoochun was told his appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Kim Seung Woo’s On A Roll’ was cancelled the day before filming was to occur. Park Yoochun was chosen to appear in the ‘Secretly Visiting Guest’ corner of the show when Kim Kap Soo was invited to appear as a guest star.

But it has been found that KBS notified Park Yoochun that he could not appear on the program the day before filming was to occur. The MC, including Kim Seung Woo, who is currently filming the same as Park Yoochun, as well as the guest stars such as Kim Kap Soo became aware of this fact in the morning of the scheduled filming day. A representative of KBS did not say much on the matter as he said, “We were all surprised because this wasn’t a decision made by the staff of ‘On A Roll’,” and “We don’t know the reason behind the cancellation of his appearance.”

A similar event broke out with a MBC variety program. It has been revealed that during the process of inviting the leading roles of the broadcasting company’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ripley’, ‘Come To Play’ excluded Park Yoochun from the list. Even ‘Section TV Entertainment News’, which always promotes its company’s dramas before they air, did not appear on location of ‘Ripley”s poster-shoot.

A representative of MBC cautiously brought up the speculation that, “It seems that someone is trying to hinder JYJ’s activities in the entertainment industry.” A PD working in MBC variety programs, who wished to stay anonymous, stated, “It’s disheartening to see an entertainment news program ignoring its own company’s drama.”

Source: [hankooki]
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JYJ's Japanese Fans Release a Statement Against Avex

In response to the escalating controversy over JYJ's cancelled charity concert and recent lawsuit against Avex Entertainment, JYJ's Japanese fans expressed their support for the trio by releasing a statement.

The Japanese fans posted a statement against Avex in hopes that it will stop the restrictions on JYJ's TV appearances in Japan. The statement reads, "Since September of 2010, the restrictions set upon by the company has started. The restriction rips the right of JYJ fans to listen to their songs. During this period, the fans patiently waited for the restriction on JYJ's Japanese activities to stop and we had expressed our request to your company. However, to this day, we received no reply or explanation in regards to that matter. JYJ, who has lived in Japan for a period of time, had wanted to attend a charity concert [planned for the Japanese earthquake] but could not due to issues on the contract between management companies. They were given the reason of possible dangers at the event and was denied the opportunity to perform. We feel that Avex's need to prevent their appearance on events such as charity concerts is too farfetched. We feel that Avex is using all its powers to prevent JYJ any means of exposure in Japan and we hope that JYJ will be able to resume their musical activities soon."

Excerpts from the original statement are provided:

1. C-JeS was established in Korea in December of 2009, and its company records could be requested by anyone. Avex [herein after referred to as 'Your company'] had previously claimed that the Vice President is close friends with a C-JeS representative. Yet, your company claims that they did not know about details of C-JeS when signing the contract and uses this as the reason for contract termination. Isn't it common procedure to research on the other party before signing a contract with them?

2. JYJ are now the ambassadors for World-Oka, and they represent Korea in events that garner international attention. Their activities and public involvement in Korea were never interfered due to the reason that their management company is C-JeS. How is it that JYJ's activities in Korea occur without issues, yet there is such a big social stigma against them in Japan due to their Korean management company?

3. JYJ started their Japanese activities in April of 2010. The three members' lawsuit with SM and their exclusive contracts were solved in October of 2009. However, your company uses the reason of "possible complications with JYJ and SM's exclusive contract clause that could render our contract with them null" to cease their Japanese activities. The issue with Tohoshinki and SM is different with the problem of JYJ with your company - associating them as the same thing causes public confusion on the matter.

4. Avex disregards all the circumstances stated above, and uses non-commercial logic to cease the management duties for the three members. This already nullifies the contract they have with JYJ. It is mind-boggling that [your company] did not provide accommodations and arrange events for the three members according to the contract. To ignore the wishes of JYJ and their fans to resume their Japanese activities and remain in this hiatus for eight months is simply unfathomable.

5. Your company has ceased all JYJ activities but is still selling their CDs and DVDs. Yet the Oricon pamphlet that are included in the CDs states, "Before sales, the management company has requested that the numbers will not reflect on the rankings in the Oricon Chart." This is a blatant public deception - fans will continue to support and buy the products but the popularity of JYJ is not reflected publicly.

JYJ's Korean fans have already expressed their frustration and attempts on resuming JYJ activities but Japanese fans have remained calm during this period. However, this statement released by the Japanese fans clearly shows that they have reached a breaking point and has garnered attention from around the world. An expert in the field states, "This event shows the Japanese fans are fed up with the way Avex is interfering with JYJ activities."

Even before the fans released their statement, C-JeS's CEO Baek Changju released a statement on the company's Japanese site on April 28th, stating, "This concert was organized to thank the fans that have been waiting so patiently. I will use whatever means possible to ensure that this concert will be held successfully. No matter how many obstacles JYJ will face in the future, as long as it can provide fans with JYJ's music, we will be there. We will fight until the end no matter what costs it may bring."

Source: TV Daily and Korea Star
Credits: Koreaboo
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SM Entertainment plans for South American tour in July

"This time, it's South America!"

TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and other SM Entertainment artists are preparing for a tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment representatives, the company is currently planning to hold a series of "SM Town Live" concerts in South American countries such as Brazil and Chile in July.

The South American tour has been in the planning stage since last year, when SM Entertainment artists embarked on the "SM Town World Tour" and held an unforgettable concert in Los Angeles, USA.

Due to the popularity of Kpop and SM Entertainment artists in South America, the company plans to tap into this untouched market with a series of concerts in the continent. In February, a Brazilian program asked viewers "Which Korean singer do you want to come to Brazil?" and SM Entertainment artists dominated the results, with Super Junior, BoA, SNSD and SHINee taking the #1 to #4 spots.

SM Entertainment is already taking major steps in making their mark in foreign countries, as it was recently announced that on June 10th, SM artists will hold "SM Town in Paris" and mark the continent's first Kpop concert ever. Tickets for the show sold out within 15 minutes and large-scale protests are happening all over Europe for SM Entertainment to add another concert date.

Last year, SM Town held concerts in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo. This year, SM Entertainment will expand into two continents that Kpop artists have never stepped into, Europe and South America.

SM Entertainment representatives stated, "SM's ripple effect is really amazing. They have already taken over USA, China and Japan and are now accomplishing the unheard precedent of going to Europe and South America. Isn't this the path of a true 'World Star'?"

--Congrats, South American Cassies! You may be seeing HoMin soon!

Source: Sports Seoul
Credit: Koreaboo
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JYJ, G-Dragon And Other Male Artists Tattoos Revealed

What is the story behind the tattoos on male artists?

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, B2ST’s Yong Junhyung and Park Jaebeom have tattoos on their bodies – phrases or quotes that reflect their beliefs, ideologies and goals meaningful to them. Tattoos usually give people a rebellious image, but on these stars, tattoos become a stylish object used to express their feelings and ideas. To change something negative into something positively and stylish is what star power can do. In this article, we will reveal the stories behind the stars’ tattoos.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun: Always keep the faith

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun had tattooed the same phrase on the same part of their bodies – their chest – with the phrase “Always keep faith” to symbolize their persistence on keeping their beliefs. Kim Jaejoong had revealed the meaning behind the tattoo in his interview with the TV channel of the fashion magazine ELLE, stating, “I realized that there are many inconveniences after getting my tattoos. However, even though there are inconveniences during acting, I don’t regret getting them. They are signs of my existence – to commemorate things that I don’t want to forget, things that consoled me, people/things that I want to thank. I can’t see the tattoos on my back but they remind me to remember what’s important, reflect on what is needed and thank those that need to be thanked.”

Rest of the article omitted.

Source: [tv daily]+[korea star daily]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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HoMin - Making of 'Why' Japanese Version

Credits: dhanirahman52
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JYJ 'Son-Daughter Silly' Group Shot

The new JYJ’s NII summer clothing pictorial print ads are unveiled.

The concept for this summer pictorial was ‘EAT’, covering simply natural look of them while having the human instincts to eat as well as expressing their trendy and light feeling.

In this summer filming, people can discover the new side of JYJ which gives different feel than ones in their Spring photo spread. In particular, the photo shooting was done with child models, where the pictures were already spread earlier through twitter and put search keyword ‘JYJ Ttalbabo’ (T/N: Ttalbabo is a term used to describe someone who love his/her children to the point one looks silly) on the top of search rank.

The ad cuts of JYJ summer photo spread is scheduled to be revealed in early May through the clothing brand’s homepage.

credit: Nate News
trans by:
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On Ju-hwan, Turned to be Former SM Dance Teacher "U-Know Yunho was my student"

On Ju-hwan’s past as SM Entertainment’s jazz dance teacher was revealed.

Only discharged from military last December, actor On Ju-hwan made an appearance in May 3rd broadcast of SBS TV ‘ Strong Heart’. On the filming day, he revealed his past profession as jazz dance teacher to the attending casts who entirely shocked from the story.

The surprise was even multiplying when he threw the fact that TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho was before his dance student. According to On Ju-hwan, he taught U-Know Yunho jazz dance that was completed in 3 months during his trainee days.

On Ju-hwan said, “I’ve always been interested in dancing since my school days. I began to dance at the age of 2″ and “When I danced with my school dance group, girls would blew paper airplanes, we also collected money by our own for 4 weeks to have proper costumes.” as he recalled his days as a dancer.

Meanwhile On Ju-hwan put on a brilliant dancing performance during the show that easily surpassed the casts whose dancing skills had been proven until then.

credit: tvreport
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JYJ's Appointment as Jeju's N7W's Ambassadors On Front Page of Jeju's Local Newspaper

JYJ’s appointment as the honorary ambassadors for Jeju’s bid to become one of the New 7 Wonders of the World has made the front page of the newspaper prevalent in Jeju– Hanra Ilbo.

Idol Group JYJ is also the Honorary Ambassadors for N7W

The popular singer JYJ has been appointed as honorary ambassadors for the New 7 Wonders for Jeju. Jeju Special Self-Governing Province revealed on the 3rd that at the point in time in which the selection for the 7 Wonders has only 190 or so days left, in order to pull up the international recognition, they appointed JYJ as honorary ambassadors on the 15th of last month.

JYJ is a 3-man group consisting of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu and are the former members of TVXQ which was a popular idol group that debuted in 2004. TVXQ which had JYJ as members has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as having more than 800,000 official members (in their fan club) in 2008.

At this, attention is gathering to see whether (Jeju) can pull out a high participation in voting for Jeju by appointing JYJ as honorary ambassadors. Further, JYJ released its first album in October of last year and has formed a fandom with varied levels domestically and abroad.

The honorary ambassadors initiation ceremony is planned to be held after mutual negotiation with JYJ.

At the same time, currently the 7 Wonders of the World Selection Nationwide Commission and Jeju Island has until now appointed 35 famous domestic and foreign personalities as honorary ambassadors, including Park Jeesung, Hines Ward, Yoon Dohyun, and Kim Hyunjung.

Source: DC TVXQ Gallery, ♥빈대♥ 님
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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Korean Drama costume exhibition at Roppongi

1000 fans gathered within 5 hours, at the Korean drama costume exhibition at Roppongi/Tokyo

4th may (wed) 12pm

The "Tokimeki Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal costume exhibition" was
held at Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi from the 1st of may at Tsutaya tokyo roppongi. (Roppongi economics news)

"Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal" is a drama where Yuchun, from JYJ, and also previously from Tohoshinki, made his debut as an actor in. In Japan, the company TSUTAYA started the renting of the drama's DVDs from the 20th of April, 2011. "sung Kyun Kwan Scandal" has reached the 10th spot on the Asian Television Drama rankings there.

At the exhibition, the costumes at the four main characters wore, as well as other traditional korean costumes were exhibited, along with original stickers that were made by the staff. These stickers, along with a free drink per person, were given out at "Tokyo Sundubu"'s Roppongi Hills branch.

On the first day, 1000 people came within the 5 hours of the event, and at the peak period, there were more than a 100 fans gathering there. Some of the fans there were cosplaying as the characters, while others were taking photos with the Board that had the characters photos on them. All of them were having a great time.

This exhibition is opened from 1pm to 5pm, until the 5th of May.

Credits: YahooJapan
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Character-Idol Look-A-Likes More Similar Than 'Pororo- Yoo Jae Suk'?

A collection of pictures comparing idol stars to cartoon characters is becoming a hot topic amongst netizens.

A netizen posted pictures of idol stars and the cartoon characters they resemble under the title ‘Character-Idol look-a-likes, 100% Resemblance Challenge’.

Including many of the nation’s currently popular idol stars, the post compared Big Bang’s Daesung to Ugly Doll, Taeyang to Mashimaro, 2PM’s Jang Woo Young to the KeyBot robot, Junsu to a palace guard in ‘The Prince of Egypt’, Chansung to The Simpson’s Mr. Burns, 2NE1′s Gong Minzy to Strawberry Doll, B2ST’s Yang Yoseop to the goblin ‘DdookDdaki’, SHINee’s Minho to Vulpix, Onew to Chicken Little, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica to Cappy and TVXQ’s Changmin to Spongebob’s Squidward.

Netizens who saw this post left comments such as, ‘Woo Young really looks like a monkey’, ‘I burst out laughing when I saw the Jessica-Cappy comparison’, and ‘They all resemble the characters 100%!’.

Source: [donga]
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Set Off On A Cruise With Girls' Generation and TVXQ

The nation’s biggest cruise liner will set sail in January, 2012 where passengers will be able to enjoy performances from top Hallyu stars such as Girls’ Generation.

AllThatCruise held a ‘Korean Cruise Establishment press conference’ on the 2nd and announced its plans to create the nation’s biggest cruise liner of 74,000 tons dubbed the ‘Hallyu Star’.

The ‘Hallyu Star’ will stop at major ports in China, Japan and Korea and will present passengers with a variety of Hallyu-related cultural products as well as performances from Hallyu stars loved by Asia.

To accomplish this, AllThatCruise has signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with SM Entertainment-affiliated company SM Art Company for the provision of Hallyu performances as well as a letter of intent(LOI) with CJ CGV regarding tentative plans for an on-board cinema.

Therefore, passengers of the ‘Hallyu Star’ can expect to enjoy performances from Hallyu stars such as Girls’ Generation, BoA and TVXQ as well as Hallyu movies and dramas airing in Korea.

CEO Lee Kang Ok of AllThatCruise stated, “We will be arriving at each nation’s ports in one to two day intervals, so passengers will be able to enjoy performances from Hallyu stars as they wait to leave the cruise liner at the next stop and explore a new destination,” and “Through the 6 day package we will be providing, passengers will be able to enjoy various aspects of the Hallyu culture such as Korea’s food and traditional performances.”

It will cost approximately 190 USD per person for a day with the total 6 day package costing 1.2 million Won (approximately 1,115 USD).

CEO Lee emphasized that the package was not expensive considering what was being offered as he added, “If one takes into consideration the fact that those who purchase the 6 day package will have unlimited access to the cruise liner’s additional facilities, such as the restaurants, swimming pools and performances, one will see that it costs less to experience what the cruise liner has to offer than to pursue these activities independently in Korea.”

AllThatCruise has finally claimed ownership of ‘Hallyu Star’ after spending seven years paying back all funds, from companies such as KSF Ship Finance, Asia Trust, that was used to construct the new enterprise. It is one that AllThatCruise confidently affirms will succeed as the cruise liner industry has been growing at an average rate of 12.2% per year.

The increase in size of China’s middle class projects that the majority of users of the ‘Hallyu Star’ will be Chinese or Japanese.

With January, 2012 set as the month to launch the enterprise, AllThatCruise intends to expand the business to the Mediterranean with the addition of a 100,000 ton cruise liner in 2014.

AllThatCruise also expects to become a leading cruise liner company of the world by launching a total of four 150,000 ton cruise liners between 2016 and 2020 in order to expand routes to Europe, North American and the Middle East.

Source: [ebn news]
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Tohoshinki Releases New Single "I Don't Know" On May 11th - Limited Distribution

Tohoshinki’s new single “I Don’t Know” to be released on May 11th.
Limited distribution release! On May 11th Tohoshinki’s new single “I Don’t Know” (Japanese song) will be simultaneously released on all websites that will deliver.
In addition, Mu-mo and Rekuchyoku will include an “original standby picture”, available in 8 different versions, in their limited distribution period!

Source: toho-jp
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New KBS Idol Singer Reality Show

Following the success of the reality show “I’m A Singer” featuring singers that are mainly known for their vocals and staying power in the music industry comes a new KBS show!

It will be called “Immortal Song 2″, following “Immortal Song” which aired in 2007-2009. The first season involved renowned Korean artists to teach various entertainers how to sing their top hit songs. This upcoming season will follow a similar concept involving all idol stars. Basically, idol stars will sing the songs of veteran singers and then be judged by the original, legendary singers themselves. Every week, viewers will be able to see if these idol stars improve or not. The difference between “Immortal Song 2″ and “I’m A Singer” will be that participants will not be eliminated.

Three main factors the show will aim to follow is to first, focus mainly on singing and no other entertaining talents. Second, the stars will not be allowed to imitate the original singers, but must sing each song in their own way. Lastly, the vibe of the show won’t be stressful so the contestants must have fun and not let the competition get to them and bring them down.

The final list of featured stars was released on May 4th through the producer Kwon Jae-yong’s twitter account. TVXQ’s Changmin, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Beast’s Yoseop, miss A’s Min, Super Junior’s Yesung, and solo artist IU will participate with a song by Shim Soo-bong. Originally, SHINee’s Jong-hyun was thought to have also been one of the featured idol stars, but conflicting schedules prevented this from happening. There’s also still a possibility that 2PM’s Jun-su may be added to the lineup later.

The first recording will be shot on May 16th with the pilot episode slated to air in June.

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MBC 50th Anniversary 'New Life To Children'

Credits: TVXQtweety2
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Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

Jaejoong comforts a friend in need…
(Gun Young, 4:51am KST) I’ve felt this before but I’m feeling it again .. In the end, when I, Jung Gun Young, need and want someone by my side, no one’s there.. Damn it keke Ah well, that’s me, I guess.. I don’t need anyone~!! Do I have to get used to this? lol I don’t know, darn it
(Jaejoong, 12:39pm KST) @zerotic0124 Be strong..!

While Junsu craves to cuddle his kitties♥
(Junsu, 6:37pm KST) Babies, I miss you so much ㅠ

(Junsu, 6:37pm KST) My Bakira too, aw ㅠ

(Junsu, 6:38pm KST) My gentle Leo♥

(T/N: Just a little fun fact – When Korean people are talking of people/pets in an endearing way, they usually don’t say ‘my’, they always use the plural ‘our’.)

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Other's Twitter]
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JYJ Kim Junsu sells out "Mozart!" once again!

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ, Xiah Junsu) once again accomplished a legend in selling out tickets.

Musical “Mozart!’s” producer EMK Musical Company revealed, “the ticket for Kim Junsu’s 8 performances in “Mozart” which started today (4th) have sold out.”

The number of sold-out tickets are for a total of 13,000 seats in eight shows. Kim Junsu, when he was appearing in “Mozart!” last year, had also sold all 30,000 seats for 15 performances in Saejong Culture Hall. [Previously], the 40,000 seat musical concert starring Junsu had also sold out.

EMP Musical Company stated, “questions regarding canceled and transfer tickets are pouring in already. Please look forward to the third round of ticketing on the 25th.”

“Mozart!” is a piece made by world famous playwright Michael Kunz and composer Sylvester Levay. It received much love during its premiere [in Korea] by reinterpreting Mozart’s dynamic life in a modern way with various music such as rock and jazz.

Kim Junsu tired musicals for the first time last year with “Mozart.” Kim Junsu, who received the nickname “Xiahzart (Xiah Junsu+Mozart),” positioned himself as a musical actor with excellent singing ability and natural acting.

(Last few sentences regarding other actors and ticketing information omitted)

Source. Nate News
Translation by. withJYJ
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HoMin - Idol Chart Show

Credits: farring100
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C-JeS Staff Twitter Talks About The "Park Yoochun Effect"

Some happy news^^ I went to the advertising company today, and because the advertisement for TiO, which Yoochun-hyung is endorsing, is doing well, the people at Dong Seo Foods are really happy, and are saying that this is truly the Park Yoochun effect. From now on, I will support all Dong Seo food products endlessly^^ Thank you each and everyone for their love for TiO ^^
What’s even greater is the fact that it’s even hard to see TiO in supermarkets ^^
Looking at how TiO is doing so well in the market, it has set an unprecedented new record that the Dong Seo staff has never seen before.

(T/N: Based off earlier tweets, he said that he was part of C-Jes, working with Park Yoohwan. His twitter name has been removed because that was how it was put up by the Chinese translator)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + C-JeS Staff Twitter]
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ.
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, May 5th to 5:59am KST, May 6th.

Jae congratulates Shirota Yu^^
(Jaejoong, 3.52pm KST) Congratulations on Shirota Yu’s CD debut!

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Choikang Changmin Is The Son Of Yangpa's 3rd Year High School Teacher!

A special bond between singer Yangpa and her junior, TVXQ member Choikang Changmin has been revealed.

On 4 May, people in the music industry revealed that Yangpa’s 3rd Year High School homeroom teacher is actually Choikang Changmin’s father. Yangpa studied at Seoul’s Jungkyung High in 1997 and graduated in the following year.

Yangpa’s management company also confirmed this fact.

Yangpa’s company also expressed on that day that “This is something that Yangpa herself said. We heard that her homeroom teacher in the 3rd year of High School is Choikang Changmin’s father.” and “Till now, Yangpa still views Choikang Changmin’s father as the teacher that she most respects in her entire student life.”

Also, Yangpa will be performing in the mid-May Teacher’s day special, KBS’s “Teacher-Student Concert,” and much attention has been on whether she will be able to meet with Choikang Changmin’s father after such a long time.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star News]
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Oh Jaeyoung, of Nexen and Jaejoong's Friend, Tweets Jaejoong

Player Oh Jaeyoung is a player of Nexen and Jaejoong seems to have gone to the Nexen game today at least partly because of that. In any case, today he tweeted Jaejoong as follows–

Jaeyoung: Mr. Kim Jaejoong who paid a visit heh I am sorry to have gone/left early (after) meeting. (I hear) that you had a good time watching the baseball, thank you heh

Jaeyoung has actually tweeted about Jaejoong before– will Jaejoong ever come to the field to throw the “first ball”? These are from February—

Fan: Player Oh Jaeyoung, there won’t be an instance in which Hero Jaejoong comes to throw the first ball, right?!
Jaeyoung: Hehe I asked him but he said that he’s embarrassed to Hehe
Fan: Why is he embarrassed! Hehe I think it will be really awesome if after he throws the first ball he does a high five, bam, with Player Jaeyoung!
Jaeyoung: He’s under the impression that only girls throw the first ball (in games). I plan to ask him later once more later heh

Source: @Jaeyoung15
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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Hot Tracks DVD Ranking

#1 Junsu’s Musical Concert
#2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal

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JYJ, Boyband With High Income

The 3 South Korea member-ed male group JYJ is stamped as one of boybands with high income. Each member has luxurious villa and cars. They also don’t hesitate to spend money in charity.

The boyband with members namely Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu each has a luxurious villa of more than IDR 23 billion in value (around USD 2.6 million). They also own more than one exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati.

The high income JYJ has particularly due to the freedom of pursuing career that is given by their current agency CJeS Entertainment. The members are allowed to do any entertainment activities that fit their talent and desires. CJeS Entertainment lets the three members to choose any of the activities they like aside from singing, such as acting, musical, and modeling.

JYJ also doesn’t lack when it comes to charity. They often spare the net income from the group’s concert ticket sales to be donated to international humanity organization. Just before JYJ donated IDR 5 billion (around USD 600,000) to the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Furthermore, eventhough the group is in the peak of their popularity, they’re known as artists with amusing personality. One of the staff from ‘JYJ World Tour Concert 2011′ said, “They treated all staffs nicely. We feel like we’re part of a family, that makes me curious whether other artists also have the same attitude. They delivered meal and drinks for us when we’re busy working, and even paid the bills when we’re dining out together.” as reported by TV Daily on May 6th.

The activities of JYJ members recently involve various departments such as singing, acting, musical, and also stage production director.

credit: Detik Hot (Indonesia online media)
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JYJ's interview for Kureasuta Magazine

Special interview of JYJ

Q: You guys must have gone through a lot of emotional traumas, when do you feel was the hardest to get by?

JJ: The times after we filed the lawsuit was the hardest actually. At that time, we thought about it a lot: what is going to happen, what should we do. There were a lot of problems to be solved: law issues, capital issues, it was really complicated. Now I feel much more peaceful already, and we already have a new management company.

Q: If you were not very determined, you wouldn't have taken actions to leave the previous management company.

JS: We were already prepared that we will not be able to sing anymore once we left SM, but really, a lot of miracles happened. Of course, we all worked hard too. I feel that we were not abandoned, and that feeling gave me a lot of hope.

Q: You used the word 'miracles'. Does it have any special meaning during that period of time?

JS: I think that to have people giving us unconditional support and love , this is already a miracle. The musical 'Mozart' was very popular, tickets were sold out quickly. Jaejoong's acting in the japanese drama was also very popular, and Yoochun recieved lots of praises for his acting in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal. These are all miracles, we really recieved a lot of love.

Q: Yoochun is the last member to start his solo activities, did you feel stressed because the other two members have already recieved a lot of attention?

YC: Yes, just before Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal was broadcasted, Jaejoong's japanese drama caused a commotion and Junsu's musical recieved a lot of attention. Because I'm the last one out of the three of us, truthfully, it was really stressful. Fortunately, the response was great, I am very happy. (The other members were surprised when Yoochun said 'fortunately'. At first when the management company problem was mentioned the mood was dull, but went up at this moment. We started laughing)

JJ: When Yoochun looked at his own performance he was very satisfied about it. (laughs)

JS: Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal's Lee Seon Jun was really cool, I kept thinking "that isn't the Yoochun I knew!" (laughs)

Q: Now you guys have ended your individual activities and started on JYJ's group activities. Please tell us your thoughts (on the start of JYJ's group activities).

JS: I am very thankful for the fact that we are able to release this album. It also became a very meaningful album because of the participation of many world renowned musicians in the production. I was very surprised that Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins were able to participate in this. Also because all the members joined in the production right from the start hence we felt a strong sense of belonging.

Q: 'The Beginning' was awarded good results of being number 5 in the billboard's readers choice of 'Top 10 best album of the year'.

JS: I feel that this is the result of having the chance to work with outstanding producers. This is also like a miracle. Of course, we gave our best because there were such famous producers working with us. (laughs)

Q: You guys recieved an unexpected overwhelming response during the showcase held at America and Asia. What are your thoughts on it?

JS: I am really thankful to be able to stand on stage once again as a singer. I am very grateful even towards all the small things. At America 7000 fans came to watch our showcase, I was very touched and happy. It is really unbelievable that it is possible for so many people to come to our showcase in America.

Q: A lot of things must have happened before you guys could return on stage as singers.

JJ: Yes, a tree that originally can be fallen in 10 times, may not be possible even with 100 or 200 tries now, it's this kind of feeling.

Q: There are still a lot of problems to be solved, please tell us in the future, how are you guys going to face these problems?

JJ: There are still some small issues left. Of course for the sake of us being able to mature as singers there are still a lot of problems we have to solve. We hope that it is possible for us to perform on TV as soon as possible even though it is very difficult to. There are also many small hidden problems but we feel that we should depend on our own strengths to settle them. Truthfully, there are times I feel hopeless. It is those things that seem insignificant that actually are difficult for us. But it is fortunate that we still have the chance to solve these problems. Our goal is to give our very best.

Q: From your point of view, did this incident become a priceless life experience for you?

JS: Even though sometimes I feel dejected, because although we are Korean singers but we are unable to conduct activities in Korea, but I also learned a lot. The situation now is that we must solve one problem before we can go on to settling another one. There are also times I feel really tired but every time we have our fan's love and support. I now know that every situation has its way out of it. Now I hope to reach out to our fans by using various means, and we are also determined to give our best performance to every chance that is given to us.

Q: What are your greatest goals or wish?

YC: The freedom to participate in activities! In the past when we were able to stand on stage this problem has never occurred to us, but it is different now. The situation now makes us feel troubled, but on the other hand people are supporting us even more. Up till now we all are really working hard, and working hard like that really makes us stronger. In the future we will also do our best, and nothing can bring us down.

Kureasuta is a magazine on pop music in Asia, and there is a 20 page section on JYJ in the 3rd issue of the magazine in 2011, of which the above is the interview with them.

Source: Hey!JJ
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Tohoshinki's First Album After Restarting Activities Released!

(Original Title : Tohoshinki’s First Album After Restarting Activities Released! First Press Limited Edition Contains 16 Minute Drama PV)

Yunho and Changmin, who restarted activities as a 2-member Tohoshinki, delayed the release of their first album after their comeback, “Why (Keep Your Head Down) Japan version, due to the effect of the Tohoku Earthquake, and finally released it on 4 May, with the approximately 16-minute long drama PV version of “Why?(Keep Your Head Down) included.

This new album was released for sale in Korea in January, and became a hot topic when it dominated the top spots of various charts. 3 versions of the bonus track “Before You Go” have been added to this album, making a total of 14 tracks and consists of CD and DVD. The CD includes “Why?(Keep Your Head Down),” the theme song of Fuji TV drama “Beautiful Neighbour” which aired from January to March, and other songs.

In the first press limited edition DVD, aside from the drama PV, also includes the jacket shoot and making of videos, and is priced at ¥5,500. The normal DVD version has 2 dance versions of “Why?(Keep Your Head Down)” included, and is priced at ¥3,990.

Also, Tohoshinki’s new song “I Don’t Know” is scheduled for distribution on ChakuUta (Mobile download) starting 11 May.

Source : [Mantan Web]
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Park Yoochun As The Best Swindler? A Unique Survey That Makes Stars Laughing

JYJ Park Yoochun (25) with outstanding musical talent and handsome look has become one of the most popular singers in Asia. Last year he challenged acting department through drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ as role Lee Seon jun, which ran smoothly and earned praises from audiences.

At the survey held by DC Inside in last February, Park Yoochun was chosen as ‘the male celebrity whose real-life character is too amazing that he’s supposed to be a swindler‘ (T/N: one that is too good to be true that seems that he’s a liar). Out of 27,546 votes, Park Yoochun gained 8,165 votes (29.6%) for his perfectness that involve composition skill, ability to speak 3 languages, and extraordinarily fashion sense, thus placed him rightfully in the first place.

Meanwhile in other category, Kim Tae-hee (31) was chosen as ‘The star whom people want to live as even for 8 minutes’, while couple Se7en and Park Han-byul was crowned as ‘star couple that is most likely to goal marriage’.


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Yunho - Kiss & Cry Preview

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JYJ - Worldwide Concert Tour in Beijing

Fallen Leaves

Credits: skyjyj
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In Heaven

Unname Song Part 1

Empty Remix

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Yunho - All That Skate

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JYJ Daily Tweet Posts

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ.
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, May 8th to 5:59am KST, May 9th.

It may be Mother’s Day in the rest of the world, but it’s Parents’ Day in Korea!

(Jaejoong, 7:07pm KST) To all our Chinese fans, I had so much fun. Today is Parents’ Day so be a good son or daughter to your parents!

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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C-Jes's notice on "JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan, Korea"

[JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan, Korea]
Awaited JYJ’s World Tour in Busan schedule is finally confirmed.

I am so pleased to let you know the information.

Date: June 11(SAT.) and 12(SUN.) 2011 at 7 PM

Venue: Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan

Official ticketing website is to be notified soon.

Thank you

Cjes Entertainment


For more information about the venue:

Source. C-Jes, Busan Sports Facilities
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Junsu’s at home and OMFG IS THAT XIAHKI I SEE???

(Junsu, 2:23pm KST) Though I’m a day late, I’ve come to the main house to see my parents for Parents’ Day^^ I guess Spring has really come now that I see the flowers blooming in the garden~~^^ I fed the carp!! I was surprised at how many babies they’ve had, woah!!

(Junho, 2:32pm KST)@0101xiahtic I see that a lot of flowers have bloomed?? I want to visit too ᅮᅮ

(Junsu, 2:34pm KST) @iamzunoya It would have nice if you could have come with me~~ ᅲ The garden’s gotten prettier

(Junho, 2:34pm KST) @0101xiahtic Xiahki looks cleaner for some reason?? How was it, giving Xiahki a bath for the first time in a while??^^

(Junsu, 2:58pm KST) @iamzunoya I can’t give him a bath right now because it’s drizzling ᅲ

(Junsu, 2:27pm KST) Reuniting with Xiahki for the first time in a while ᅲ I missed you, Xiahki~~~♥

(Junsu, 2:32pm KST) Hello~

Source: [Junsu+Other's Twitter]
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Kim Yuna's "Stars of A New Challenge"... With Yunho, IU, Lee Gyu Hyuk & Others

Kim Yuna introduced the performers in the ice show, SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry.”

On 8 May, at Seoul’s Jamshil Indoor Stadium, Kim Yuna directly introduced the performers in her own ice show, a “start of a new challenge” in “Kiss and Cry.” The members were dressed in fabulous outfits, and made a luxurious entrance together with Kim Yuna, officially kicking off the challenge.

With Kim Yuna challenging the role of MC, and becoming a hot topic, “Kiss and Cry” is a show about 10 stars and 10 skaters, coupled together and showing their skill in skating. The best team of challengers will participate in Kim Yuna’s ice show which will be held in August.

“Kiss and Cry” participants include Yunho, Kim Byung Man, IU, Lee Ah Hyung, Lee Gyu Hyuk, Krystal and other top stars.

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Taeyeon and Junsu are most fit to be mentors on MBC's "Star Audition"

MBC's "Star Audition: The Great Birth" has been quite popular, especially with the number of contestants getting narrowed down on each episode and the finale coming up soon.

From April 26 to May 2, Bugs, a music portal site, conducted a survey and asked 5,529 people, "Which idol has the most potential to become a mentor on 'The Great Birth?'"

SNSD's Taeyeon came in first with 2,487 votes, which was an incredible 45% of the total votes. Fans said that Taeyeon's voice and vocal abilities are indisputable and she would make a good mentor because she's been able to lead the nine members of SNSD.

JYJ's Junsu came in second with 41% of the votes (2,261 votes). He was cited by vocal trainers as being an artist with the most impressive vocal abilities. Netizens said, "There are no idols who can catch up with Junsu's vocal talents," and stated that he can sing well live while dancing at the same time.

2AM's Changmin reached third place with 6% of the votes (282 people). Other artists who received votes include IU and BEAST's Yoseob.

Source: Joy News
Credits: Koreaboo
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Yunho on Nylon TV

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HoMin - I Don't Know

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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Mutual encouragement at 7am in the morning (ーー;)

(Jaejoong, 6:44am KST) Morning has come, shall I be strong..!

(Shirota, 6.48am KST) @mjjeje Fighting Fighting (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

(Jaejoong, 7.13am KST) @U_and_YOU Work Hard (T_T)

What’s this dood been up to? O__O

(Young Bum, 6:50am KST) @mjjeje Hwaiting!! Deal? ^.^

(Jaejoong, 7:16am KST) @bums1313 What’s this, hyung. Are you just getting in to bed now?

Junsu tried… he really did but Hoki just… didn’t want to comply XD

(Junsu, 1:32pm KST) Hoki~~ Woof Woof!!

(Junsu, 1:38pm KST) @iamzunoya Hyung, sorry about posting Hoki’s picture so late haha When I try to take a picture of Xiahki, he stays still but Hoki wouldn’t stay still so my photos came out blurry. All of them..

Cute kitties♥
(Jaejoong, 6:28pm KST) This is so cute

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others' Twitter]
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SM Entertainment confirms one more concert for "SM Town Live in Paris"

The efforts of European fans have finally paid off, as SM Entertainment revealed that they will indeed be adding one more concert date for “SM Town Live in Paris“.

“SM Town Live in Paris” will be held for two days at the Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th and 11th. The decision was largely influenced by the fact that the first concert sold out within 15 minutes. As previously reported, 300 upset fans took to the streets of Paris for a flash mob event that caught the attention of Korean media outlets.

SM Entertainment’s representatives stated, “TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, and other artists who represent SM’s global power will be performing in Paris. Through the concerts, we hope to help foster the K-Pop wave in Europe.”

Tickets for this second concert will go on sale starting May 16th through Live Nation and FNAC Spectacles.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Credits: Allkpop
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JYJ's Jaejoong to direct gymnast Son Yeon Jae's first gala

After pulling off phenomenal shows for the “JYJ World Tour 2011“, Jaejoong was approached to become the stage director for gymnast Son Yeon Jae’s first gala!

Many of Korea’s top experts in the music industry have come together for the “LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011“, which will be held on June 11th and 12th at Korea University.

As the gala’s director, Jaejoong will be overseeing the music choice, arrangement, stage effects, choreography, and even wardrobe selection.

Representatives commented, “We felt that Kim Jaejoong would be able to maximize the dynamics of a gymnastics gala show, which is why he will be joining the directing team. He is currently preparing many things to make sure that Son Yeon Jae will be able to do her best amidst other world renowned athletes.”

Singer Tei will also be performing a duet at the event. IB Sports commented, “In order to expand rhythmic gymnastics, we’ve brought in professionals from all different areas. We hope to create a fun and exciting atmosphere that’s akin to an idol concert, which will combine the thrill of sports and the luxury of performances like ballet.”

Source: OSEN via Nate
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Junsu - Mozart Rehearsal

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Credits: loma1033
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HoMin - Sky Perfect TV Teaser

Credit: MaeZyoon
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JYJ- Summer Nii

Credits: gmarketjapan
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JYJ's Kim Junsu - Photos Of House Revealed , "Can We Go Over To Play?"

JYJ Member Kim Junsu revealed the conditions within his house via twitter, creating a buzz.

On 9 May, Kim Junsu updated his twitter, saying “It’s a day late for Parent’s day, but I have come to see my parents,” and visited his parent’s home.

The images that were taken that day showed the lotus pond where their carp were kept, and the courtyard where he played with his beloved pooch, the scenic view of Rhododendrons in full bloom, and the veranda of his own house.

To top that off, the photo that garnered the most interest among all images taken by Kim Junsu was that of something that is not found in most homes – a bar which has a great atmosphere. This would probably be the bar the Kim Junsu often frequents with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong.

After netizens saw the photos that Kim Junsu had uploaded that day, they said, “Is this a house, or the botanical gardens?” “Junsu is a prince and his house is a palace,” “Did he spend all his money on renovations,” expressing curiosity over every corner of Junsu’s house.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TVdaily]
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U-Know Yunho Sees 'Tall-dols' X-5 And Says, "I Thought We Were The Tallest..."

Rookie group X-5′s superior bodies have surprised even TVXQ.

X-5, who made an extravagant debut with their title song ‘Don’t Put On a Show’, are ‘Tall-dols’ who boast an average height of 186cm. They have made their mark in the eyes of the public with choreography that accentuates their long arms and legs as well as their explosive stage presence.

After wrapping up their first broadcast performance on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’ on the 29th, X-5 met with reporters recently and said, “Because we’ve been constantly hearing about what broadcasting companies are like, it didn’t feel like something new to us. We just thought, ‘So this is what a broadcasting company is like.’”

Members continued on to talk about their first encounter with U-Know Yunho. U-Know Yunho at 184cm and Choikang Changmin at 186cm said to the X-5 members, “I though we were the tallest but I guess a group taller than us has finally come.”

The members of X-5 added, “We’ve been working hard to bow to our seniors whenever we get the chance because we want to leave them with a good impression of us,” and “It’s so great to be able to meet seniors who we saw on TV and wished to meet. We could feel their aura.

Source: [tv daily]
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Daily Post Of JYJ Tweets

We’ve got ourselves a Yoosu fanboy~♥

(Jaejoong, 7:22pm KST) Jajangmyun (T/N: Noodles with black-bean sauce) eaten by Xiahzart is Jjazart! (T/N: Jaejoong’s playing around with words. When Korean people say ‘jajangmyun’, we stress the first ‘ja’ so it sounds like ‘jja’)

(Jaejoong, 7:26pm KST) No matter how much I look at him, I can’t ignore how handsome he is~ >__<

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Yunho Hugs A Fan In The Street, "She's So Lucky...Did She Save The Country In Her Former Life?"

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has given his fans some unforgettable fan service.

In ’2011 Give Children a New Life’, which was aired on the 5th on MBC, U-Know Yunho was seen hugging a fan in the street and giving others winks.

Honoring Children’s Day on May 5th, the ‘Give Children a New Life’ program was aired, aiming to help nurture the dreams and courage of children fighting rare diseases such as cancer and leukemia.

TVXQ sold ‘Potted Plants of Hope’ in front of a department store in Gangnam with Park Gyeong Lim and provided fan service to lucky fans who bought potted plants with stickers on them that said things such as, ‘Hug U-Know Yunho or Choikang Changmin’, ‘Receive a wink’, and ‘Take a Polaroid picture with them.’

On this day, U-Know Yunho pulled on the heartstrings of all women present when he gave cute winks to the lucky fans, who seemed shy at first, and ran over to give them hugs.

Netizens who saw the show said, “I’m so jealous. I should have gone”, “This is a great program since the proceeds are going to a great cause,” and “U-Know Yunho is so cool.”

Source: [newsen]
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U-Know Yunho vs Jokwon vs IU, Same Clothes, Different Style

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, 2AM’s Jokwon and IU have worn the same t-shirt.

The clothing apparel worn by the three idol stars is casual brand HUM’s Moving Face Character t-shirt and each idol has become a hot topic for taking the t-shirt and putting his or her own flare to it.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two o’clock Escape, Cultwo Show’ and matched the white t-shirt, with a red character printed on it, with a pastel toned jacket to show off his stylish and sophisticated fashion sense.

On the other hand, Jokwon wore the same shirt in the MBC sitcom ‘All My Love’ but matched it with a striped cardigan to represent his bubbly and unique personality.

IU completed a natural look at the VIP preview screening of the movie ‘My Black Minidress’ by matching the t-shirt with demin shorts. Her look was light and bubbly as she wore a black and white striped version of the shirt with a yellow character print.

Source: [bnt news]
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Immortal Music Classics 2, Why Isn't Xiah Junsu On The Show?

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has already been recognized countless times as the most vocally talented idol in the industry. He has made his mark, not only during Kpop performances, but also through musicals, selling out tens of thousands of tickets, winning the Best Newcomer Award at both The Musical Awards and The Korean Musical Awards and being praised as talented enough to perform in Broadway. He is an outstanding individual whose talent would be wasted to be considered a mere idol who sings hair-raising lyrics such as “I want to be your bed for one day.”

I will not mention the TVXQ split that everyone knows about. Due to it, JYJ’s TV appearances have become a rare sight. Though JYJ member Park Yoochun is appearing in a drama, his work is with an outsourcing company and the recent controversy of his Come To Play and On A Roll appearance cancellations frustrate even those who are not fans, such as myself.

Did they even ask him?
In a way, Kim Junsu, who has been topping surveys on idols’ vocal talents by a wide margin, is a singer most apt and needed for Immortal Music Classics 2, a show with a theme of ‘Shedding new light on idols and classics’. Though it is true that broadcasting companies may be hesitant in recruiting an individual who is at the center of a deep controversy, Kim Junsu is sure to bring more good than harm. He is perfect for promotional marketing at the beginning of the program, the show would get the support of JYJ’s powerful fandom and judging by his talents, he will improve the overall quality of the show.

Of course, it would be understood if he had to decline due to circumstances such as his schedule, but I’d like to know if the broadcasting company even tried to ask him. Could it be that Kim Junsu was denied even a simple request to appear due to the unfair influence of one of Korea’s largest entertainment agencies?

A superstar who can’t even appear on music programs
Just like how YG singers don’t appear on Music Bank, the day when JYJ appear on music programs may be the day that SM singers stop appearing on the same shows. I feel as though JYJ’s performance during the KBS Acting Awards will be the first and last time we see JYJ singing on TV. The fact that JYJ, stars receiving ‘tremendous’ love from all over the world by selling 300,000 albums in one day, holding tours over many countries and attracting 70,000 spectators to the Jamshil Stadium, are unable to appear on music programs that basically anyone with a voice can appear on is quite strange.

Unjust practices must disappear
Similarities can be found between the broadcasting industry, in which success lies in and is altered by the influence of major entertainment companies, and the authority structure of Korea’s enterprise. Both have given birth to a malicious cycle in which the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer, with middle standing enterprise disappearing under the tyranny of major corporations and small business having to accept the same tyranny in order to survive. We cannot say this problem is only found in JYJ’s case. If we continue to let the Kpop industry be ruled by a handful of major entertainment agencies, not only will the weak and minority continue to suffer, but the worst-case scenario will hit with the Kpop market losing variety and depth in music content and become a place ruled by shabby, trendy music.

Broadcasting companies need to take a firm stance
If we want to rid the industry of such unjust practices, the broadcasting companies can no longer sit in silence and watch. On the popular SBS drama ‘On Air’, CEO Jin Sang Woo, of the nation’s top entertainment agency SW Entertainment, demands that the script of a drama be changed to give his agency’s actor more scenes six episodes into the drama and when his demands aren’t met, he pulls the actor out of the production completely. The director of the broadcasting company takes a strong stance by banning all SW related persons, actors, singers, managers and coordinators, from appearing on the channel and manages to get the actor to return to the show.

Of course, I am not saying that broadcasting companies should create an uproar like that in the drama. The problem with broadcasting companies is that they refuse to take a firm stance on the issue, and merely choose to sit in silence. Regardless of whether they are for or against JYJ’s plight, broadcasting companies much take a firm stance on whichever side if we wish to rid the industry of these unjust practices.

They don’t even try to hide it. It may be that in 2011, people are still partaking in heinous acts as they did in the past of beheading rebels and hanging the decapitated head on the turret of the castle to say, “If you go against us, you’re dead.” Let’s not act this way. Let’s refrain from acting so crass.

Source: [mediaus]
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HoMin - KBS Open Concert

Credits: capricouknow
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Junsu Nominated For Best Actor in the Musical Awards (Tears of Heaven)


Credits: Xiah-sshi Forums
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SNSD, TVXQ,CNBLUE & 4Minute perform at KBS's "INPUT 2011 Seoul"

On May 11th, stars performed at the congratulatory music concert for KBS’s “INPUT 2011 Seoul“.

The conference is a four-day long event that brings together representatives from around the world for discussions ranging from public television and the 21st century, to 3D-TV and the future of broadcast television.

The concert was broadcasted live on the same day, and boasted a line-up of Insooni, TVXQ, SNSD, 4minute, CNBLUE, Kim Tae Woo, Lim Tae Kyung, Song Sohee and many others.

Check out some of the performances below!

Why? (Keep Your Head Down)

Before U Go

Video Credits:DBSKgirl1994
Credits: Allkpop
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Musical Mozart CF

Shared by: DBSKnights

Kim Junsu- Jo Jung Eun Chosen As The 5th The Musical Awards Honorary Ambassadors

The 5th [The Music Awards], which will be held by the Korean Musical Association, Joongang Daily and jTBC on June 7th at the Sejong Arts Center, has chosen musical actors Kim Junsu and Jo Jung Eun as its honorary ambassadors.
Kim Junsu became a rising star in the musical industry, winning the Best Newcomer of the Year award last year at [The Musical Awards], and Jo Jung Eun has been in the center of the spotlight for showcasing a more mature and deeper style of acting after studying abroad in the UK.

Kim Junsu, who won the Best Male Newcomer Award for his first acting role in the musical [Mozart!], wowed audience members when he appeared on [Tears of Heaven], the hottest musical of the first half of 2011 with its Broadway staff and top-notch actors from Korea and abroad. Selling out all his performances and showing off his ticket power once again, Kim Junsu has shown a strong determination and desire to continue his career in the musical industry.


The Musical Awards began in 2007 and has grown along with the musical industry itself. Coming to its fifth year of existence, the awards ceremony is set to be a festival of celebration for representatives of the industry and audience members. An introduction from the honorary ambassadors, a list of nominees as well as further details for the awards ceremony will be revealed through an official press conference on May 12th.

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Tohoshinki Dances With Silver Bear In Their First CF After Comeback

Popular Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki attended a press conference for their appearance in the first TV CM after restarting their activities.

Tohoshinki will be working with the 7 & i Group on their summer campaign. In the promotional CM for Sogo-Seibu’s “Silver Bear’s Silver Card,” Tohoshinki dances together with the mascot character, the Silver bear, to their new song “I Don’t Know.”

As the Silver bear was digitally added using CG, Yunho said sadly, “I wanted to meet the bear but it was added using CG…” then looked at the Silver bear which was placed at a side, asking it “Have you been well?” and creating a lot of laughter. Also, with regards to the dance choreography for the new song, Changmin revealed, “Honestly speaking, we only did 15 seconds of the dance for the CM,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing what the whole thing will look like, so let’s anticipate it together,” he commented.

The shooting was done together with both Japanese and Korean staff. Yunho said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve worked with the Japanese staff so I was nervous, but we managed to settle in quickly, and did the shoot with a good feeling,” thinking back to the photoshoot. Changmin said, “I was interpreting (for the staff),” and talked about the episodes.

After both men had viewed the complete CM, Yunho praised the Silver bear, saying “He danced better than we did.” Changmin then retorted, “It’s a pity that his arms and legs are too short,” to which Yunho replied, “But that can’t be helped” with a laugh, showing the closeness between the two.

Also, their participation in “a-nation,” the outdoor music festival organised by Avex, was announced, and Yunho commented, “I’m happy to be able to participate (in a-nation) again after two years. I want to work hard, and will not be defeated by the heat,” and Changmin said, “a-nation is a big summer event, and we are able to participate in it again after two years, so I want to show a passionate stage,” with determination. With regards to the Tohoku Earthquake, Changmin said, “(The victims) must have suffered a lot. I want to tell them, let us work hard together to overcome this (disaster)”

The new CM will start airing on 13 May. The song that was used in the CM, “I Don’t Know,” is being released as a limited edition single. Also, during the campaign period, “Tohoshinki Reccommended Gifts” (Mid-year Presents) will also be introduced via 7-Eleven, Ito Yokado, 7net shopping and other stores.

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Junsu nominated for the best actor award at the 5th "Musical Awards"

On May 12th, JYJ’s Junsu attended the press conference for the 5th “Musical Awards“, and revealed that he felt honored to be the ambassador for the event.

Junsu stated, “I’m very glad and honored to be selected as an honorary ambassador. To allow me to spread awareness of musicals is a great gift in itself, and I’m happy to be of help.”

He continued, “Moreover, I’ve only done two musicals so far, but was still given such an honorable duty. I will make sure to do my best in raising awareness of Korean musicals throughout the world.”

Junsu was nominated for the ‘male rookie award’ for “Mozart!” last year, and has been nominated once again this year thanks to “Tears of Heaven“. This time, however, he’s up for the ‘best actor award’. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to attend the event, as he revealed, “I have a charity concert in Japan on the day of the ceremony, so I will not be able to attend.”

The Musical Awards will open on June 7th at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets


(Jaejoong, 7:24am KST) Hwaiting today, as any other day..!

omg… I can’t… I just…. THIS IS SO ADORABLE

(Young Bum, 2:19am KST, RT by Jaejoong) JiJi likes plastic bags~~ I called him over and he dived into the bag~~~ He’s shy~ lol Kyah~~~ He’s so cute!! ^♥^

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Bigeast Mail: "A-Nation 10th Anniversary For Life Change & Go!" Appearance Decided!

Good afternoon to everyone at Bigeast.

We would like to express our sympathies for those who have been affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. We hope that the affected areas will be able to recover as soon as possible.

Tohoshinki’s performance in the “A-Nation 10th Anniversary for Life Chage & Go!” has been decided!

Starting with the Fukuoka performance on 6 August, followed by 13 August in Nagoya, 20-21August in Osaka, to the 27-28 August performance in Tokyo, they will be participating in a total of 6 concerts.

【Tohoshinki 「a-nation for Life」Performance Dates】

6 August 2011 (Sat) Fukuoka : Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
13 August 2011 (Sat) Aichi : Port Messe Nagoya (Special Outdoor Venue)
20-21 August 2011 (Sat-Sun) Osaka : Nagai Stadium
27-28 August 2011 (Sat-Sun) Tokyo : Ajinomoto Stadium

☆ Special TVCM Appearance Decided!
Starting from today, the Sogo-Seibu “Silver Bear Silver Card – Tohoshinki Edition TVCM” will be aired. Please enjoy it!

Also, distribution for the tie-up song “I Don’t Know” on ChakuUta® started on 11 May! Exclusive premiums for mu-mo and Recochoku, “Tohoshinki Original Standby Images” will be distributed as well. Please remember to download it.

☆ “Why(Keep Your Head Down)” (Japan Press) Original Goods On Sale Now!
Mu-mo shop exclusives – Clear files, Ring notebooks, Desktop calendars and more♪ Please make use of this chance to purchase them.

mu-mo shop:

(Ticketing Details Omitted)

(T/N: This translator is not responsible for the spelling fail of Bigeast / Avex. “Chage & Go” was what was written in the mail. )

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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

If I was in Japan, they’d all be in my house

(Jaejoong, 4:04pm KST) Oh right.. I wonder if the photos of the members that we hid here and there in Japan have been found..

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HoMin - Silver Bell CF

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HoMin - I Don't Know Teaser

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Junsu - That Man (Audio)

This was originally sung by Baek Ji Young for the drama, 'Secret Garden.' The drama and its lead, Hyun Bin became so popular and Hyun Bin also released his own version. And now our Junsu!

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HoMin - KBS Entertainment Relay

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Junsu - This Is The Moment (Audio)

Isn't he amazing? ;__;

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Who Is The Domestic Writer Who Collected The Most Royalties In The First Quarter Of The Year?

‘Who is the domestic writer who collected the most royalties in the first quarter of the year?’

It was found to be Professor Kim Nando, writer of the best-selling book ‘It’s Youth Because It Hurts’, full of support for the youth in their 20s.

With the help of Yes24, we estimated the income of domestic writers, focusing on books newly released between January and April of this year. Publishers usually provide writers with ‘royalties’, the amount depending on how many copies of the book are sold, and writers are usually given 10% of all profits. Though the percentage changes depending on the writer’s popularity and the amount of participation the writer puts into the work, it has been found that writers are given an average of 10%. The sales numbers we have used to calculate the estimated income are numbers given to us by the publishing companies.


The book with the second highest income was JYJ’s ‘Their Rooms, Our Story (Yaedam/27,000KRW)’. According to the publisher, the book has sold 150,000 copies since its release in January and this estimates to royalties of 400 million Won. When it was released, the book was met with popularity so explosive that the publisher said, ‘We haven’t met a situation so unusual and surprising like this in the publishing industry since the release of Harry Potter.‘


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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Bless the joy that singing brings to these kids♥

(Junsu, 1:48am KST) I think singing is something that has no answer~ It just depends on what I’m feeling that day.. and on what perspective I have.. That must be why music. .and singing have no such thing as ’100 points’ (T/N: a perfect score)^^ All that matters is whether there was any sincerity within it.. If all of you were able to feel the emotion that I felt, an emotion that is solely mine.. then we have understood each other~

Are we in for some late-night bonding? Or is the cat lady already snoozing…
(Jaejoong, 2:52am KST) @0101xiahtic Junsu, I must have understood you too ^_^

Obviously the cat lady’s asleep so JJ’s finding solace in an egg… or is he?

(John, 3:14am KST) @mjjeje I want to be on the same page as you… Let’s connect to each other! kekeke TongTongGuri (T/N: Word play, Mr. Egg is trying to make a joke, I believe you use to describe something cute and pudgy but in his case, he was using the way the word sounds)

(Jaejoong, 3:16am KST) @elbowyeish TongTongGuri is way too unfunny..

(John, 3:19am KST) @mjjeje Oh, oh… Sorry… I’ll stop now.. ㅠㅠ We don’t “connect” with each other… we “vomit” (T/N: Wordplay again. He’s using the similar spelling of 통 and 토 to joke and say that Jaejoong dislike’s John’s presence)…ㅠㅠ Sorry…. My goodness… I shouldn’t act like this

(Jaejoong, 3:42am KST) @elbowyeish Anyway, I want to hurry up and get to the US and eat kimchi jjigae ^^

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JYJ To Perform at Park Ji Sung's Charity Soccer Match in Vietnam

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have been chosen to perform a celebratory number at the 1st Asian Dream Cup.

The JS Foundation, created by the England Premier League’s Manchester United member Park Ji Sung, will be holding the 1st Asian Dream Cup in Vietnam on June 15th and has invited JYJ to be the half-time singers and actress Han Hae Jin to be the festival lady.

Currently participating in the ‘JYJ World Tour Concert 2011′, JYJ member Kim Junsu’s love for soccer is well-known, with the singer even becoming the captain of the celebrity soccer team FC MEN. Not only will JYJ perform during half-time, but they also plan to increase their participation in the Asian Dream Cup by taking part in the ‘Vietnamese Children’s Soccer Clinic’.

Han Hae Jin, who wowed viewers with her role in KBS 2TV’s ‘Thorn Tree Bird’, has been chosen to be the festival lady of the Asian Dream Cup. She will participate in all major events and act as the face of the Asian Dream Cup.

‘Park Ji Sung&Friends’ and the Vietnamese All Star team will go head to head in the Asian Dream Cup and confirmed players include Park Ji Sung’s fellow teammate Patrice Evra, Lee Young Pyo, Jung Jo Guk, Lee Cheong Ryong, and Jung Dae Sae of the North Korean national soccer team. Recruitment of Chinese and Japanese players is said to be going smoothly and a release of additional members is coming soon.

The Asian Dream Cup will be held at the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

I’m pretty sure this is the second time he’s got the spelling of the song wrong.. and they’re off to the US today?

(Jaejoong, 11:11am KST) This morning, I feel like listening to H.O.T.’s Since You’ve Gone!

(Young Bum, 11:17am KST) @mjjeje Good morning! Do well~ Take care of your health~

(Jaejoong, 11:20am KST) @bums1313 Will do, hyung~ Keep in touch^^

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Yunho- Kiss & Cry Teaser

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Xiah Junsu Showed Off Brilliant Vocal Explosion of 'That Guy' Rendition Even with Karaoke Accompaniment

Xiah Junsu showed his shinning singing ability through his ‘That Man’ rendition with a karaoke accompaniment.

JYJ Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) is attracting a lot of attention due to his video call singing Hyun Bin’s ‘That Man’.

According to an internet broadcast on May 14th, Kim Junsu sang drama ‘Secret Garden’ OST by Hyun bin entitled ‘That Man’ with accompaniment of a karaoke machine.

Kim Junsu who was chosen as rank 1 idol with singing ability raised the feeling of the song with his sensibility skill to express the mood within the song and excellent vocal. Furthermore when it’s revealed that he actually got flu when he was singing the song, it caught everyone by even more surprises.

Fans responded the topic commenting, “People who haven’t heard this, wouldn’t know (that Junsu was having flu when was singing).”, “Though he caught cold, it still sounds great” “Definitely amazing.” “It’s touching.”

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HoMin - MBC Section TV 'Making of Shilla Duty Free CM'

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Music Walker Ranking - Artist You Want As Your Boyfriend #5 Jaejoong

1) Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel)
2) Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)
3) Fukuyama Masaharu
4) Yamashita Tomoshia (NEWS)
5) Jejung (JYJ)


☆ Everything about him is great? (He is the) the first “ideal boyfriend” I have met in my life.

☆ Because he looks like he will do everything for his girlfriend with great care.

6) TAKUYA∞ (UVERworld)
7) Takahiro (EXILE)
8.) Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
9) Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
10) Tachibana Keita (w-inds)

[T/N This is a popularity ranking]

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JaeSu - LAX Airport

Credits: killingloneliness22
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MBC's "Ripley" unveils official drama posters

On May 16th, MBC revealed the official main poster for their upcoming drama, “Ripley“.

The mysterious poster is an expression of the hypocritical nature of the modern individual. The four leading roles are snapped amongst a masked crowd for a still-cut that looks as if time has stopped. Seeing as how they don’t fit in with their surroundings, their confidence shines brilliantly through the lens.

The drama begins airing on May 30th.

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JYJ's '2011 World Tour' video greeting to fans!

In the video, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu greet their fans, give the North American locations of their performances, and talk about their feelings on touring the continent.

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A writer's account after attending the press conference with Tohoshinki

Please read from top to bottom.

Tohoshinki's press conference for "SEVEN & I Holdings" will start soon.

3 hours ago

Report of Tohoshinki's press conference. For "I don't know", only the CM part of the choreography is completed. They were dancing as if the silver bear is dancing together. The rhythm is very fast, and the part is exactly 15 seconds, so it was very difficult, said Changmin. Yunho said he was sorry that he wanted to meet the real silver bear, not the CG one.
1 hour ago

Future activities. 2 new songs will be released, and they will perform in a-nation. They said that they want to have more activities in Japan. They were saying many times "Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu" (T/N: Thank you in advance for your help/Please support us) talking passionately as if they were rookies. Let's look forward to them!
1 hour ago

Their silver suits were displayed at the meeting place, and it was so slim. The actual two appearing on stage was much slimmer. Changmin spoke a lot, and Yunho walked towards the silver bear and talked to it, and made us laugh(^^)
55 minutes ago

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Entertainment Writer's Twitter

I went to Saitama Super Arena to cover Tokyo Densetsu 2011. In all the 16 artists/groups which performed, Tohoshinki was totally in a different class, outstanding(´-ω-`)
It may be natural thinking of their hardships before they succeeded. It was as though it was their solo concert.

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T.O.P. Magazine - JaeJoong Part

Q: Compared to the past, what is the difference between having activities as JYJ? Is there any merit or demerit points?

A: An advantage would be the improvement in contract terms. The company and artists are of equal relationship. I think being able to participate in every aspect of the work is a very huge improvement. A disadvantage would be that now JYJ belongs to a new company, and the system of the company is not comparable to that of the previous company (SM). But, because it is constantly improving, it may not count as a disadvantage.

Q: The atmosphere and mood of the Thanksgiving concert held in Tokyo Dome during June 2010 is very different from that of the concert held in Korean on November.

A: Our songs consist of our feelings back then actually. At the concert in Tokyo Dome, it was during the lawsuit and we had very troubled feelings. We also made everyone worried as we displayed our troubled emotions on stage. At that point of time, we held the concert in a manner of a fan-meet together with a concert and everyone could sense the troubled emotions from us. Furthermore, during the concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, due to the bad weather, we couldn’t construct the dome-like structure, causing everyone to be unable to see the full performance. It was really upsetting. But, everyone said that under those circumstances, even artists with a lot of experiences would be nervous and that it’s a miracle that the concert could still be carried out. It is very comforting that every one present understood us too. Under the bad weather, everyone must have suffered. But they still believed in us and waited. Honestly, that was the first time we were directly involved in the discussion for a public performance, which means it was also a very special situation. Even so, the situation on the 2nd day was better than the 1st, everyone’s responses were very good. I was so happy.

Q: How did you feel after the concert in Jamsil Olympic Stadium?

A: I felt that the concert was like a movie. After a series of preparation, hearts filled with expectations. But because of the weather on the 1st day, we were forced to cancel on the dome-like structure and it was very troubling. And because of this we couldn’t carry out about 3, 4 more performances, and we couldn’t fulfill our promise to everyone. But to be able to perform America’s most outstanding choreographed dance, to use a brand new stage structure and to be able to sing new songs, we already felt contented. Especially towards everyone who gave us passionate responses in the freezing weather, we felt so blissful that they were able to be present. All in all, we were more satisfied with the public performances. After it ended, the members couldn’t stop crying. After the hard work over the week, being able to sleep for only 2 to 3 hours, we finally showed everyone what we wanted to present to them so badly, we felt blissful.

Q: Yunho and Changmin have started their activities in Korea under the name of TVXQ.

A: If everything goes well for them then it’s great. Welcome to their comeback, I want to show them my support too. But it’s a little regretful that they started under the name “TVXQ”. I said that because it feels weird to refer them as TVXQ. In actual fact, before we became JYJ, we were also a part of TVXQ. Only when all the members carry out activities together, TVXQ existed, and the name TVXQ only meant something when 5 people are together. We were also troubled with the group name previously, and finally we used the initials of our name and formed JYJ. This is because we also wanted the name TVXQ to exist forever, hence the complicated emotions right now.

Q: JYJ’s debut album “The Beginning” is an English album. What was the reason for you to release an album in the other part of the world?

A: The reason for wanting to use English was because, not only in Korea, we also have fans in Asia and America; hence we wanted to release an international album. During the making of the album, we were able to work with top-notch professionals, and we were very elated.

Q: Producers like Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins; they usually work with renowned artists. So how did you felt cooperating with them in real life?

A: As they are all very famous people, frankly speaking, we felt very restricted and pressurized at the same time. But after one time of a very relax working atmostphere, we realized that they were actually very nice people. Though there was a slight distant feeling present, we developed a “so they are actually just like us” kind of feeling towards them. It is a very good experience, and we learnt so much during the process.

Q: Recently, the attention is on the self-composed songs of the trio. Amongst them is “Pierrot”, which consists of very deep meanings. What kind of feelings did you have while writing this song?

A: We did not have the mentality that “Because we are musicians, we must compose”. It was just because we love music and because composing is a very enjoyable thing to do, thus the composition of this song for our fans. Especially because we wanted to let everyone listen to Korean songs, hence we made this song. As we received very good response, we want to include this song in our memoir album, which is in preparation.
Jaejoong: In this round of composition, the song “Nine”, which is made up with simple music chords, is a song with deep meanings that can let everyone remember past memories. “Pierrot” is a song consisting of the criticism we had for the society, similar to the type of songs which are popular during our debut days. In the song, I try to include the stories of students trapped in school.

Q: Nowadays it is very difficult for you guys to appear in television shows. How do you feel about it?

A: Though it is currently a very tough period, we expected it right from the start. The decision to leave our previous company may result in us not being able to ever perform again as a singer, and it is a must to be prepared for such situations. Though every activity was met with difficulties, and our emotions get very complicated, we will never give up. Through the support of our agency and our fans, we had good results. We will take one step by a time from now on.

Q: Regarding the lawsuit, I would like to ask. What kind of contract do you have now with the company C-Jes?

A: C-Jes is not the company we belong to, it is just an agency. We are trying very hard to attract organizations from Japan and America into Korea and to sign agreements with various management agencies, publicity agencies, and sales representatives. Of course, it is due to the fact that we are unable to remain at our previous company. But in any case, because they are a lot of people watching over us, we have to keep working hard. The most important thing is, C-jes respects artists, and acts as a guardian who protects us.

Q: Currently due to C-Jes, all activities in Japan have ceased. Are there any plans to carry out activities in Japan?

A: This is the most troubling problem on our hands on. We are trying our very best to solve this problem.

Q: How do you relieve your stress when you’re feeling very pressurized?

JaeJoong: I go for a ride and I love going to Han River.

Q: Who do you go with?

JaeJoong: I go with the members. Sometimes when I go there I throw stones into the river. (laughs) I like going to places with no specified destination in mind, and eat delicious food while traveling.

Q: Any Christmas plans? (Interview was during Christmas Eve 2010)

JaeJoong: Maybe I’ll spend it with some Soju. And look at pretty girls by the streets. Because it is winter now, I’ll probably get to see them. (laughs)

To fans:
Me, too, have a lot to say, but I don’t know what I should say. Recently I’ve been very lost, and I want these words to be properly conveyed. To see myself more significantly, or to put everyone who helped me get through all the difficult times as priority, or to understand each other more deeply, I too have a difficult time deciding. You can see how my mood changes in Twitter. If I think in my perspective, I want to cry whenever I think of the fans. It’s extremely difficult choosing. I just want to start 2011 without the tormenting days like those at the start of 2010. For myself, for everyone, I will work hard.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translations: halo92
Special Thanks: geniebmusic
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Lyrics of “I don’t know”
Partial Lyrics

愛し過ぎた哀話に はまり込む夢  Ebony
Aishishisugita aiwani hamari komu yume ebony
Being caught in a dream of a sad love story, with too much love, ebony

見事な悲劇のStory 始まりはどんな素顔が

Migotona higeki no story hajimariha donna sugaoga
An amazing tragic story, what was the true face at the beginning?

誘われて 口説けて でも正体は Amazing girl
Sasowarete kudokete demo shoutaiha amazing girl
Asking out for a date, making a move, I found that her real identity was an amazing girl

見つめるもの 吸い込む 瞳は Black holeになる
Mitsumerumono suikomu hitomiha black hole ninaru
Gazing at her, her eyes shine as the black hole

Usodaro masaka usodaro yobidasare kurakurato
It’s a lie, isn’t it untrue? She called me out, and I’m dizzy

君には他の誰かが 渦巻く疑惑を手に
Kiminiha hokano darekaga uzumakiku giwakuwo teni
There is another one near her, who, with a swirling suspicion at hand

Hey I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ 癖になる 
Hey I don’t know Itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru
Hey I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don ' t know
The destiny and eternity is in your hand, oh I don’t know

負けるみたいで ひとり あとはもうムジナ Mystery
Makerumitaide hitori atohamou mujina Mystery
I seem to be losing, I’m alone, but we’re all of the same gang, mystery

消えて落ちて行くよ ハンドルのないローラーコースター
Kieta ochite yukuyo handoru no nai roller coaster
I will fade out and drop off, like a roller coaster without a handle

あり得ないマジであり得ない 乱されキリキリ舞
Arienai majide arienai midasa re kirikiri mai
Impossible, seriously impossible, I’m confused and really under the gun

右かと思えば左 全く頭が痛い
Migikato omoeba hidari mattaku atamaga itai
You say right, then you say left, I’m really getting a headache

Hey I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ 癖になる (溺れてる)

Hey I don’' t know itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru ( obore teru )
Hey I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit (addicted to love)

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don ' t know
The destiny and eternity is in your hand, oh I don’t know

謎めく Oh I don't know
Nasumeku Oh I don’t know
It’s becoming enigmatic, oh, I don’t know

秘かにそそのかす 唇そのまま 囚われてく
Hisoka nisosonokasu kuchibiru sonomama torawareteku
Secretly enticing her, kissing her lips, I’m getting captured

何もかも Oh I don't know
Nanimo kamo Oh I don’t know
Everything, oh I don’t know

超妄想が暴走 いっそ悪女 ついにガチでそろそろ登場
Choumousou ga bousou isso akujo tsuini gachide sorosoro toujou
The ultra fantasy is getting out of control, I’d rather that she is a bad girl, she just appeared on the scene for real

うかうかしてたらやばいって 誰よりも熱いのに
Ukaukashitetara yabaitte dareyorimo atsuinoni
It’s risky if I’m not paying any attention, though my passion is deeper than anyone

消えない傷が 痛むとしても I'll give you all now
Kienai kizuga itamu toshitemo I'll give you all now
Even if the lasting hurts do not fade away, and hurts me, I’ll give you all now

会いたい 会いたい それっきりだから
Aitai aitai sorekkiri dakara
I want to go and see you, see you, that is my only wish

Hey I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ 癖になる (溺れてる)

Hey I don’t know Itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru (obore teru)
Hey I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit (addicted to love)

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don ' t know
The destiny and eternity is in your hand, oh I don’t know

なりふり構わず Oh I don't know
Narifuri kamawazu Oh I don’t know
Without inhibition, oh I don’t know

秘かにそそのかす 唇そのまま囚われてく
Hisokani sosonokasu kuchibiru sonomama torawareteiku
Quietly entice her, kissing her lips, I’m getting captured

何もかも Oh I don't know
Nanimo kamo Oh I don’t know
Everything, oh I don’t know

The lyrics are not official, but from our hearings. There may be some mistakes. Thank you in advance for your understandings.

Source: [email protected] & [email protected] & smiley @
Trans: smiley @
Special thanks: deevinne & linhkawaii @, chara1019
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“Silver Card of Silver Bear” CM Making Video

Credits: sogoseibuchannel

YH&CM: Hello! This is Tohoshinki!
CM: Yes, today, we will film the “Sogo/Seibu” CM. Let’s to our best today!
YH: We’ll do our best today!

YH&CM: Thank you in advance for your supports.
PD: Tohoshinki’s two members, who will perform today. Let’s keep up the good work!
YH&CM: Thank you.
PD: So we will go on with the graphic filming from now on. Let’s get going!

YH: Since it is the CM of the silver card of the silver bear, so we are also wearing silver suits!
CM: Everyone, do we look cool?

PD: After lunch, we will standby for the MV.
YH: Later! See you!
YH: See you later!
YH: Bye~

PD: The two members of Tohoshinki are dancing sharp and cool. At your feet, the bear is dancing his best, in the bear’s way.
YH: Is the bear all CG?
PD: Yes
YH: So sorry.. I wanted to meet the bear.
PD: Did you want to meet the bear?

PD: Taking! Action, start!
PD: Cut!

PD: You clenched your fist now,
Staff: Why did you do that?
(T/N: Cannot make out the Korean words)
CM: Once more, once more!! Really, this will be the last take.

PD: Action! Cut!

PD: So please …(T/N: cannot make out the words.) This is all for today. Thank you very much.
YH: Thank you very much.
CM: Thank you very much.

CM: This card is not only cool, but is really convenient.
YH: Everyone, please have the same card as us!

Source: sogoseibuchannel
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Tohoshinki “Energetic Korea” Poster Making

Credits: sogoseibuchannel

YH: Everyone in Japan, Hello!
YH&CM: This is Tohoshinki!
CM: Yes, today, here in Korea, we will film a Japanese ad.
YH: Yes
YH&CM: We’ll do our best!
CM: Yes, we’ll do our best!

CM: I think that this suit is cool and fashionable.

YH: So, the filming is all finished.
CM :Yes. It has been a long time since the last filming, how was it?
YH: First of all, we’ve really done our best, so I think that the pictures would be good. How about you, Changmin?
CM: I am shy to say it myself, but we did our best, so I think that all of you can look forward to our works.
YH: Personally, I look forward to it, too.
CM: Yes. Please look forward to it.
CM: So, this was
YH&CM: Tohoshinki
YH: Bye-bye

Source: sogoseibuchannel
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Tohoshinki at Press Conference

1. Please click here.
2. Please click 動画を再生 under the small Tohoshinki picture on top left.
3. Please wait for 15 seconds. A chocolate ad is going on.
4. At last, the press conference video is on.

YH: I realized that (the bear) was good at dancing than me.
CM: It was a pity that (the bear’s) legs and arms were a little bit short.
YH: That cannot be helped.
MC: That couldn’t be helped. Changmin-san, please tell us the important point of the dance this time.
CM: To be honest, the choreography is only for 15 seconds, just for the CM.
MC: So that part was made first. The other parts will be completed from now on.
CM: Yes. We are also looking forward to how the whole choreography will be completed.
MC: Yes
CM: Let’s look forward to it together.
MC: Tohoshinki will participate in a-nation 10th anniversary for Life Charge & Go , weider in jelly! Congratulations!
CM: Thank you very much.
YH: Please support us.
MC: Many should have being thinking, will Tohoshinki participate in a-nation this year? What did you first think when you heard that you will participate?
YH: Of course, I was delighted. We will perform in a-nation after 2 years, 2 years, after a long while. When I first heard of the news, I was really happy, and delighted. And, every time I am saying this, but we will do our best not be beaten by the hot weather, so please support us. Please look forward to our stage.
MC: How about you, Changmin-san?
CM: I think that a-nation is a big Japanese summer festival. We are able to perform on stage after 2 years, I am happy. We will do our best, to show you a passionate stage.
I think that many are going through hardships, but we together should do our best to pull through as soon as possible…I want to convey my message.
CM: We will like to increase our Japanese activities, so, please support us always.
MC: Thank you very much.

Source: NTV NEWS24
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TVXQ's 'Before You Go' No. 1 On Chart

Boy band TVXQ's prowess has once again been proven.

TVXQ, who released "Why (Keep Your Head Down) repackaged album 'Before You Go'" on the 16th, clinched the first spot in not only the Hanteo chart which was opened on the 21st, but also in the Hottracks chart as well as other major weekly ranking charts.

Also, in the afternoon of the same day, the drama production, 16 minute version of the MV for 'Before You Go' was released through their official site Naver and through SM's Youtube channel, once again showing the high popularity of the song.

Last week, through KBS2 TV's 'Music Bank', MBC's 'Show! Music Core' as well as SBS's 'Inkigayo', the dance was revealed, and the sexy charm which only belonged to TVXQ attracted all of the vastly female fans' attention in a short while. What's special is that this repackage album itself was made into a form of a frame, and with this unique packaging, it greatly increased the collective value of the album, and also, there was an increase to 54 postcards which could be freely exchanged.

On the other hand, TVXQ is actively starting off the promotional activities for 'Before You Go'.

* * * * *

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Source: MyDaily + Baidu U-Know YoonHo
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TVXQ Repackage Album Fansign Event

Hello, I am the manager of TVXQ.
In order to commemorate [TVXQ 's WHY (Keep Your Head Down): Repackage Album "Before U Go"], we decided to hold a fansign event on Mar. 30th (Wednesday). Please support us.
Please look through the ways to participate and attentions as below.

[Hottracks--Cheonan Store]
Date: 03/30/2011(Wed.) 06:30 PM
Place: unsettled

This Fansign Event will randomly choose 150 buyers who bought [TVXQ WHY(Keep your head down): Repackage Album "Before U go"] during the time from 03/26 10:30 AM to 03/28 20:00 PM. The list will be announced on the Hottracks official website on Mar.29th (Tue.)

Please contact with Hottracks if you want to know more information about the event.


1. Only allowed to sign on the album.
Although we understand that you want to cherish the autograph from the members of TVXQ, but this is only a fansign event only to commemorate the release of the album.

2. Try not to extend the event.
Although it is supposed to end the fansign event on time, it is possible that the event would be prolonged because of the P.S. requirements and conversations from the participators. So please try not to delay.

3. Personal support materials(plan card, banners and so on) or any machine that related to shooting and recording such as camera, mobile phone, digital camera and voice recorder are forbidden to use.
You will be asked to exit the event if you make or use the support materials or the contraband, or found to have taken pictures.

* No guarantee whether the shooting machine would be damaged or not if found to have infringed the rules.

- - - - -

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Source: BaiduTVXQ
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Kim Jun Su's Musical Concert DVD

Kim Junsu's Musical DVD will be release on March 14th.

For the sake of Junsu's fans, the production team had gone through a hardship in regards of production costs as well as getting overseas copyrights. Even so, the concert DVD was managed to produced with Korean production team, Sylvester Levay as well as music director Kim Mun Jeong.

There were will 2 discs included.
Total 18 songs from " Mozart!" musical as well as 6 songs from "Elizabeth" Korea version. And the special stage of Junsu's piano with Levay as well as Junsu's Korean Version of "Intoxication" performance.
In addition, there'll be an approximately of 1 hour long of preparation making film of the Concert and a 80 pages photobook of Junsu's musical concert included.

Hence, fans are able to pre-order Kim Jun Su's Musical Concert DVD at online and offline Music stores from March 7th onwards.

- - - - -

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"Ice Cold City Guys" Sparked New Topics

Following TVXQ's photoshoot, hoobae singers SHINee has also greeted their fans through a photoshoot.

Recently, SHINee has done a photoshoot for the "W Korea" January issue, and there are similarities, except that their photoshoot had a black and white concept. In this photoshoot, SHINee's Minho and Onew wore clothes that gives a collected feeling, and they had a mysterious aura around them.

When asked about their feelings for the shoot, Minho and Onew are determined to "try a new challenge".

The editor for SHINee's photoshoot said, "The duo had shown an unbelievable amount of attentiveness and performances for a singer, and the feeling was as if we were working with models or actors."

Additionally, ChoiKang ChangMin and UKnow YunHo have also done a photoshoot recently. They are on the cover of the January issue for the fashion magazine "Marie Claire".

It is very rare for male celebrities to be on the cover of a female fashion magazine, thus TVXQ can be said as an exception.

After looking at photos from SHINee and TVXQ's photoshoots, netizens had commented, "Life is just like TVXQ's photoshoot, it's so beautiful", "It's really a photoshoot full of manly charms" and etc.

* * * * *

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Tohoshinki MC during Tokyo Densetsu

Pleae click here for the youtube.
Credits: vivi7enne

YH: Everyone, good evening!
YH&CM;: This is Tohoshinki!
YH: Everyone, good evening, this is Yunho! Everyone, are you having fun? Those who are sitting in the 2nd floor, are you enjoying yourselves, too? Thank you very much for coming to the concert today. Yes, today, I can see so much of the color that I usually see.
CM: There are green, red, and other colors.
YH: We are very happy. Thank you very much!
CM: Every one, good evening, this is Changmin! I am delighted that I could perform in such a meaningful concert as today. Thank you very much! Well, I think that many are going through hardships now. I would like to deliver the message, "Please cheer up and pull through." And for us, we would like to increase, to increase our Japanese activities in the future. This is just a wish, not officially decided yet. But, please think that we can, and always support us.
YH: By the way, Changmin, are you all right?
CM: (coughs) My tongue got twisted
YH: Yes, you seem so. Today we see other colors like green, SHINee will do their best, and so will Tohoshinki. So please support us!
CM: So we would like to go on to our next song.
YH: Everyone is saying “NOOOOOOO~”. It is very difficult ...
CM: If we speak here a little bit longer, we won’t have anything left to say when our concert tour which may be held someday. We are not so fluent in Japanese, please don’t make us talk any longer. So, we would like to go on to our next song.
(Audience): NOOOOOOOOOO~
CM: OK, please hear the song!

Source: vivi7enne @ youtube
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Tokyo Densestsu Press Conference

1.Please click here.
2.Please click 動画を再生 under the small Tohoshinki picture on top left.
3.Please wait for 15 seconds. A chocolate ad is going on.
4.At last, the press conference video is on.

YH & CM: Hello, this is Tohoshinki.
CM: First of all, we are very happy that we could do such a live concert with many of the wonderful Korean artists. We would like to do our best.
I think that many are going through hardships now. I would like to deliver the message, "Please cheer up and do what you can."
I have a message for the children. "Please always have a big dream, and do your best so that your dream will come true. We would like to support those dreams. In order to do so, we would like to do our best to make today's stage a fantastic one."

Source: NTV NEWS24
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JYJ Launches North American tour with press conference in LA

The conference was held at the Grammy Museum portion of Los Angeles' LA LIVE! Entertainment Complex. The 200-seat Clive Davis theater played host to the media and JYJ, and offered an intimate setting for JYJ's first official press conference on US soil.

POWERHOUSE co-founder C.S. Hah was the host of the event, and introduced the group to a warm reaction. As Yoochun is currently filming abroad, only Jaejoong and Junsu were present for it.

The 30-minute conference was done in Korean, with Hah translating for for both the audience and JYJ during the Q&A. Both members were happy to be there, and responded to questions with warm smiles and laughter over the course of the conference,

As this was a Q&A, Koreaboo was able to ask the members a question, which was regarding whether or not there would be a DVD release of the concerts to commemorate the World Tour. Jaejoong was pleased to announce that while there was no set-date for a release, a DVD was definitely in the works, and to stay tuned.

Q&A Questions:

How was it like to sing in English instead of Korean? How was the learning process?
Jaejoong: It was difficult for us, except for Yoochun. We are still learning the finer points of the language, but we are doing our best to improve our command of the English as we go a long.

Given your huge fanbase in China, have you considered returning to the country at a later point with more more tour stops?
Junsu: There is always a possibility for a Chinese tour, and if circumstances permit, we'd like tour the entire country.

(Jaejoong) How was the challenge of being the creative director for the Asian leg of the tour? Will you be reprising your role for the North American leg?
Jaejoong: It was exciting to be able to do so, as well as challenging, given the larger venues we performed at. Jeremy Slaughter, who worked with us prior, will be collaborating with us for the North American leg of the tour, and we will be presenting to you a very enjoyable show.

Will there be a photobook to accompany the tour, and to give fans who did not have the opportunity to come out to see it a chance to view the artistic direction the concert took?
Junsu: We wanted to focus on the concert itself, and due to our schedules, we were unable to do so for this particular concert, but we hope to be able to do so for later tours.

You've been to several countries over the course of your tour. Did you feel that there were any specific fan reactions associated with a certain country, including North American fans?
Jaejoong: The fans were all very encouraging of us during our performances, and enjoyed the freedom we are able to have during them. The Thailand fans valued manners highly, which was something we noticed during our stay there.

Will you be releasing a DVD of the concert?
Jaejoong: We are working on one, but we don't have a specific release date for it.

Is there any significant change you've made to the performance that was not originally in the Asian leg of the tour?
Jaejoong: We've increased the number of female back-up dancers for the tour to give it more of a sexy and sensual feel during the dance numbers.

What do you do to stay fresh during the lengthy flight from Asia to here? You both look great.
Junsu: (laughing) I don't feel very fresh. We had nothing scheduled yesterday when we arrived, so we used the rest of the day to relax and enjoy ourselves.

How do you feel about your middle-aged fans and their support for you guys?
Jaejoong: Being loved by someone is much better than being hated by someone. It is always a good feeling to be loved by different age groups, and we never call our middle-aged female fans "ahjumma"(older woman), we instead call them "noona"(older sister), and we appreciate the support they have for us.

Did your busy schedules affect your preparation for this tour?
Junsu: We didn't have any difficult as a group. Rather than focusing on individuals, we do our best to focus on our group schedules as a whole.

Will Rodney Jerkins(producer of "The Beginning") and/or Kanye West be apart of the tour?
Jaejoong: (laughing) That will not be happening.
Do you guys plan out your airport fashion? As Junsu is commonly criticized for not being as stylish as Jaejoong, when arriving at LAX, did Junsu attempt to be fashionable?

Junsu: I was attempting to be both fashionable and comfortable whenever I arrive at the airport. The problem I've been having though is when I'm trying to be fashionable, I get comments like "That's strange", or other funny comments direct toward it, so I'm always a little puzzled about how I should style myself.

Credits: Koreaboo
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TVXQ's Triangle Love Scandal for Shilla Duty Free CF

In their recent CF project, the boys of TVXQ are locked in a triangle love scandal.

In July this year, Shilla Duty Free is planning to unfold a marketing breakthrough by holding a global advertising with young women in their 20 ~ 30th as its primary target in 3 countries including China and Japan where in TVXQ are highly popular.

Shilla Duty Free will have their advertising concept in second half of 2011 with main theme ‘My own dramatic journey: My Journey Begins’, the ad will be presented in a couple different stories in a drama form with various duty-free products being used as advertising materials.

There will be 3 parts of the ad stories, the first one captures the image of U-Know Yunho racing to departure hall to send his first love good bye. It’s going to be revealed, however, at the second part of the story that he’s speeding along the airport only to witness his old friend Choikang Changmin kissing his girlfriend.

At this second part of the ad, Choikang Changmin pulled out a sweet yet dangerous kissing scene to win the girl’s heart. Choikang Changmin who’s been showing an image of good boy to public from all these times, will transform into a bad boy image with fatal attraction without fail.

While the 3rd part of the ad shows the conflict between U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the image of a woman whose feeling is torn between the two men will appear.

Through these 3 parts of the ad, Shilla Duty Free’s most popular items: watch, lipstick, and bag will be used respectively to match the drama theme. The ad is set to broadcast in Korea in the middle of June this year.

credit: Newsen
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Yoochun - Ripley Teaser

Credits: farahjyj
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Changmin Films a kiss scene for his Shilla Duty-Free CF!

Yesterday, we reported on TVXQ’s CF deal with Shilla’s Duty-Free, and MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Report” has revealed coverage from the set of the commercial at the Incheon International Airport.

On the May 15th broadcast, took viewers on the set of TVXQ’s CF as they portray a story to two guys and a girl in the middle.

On this day, Yunho had endless running scenes, and he explained, “It is a scene in which I am running after seeing my girlfriend in love with Changmin.”

He continued, “Changmin has a kiss scene too,” revealing his slight jealousy.

The following scene was filmed in the center of the airport, and Changmin gave off the impression that he was rather experienced, as he led the actress in filming their kiss scene.

However, due to Changmin’s continuous NGs, the filming was delayed. Eventually the actress said, “Haven’t you had much experience,” causing the set to turn into a sea of laughter.

Later this day, Changmin was asked regarding his ideal woman. He responded, “My ideal type changes all the time. Lately I like Han Ye Seul nuna. She has the power to move me.”

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
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"Even Their Charity Concert..."Japanese Fans Enraged at Constant Obstructions On JYJ's Performances

“Though Avex put an end to all of JYJ’s activities, they sold CDs and DVDs without consulting C-JeS (JYJ’s Korean management company). We fans, who have been watching over the situation, reached our limit when Avex decided to obstruct JYJ’s plans to hold a charity concert in Japan. We are outraged at Avex for using their contract as a shield and interfering with an event geared to help those affected by the tsunami and earthquake.” (Japanese JYJ fan, @keico04)

“Avex will not allow them to participate in activities yet they refuse to break the contract. Why?” (@byoru1)

Idol group JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong), who have been finding it difficult to appear on TV domestically since their split from TVXQ, have even begun facing troubles in pursuing activities in Japan because of their Japanese agency Avex and this has provoked Japanese fans into speaking up about the issue.

It all began when people began to state that JYJ’s plans for a large-scale Japanese charity concert, set to aid the victims of the 3·11 earthquake, were on the verge of being cancelled due to Avex’s interference strategies. The rage of Japanese fans, who had already been teeming with anger since Avex suddenly halted all of JYJ’s activities last October, seemed to explode at the possibility that the concert might be cancelled.

On the 19th, a few Japanese fans wrote a ‘Request Document’ to Avex, calling for JYJ’s Japanese activities to resume, and it has already collected over 10,000 signatures though it hasn’t even been a month since it began.

When ‘Hankyoreh’ asked for the opinion of Japanese fans on Twitter, we received over 200 responses in a few hours. Like those we have stated above, the majority of fans wrote that they could not accept the actions of Avex.

It is quite unusual to see Japanese fans gathering to publicly voice their opinions to help their favorite Hallyu star.

What is fuelling the controversy behind the issue is that some believe the ‘Seoul-Osaka Music Of Heart 2011, Fighting Japan!’, in which the remaining members of TVXQ are performing, has something to do with the cancellation of JYJ’s Japanese charity concert.

In a recent press release, C-JeS stated that JYJ had decided to hold a charity concert in the 20,000-set Saitama Super Areana on June 7th, and had even signed the contract to rent the concert venue, but were suddenly notified of the nullification of the contract.

Soon after the earthquake, JYJ were some of the forerunners in providing aid to the grief-stricken region as they donated 600 million Won and stated, “We want to give back to our Japanese fans who have helped us so much.”

This may be why many fans are reacting to the controversy with statements such as, “Interfering with a charity concert is going way too far,” and “I’m embarrassed to be a Japanese person because of Avex.”

@eyua brought up a question that seems to be shared by many as she said, “So many foreigners are returning to their home countries because of the nuclear issue, but JYJ are volunteering to come and help those in need with their good will, so why are they being stopped?“

C-JeS pointed the blame of the venue’s cancellation on Avex as they stated, “Avex’s continuous and concentrated interference strategies are what caused this issue (nullification of the contract).” Though C-JeS were able to sign a provisional contract with another concert venue, it has been found that it is still uncertain whether or not the concert will be held.

In a phone conversation with ‘Hankyoreh’, CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS stated, “We are currently doing everything we can, such as talking to and convincing the representatives of the concert venue, to make this performance happen.” Tickets for the charity concert went on sale on April 5th and the performance is currently sold out.

CEO Baek also wrote a statement to Japanese fans on JYJ’s homepage that read, “As JYJ’s Japanese fans have been waiting to see JYJ perform on stage for a long time, we even considered cancelling the concert as we would not be able to hold a proper concert. But we have decided to plough through with our plans in order to keep JYJ’s promise with their fans who have been waiting patiently and faithfully for JYJ’s return.“

CEO Baek stated that after the split of TVXQ, Avex signed a contract with C-JeS last March with regards to JYJ’s Japanese activities and helped them perform in Japan. But in October, Avex suddenly halted all of JYJ’s activities.

He added, “Avex states that they halted JYJ’s activities due to personal issue with myself and due to the TVXQ legal dispute, but it just seems like they want all management rights to JYJ’s global activities.”

The Japanese weekly newspaper Shukan Bunshun recently released an article in which Avex stated, “This concert is a clear breach of contract as JYJ are artistes signed under Avex. In our opinion, we feel as though the event is profit-driven (though it claims to be a charity event).”

However, the request document submitted by the Japanese fans refuted Avex’s claims as it said, “If Avex wants to claim that they nullified their contract because they did not know of C-JeS’ CEO’s past before the contract was signed, doesn’t that mean that Avex neglected the basic duty of surveying and examining a company they intend to cooperate with?” Regarding Avex’s claim about the legal dispute, fans stated, “When JYJ resumed their Japanese activities last April, the Courts had already laid down a verdict in October, 2009 that there was something wrong with the exclusive contract between SM and the trio,” and “This means that Avex’s claim that, ‘There is a possibility that the exclusive contract may be nullified based on the Courts’ verdict’ wasn’t even an issue to begin with.” As the Japanese market is JYJ’s biggest market, the inability to perform in the nation will result in great losses for the group.

JYJ won the battle against SM’s exclusive contract validity confirmation and dual-contract suspension injunction in January and were granted the freedom to pursue independent activities in the entertainment agency. But broadcasting and cable companies have been hesitant in allowing the group to perform in their music programs because of SM and other big entertainment agencies. CEO Baek stated, “The results of the lawsuit have yet to have any affect on opening JYJ up to opportunities to appear on TV.”

JYJ are currently focusing on their global tour that encompasses Japan.

Starting in April 2nd and 3rd in Thailand, JYJ have already attracted 43,000 fans to the four stops of their Asia tour.

Source: [hankyoreh]
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Park Yoochun of Ripley Says, "Worrying About Acting Is Fun And Brings Me Joy"

Park Yoochun is up to the challenge of transforming into the warm city guy ‘Yutaka’ for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ripley’.

Park Yoochun visited the Ilsan MBC Dream Center on the 29th of April to participate in the photoshoot for the drama’s poster and he was able to portray Yutaka’s charm of urban elegance and innocence through a white suit with a black collar for emphasis.

Regarding his character, Park Yoochun said, “If SungKyunKwan Scandal’s Lee Seon Joon’s slightly awkward expression of his emotions was like the definite answer to a multiple choice question, Ripley’s Yutaka is a man who is sensitive and will not hesitate to express his feelings, much like the answer to a free response question.“

Park Yoochun continued to show enthusiasm for his role as he said, “Through my last piece, I learned that is extremely hard to immerse yourself completely into one character throughout an entire series. But the times I spent worrying and thinking intensely about my character were fun and brought me joy,” and “I get excited when I think about the fact that I’ll be able to show a different side of me.”

Though Park Yoochun had not fully healed from his emergency trip to the hospital for acute pancreatitis, he worked diligently till the end of the photoshoot and received a round of applause from the staff members there.

‘Ripley’, in which Park Yoochun will act alongside Lee Da Hae, Kang Hae Jung and Kim Seung Woo, is a traditional melodrama, located in a leading hotel in a 21st century city, that deals with the greed and love of mankind that hides beneath work, love, extravagant success and failure. The first airing will be on the 30th at 9:55pm.

Source: [mydaily]
Translated & Shared by:

'Like Singer, Like Fan' Park Yoochun's Fanclub Donates 40 Million Won Over Six Months

Park Yoochun’s fans are showing their love for their star by giving back to the community.

It was recently revealed that Park Yoochun’s fancafe ‘Blessing Yoochun’ continuously donated a total of 40 million Won for the past six months to help children in need. Starting with a donation last December of 10 million Won through the Hallym Burn Fund for a 14-year-old child suffering from major burns, ‘Blessing Yoochun’ has been regularly helping children in need. They donated 5 million Won to a 13-year-old child fighting brain lesions and cerebral palsy and some of the fanclub members have been taking a more active and hands-on approach by visiting the children the fanclub has helped.

The reason this fanclub has been continuously providing aid to children is because Park Yoochun is known for his love and affection for children in general. A representative of ‘Blessing Yoochun’ stated, ‘We started this project because we wanted more people to share their love with others. We will continue to partake in various donation drives and community service projects under Yoochun’s name.’

Source: [isplus joins]
Translated & Shared by:

Yuchun at Ripley's Press Conference

Credits: fernyj90
Shared by: DBSKnights

"Ripley" Micky Yuchun Suit fashion 'straight shoulders'

Group JYJ's Micky Yuchun showed off his straight shoulders in a suit.

On an online community on the 11th came up a picture under the title "Micky Yuchun on the "Ripley" set".

In the picture was Micky Yuchun wearing a dark grey suit with a white shirt and a neck tie. The suit made his trademark even more obvious, the straight shoulders.

Netizen's say, "He looks so good in a suit", "This is his best visual yet", "He looks like a rookie in a major company", "His shoulders are unhide able" and more.

Meanwhile, MBC drama "Ripley" will be first broadcast on the 30th after "The Duo".

Credits: Han Cinema
Shared by: DBSKnights

"Ripley" Main Poster Revealed

"Ripley" main poster revealed

MBC TV drama "Ripley" has revealed its main poster.

In the poster, the 4 main casts of the drama are standing still amongst 20 other supporting actors in black suits, portraying the modern day people who are divided among themselves.

Other than the 4, the supporting actors have covered their faces with white masks making their expressions unreadable, and it symbolizes the twofold lives of people in the modern society.

(parts not regarding to Yuchun are omitted)

Micky Yuchun is Yoo Ta-ka who dreams of success with his very own values and makes his surroundings bright even when standing among a crowd of black suited people.


Credits: Han Cinema
Shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ's Yoochun attends press conference for "Ripley"

On May 17th, MBC’s new drama “Ripley” held its production conference at the Banyan Tree with lead roles Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jung in attendance.

As it’s his second drama, Yoochun was asked to explain the difference between his role in “Ripley” and his role in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He answered, “Well, I’ve gone from wearing hanbok to suits now… I think the way the two characters express pain is different. Unlike ‘Lee Sun Joon’, my character in ‘Ripley’ starts everything with a laugh. He’s always smiling, but it only takes a moment for him to begin shedding tears.”

He continued, “There was definitely a lot of pressure, and even after I decided to take the role, I was still worried over whether I’d do well. One of my greatest concerns was how the viewers would perceive me, especially since they thought well of me with my previous work. Everyone treats me so well at the recording so I’m able to take part in it comfortably now.”

When asked about working with his seniors, he revealed, “I was so nervous, I made a lot of NGs. I’d blush and sweat. It’s my second drama so I’m definitely seeing a wider perspective in comparison to my debut.”

Kang Hye Jung praised, “Yoochun-ssi is so great at acting and works extremely hard. I think he fits his character well of being a smooth man of the city. A person of his level could probably take on dramas catering to the teenage audience, but he doesn’t rely on his popularity at all and is determined to live life as a true actor.”

On his reasons for choosing “Ripley”, Yoochun commented, “I’ve really wanted to do a melodrama. I loved the character as well, and after seeing the line-up, I wanted to be able work with them.”

“Ripley” begins airing on May 30th.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate, Seoul NTN via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

TVXQ's Yunho Praised For Michael Jackson-like Ice Dancing skills

TVXQ’s Yunho showed off his ice dancing skills to a medley of Michael Jackson songs.

Yunho, who participated in the Michael Jackson tribute concert last year, showed off his shocking figure skating skills during a recent recording of ”Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, and received a standing ovation from the audience.

It’s been said that Yunho’s moonwalk and spins were so great that they made people forget he was dancing on ice. His sophisticated stage manner and his first attempt at a new visual medium received a great cheer, as his hot performance heated up the cold arena.

Yunho’s “Homage to Michael Jackson” in Kim Yuna’s “Homage to Korea” will be revealed through the first broadcast of “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry” on May 22nd.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credits: Allkpop
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Matsuura Twitter Updates

Please read from bottom to top

I do not often praise people (Lol)
RT @xxx: @masatomatsuura What kind of person is Yunho, being praised by (the "stupid") Shachou?(Lol)

RT @xxx: @masatomatsuura @xxx Please be kind to Changmin when you meet him!

Because, I'm stupid(LOL)
RT @xxx: @masatomatsuura @xxx You shouldn't write here that a lot happened about Changmin here. Well, writing them are, for bettter or worse, Matsuura Shachou(wry smile)

Yes. He was really respectable.
RT @xxx:Exactly! Don't you think Yunho is awesome?♥
RT @masatomatsuura:For Yunho, I was really impressed! He says what he wants denfinitely/clearly, in a proper way. For Changmin, umm, a lot happened, but I again realized.... that he is a shy and adorable guy.

For Yunho, I was really impressed! He says what he wants denfinitely/clearly, in a proper way. For Changmin, umm, a lot happened, but I again realized.... that he is a shy and adorable guy.
RT @xxx: @masatomatsuura Changmin and Yunho, are they really tall & handsome??(*^^*)

Really? I met them last week. RT @xxx: @masatomatsuura Changmin is also in Hawaii now.


When I translate Matsuura’s tweets, there are always unkind and nasty comments however the contents they be, including those addressed to us translators. I sincerely hope for a matured fandom, thanks.

Source: [email protected]
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Ryu Dam proves his friendship with Park Yuchun...Yuchun's charmful act and truthful confession create a warm atmosphere

Comedian Ryu Dam succeeded in proving that he is great friends with Park Yuchun (JYJ).

Ryu Dam attracted attention by calling Yuchun, whom he has become friends with through a drama, while showing off his splendid personal connections during his appearance on SBS TV’s “Every Night, at Night” which aired on the 16th.

On this day, Park Yuchun, who answered the call, revealed his current whereabouts stating that “I’m in China for tomorrow’s concert,” after joking that “my roaming fees are increasing because of you hyung.”

Furthermore, when Ryu Dam began to say, “I was going to ask you to have a drink,” Park Yuchun displayed his unique friendship [with him] by saying, “I’m returning on the 8th, but have 3 days off on the 8th, 9th, and 19th. Hyung, call me when [you] have time.”

Furthermore, Park Yuchun created a warm atmosphere by commenting on Ryu Dam, stating “[Ryu Dam] is more like an older brother than a celebrity. I’m not friendly with many celebrities, but I want to keep in touch [with him] and get to know him.”

However, not knowing that [the call] was during filming, Park Yuchun became flustered and immediately changed his voice for broadcasting and created laughter by smoothly saying, “hyung it’s been a while.”

Source. TV Report
Translation by. withJYJ
~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~
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Yuchun, "I want to appear on entertainment shows, but it keeps getting cancelled"

JYJ’s member and actor Park Yuchun (25) stated he “does not put too much weight” on the frequent cancellation of [his appearances] on entertainment programs.

Park Yuchun participated in the new MBC Mon-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley’s” press conference held on the morning of the 17th at Seoul JangChoong-dong Banyan Tree hotel.

“Miss Ripley” is about a woman, sick of her life at the bottom [of society], that lies to grab an opportunity and the completely new life and destruction that begins as a result.

In the drama, Park Yuchun plays Song Yoohyun (Yutaka), who dreams of success through his own values, and passionately acts out the heir of the resort who feels true love towards Jang Miri (Lee Dahae), a character that approaches [him] for her own success.

Park Yuchun, who is trying his second challenge as an actor through “Miss Ripley” after his success in his first drama “SKK Scandal,” probably has twice the pressure and twice the determination. For that reason, he must make his bid in terms of acting and promoting. However, unlike other stars, Park Yuchun cannot use entertainment programs on national broadcasting networks as a promotional medium.

Yuchun’s appearance on entertainment program was non-existent as [a member of] JYJ and even as “Miss Ripley’s” lead actor. It was partially because of a busy filming schedule, but it’s true that some have viewed it to be because Yuchun is “JYJ” that he can’t appear on such programs.

On this, Yuchun showed a calm appearance, stating “I want to appear on entertainment shows. It often doesn’t work out but I don’t make anything of it.”

For Yuchun, he revealed that he more sorry that the drama overlaps with “JYJ” World Tour than appearing on entertainment shows. Park Yuchun revealed his honest thoughts, “Last year, “SKK Scandal” and concert plans overlapped as well, so I had the greatest hopes that it wouldn’t overlap this year. I’m most sorry that I can’t focus on one thing.“

Park Yuchun, who is working through a filming schedule which prevents him from sleeping even one hour, expressed his thankfulness and sorriness for his fellow actors more than himself, stating, “without meaning to do so, I’m sorry that everyone might be worn out because of me.”

(One-sentence summary of Ripley omitted)

Source. Sports Seoul
Translation by. withJYJ
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Kang Haejung lavishes Yuchun with praise...Yuchun is a well-mannered, "Soft City Man"

Actor Kang Haejung named actor Yuchun as “Bu-Do-Nam” and lavished him with various praise.

Kang Haejung revealed Yuchun’s (who is known as a mannered-man amongst actors) true self, “Yuchun is a Bu-Do-Nam (T/N: Kang Haejung is shortening a phrase into 3 letters here. Bu is the first part of the Korean word meaning “soft,” Do is the first part of the Korean word meaning “city,” and name is the first part of the Korean word meaning “man”). It means soft city man. In the drama, Yuchun plays an heir to a hotel who is a charismatic leader, but to people around them is well-mannered and soft. And in fact, at the set, Yuchun really has manners ingrained in him. When I see him, this character isn’t something he is acting, but feels like is mirroring his everyday lifestyle.”

Furthermore, Kang Haejung expressed her love for Yuchun, who is still a rookie actor but tries his best on set, stating “Yuchun sleeps one hour a day and switches back and forth between his singer and acting activities, but I have never seen him make mistakes on his lines on set. Because it’s a come-back piece after a long time for me, I continuously make mistakes and often forget my lines entirely… but when I see Yuchun, I’m amazed by his ability to remember all the lines and have to keep asking [how he does it].”

At this, Park Yuchun attracted attention by replying modestly, “I actually don’t have great memory, but when I have something I like, I become completely immersed. Right now, because I like acting, I think I have fun despite being tired. I really like meeting senior actors on set, and am having fun shooting because the atmosphere on set is good.”


Source: Dailian
Translation by: withJYJ
~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~
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Yoochun - Ripley Teaser Part 2

Credits: vishockjj
Shared by: DBSKnights

Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Our Director Kim is livin’ the life in LA~

(Jaejoong, 1:59pm KST) LA is great, as expected^^ Grabbing dinner with Egg hyung gogogo

(Jaejoong, 4:57pm KST/English Tweet) I’m going to sleep now. Sleep well babie kekeke English is great!!!

Source: [Jaejoong's Twitter]
Translated + Shared by:

The Reason Why Kim Junsu Got Mad At A Checkpoint Because of Park Yuchun?

KBS 2TV’s ‘Talk Show of the Public, Hello’, supported by KBS and run by TV Daily, has been garnering attention being aired live through Daum.

In the live airing that the public participated in, Hong Yoon Hwa and Kim Min Gi, the representative couple amongst comedians, listened to the worries of the public and gave solutions to their problems. ‘Hello’ is out to solve the problems of the public through the format of the show.

The most interesting story came from a 29-year-old woman working at the Korea Customs Service. This woman was working at her usual checkpoint when she was surprised by an extremely handsome man approaching it.

The person who was approaching her was none other than JYJ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong. In a daze, she let him pass through and was even more surprised when she saw the next person in line. A man was slowly approaching her station and it was as if light was radiating from his body. She realized she was looking at JYJ’s Micky Yoochun.

In order to look at Mick Yoochun’s face just a little longer, because he was so handsome, the woman kept asking him to do things like spread his arms out while she inspected him. Because she wanted to stay by his side for a long time, she held him there for quite a while.

But she could feel a prickle on the back of her head and when she turned around, she was met with the angry expression of Xiah Junsu, who had grown sulky at having to wait so long for his turn. Feeling bad, the woman let Xiah Junsu pass quickly when it was finally his turn.

Viewers who were watching the show live stated, “Not wanting to send Mick Yoochun away.. I totally get what she was feeling“, “It’s interesting to watch the show like this, I wonder what it will be like to see it on TV” and “It’s more fun because comedians are leading the show.”

The program, which was aired live on Daum, will be aired on TV on the 16th at 11:05pm.

Source: [tvdaily]
Translated & Shared by:

Yoochun - MBC Dramatic

Credits: kimcorn73
Shared by: DBSKnights

Jaejoong - MBC Dramatic (Eng Sub)

Credits: finggy17
Shared by: DBSKnights

MBC Entertainment continues to keep "Ripley" away

JYJ’s Park Yoochun couldn’t overcome the barrier imposed by MBC Entertainment.

The network’s entertainment news program, “Section TV Entertainment News” has been revealed to have also snubbed coverage of Yoochun’s new drama, “Ripley“, right after they cancelled his appearance on the variety show, “Come To Play” not too long ago.

On May 17th, reporters and members of the press gathered at the production conference for “Ripley”. However, reporters from “Section TV Entertainment News” did not appear, which is highly unusual since this news program always appears at drama production conferences.

A representative from the program stated, “We had too many items on our hands“, but members in the entertainment industry are accusing MBC Entertainment for minding the uncomfortable relationship between Yoochun and SM Entertainment.

Ripley’s representative stated, “This is not the first time. ‘Come To Play’ had requested the appearance of our actors for weeks and we finalized the schedules of the actors when the filming suddenly got cancelled. ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has also excluded coverage from our poster shooting as well as from our production conference.”

The main producer for the drama, Choi Yi Sup, voiced his concern and frustration by saying, “The director of the drama department directly requested coverage for ‘Ripley’s promotions to the entertainment director and the entertainment department accepted this request. However, due to an unrevealed reason the coverage was excluded. This is unacceptable.”

Park Yoochun showed his disappointment by saying, “I, too, want to appear on variety programs but they keep ‘cutting’ me out. I’m not trying to put a great significance on it.”

“Ripley” will communicate the ideas of obsession and desire through a female character who gets a job at a hotel by faking her education record. The first episode is set to air on May 30th.

Source: No Cut News via Nate
Credit: allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Goodbye Miss Ripley Teaser with English Subs

Remember to turn on your CC to view the subs!

Credits: mickytoho2
Shared by: DBSKnights

MBC Dramatic Jaejoong Cut with English Subtitles

Credits: jyjsubs
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Lyrics of "I Don’t Know"
Full Lyrics

Please click here for the video.

I Don’t Know
Lyrics: Kim Boo Min
Composed by: hitchhiker

愛し過ぎた Irony はまり込むよ迷路に
Aishishisugita irony hamari komuyo meironi
Irony of loving too deeply, I got caught in a maze

見事な悲劇のStory 始まりはどんな素顔だ

Migotona higeki no story hajimariha donna sugaoda
An amazing tragic story, what was the true face at the beginning?

誘われてアフロディーテ でも正体はメドゥーサ
Sasowarete Aphrodite demo shoutaiha Medusa
Asked out for a date by Aphrodite, but her real identity was Medusa

見つめるものを吸い込む 瞳はBlack holeになる
Mitsumerumonowo suikomu hitomiha black hole ninaru
She absorbs anyone who gazes her, her eyes are black holes

Usodaro? Masaka usodaro? Yowasare kurakurato
Isn’t it a lie? Shouldn’t it be untrue? I’m intoxicated and getting dizzy.

君には他の誰かが? 渦巻く疑惑を手に
Kiminiha hokano darekaga? Uzumaku giwakuwo teni
Is there anyone else? Becoming very suspicious.

Hey girl, I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ クセになる 
Hey girl I don’t know itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru
Hey girl, I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don’ t know
The destiny and eternity are both in your hands, oh I don’t know

超妄想が暴走 いっそ悪女 逐にガチでそろそろ登場
Choumousou ga bousou isso akujo tsuini gachide sorosoro toujou
The ultra fantasy is getting out of control. I’d rather that she be a bad girl. She just appeared on the scene for real

うかうかしてたらヤバイって 誰よりも熱いのに
Ukaukashitetara yabaitte dareyorimo atsuinoni
It’s risky if I’m not paying any attention, though, my passion is deeper than anyone

パズルみたいに destiny ポアロも無理な Mystery
Puzzle mitaini destiny Poirot mo murina Mystery
The destiny seems as a puzzle, even Poirot cannot solve this mystery

君へと落ちて行くよ ハンドルのないローラーコースター
Kimiheto ochite yukuyo handoru no nai roller coaster
I will fall to you, like a roller coaster without a handle

有り得ない マジであり得ない 乱されキリキリ舞
Arienai majide arienai midasa re kirikiri mai
Impossible, seriously impossible, I’m confused and really under the gun

右かと思えば左 全く頭痛い
Migikato omoeba hidari mattaku atama itai
You say right, then you say left, I’m really getting a headache

Hey I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ クセになる (溺れてゆく)

Hey I don’ t know itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru (obore teyuku )
Hey I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit (addicted to love)

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know(謎めく)
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don’ t know (nazomeku)
The destiny and eternity are in your hands, oh I don’t know, (becoming enigmatic)

Girl, oh I don't know秘かにそそのかす 唇に(このまま)
Girl, oh I don’t know Hisokani sosonokasu kuchibiruni (konomama)
Girl, oh, I don’t know, secretly enticing her, kissing her lips (I want this moment to continue forever)

囚われてく 何もかも Oh I don't know
Torawareteku nanimo kamo Oh I don’t know
I’m getting captured, everything, oh I don’t know

消えない傷が 痛むとしても I won’t give you up now
Kienai kizuga itamu toshitemo I won’t give you up now
Even if the lasting hurts do not fade away and hurts me, I won’t give you up now

会いたい 会いたい そう君だから
Aitai aitai sou kimi dakara
I want to see you, see you, yes, it’s because of you

Hey I don’t know いつだって病みつきさ クセになる(溺れてゆく)

Hey I don’t know Itsudatte yamitsukisa kuseninaru (obore teyuku)
Hey I don’t know, I’m always addicted and it’s becoming a habit (addicted to love)

運命も永遠も 君の中 Oh I don’t know (謎めく)
Unmeimo eienmo kimino naka Oh I don’ t know (nazomeku)
The destiny and eternity are in your hands, oh I don’t know (without inhibition)

Girl oh I don't know秘かにそそのかす 唇に(このまま)
Girl oh I don’t know Hisokani sosonokasu kuchibiruni (konomama)
Girl oh I don’t know, quietly entice her, kissing her lips (I want this moment to continue forever)

囚われてく何もかも Oh I don't know
Torawareteiku nanimo kamo Oh I don’t know
I’m getting captured, everything, oh I don’t know

Source: [email protected] & Recochoku
Trans: smiley @
Special thanks: deevinne & linhkawaii @, chara1019, [email protected]
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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YooChun Twitter Updates - Chest Tattoo Attracted Attention

Park YooChun, twitter update 'Chest Tattoo Attracted Attention'.

JYJ Yoochun updated his twitter account with his selcas and activities after a long break. He updated on the 16th of May with "Ah sleepy.. fighting" together with a few photos.

He posed with a smile in clean white shirt. He mentioned he was sleepy and indeed his glaze expressed with tiredness. Another shoot was with sunglasses on, wearing a white tanktop, clearly showing his chest tattoo.

"Still a very right-angle shoulder", "Selca skill still good" kind of comments were received.

In addition, YooChun will be taking part in the drama series "Ripley" which will be release on the 30th of May.

Source: TVDaily
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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YooChun - An Idol Star with Outstanding Acting Skill

image credit as tagged

JYJ Park YooChun was recognized as an outstanding actor with an idol star background.

MBC Every1's 'Magazine 1' which will be broadcasting on the 20th May, is going to release a ranking chart of "Idol stars that are not afraid to challenge acting yet not able to tear off the label of 'bad acting'".

On the other hand, they have elected the idol stars with outstanding acting skill, JYJ's YooChun and Bigbang's TOP, to look closely into their acting career.

They expressed that, "YooChun’s debut work 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is a success, but somehow had also received cold comments because of the historical type of drama, is currently taking a new drama challenge through 'Miss Ripley', in order to reborn as a perfect actor, is now working harder to achieve it".

The broadcasting today is expected to release YooChun's latest challenge in the modern drama filming scene of 'Miss Ripley', a side of him that everyone have not seen before.

On the other hand, YooChun will be taking a role in the new MBC drama 'Miss Ripley', as Song YuXian who is expected to be frank, steady during important time, intellect and decisive heir of a Resort.

* * * * *

looking forwardddd... ^^

Source: TVDaily
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JYJ’s Yoochun Shows his Priceless Piano “Seat”

Posted Image

It seems that JYJ’s Yoochun has purchased quite the expensive piano bench.

On May 19th, a photo of the JYJ members playing around with each other was released on an internet community message board. In the photo, Yoochun is focusing on playing the piano while sitting on an interesting piano bench. This interesting piano bench happens to be fellow JYJ member Jaejoong!

Fans said, “The world’s most expensive piano bench” and “Seeing you play around, it’s like kid idols“.

Meanwhile, Yoochun arrived in Los Angeles on May 18th to join the rest of JYJ in preparing for the North American leg of their ‘2011 World Tour‘. They will kick off the tour in Vancouver on May 20th!

I wonder how much fans might pay for that specific piano bench cushion?

Source: TV Report via Nate
Shared by:

KBS releases official statement regarding JYJ's broadcasting appearances

KBS has released an official statement regarding their decision to bar JYJ from appearing on their broadcasts.

The statement was posted on KBS’s online production crew message board as a response to the many requests asking for the reasons why JYJ was not allowed to make an appearance.

KBS explained,

“JYJ’s lawsuit has yet to come to an end and KBS is taking note of this lawsuit from an objective standpoint… From a business perspective, allowing a celebrity who is in the midst of a legal dispute onto a broadcast can have an influence on the current situation. Therefore, it is common to refrain their appearances while waiting for the results of their legal dispute.

Though it appears that JYJ has submitted a request to nullify their exclusivity contract with their existing agency, they made their own judgment to temporarily participate in activities on a case-by-case basis. However, JYJ has signed with another agency and are currently continuing their album promotions under two contracts.

Because of these issues, KBS has decided that currently, JYJ’s broadcast appearances may bring about legal problems and is threat to the culture industry. Until JYJ comes to a settlement or agreement with their agency, we will refrain from their broadcasts as a whole. Casting and guest appearances will be made depending on the outcome.“

The post has since been removed while JYJ’s agency has countered with their own statement.

source: TV Daily via Nate
credit: allkpop
shared by: DBSKnights

JYJ LA Press Conference (Full)

Part 1

Part 2

Credit: Koreaboo
Shared by: DBSKnights

Ripley Character Synopsis

Jang Miri (Actress : Lee Da Hae)
Japanese Name : Mirai

“The one who bears a lonely soul, howling in a world of darkness.”

Straightforward, confident, fears nothing, and very realistic….
She was abandoned by her parents as a child, and doesn’t trust society and people. Therefore, she is emotionally violent, vain, selfish and very greedy. After being adopted in Japan, she was sold to a club to pay off her stepfather’s debts, and led a life of dread. She then escapes back to Korea, and begins working in a hotel, beginning her new life.

Jang Myeong Hoon (Actor : Kim Seung Woo)
Hotel’s Managing Director

“Always aiming for No. 1, and often becoming No. 1, the perfect man.”

A man of few words, cautious, accurate, calm, with a strong sense of responsibility. Once he decides on something, he will never look back….
In short, he is a man who has never messed up, a trustworthy elite, but not someone you can lean on. He meets Miri, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Initially, he plans to fire Miri but soon discovers her good points, and helps her to succeed. In the end, he is unable to control himself and falls in love with her.

Yutaka (Actor : Park Yoochun)
Heir to Mondo Resorts, Korean Name : Song Yoo Hyun

“Cautious, only seeking the truth… This generation’s Prince Charming”

Buried in his heart is his longing for his birth mother.
At the same time, he often feels apologetic to his step-mother, who is unable to have children of her own, and because of this, hopes that she can be involved in the running of the company as well. He has a strong relationship with his step-mother, and returns to the country for the resort. He meets Miri at the study hostel where he is temporarily residing in, and realises that Miri also shares a similar loneliness….

Moon Hui Joo (Actress : Kang Hye Jung)
Miri’s Younger Sister from the Orphanage

“Obedient, innocent, weak, pure, yet smart and quick witted.”

Losing her parents to a traffic accident, she became an orphan at a young age.
Her body is weak, and she is very introverted, always quiet at the orphanage. She liked Miri from the first time they met, because Miri was her exact opposite, with strong opinions. She likes following Miri around, and when Miri was adopted to Japan, she whole-heartedly wished that Miri would find happiness, a warm-hearted child.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + iMBC]
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JYJ Twitter Update

Kim Junsu has discovered the glory of Wifi *insert ‘Hallelujah chorus*

(Junsu, 2:00am KST) I’ve found that in the lobby.. I get Wifi haha Is everyone doing well??

Wow SOMEONE is a little hyper right now… X)

(Junsu, 2:03am KST) Hi!!!!!!! I think I’ve finally gotten over my jet lag haha Maerong (T/N: What Korean people say when they stick their tongue out at you to tease you)

Awww yes, Junsu, let’s stay strong!

(Junsu, 2:09am KST) I woke up this morning and saw that some articles have been released on this and that..! Let’s just be a little stronger^^ Okay!? Don’t be upset.. because they’ll eventually recognize us and believe in us^^ Until then, as long as we don’t let go of the thread that connects us to each other, we’ll be happy~ I’m always thankful!

Junsu wishes he had been at the last game, he would have pwned~

(Ji Hwan, 2:12am KST) @0101xiahtic Hyung~ The space you left behind, by my left side, is too great to fill,ㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 2:17am KST) @JiHwan_Sim keke Thanks for your kind words^^ Anyway, I felt like the match that went on the day before yesterday was a little lacking ㅠ


(Junsu, 2:23am KST) Above all, Yoochun will be arriving soon~^^ He must be so tired from filming in Korea.. I should at least take him out for a meal

Junsu is probably spazzing in his seat right now~

(Chan Woo, 2:13am KST) @0101xiahtic Be strong, Junsu. It’s Cultwo’s Chanwoo hyung. Hwaiting
(Junsu, 2:29am KST) @CULTWOcrazycow Are you really Chanwoo hyung??

Look buddy, you’re being the awkward third wheel right now.. and that’s supposed to be Jaejoong’s job ;)

(Gun Young, 2:30am KST) @0101xiahtic Take me out for a meal too
(Junsu, 2:45am KST) @zerotic0124 Come to the States, hyung!

Source: [Junsu+Others' Twitter]
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Lee Da Hae - "Please Bear With Me Til Fourth Episode".

Lee Da Hae and Kim Seung Woo spoke like they were afraid of Yoochun’s fans, bringing about great laughter.

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” (Screenplay: Kim Sun Young, Director: Choi Yee Seob) held its press conference on 17 May, at 11am at the Seoul Banyan Tree Totel. Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung were present for this event.

When introducing her role in the drama, Lee Da Hae said “Initially, I was very dismissive towards Yoochun, so I’m a little concerned. Everyone, please bear with me until the fourth episode and it will be okay.”

Following that, she clarified an earlier issue about the couple outfits, saying “Actually it wasn’t anything much, but when you play an on-screen couple it is easy to cause misunderstandings,” then she smiled and said, “There is a short hugging scene, but I kept worrying about the fans so I couldn’t commit to the scene.”

After hearing this, Kim Seung Woo quickly added “I beg the producers, even if we need to have a scene where our relationship is bad, please do not write in any scenes with me hitting Yoochun,” causing bouts of laughter from the audience present.

Following “The Duo,” and airing on 30 May, “Miss Ripley” is about a woman who happens to tell a lie which sparks off a string of lies, and is caught in a landslide which eventually leads to a crisis in which she could lose everything. It is typical melodrama about woman who is filled with greed and the two men who fall in love with her, the conflict and resolution of love and destruction.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Newsen]
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Yunho - Pearson International Airport

Credits: [email protected]
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Yoochun- LAX Airport

Credits: [email protected]
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KBS explains why the deleted their statement regarding JYJ's broadcasting appearances

Shortly after the release an official stance by KBS on the exclusion of JYJ from music show broadcasts and variety show programs on May 18th, JYJ’s agency, CJES Entertainment fired back with a heated response, claiming that their statements did not match up with the current situation. KBS had since deleted their post from their official site, which brought upon further speculations amongst fans.
The next day, KBS’s promotional team explained that their official statement was actually an outdated statement that was written back in February as a response to a question that was posted on their bulletin board that asked about JYJ’s lack of broadcast appearances.

KBS’s promotional team explained, “The statement was a reply to a question that our help desk received back in February, but because of a certain service error, the response was posted late, which is why we took it down shortly after.”

KBS also came forth to explain that the only reason why JYJ have not yet appeared on “K-Chart” or performed on “Music Bank” was simply because JYJ hadn’t released a new single or album since February.

They stated, “The group has only been releasing OSTs, not official albums. When they do release official albums, a decision on whether they will appear on broadcast will be made by the show’s producer.”


In contrast to KBS’s statements though, JYJ did indeed release an official album back in 2010, titled “The Beginning“, and also unveiled a ‘music essay’ back in January 2011.

So why weren’t JYJ able to perform their songs on “Music Bank”?

In the case of their music essay, it was categorized and sold as an ‘essay’ rather than a single or album. As it was considered more of a book rather than music, “Music Bank” had not taken their sale aggregations into consideration.

But in the case of “The Beginning”, the album has it clearly written on its cover, “First Worldwide Full Album“, and was even properly distributed by Warner Music.

JYJ’s agency stated, “The album ‘The Beginning’, was sold properly via a legit distribution company. However, we have never been notified by the broadcasting company regarding what measures or actions to take in order to be included in aggregation calculations for their charts. Moreover, there has never been a time when we asked why JYJ haven’t been able to appear on broadcasts. Protests that are written up on KBS’s viewers’ discussion board are not our official statements, but the opinions of the netizens.”

source: Newsen via Nate, SPN via Nate, SPN
credit: allkpop
shared by: DBSKnights

Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

Awwww They have a cute friendship :)

(Joo Yeon, 8:37am KST) @0101xiahtic Junsu~ Do well in your US performances, take care of your health and be safe till you get back~ Hwaiting, my friend haha

(Junsu, 11:47am KST) @babyj616 Thanks~~!! Hwaiting to you too, Joo Yeon^^

Source: [Junsu+Other's Twitter]
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Park Yoochun: "Wealthy Man" Image? Actually I live a really simple life...

Actor Park Yoochun (26), who has been playing “wealthy man” roles ever since he started acting is actually the opposite, and actually enjoys a simple life.

In the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Park Yoochun played the role of Lee Seon Joon, a high-ranking official’s son, and in his upcoming project “Miss Ripley,” he will act as the role of heir to local top-class resorts, the character Yutaka, with his decisive abilities and drive, lighting up the screens once again as the perfect man with leadership qualities.

Park Yoochun, who started out as a singer had already caught the attention of many with his “luxurious” image. In addition to this, the roles that he has played in dramas after becoming an actor have both been characters from a wealthy background, born with a silver spoon in their mouths, reinforcing his image as a “wealthy man.”

With regards to this, Park Yoochun said, “Unlike the characters that I play in the dramas, I am actually a very simple man. I don’t really like going to expensive restaurants, and I wouldn’t go there unless there was a special reason. I go once every two years, when my mother wants to go.”


For this project, Park Yoochun does not need to worry about criticism about his acting skills, and as long as the viewership ratings are satisfactory, he will be able to establish a firm position on the small screens.

In his previous work, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” not only did his role as Lee Seon Joon, together with Park Min Young, Yu Ah In and Song Joong Ki create a “Jjalgeum Quartet” fever, but during the “2010 KBS Drama Awards,” he also managed to win three awards including the Best Newcomer Award, gaining recognition for his acting.

To this, Park Yoochun said, “However, I still feel a lot of pressure, so it was not easy to pick my next project. This is because there were too many people giving me high appraisals for my previous project.” Also, “From a learning viewpoint, every time I do something, there are many concerns such as ‘How much can I learn.’ After deciding on this project, I have been constantly worried about whether I can do a good job.”

Following that, he said, “But once I started shooting, the seniors took good care of me, so the acting turned out smoother than expected. When I think about the fact that other actors would have concerns about picking their next role, I feel a little better inside,” speaking candidly about his feelings.

Also, with regards to this role, “Everyone may feel like the character I play feels like the role of a “hidden prince.” Personally, I too, feel that this character has a lot of charm, but is not one-dimensional. I’m constantly communicating with the director about how to express the role, and always thinking. Actually, they are just little details, but I wish to use facial expressions and looks, together with the communication of the lines to eliminate the impression being one-dimensional,” he said, showing his deep consideration.

Moreover, “In the drama, the way Song Yoo Hyun expresses his pain is different from Lee Seon Joon in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He is a character who faces people with a smile on his face first. Although both roles are that of a “wealthy” son, but his cheerful image is the main difference,” he added, creating more anticipation for this different sort of charm.

When acting in his previous drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” the later part of the filming process overlapped with the dates for JYJ’s Worldwide Showcase, and because of this, Park Yoochun had to endure an intense filming schedule. This time, the shooting schedule runs simultaneously with JYJ’s America Concert Tour, and (he) is unable to escape from this busy lifestyle.

Truthfully, the first episode airs on 30 May, and filming is already underway, and the group JYJ will be kicking off their America Tour Concert Tour on 20 May.

Park Yoochun said, “The schedule was is really tight, and there is no time to manage my personal health issues. I’m busy studying the script and can’t be thinking of other matters. But because I’m concentrating on things that I want to do, so I don’t find it tough. Even though shooting has led to a lack of sleep, but it’s still very interesting,” showing his passion for acting.

Park Yoochun plays the role of a Japanese in the drama, and needs to speak more Japanese than others. Due to the long period of time spent doing activities in Japan, his Japanese speaking skills have reached that of a native speaker’s standard, and the production crew has complete faith in him.

Park Yoochun said, “Speaking Japanese itself is not difficult. However, when speaking Japanese, my actual tone of voice shows, so I was worried. I haven’t used Japanese in my acting, and the most difficult part of it is the difference in tone.”

Also, “Miss Ripley” is a drama based on the case of the forged resume that rocked the country, the “Shin Jeon Ah incident”, and the title “Ripley” signifies a woman who decides on her own fate. In the drama, Park Yoochun will be showing the side of a romantic man, who is willing to risk everything to stand by the side of the woman he loves, Jang Miri (played by Lee Da Hae)


Source : [BaiduRipleyBar +]
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JYJ Large-Scale North American Tour, "To be filled up by emotionally moved"

JYJ World Tour has reached the stages of North America.

JYJ representative said, “It will marked its beginning on the 20th 8pm at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada and then proceed with performances in other parts of America.”

The JYJ North America World Tour collaborated with World’s second best promotion agency AEG Live, who has handled top artists’ concerts like Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, Usher etc. The concert director is Jeri Slaughter who has choreographed the concerts of Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez etc. JYJ would be performing on a huge stage to 7000 audiences with songs from their worldwide album, “The Beginning” and their own compositions, a total of 24 songs.

On the eve of Vancouver’s concert, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu attended the press conference in Los Angeles and expressed, “Standing on stage and receiving comfort from the fans, (we) want to express our thanks to them.” Also, JYJ said, “We want to fill up the area with touching emotions.”

JYJ North America Tour will begin from Vancouver, Canada, followed by 22nd May in New Jersey, 27th May in Los Angeles and 2nd June in San Jose, at the three cities of US. Afterwhich, they would participate in the charity concert in Japan on the 7th June and then return to Korea for a two-day concert in Busan on the 11th and 12th of June.

credit: starnews+baidu
trans by: [email protected]
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Yunho Cut in Kiss & Cry

He has lights on his shows!!!

Credits: AFSfam
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Female Idols want to go on a spring outing with Big Bang's G-Dragon

A recent poll conducted by SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo,’ female idols have reportedly chosen Big Bang’s G-Dragon as the top male idol that they would want to have a spring outing with.

Last month, SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ polled the then-promoting idols and various staff members on which male idol they wanted to go on a spring outing with the most. The results, were recently posted and revealed that G-Dragon was the man on top. Trailing close behind G-Dragon were TVXQ’s Yunho and ZE:A’s Kwanghee who were both tied for 2nd. Fellow member T.O.P. and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa tied for 3rd, BEAST’s Doojoon came in 4th, and BEAST’s Kikwang in 5th.

source: Break News
credit: allkpop
shared by: dbsknights

Kim Junsu Says, "Mozart! Is More Than Just A Musical To Me"

-Why did you choose to appear in ‘Mozart!’ despite your busy schedule?
‘Mozart!’ is a production that I hold so dear to me. It opened my eyes to the charm of the musical genre and it’s a musical that gives me great strength. When I was worn out, it helped me face the world again. So I always told myself that I would take up any chance to sing in ‘Mozart!’ again. When I heard that there were going to be ‘Mozart!’ performances this year, I pestered my agency into letting me join. (laughter) I wanted to do this because it’s ‘Mozart!’

-What is the unique charm of ‘Mozart!’?
Most importantly, the music of ‘Mozart!’ is beautiful. The lyrics are really good too. So even when I wasn’t actually performing, I would sing songs from ‘Mozart!’. (laughter) In the song ‘Golden Star’, the baroness sings lyrics that say, ‘Break the high palace walls, go forth into the big world, find your dreams and make them come true.’ I think the lyrics give strength and comfort to the singer as well as the listener.

-What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Mozart!’?
I think of Mozart as a person who wanted to be recognized and loved by other people. Though the musical deals with the life story of a musical genius, it is also the story of someone who feels lost in the world. I think about the humane aspect of Mozart.

-Did you feel a sense of kinship with Mozart?
Something like that. Because I am a person before I am a singer, I could relate to many of the emotions that Mozart felt.

-Did you hear that the tickets for your performances were sold out very quickly?
I want to thank the people who are showing their love for my performances. To repay them for that love, I have to work harder.

-Last year, you won the Best Male Newcomer Award and Popularity Award at various musical awards ceremonies through ‘Mozart!’. How do you feel when you receive an award as a musical actor?
I’ve always been happy when I received awards as a singer, but what I felt when I received an award as the ‘musical actor Kim Junsu’ was completely different from what I had felt before. Though I felt a little bashful, I liked it. Because I had received the Best Newcomer Award as a musical actor after having performed as a singer for so long, it felt like I was starting a new beginning. (laughter)

-What is good about having previous experience as a singer?
My stage experience helps me a lot. I’m used to connecting with the audience through concerts and performances. Even when I stand on large-scale stages in musicals, I don’t feel nervous.

-Is there anything special you do to take care of your vocal chords?
I follow the basic rules. I don’t drink or smoke, and I sometimes were a mask to protect my throat.

-What were the reactions of the other JYJ members when they watched you perform?
They praised me and said, “You’re so amazing! You did really well!” I was so proud of myself. (laughter)

Source: [movie week]
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Park Yoochun & Fans Donate 1.86 Tons Of Rice To Children In Need - A Beautiful Person With A Beautiful Heart.

JYJ’s Park Yoochun and his fans have donated a total of 1.86 tons of rice to children in need, becoming a hot topic among the citizens.

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley” held its press conference on 17 May, at 11am at the Seoul Banyan Tree Hotel, and the main cast Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung were present, expressing comments on their characters in the drama, as well as jointly wishing for the success of the show.

On the day of the press conference, the various “congratulatory stands“ attracted the most attention. It was reported that these were from Park Yoochun’s fans from all over the world, who presented him with a total of 1.86 tons of rice as a form of well wishes for success in his new drama. Park Yoochun thanked the fans for their gift, and said that he will be donating all the rice to children in need.

“Ripley” starring Park Yoochun and Lee Da Hae will be aired on 30 May at 9.55pm, taking over “The Duo.”

Source : [BaiduRipleyBar + TVdaily]
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Choikang Changmin Comes To The Recording of 'Kiss and Cry' To Support U-Know Yunho

For the first stage of SBS’ ‘Kiss and Cry’, the famous friends of the ten celebrity contestants flocked to support their friends.

To support the stars, such as Kim Byeong Man, U-Know Yunho, IU, Son Dambi, Kristal, Seo Ji Seok and Lee Ah Hyun, who were showcasing their new ice-skating talent for the first time since they began their rigorous two-month training session, top stars were seen on location. TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin and SHINee’s Minho came to support U-Know Yunho and Ryu Dam and No Woo Jin of the ‘Master’ skit attended to cheer on Kim Byeong Man while fellow f(x) members Sulli and Amber were there to support Kristal.

IU’s close friends T-ara’s Jiyeon and Yoo In Na presented her with a teddy bear as a gift and showed off their friendship that sprang from the show ‘Heroes’ while actor Bae Soo Bin was there to cheer on singer Son Dam Bi.

The families of stars were also present and the person who stood out was Lee In Suk, the mother of Lee Gyu Hyuk. As she herself was a figure skater for the Korean national team in the past, she could not hide her nervousness as she watched her son figure skate for the first time.

The performances of the top ten stars will be aired on the 22nd.

Source: [sports chosun]
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Daily Post of JYJ Tweets

They’re finally in Canada, eh?

(Junsu, 10:37am KST) We’re in Vancouver^^

One of players for that high school female soccer team is a fan! Lucky =___=

(Woori, 7:02pm KST) @0101xiahtic I’m a big fan of yours ㅠ

(Junsu, 7:15pm KST) @rkdtnswk Great to hear from you^^ I, of course, remember you~ Let’s play soccer again some time!!

Sorry Young Pil, I think Junsu’s suffering from a bout of schadenfreude

(Young Pil, 7:05pm KST) I want to watch Sunny.. but I have no one to watch it with me… ㅠㅠ Ah~~ I’m suddenly feeling lonely…

(Junsu, 7:18pm KST) @youngfeel kekekekekekekeke You must be feeling lonely because I’m not there

Source: [Junsu's Twitter]
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Cat Lady’s missing his cats, what’s new? but omg GORGEOUS KITTIES♥

(Junsu, 7:12am KST) I miss Leo more than usual today ..

(Junsu, 7:13am KST) And Tigger..

(Junsu, 7:13am KST) I can’t find the picture of Bakira Argh ㅠ

(Junsu, 7:21am KST) Kira~~~~~~

(Junsu, 7:25am KST) Leo~~~~~

Junsu, 7:25am KST) Tigger~~~~~~

Jaejoong tweets a thank you to his fans :)

(Jaejoong, 3:27pm KST) I highly treasure and thank each and every person who came to today’s performance. I love you..!

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Can The Promise Between KBS And JYJ Be Kept?

The ironic situation of Park Yoochun being unable to appear on MBC variety programs despite participating in the filming of MBC drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’, the scandals arising from KBS rejecting JYJ’s appearance on Music Bank, among the Korean celebrities, nobody is more debated than JYJ.

None of the music programmes allow JYJ to stand on the stage. Even if they insist that there are no restrictions whatsoever, there are still no programmes found that allow JYJ to participate in the broadcast.

There is no direct evidence that can show that SM Entertainment, JYJ’s previous management company, pressurised broadcasting companies. However, it is the reality that no broadcasting company is willing to let JYJ, the group situated in the center of the controversy, stand on stage.

JYJ is rated as the new model of idol celebrities. Unlike other celebrities who place their looks above all, JYJ puts their singing abilities as the basis, having equal improvement and development in both performing and singing aspects. Also, each member’s musical talent is equally outstanding, with their composing and lyric-writing abilities being showcased, and JYJ Kim Jaejoong was even the concert director of their world tour, exceeding beyond idol singers to be true artists.

Additionally, Kim Junsu’s recent version of ‘That Man’ received a huge amount of attention, despite the background music being different from original singers Baek Ji Young and from drama ‘Secret Garden’ ‘s Hyun Bin, Kim Junsu’s unique voice stood out.

Even so, we are still unable to see these singers, who are acknowledged as one of those with the best vocal ability among idol celebrities, appear on music programmes. This can only be seen as the audience’s loss. What the audience hopes for, is for JYJ to be able to appear on the music programmes, to at least give them a chance to compete.

Coincidentally, in regards to the JYJ-Music Bank controversy, KBS revealed, “The programme’s regulations is that whether an artist can appear (on Music Bank) is decided by whether they released an album. JYJ did not release any albums after 17 February. That is why they are not eligible to appear on the programme. The authority to select singers to perform completely lies with the staff of the programme. The staff will decide on their appearance based on JYJ’s future album releases and activities.”

To this, JYJ already has a chance to get rid of the broadcast restrictions place on them. Recently, JYJ began their North American tour, bringing 4 new songs, and they will also wrap up the world tour in Busan in June. If JYJ releases an album with the new songs then, KBS will have to do like what they said, following the programme regulations and allowing JYJ to appear on the broadcast.

It is difficult to tell if JYJ, who left their previous entertainment company, is successful or not based on the current restriction on their activities. It is definitely not right to judge them as failing before giving them even one chance to perform.

If JYJ’s musical ability is lacking, there will not be any need for a restriction on their activities. The audience’s unwillingness to listen to them will be the biggest condemnation.

This is why the right for the public to judge JYJ’s songs cannot be snatched away. Additionally, what KBS mentioned about the risk of adversely affecting the cultural industry, is not because of JYJ’s broadcast appearance, but due to the unfairness of the chances (to appear on the broadcast). This point should always be remembered.

Source: [My Daily] + [TVXQ Baidu]
Translation credits: [email protected]
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