How to use the CSS consoles to turn demos to video!
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Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
How to use the CSS console to turn demos to video, COOOOL :P

post Aug 17 2007, 09:12 AM

Steam ID: AleksisMichael

OK... so to begin with... heres where i got this from

ok... so you have the console enabled in css.

you type "demo jedipowerbattles" or whatever filename you wana record a demo as.

and whenever your on a map it is recording. you can figuer out the extra stuff somewhere else if you dont know.... tongue.gif

Once you exit css game engine it doesn record that filename anymore or if you type "stop" in console.


basicly if you dont have these two files downloaded on your pc do download and install em now.

the virtual dub just unzips an you can use it from the folder i think while divx requires lots of downloadin an installin but its pretty quick and simple.

OKAY , HERE now beweare... this requires cpu/pc time you wana be prepared to do soemthing else not involving the pc.
this process takes around halfan hour for it to work or 40 minutes for the standard size and length of a demo... which is 20 minutes generally caus thats what the servers like... ironicly most my demos are like 25 mbs so you can have loads of em on the pc in demo format... but its not the same as having AVI formated videos. SO

oh plus its gona hog up alota the harddrive while in the middle of the process of this whole thing.

Its suggestable to turn the game video option to 640 by 480 to help keep this good an quick...also graphics options you have enable and turned up will slow it down a bit more.. but its okay. and good graphics in options will hopefully produce beautiful demos for video files.

in console
(basicly this<startmovie> creates the movie title to save it as... i prefer jediwarriors for the title)
Playdemo jedipowerbattles
(basicly it<playdemo> plays a demo and then you put the demos name that you already recorded from earlier gameplay)

dont alt tab... dont alllow anything to beep and automaticly alt tab outa the game for like xfire or anything else either... dont risk loosing a whole half hour of this... infact... unconnect from the internet for that pc.. may as well.

OK once it finnishes, here you go

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\aleksismichael\counter-strike source\cstrike is the average path to get to the videos... obviously your steam account isnt aleksismichael.. and it better not be anytime either!

ok so anyways if that dont work for you use the windows search thing and enter "cstrike" or the demo name you chose to record and then eitehr open the folder or open the folder containging the file by right clicking first.... OKAY!!!! now make sure you ready to have fun... *_*

so... find where you unzipped virtual dub, open the folder and open the actaul executeing file called virtualdub.

then select the file butten at the topleft... you know... the one we select on almost every windows prog., now select open file, now before you put in the file location go to the file type setting on thier, and select the one that says "image sequences" now put in the location of your steam accounts cstrike folder and select then the first "tga" type file, with the name of the movie title you chose to record.... it should be along the lines of " *****.tga 0000

now vdub goes and loads up the entire thing !!! coool tongue.gif

your gona wet yourself!!! its so hot.... anyways now you see why, click on the video tab, choose "compression".
now select the one that says divx... not that you have to... its just you may as well since i havent experiemented wit the other stuf so i cant say what will happen... proly good but eh... now click on the divx configure thing.

select the qualitie levels an stuff that you wana use ... and BAM

OKKKKAAAYYY!!! now... click the audio tab an select wave. then select the file that has your movie name on it. and click okay! oh and in auio options make sure to select full processing mode and then select in audio the compression bar thingi. Chances are your gona be best off for now with selecting the mpeg 3 and setting hte specific frequency to 24bitz at 22050...but yyou can use whatever you wants.. more or less.... grrrr....


NOW... select FILE and select SAVE AS and... now put in where you wana save it at like desktop or myvideo... ok... and select what sorta name you wana save it as.... AND... selecdt.... Go!.. OR OK.... and it should begin savign all the film now and it will take awhile enjoy!!!!

now you can play and edit this film as much as you wants and add sound and what not... or... prepare it... for editing to become... MACHIN!MA!!!!

Click this link, NOW! or else you wont know aWeSoMe. it now
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