Ask a question, get a stupid answer.
Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07
I haven't seen this kind of thread in the fourm yet, and if this is a repeated thread then i apologize.

The questions you ask and the answers you reply can be as random and stupid as you would like. Just don't forget to quote the person, just to avoid some confusion.

If you would like to, you can also answer your own question, just avoid double posting is my suggestion.

Most threads I've seen haven't had much communication from one poster to the next, I just thought that this could be a good idea to actually connect with another poster, instead of randomly posting replies for cr points, or for boredom. Alot of people don't like being ignored, and this is a way to show members that they are actually paying attention to your comments.

And I just think that every fourm needs one of those stupid question and answer threads.

I guess I'll start off with a question:

Why are you wearing girl pants?

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Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07

Why was this thread Locked?
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