How do u
Posted 11/6/07 , edited 11/6/07
How do you put pics on your profile.Help me plz.
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Posted 11/6/07 , edited 11/6/07
Click on Photos in the light green bar above.
The word photos lays between 'Wiki' and 'Forum'
Scroll down to where it says Upload Photos!
then click Browse... search for the file on your computer
and click 'Upload Photos'

I answered your question, so I'm locking this topic.
Also... try not to make forum threads like this please.
There are other places you can look to for help
and/or play around with your page a bit.. check out the controls
and you will learn how to use it in no time.

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Use the img tags and put your image link between them as shown below. Remove the spaces when you go to use it.

[ img ][ /img ]

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